Unable to select the file in the dialog box in the Sierra

I'm unable to select an image file in the "save for Web" in the finder window "save under" in Photoshop CC running on the Sierra.

There are times where I need to save a new image using a similar name by selecting the existing file, which matches the name in the dialog box "save under".

The use of Photoshop CC in Sierra I am unable to do so due to the inability to select the existing files in the Save-as the finder window.

I thought at first that was Adobe, but later, I noticed that I can not save for web browsers and other programs. I installed the beta updates on Sierra, but also which did not set. I hope be fixed so I can move on to Sierra. It was not such a problem in previous versions.

Unfortunately, your discovery is correct. I just met for the first time. I was shocked, but apparently it will work in list view. View miniature not a reason any.

Tags: Mac OS & System Software

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    You can show us a screenshot of it please?

    Also, try the reset speed option(Option+Command+R). Let's see if that will work or not.

  • Within the Office of LR CC, I am unable to sign for synchronization. No dialog box is presented.

    Within the Office of LR CC, I am unable to sign for synchronization. No dialog box is presented.

    I can connect my iPhone and the iPad, but not of my desktop iMac computer. I made sure I joined the mobile tab preferences/Lightroom, but no information Adobe ID is displayed.

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    Hi gellstone,

    The option to change the identity plate will come if you click the custom option.

    You will get the option to start the synchronization of Lightroom by clicking the dropdown under Adobe Lightroom CC 2015.



  • Choose the file or folder dialog box?

    Is it possible to get an open/choice dialog (via the button) which will allow the user to select a folder or selections several files?

    I tried to use File.openDlg (), File.openDialog (), Folder.selectDlg () and Folder.selectDlg (), but these methods only appear to allow the user to select the type of object associated with the method (i.e. File.openDlg () only allows the opening of a file, and Folder.selectDialog () only allows the selection of a folder)

    The documentation states that the Folder.selectDialog ():

    Opens the dialog of exploration of a built-in platform-specific files and creates a new file or folder object
    for the selected file or folder. Differs from the selectDlg() method object because it is not
    pre-select a file.
    If the user clicks OK, returns an object file or folder for the selected file or folder. If the user cancels,
    Returns a null value.

    However by using the following code, I get the dialog box, but the individual files are dimmed:

    Choose_btn.onClick = function(){

    var fileOrFolders = File.openDialog (undefined, undefined, true)

    The user who will select several files or folders and return an array of file or folder objects. Your code would have to check each item to see if it's a folder or in the case of a file, it is an image file is valid.

  • File copy/delete dialog box is off the screen in a staggered multiple follow Setup

    I'm on Windows 8 on a ThinkPad W520 with a 1920 x 1080 screen and a secondary antibody NEC LCD2070NX 1600 x 1200 display connected via DisplayPort. The NEC is positioned to the left of the ThinkPad and raised higher than the ThinkPad display; the bottom of the NEC is near the center of the left edge of the ThinkPad.
    I put to the top of the poster in the Panel to take account of this arrangement:
    If I have a window of the Explorer of files open in the secondary monitor on the left and use this window to copy or remove some large files or folders, the progress dialog box is not visible. It is currently displayed in the "man no of land" above the main monitor and the secondary screen.
    The problem occurs when the secondary monitor is on the right, or above or below the primary. (I have tested some of these cases, but not completely). Also, this does not happen when the Explorer window is on the primary monitor. The problem does occur at all on Windows 7.
    Here's a film that illustrates the problem. For each image, I copied a large directory on the network and took a screenshot to display side by side and move the secondary display up to about 120 pixels in the control panel every time. You can see how the copy dialog box follows the secondary monitor vertically, but her left side is pinned to the left edge of the main screen, so he ends up disappearing from the screen.
    It is easy to see what is happening here: Explorer normally centers the dialog box of progression on the same screen as the Explorer window that opened the dialog box. This does not work as expected in the direction, but on the axis X to the left edge of the dialog box's get pinned to the left edge of the main screen.
    As the corner at the top left of the primary monitor is always (0,0), it acts as if the dialog box was positioned like this pseudo-code:
    monitor = getWindowMonitor (feed)
    dialog.centerOnMonitor (monitor)
    If dialog.left< 0:="">
    Dialog.Left = 0
    When the dialog box is off the screen, it's a bit disturbing, because it makes the impression that the Explorer window is locked. The only way I know to make visible the dialog box is with this exercise of the superpowers of keyboard shortcut:
    1. use Alt + space to open the system menu of the dialog box. The menu will open on the screen no matter where is the dialog box.
    2. Press m to move (or click on move).
    3. you will see a four-headed mouse cursor, just to fool you into thinking the mouse could do something now. It will not!
    4 instead of this, you have to hit any key of the arrow, which begins the displacement of the dialog box.
    5. now you can use the mouse (or the puree on the arrow keys) to move the dialog on the screen.

    A bit of good news...

    I just tested this on the latest version of Windows preview 10 technical, and it seems to be fixed.

  • I upgraded Lightroom to LR 4.1 on Windows 7. It seems complete and works well with one exception - in the library, the file management module, dialog box (top right) went

    There is probably an easy fix. I reinstalled the upgrade - no change. Council would be ppreciated

    There is a menu bar at the top right of the Lightroom screen which should say 'developing the library' and other things. If you are the menus that you do mean by "File management dialog box" then click on develop and place a check next to the library. If 'File handling dialog' means something else, I guess you need to describe more in detail.

    You can still get at the library from anywhere else in Lightroom by pressing G

  • File Structure Navigation dialog box

    I don't think that there is an API standard/dialog box to enable a user to browse the files on the device and select a file? The standard kind of thing that allows you to browse the folders until you see the file you want and then select Cancel and then returns the full path of the file select... or should I implement something like

    Please refer to the following:

    -How to create a popup of file selection screen
    Article number: DB-00724


  • No file PDF/record dialog box display

    I'm under InDesign CS6 and I noticed that my dialog box that displays usually progress PDF recently not appearing. It kind of all just disappeared. It wouldn't be a problem except that I tried to close the program sometimes and it gives me an error message because it always work on something and I didn't because there is no projected progress. Thoughts?

    PDF export is a background task in CS6 and to see a real progress bar, open the window background tasks Panel > utilities.

    For an indcation that performs the task, look for the icon in the menu bar.

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    I just used a PC to perform the important movement of data

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    I even searched the forum for messages but did not find any.

    I have a popup message asking if a number was on.

    It has two buttons "YES" & "

    I want to know which button has been selected in order to assign a pass/fail for the LED Test result.

    How to achieve this?



    There will be 1 or 2 or more if you have more than 2 buttons


  • create new file save as dialog box


    In the design of metro, it is possible to do a Save as.... a document. It allows the user to navigate to a certain place.

    How can I create new sub-dossiers in the metro style file Explorer?


    In the design of metro, it is possible to do a Save as.... a document. It allows the user to navigate to a certain place.

    How can I create new sub-dossiers in the metro style file Explorer?


    I saw all the apps Store that have this capability.

    I believe that you can save for existing records.


  • File dialog box cut the default name

    Hi all

    I recently migrated from LV2011 to LV2012 and I have a problem with the dialog file Express vi. It seems, that in LV2012 the Windows dialog box that appears after invoking the file dialog box, adjust the default name to 14 characters (or rather the chain moves to the left so the first x characters are hidden). Please see screenshot attached screen and VI. It's OK in LV2011 (have tested the same code yesterday on another PC with LV2011). Is there a solution or the solution? This is a minor bug, but given that my application is distributed to a customer who pays it mind rather

    Thank you for your reply, Andrew!

    Your VI not exactly help me with my code, but it helped me to find the path . Unfortunately, when I used your VI, the behavior was exactly the same as with the file dialog box. But I noticed that it works only when I select 'create' to the function input terminal (with "create or replace" or something else I've known the cutting chain).

    Then I tried to override the setting of file express VI dialog box of 'New or existing' on 'New' with this setting, the file dialog box works very well (and there seems to be no difference between 'New or existing' and 'New').

    This problem is solved, thank you once more!

  • I can't transfer files flv to mobile to the computer, when I tried to transfer the file, a dialog box indicates that the file is opened in the Media Foundation Pipeline. Exe

    I can't transfer files flv to mobile star Samsung Galaxy of the computer, when I tried to transfer the file, showing a dialog box indicates that the file is opened in the Media Foundation Pipeline. Exe

    Discussions were merged.

    Deleted duplicate.

    Hello Arun,

    Thanks for posting back.

    If you have successfully transferred your files and they are stored in a location on the hard disk, that is, in a folder or drive on your computer, they will remain on your computer, regardless of any number of reboots.

    Hope this information is useful. If the problem persists, please post back for assistance.

  • Print the definition not opening - CS5 dialog box

    Photoshop CS 5 printing question

    Unexpectedly, the print button inside the file settings > print dialog box has stopped working.  When I click on 'Print settings', highlights the button print, but nothing happens.  (I am able to print simply by selecting the button print but I can't seem to essential settings that fall under the 'Print settings' area).

    Something get corrupted I should reinstall?

    Thank you


    Change the implementation of handling color, then you can change it back. Print settings should be FLEURIDAS.

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    Facebook fb = Facebook.getInstance (ACE);
    User user = fb.getCurrentUser ();

    I tested the app in OS 5.0 and Device Simulator and Simulator for OS 6.0. It works very well. But when I test the same in an OS 5.0 device, it gives "unable to select the good descriptor of Transport." What can be the problem behind it? Is it related to the device? How to solve the problem?

    There is problem of SMEs of the internet unit. I solved the problem. Automatically that the problem facebook is resolved.

Maybe you are looking for

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  • Logic Analyzer trigger?

    Hi people, I see in the specs that the Logic Analyzer has a programmable threshold.  However, it is noted as fixed in 1.65V for the purposes of virtual bench.  When will it become a programmable control in the application? Thank you Rob

  • Computer hibernation

    When there is no activity for example. Watch a movie, every 10 minutes or so the laptop into hibernation. I would like to extend the time before she hibernates. At the present time, I must remember to press a key to keep the active screen. Can anyone

  • FN key should be activated to normally use the keyboard

    Computer keyboard works as if you press the FN key all the time, any ideas on how to return to the keyboard works normally. If the FN button is not pressed, the character of the place the button appears on the screen IM assuming a ctrl + shift, ctrl

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    When I start my computer, then connect, it says that there is a lost language dock which can not be found.  It says that I need to check if the disc correctly or make sure I'm contected to a network.  I just connected a wireless Internet, so I do not