Unable to turn off anti-aliasing in the paint bucket tool!

Hi all! Today, I have a problem with Photoshop CS6, I don't know why it won't let me not turn off anti-aliasing in the paint bucket tool. The toolbar shows me a gray box of anti-aliasing, unverifiable:

Photoshop Problem.jpg

Could someone explain how to solve? It is very irritating.


The color - indexed color Mode you cannot click on Anti Alias.

So if you change the image in RGB or CMYK, you will then be able to use the option of anti-aliasing.

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    I try to learn Marie-illustration with PS

    I have a few question, since I'm new on this


    first on the paint bucket tool, theres you can see, first of all I do preview, then fill with the pot of paint, but as you can see it, theres always have white line

    so I have to manually paint to fill the white line, is theres no adjustment so the filling does not leave any white line?

    the 2nd issue is on the quick magic wand tool



    I make selection to expose and make new layer that fills with a color

    but as you can see, for example, I use red.

    theres a red leak, so I mus manually erasing who

    is there a setting too for wand of the tool, if you fill the selection with the color.

    the color didn't cross the contour line

    so I'm just curious as to what you can change with a few settings, or his normal procces, so whatever it takes, you need cleaning by yourself

    Thank you

    Photoshop is more (or less) a graphical editor hatched (with a handful of vector tools). Tools like the paint bucket tool work on the paradigm of raster. You can set the tolerance in the toolbar options also high he'll go (255) to select (or fill) all the pixels of the layer.

    If you haven't already done so, try looking at Illustrator, because it is a vector editor; You can change the contours and funds of works of art on the fly and evolve it without losing quality to boot.

  • Why it won't let me use the paint bucket tool?

    I just downloaded Photoshop CC, but it won't let me use the paint bucket tool - it uses different from CS4?

    What operating system?

    You have the latest version of CC (2015.1.2?)

    Is the tool of buck paint not there behind the wheel?

    Check the #2 response in this thread

    How to activate the paint bucket instead of the tool material Drop on Photoshop CC 2015?

  • Where is the paint bucket tool in the recent update to Photoshop CC?

    I just updated my CC 2015 Photoshop on mac and the paint bucket tool disappeared. The gradient tool is still there, but there is no paint bucket tool.

    Thank you!

    Hi sandstar,

    You will find the paint bucket tool after the Eraser tool.

    See the screenshot:

    Also make sure you have good Workspace (Essentials) selected to access.

    Let us know if that helps.

    Kind regards

    ~ Mohit

  • The paint bucket tool is missing


    For some days the paint bucket tool to my toolbar disappeared. I have more than the gradient tool associated with the pot of paint normally displayed. I searched everywhere but I can't find the paint bucket how do the RESET.

    Thank you very much

    Hi v,.

    What version of Photoshop are you using?

    If you are using later please select Edit >toolbar in the Photoshop menu bar.

    Select restore default settings and make sure that none of the tools appear in the additional tools

    Kind regards


  • Don't hold down the key and click on gradient to select the paint bucket tool?

    I use photoshop for the first time so it's maybe a stupid question, but is not this little arrow on the gradient tool that allows to maintain down to, then select the paint bucket tool. I have just the gradient tool and I can't choose something else. How can I get the pain bucket tool?

    Thank you!

    This is not Photoshop. What is InDesign?

  • where is the paint bucket tool in the toolbar

    where is the paint bucket tool in the toolbar

    In my version, paint is in the same group of tools like Gradient & Drop 3D material. Click on & keep the small triangles to develop tools.

    Nancy O.

  • where is the paint bucket tool?

    I just downloaded the trial version of photoshop CC and impossible to find the paint bucket tool.  I tried clicking and hovering on the gradient tool and it does not appear there either.  This function is not available in free trial or am I just can't do things?

    It is under the gradient tool. You may need to click and hold down the button for a while so he can appear.

  • I'm trying to find the paint bucket tool in the new draw for the ipad. can someone help me?

    I'm trying to find the paint bucket tool in the new draw for the ipad. can someone help me?

    You are referring to the iOS app? Tap into a confined space with one of the tools of painting until it fills up.

  • How do reset you the paint bucket tool?

    How to reset the settings of the paint bucket tool to restore smooth filling that was on the defult setting?

    Hi and welcome to the forums.

    Follow the steps in the screenshots below to reset the paint bucket tool:

    Select the bucket in your tool palette tool, first

    With the selected paint bucket tool, click on the drop down arrow next to the icon of the 'Paint bucket' highlighted above (1) in order to put the Control Panel options.

    Then click on the 'Settings' flyout button (2) as noted above.

    Click on "Reset Tool" in the list that appears (as seen above).

    This will reset all changes you have made to the tool and to get back to the default value.

  • Why anti-aliasing Illustrator CC exported files in Photoshop, even when turned off anti-aliasing?

    Hi all

    I just changed to CC of CS5. My Illustration workflow involves export from Illustrator to Photoshop. I disable anti-aliasing in the export options in Photoshop to make net angles. For example,.25 black line exports ch as a wide black line of a pixel.

    When exporting CC of Illustrator, I select 'none' to the anti-aliasing when exporting, but art is anti-aliasing in Photoshop. For example, exports of line noire.25 to PS as a line blurred grayscale.

    Have I missed something or that I can't export a line of true crenellated Illustrator to Photoshop more?

    Thanks for any help!

    This problem has been FIXED in the version of Illustrator CC 2014.

    Now I can use it!

  • Object drawn with a pencil will not fill with the paint bucket tool

    I draw an object using the pencil tool in Flash CS5. Since I use several traces I connect them all by clicking on Edit, combine objects then Union combining the traits in a single object. But when I try to fill it with the color that it doesn't work. Even if I make sure there is no gap. A few small areas that are closed in the fill of the object with the color, but do not know why the rest of the object refuses to be filled with color.

    Open 2.jpg

    I fiddled around and switch between the object drawing Mode and drawing Mode, but that doesn't work anymore. Usually when I use the Brush tool I have no problem filling the object with colors. But for some reason, I can't when I use the pencil tool! Help, please!

    OK, think about it. If you select your character and in the properties to ask him to be 3000 wide, then zoom in to just behind his ears, you'll see a gap. There is another gap directly in front of the ears.

    The thing filling gaps that Chris mentioned does not immediately work, because your lines are still in odd drawing object, the union did you yet left the tiny holes. You can exit this mode by a Break Apart and select all. Areas with gaps fill again right away, but the small fill openings feature will work. The option size of gap is in the tools downwards when the paint bucket is selected.

    I'm going to insert an image, which shows the great super version, where you can see two gaps, and you can see how the right box is filled, even if there is a gap.

  • So is there anyway to make the paint bucket tool works better?

    Whenever I try to fill things with the paint bucket, it doesn't unless I'm asked something that emerged suddenly. So is there anyway to make sure the paint bucket shut shut out of spaces in general?


    Has an option of the Gap tool paint bucket tool size which can be useful for you.

    You can learn more about it at using Flash Professional | Strokes, fills, and gradients

    Thank you!


  • How to use the paint bucket tool?

    for my class, I have to draw this fish. in one of the steps, he said to draw with the pencil fins. then he said to use the color in. Paint Bucket tool but I can't in. color I used all the options, the proximity of small, medium and large gaps and I can not still color it in. t - it connect to the starting point? I simply fixed to the body of the fish. I started on the 1st part of this 3 times already, and my patience is wearing thin.

    It may be a number of things. If you fish the body is a symbol, design object, group, primitive form or something that when you click on it IS NOT show form at the top of the properties panel, and then the body of the fish is not the gap in your end.

    best thing to do is to copy your outline of fin on its own layer. Hide all other layers. Make sure that the fin is closed. then fill them.

  • How to turn off anti-aliasing in adobe illustrator cc 19.10


    A few weeks ago I set up somehow Illustrator to preview rasterized without anti-aliasing. But today illustrator told me "sorry, but your configuration is corrupted and I have reset to the default values. And I spent a few hours trying to disable anti-aliasing!

    I have foud how to disable it for the text. But I need to disable it for ALL the objects in my document. How can I Maje it. Help, please. "Where is this option" disable anti-aliasing everywhere "?

    Thank you very much!


    Preferences > General. The options in the left column.

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