Uninstall the GUID for Flash Player Plugin


While the GUID of the ActiveX of Flash Player working properly during the uninstallation, the GUID for the PluginX (NPAPI) it does nothing for me.

My question is, can someone check this, or tell me how to get the GUID value? I was looking in the windows registry and get values of powershell, but Adobe Flash Player guid was not found there.

The previous GUID for plug-ins (other browsers) for the old versions of flash worked perfectly, but the new GUID unfortunately does not work properly. I tried to do this on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Still no idea.

Could someone help me? The GUID can be founded here: https://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/msi-guids-windows.html

Many thanks in advance,


HI Maria,

Thanks for the reply,

I'm sorry. I did know that the GUID is working correctly... it was my fault, I missed the change in my cfg file

old way:

It changed in a new way:

And now it is not working properly. Shame on me.


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    One of my web browsers is Firefox ESR 10.0.7 and is a PORTABLE of Firefox version that apparently needs a different Flash Player plugin that the plugin Flash Player normal requiring regular versions of most web browsers.

    I don't want to install the most recent PORTABLE Flash Player plugin version because I read about the problems with it and it is the only capable version this ESR Firefox will give me the opportunity to download and install when I try to install the plugin Flash Player necessary through the browser.

    I already know about the page archive plugin Adobe Flash Player normal, below, the link, but who don't have the Flash Player plugins for MOBILE web browsers.


    I also looked on OldApps.com and I couldn't find anything there.

    Where can I download an older version, maybe one of the plugins Flash Player 11.2 to round April 2012, that will work with this version of PORTABLE Firefox ESR?

    I tried this question in the forum of Mozilla Firefox Help, but no one could answer.

    Thanks for any help,


    I met the same problem with the version of portable Firefox, I've tried.  I found myself ignoring the record (with the text file) that they have provided and created my own folder 'plugins' alongside firefox executable.

    As to why I went with 10.3 11.4, it was mainly because we added in Flash Player 11.3 protected mode.  While this might work (it didn't on my first attempt), it adds a layer of complexity that I didn't want to face.  If you need some of the new features of 11.x, then you have to play with it to see if you can get this to work.  One thing to try would be to modify the mms.cfg by disabling the protected-mode, however, I do not know if this file is accessible outside your windows\system32\macromed\flash folder.

    You can find all versions of 10.3 here: where can I find direct downloads of Flash Player 10.3 for Windows or Macintosh?

  • code Ox643 error when you try to install the update of security for flash player (KB923789)

    I get the error code Ox643 when you try to install the update for flash player (KB923789) security - after Mr fixit running and the application of other measures recommended, I still have the error code and get the installation error code. What should I do now?

    Is Adobe Flash Player v11.3.300.257 (or higher) installed? Test here using Internet Explorer (only!)-online http://www.adobe.com/products/flash/about/

  • Flash Player Plugin 9.0.45 not install MSI

    I downloaded the new MSI Flash Player Plugin [9.0.45] on the site of redistribution license and set up as a Group Policy object as I did with previous versions of flash player. Once it is configured as a GPO and I restart a client, it does not install the new version. I loaded the MSI in Orca and ran the msi validation. An error pops up after validation is executed which says "ProductCode: '{685A56F8-75B6-44AD-B3DA-FB0A3266B47C}' is an invalid GUID Windows Installer." I don't get this error on the previous Flash Player Plugin MSI or previous versions or the latest version of the Flash Player ActiveX MSIs, so it seems that is what is causing the problem. The interesting thing to note is that the ProductCode for the 9.0.45 plug-in version is the same ProductCode as the 9.0.28 ActiveX version. Was the wrong code used in the MSI Plugin 9.0.45?

    Hi jbeyette@esm,

    I downloaded the Flash Player plugin MSI ( and verified that it is the correct Product Code:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\ {B91D3B4D-001F-4ABF - B8A5-B5A926DB63AD}

    Try to clear your cache and see if it works for you.

  • I have a Flash Player plugin 'on demand' that supposedly save memory by launching flashplayer only when a video is launched. It gives me an "f" in the Middle

    I have a Flash Player plugin 'on demand' that supposedly save memory by launching flashplayer only when a video is launched. It gives me a 'f' icon in the middle of the video window, which I have to type. I had no problem with it, but now it won't allow me to play the video on Vimeo, however it works very well with Youtube. I can't find how to uninstall this page in firefox. Please tell me how to correct, update or reinstall so I can watch the videos on Vimeo. I need it for professional reasons, (teaching) tomorrow!
    THX. SP
    Retina, 10.8.5, Firefox 24.0 OSX MacBook.
    Recently updated Flash and Java.
    Flip4mac and Silverlight are the current versions

    Hi sgcpenny, Flash is by far the most common plugin. I think it is unlikely that the others work on the sites where you don't want to run. It does not hurt to try the setting and see if it works for you.

  • I have Adobe Flash Player Plugin for Firefox, but still miss me Flash Player?

    So I installed the latest version of Adobe Flash Player Plugin for Firefox and I am able to watch videos of youtube on my browser and other things that require flash player, but I have a disc that I got with my Samsung screen, and when I put it in my computer, it says that I do not actually have flash player. Also, when I try to play a game, DawnGate, theres a black box where a video should be and he says that I don't have a flash drive, and it is necessary to watch these videos. I tried to uninstall and I was unable to Watch youtube videos, and when I reinstalled, I was able to Watch youtube even once, but that did not fix my problem. Is there something that I am missing? I look forward to hearing from someone soon.

    Chances are that it is looking for the IE plugin: (a lot of software just assumes all Windows users are "slaves to Microsoft" and only have IE installed.)

    Flash Player ActiveX (Internet Explorer)

    or the stand-alone version of the player:

    Windows Flash Player 12 projector

  • 'incorrect type for the socket' error message during the installation of flash player.

    MacBook Pro (15-inch) with El Capitan 10.11.5, Safari 9.1.1 OSX Version.

    Message received from new flash update. Conducts system preferences to download. Download went to the file downloads. Close all windows including the browser. Opened, dmg began to download. Error message as follows "Type incorrect Protocol for socket AdobeFlashPlayer_21_a".

    DMG trashed, uninstalled Flash Player, downloaded from the Adobe site, same message. Started in safe mode. Shut down, started normally, always impossible to download Flash Player. Now, I don't have any Flash Player and cannot download any version.

    Help would be appreciated, thank you very much. Pat

    It is possible the error of mounting the DMG is related to the 10.11.5 update.  Please see cannot load DMG files after installing 10.11.5 | Apple Support communities.  A number of people get the same error, with various software, when mounting the DMG if none of the suggestions in that work of forum for you, contact Apple support for assistance.

    As an alternative, you can also try using the installer in offline mode, posted at the bottom of the problems Installation | Flash Player | Mac page, in the section "Problems", but I suspect exhibit you the same behavior.

  • The connection has failed the installer of Flash Player on Mac for Safari

    I'm Mac OS 10.10.3 (Yosemite) on a MacBook Air. Try to install the updated release of Flash Player for use in Safari 8.0.8 (the latest version). Always get the message "Connection lost" (see photo below) when I run the installation program. I uninstalled previous versions of Flash Player and restarted my computer to run the installer again. I always get the same message "failed to connect". Because I tried all the stuff I can find on this forum, is there any help, that I can do things.


    Flash player error message.jpg

    In fact, this answer has not quite help me. However, I decided to restart in safe MODE (by pressing the SHIFT key at startup). It worked! I was finally able to install the new version of Flash Player.

  • Why do I get the message that Flash player is in use and cannot be installed even though I uninstalled it?

    Using Windows7, trying to install Flash Player version

    I have download the installation program, specifically on the site for Firefox and uninstall the previous version, and yet I get this message.

    Have tried several times to update and now to install new and these are impossible. I don't have the previous version, which did not work on

    Firefox anyway and now cannot install the new version. Help, please.

    Hi Norman,

    lease try the following:

    1. Download uninstaller uninstall Flash Player | Windows
    2. Download the installer of Flash Player for Firefox, posted at the bottom of the problems Installation | Flash Player | Windows page in the ' always having problems.
    3. Launch the uninstaller
      • This will remove all versions of Flash Player installed on the system except the control ActiveX for Internet Explorer
    4. Restart your system
    5. Install Flash Player using the installation program downloaded in step 2
    6. Once the installation is complete, launch Firefox, go to The Flash Player Help and click on the "Check now" button
    7. Results should indicate that you have the latest version,, installed.



  • Trouble installing the update of Flash player for Chrome

    I tried to help my mother to update his flash drive. It was flash version running and having problems with it. When I saw there was a newer version,, so I downloaded it, I was checking things for her. Chrome, to activate it on the plugins page, but the only version to appear was the old man. As far as I know, this is how it is installed. She has a computer with the windows operating system windows 7. Is there something I'm missing here, or something I must try that might help to get the latest version of flash running? Thank you!


    The version of Flash Player integrated in Chrome is updated by Google, not Adobe.  For this version of Flash Player, it seems that Google has released Flash Player via an update to Chrome (as opposed to a components updated, they do sometimes), in accordance with this page Chrome releases: Stable channel update, which indicates that 36.0.1985.143 is the version that contains the update of Flash Player. You can navigate to chrome://chrome to trigger the update (or tools > about Google Chrome, that goes to the same page).



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