Uninstallation of Mcafee final

I need to uninstall Mcafee SecurityCenter my Inspiron 531 so I can install Norton Security (our other PC it works). There seems to be a gazillion 'methods' to remove the Mcafee Mcafee itself, Dell and people with PCs is much smarter than me. So, I didn't record the Mcafee yet I should do this uninstall before or after? Should I follow the version of Mcafee with their little program (MCPR.exe) or Dell one? How do you disable the firewall and AV programs?  Apart from that, no real issues!

Thanks in advance


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  • Laptop HP ENVY 15 - AH151: how to remove the trial version 30 days of McAfee which is preinstalled with my new PC

    I need to uninstall the trial version for 30 days of McAfee that came pre-installed with this PC I bought in January. I know it was preinstalled, but I can't find Ant real program/app.

    Secunia PSI or Revo Uninstaller shows McAfee, but when I search ThisPC I found

    41 cases of McAfeeModuleContent.resjson in the home of HewlettPackard\HO

    a couple of files C:\ProgramData\McAfee

    a file of C:\Hp\McAfee rules and

    a single file in C:\Program Files (x 86) \Hewlett Packard\HP Support

    Any ideas please?

    New Envy 15-AH151sa
    More old Compaq Presario CQ71-320SA screwed up by free upgrade from Microsoft of Win7 for Win10

    Try this direct link to the McAfee removal tool


  • How to remove McAfee without dropping my flash player IE9 operability

    I just got a brand new Inspiron 5520 with bundled software.

    Whenever I tried to delete McAfee in order to use a different antivirus Soft, my FlashDrive IE9 unresponsive.

    Has anyone encountered the same problem? If yes what should I do about this problem of uninstalling?

    Thank you!

    Hi Eki_fils,

    I agree with ky331, it seems rather strange that the uninstallation of McAfee would affect somehow Flash Player .


    Anyway, try this:

    Download and run MCPR.exe

    • Download the http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/MCPR.exeremoval tool.
    • Click Saveand save the file in the folder of downloads on your computer.
    • Navigate to the folder where the file was saved.
    • Ensure that all McAfee Windows are closed, as well as all other running programs such as browsers, instant messaging, etc.
    • Right-click MCPR.exe and select run as administrator.
    • When you see the user account control dialog box, click Yes.
    • The McAfee software removal screen, click Next.
    • In the contract (EULA) dialog box, click next to accept the contract.
    • When you are prompted, type the Captcha information to validate the security of applications, and then click Next.
    • When you see the message CleanUp successful, restart your computer. Your McAfee product is not completely removed after reboot.


    If you are having problems with Flash Player in Internet Explorer after you complete the steps above, please re - download Flash Player from the link in the post above ky331 and save in your downloads folder.

    • Close all running programs.
    • Double-click your Flash Player file downloaded to re - install.
  • Vista Sidebar and Media Player stopped working after uninstalling Mcafee and AVG installation

    Hi, I'm new to the Dell Forums, my apologies if this isn't the right place to post this.

    Yesterday, I decided to remove Mcafee completely from my Inspiron 6400 (running Vista Ultimate) and install the free version of AVG. First, I downloaded the http://service.mcafee.com/FAQDocument.aspx?id=107083&lc=1033 and AVG Mcafee removal tool and was save on my desktop. I unplugged my internet connection, uninstalled Mcafee Security Center of programs & features (recommended by Mcafee), rebooted, then ran Mcafee Removal Tool Development. EXE, rebooted, installed the free version of AVG, went online and installed the AVG updates, performed a full scan with no errors. The system seems to work well, but then I noticed that the clock on Windows Sidebar gadget turned black, the deleted with only a yellow box calendar gadget. I tried to open Media Player, no luck because he would not just open. Tried to launch Media Player as an admin, no luck. While my connection is an admin one. There is another connection admin account so connected to this account, but you have the same problem. I did a system restore and also tried to create new accounts, but the same thing happens with the Gadgets and Media Player. I also ran startup repair by using the Vista DVD, no luck.

    Did somebody encountered this problem? There is an almost similar post under Vista (http://www.dellcommunity.com/supportforums/board/message?board.id=vista&message.id=41524&query.id=225388#M41524), but no solution. I had a feeling this uninstallation of Mcafee or running the Development. EXE may have messed up with the registry keys for the sidebar and Media Player. I also downloaded another gadget clock, no luck. Y at - it a fix for this? I don't want to install Mcafee again, as I had many problems with MCProxy and Spamkiller causing system crash and Mcafee has no solution so far. I also have spybot running on the system.

    I would appreciate if someone could help me with this. Thank you

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  • XP opens with symbols instead of letters, making it unreadable files and icons in the task bar and office

    To start my computer opens with letters replaced by symbols.  I ran antivirus, antimalware, etc. and finally went to the restoration of the system, and allows a point of restoring a couple of days before returning to the letters.  A few days later, the same problem occurred.  No, the system restore has no previous restore points available dates and I'm stuck. Help.

    HI AskDrL (and this also applies to the DrLHP - but you should follow the advice of the PA bear and not post back here if it does not help you - unless I suspect you two are really the same person with two usernames).

    Try a clean boot (Vista and W7) http://support.microsoft.com/kb/929135. If the problem goes away then it's just a matter of tracking down the culprit at the origin of the problem. Follow the procedures described in the article. Once found, remove, delete, disable or uninstall. Once don't forget to reset your system back to the normal state, as described in the procedures. If the problem occurs in clean mode then just restore the system to normal and reboot - this solution will not work. If you are using XP, see http://support.microsoft.com/kb/310353 and http://support.microsoft.com/kb/316434.

    Try starting mode safe mode with networking to see if the problem is here.  If this isn't the case, we have little room to work.

    Check the display properties to make sure that fonts and styles are correct:

    In XP, see http://support.microsoft.com/kb/140752/en-us.

    In Vista, see http://www.vistax64.com/tutorials/78281-advanced-appearance.html

    In Windows 7, see [2] http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/282-window-color-appearance-change.html?filter = appearance

    Check the locale and language to ensure that they do not appear in something weird and are set to standard English with normal fonts.

    Check Device Manager to see if there are problems with the video or monitor.  Whether (or not), go to the manufacturer of the computer or a web page of the manufacturer of the device and get the latest driver, firmware or software for the video card and monitor that are appropriate for your devices and your operating system.  To update all that is available and there is place and then reboot and see if that helps.

    If this does not work, I recommend repost you in the Windows Forum where experts in this will be more than happy to help you: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/desktop?page=1&tab=all&tm=1300700638376 but first, to the top, where it says Windows Version, use the dropmenu to select your, then you will find yourself in the appropriate forum for your system.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

    P.S. If you are the same person, then you should uninstall it and use on McAfee removal tool as having AVG installed at the same time and it can cause disorders and problems - I doubt that what we see here, but it still needs to be done.  After normal uninstallation of McAfee, use the removal tool to get rid of leftovers: http://service.mcafee.com/FAQDocument.aspx?id=TS100507.  I don't know if this will solve the problem, but this should be done in any case that is likely to cause other problems on the road later.

  • Thunderbird is slow, can not open e-mails, is inadmissible and crashes constantly.

    I just bought a new computer with Windows 7 Professional 64 bit. I downloaded Thunderbird and imported my old user profile, as I always did in the past. Thunderbird runs incredibly slow. I double click to open an email and it takes 1-3 minutes to open. Thunderbird will display a warning "Not responding" almost every time that happens. Also, if I delete a message, it takes about 45-60 seconds for the program to react and move the message to the trash. Message opening and new or old messages and delete or move the emails to another folder is when problems occur. Write a new message does not appear to be a problem. It is not my internet connection (the link does not show wait times and no other users in my office had this problem). What is the solution? If it can't be fixed then I simply will cease to use Thunderbird as my e-mail program.

    Uninstallation of McAfee seems to have fixed this problem (and a bit more with other software). Thank you!

    Because I didn't want to be without any protection against the virus, I put Microsoft Security Essentials (free from Microsoft) and it doesn't interfere with any of my programs or software.

  • Windows Sidebar gadgets incorrectely poster

    I uninstalled McAfee & installed Microsoft Security Essentials. After uninstallation of McAfee, the clock appears as a black square only. All other gadgets appear as a small white rectangle

    This thread is relevant to your operating system of mystery?
    Gadgets not working not properly in windows 7

    If this isn't the case, then post back with all relevant information, including what Windows Update caused the problem.

    Thank you. TaurArian [MVP] 2005-2010 - Update Services

  • Will not install KB947821. Error code 80073712.

    Will not install KB947821. Error code 80073712. Although the update KB978207 has been correctly downloaded and installed after that. All this happened after the uninstallation of McAfee antivirus. Also, I'm sure that for this reason, IE8 now does not load all run any activex so content. Downloaded and run the uninstall McAfee tool but no change.

    Personal data backup (which none should be considered 100% reliable at this point) then format the HARD disk and do a clean install of Windows.  Please note that a repair installation (upgrade AKA on-site) won't fix this!

    HOW to do a clean install of Vista: section "If you want to reinstall Windows Vista by running a new installation...". "of http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-vista/Installing-and-reinstalling-Windows-Vista#section_3

    Once installed the clean, you will have the equivalent of a "new computer" in order to take care of everything on the page following before otherwise connect the machine to a network or the internet and before using a flash drive or the SD card that is not brand new, or has not been freshly formatted:

    4 steps to help protect your new computer before going online

    NB: No matter what Norton or McAfee free trial which is preinstalled on the computer when you bought will be reinstalled (but invalid) when Windows is reinstalled. Even if the trial version is not enabled, you MUST uninstall it and download/run the appropriate removal tool before you install updates, Windows Service Packs or IE updates and before installing your new anti-virus application.

    Norton Removal Tool

    McAfee Consumer product removal tool

    See also:

    Measures to help prevent spyware

    Measures to help prevent computer worms

    Avoid fake security software!

    If these procedures look too complex - and there is no shame in admitting this isn't your cup of tea - take the machine to a local, good reputation and stand-alone computer (that is, not BigBoxStoreUSA or Geek Squad) repair facility.

    ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

  • Service Pack2 will not install on Vista

    I try to install Service Pack 2 on Vista, but it's just not going to install on my laptop. I tried all the solutions given on the help, for example using rugged, stand alone installation, uninstallation of McAfee, etc with no luck.

    The installation goes through steps 1 and 2 of fine, then get to 100% in step 3, bu, then it gives me a message "Service pack not installed, restore changes" and after about an hour, I get in Vista, where it gives me a message that the installation has been unsuccessful and the details of its says:


    I use a Dell Inspiron 9400.

    Any help will be greatly appreicieted.


    Free unlimited installation and compatibility support is available for Windows Vista, but only for Service Pack 2 (SP2). This support, initially planned to end on November 26, 2009, has been postponed until February 26, 2010, so move on! Availability of support chat or messaging differs depending on your location. Some questions may require that more support for which he is advanced a charge.  Go to http://support.microsoft.com/oas/default.aspx?prid=13014&gprid=582034 & select appropriate category (i.e., download problem;) Installation problem; Problems after installing a service pack) ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

  • The problem with Windows update - automatic updates service won't start not (error 126)

    original title: the problem with Windows update

    Please help me to get Windows Update operational return.

    XP Media Center Edition, Version 2002, SP3

    Had a problem with "Generic host process for Win32 has encountered a problem and needs to close."  Follow-up of the instructions on this link:

    Seems to have cleared the error message.  So far so good.

    However, now a Windows Update does not work.  Security Center Windows were told to go to control panel > system and use the Automatic Updates tab.  But, if I go to control panel > system, the Automatic Updates tab does not appear.

    I also went to the control panel > Services.  Tried to start the automatic updates service.  Received this error message: could not start the service automatic updates on Local computer.  Error 126: The specified module could not be found

    I already followed several instructions on this subject:


    In the thread above, I was following the post on 30 August.  According to Option A, I completed step 5 for the uninstallation of McAfee Security.  At this time, my network card has stopped working.  On the recommendation of the officer, I posted to the Malwarebytes forum.  The officer determined Malwarebytes that I don't have a malicious software.  I ended up posting on forum McAfee to get my network card works again.  Then I reinstalled McAfee and start to run Windows Update.

    I started with Option A, step 8 to reset Internet Explorer using http://support.microsoft.com/kb/923737.  The difficulty it has worked very well.

    Then Option A, step 9 says reset Windows Update using http://support.microsoft.com/kb/971058.  When I ran the difficulty in default or aggressive mode, I got an error message saying: he cannot start wuauserv.  The message asks me to verify that the user has privileges to take this step.  Well, I checked through user accounts who am the only one user set up on this PC and I have administrator privileges.  Help me please run this difficulty or recommend another way to get Windows Update works again.

    [1]... looks like you are saying that my system is so wet that a clean install is the (only?) way to go.

    [2] if I do a clean install, not only what I need to reinstall Windows and all my applications, I also have to reinstall the drivers... Etc. ?

    [3] I think I have the disks supplied with the PC system. Is it better to use than to use the recovery partitiion?

    [4A]... is there a possibility that some of [my data are] infected?

    [4] preventing me from simply infect the whole PC again?

    A1. Yes, and it was my recommendation in August, too.

    A2. Yes.

    A3. Only not really well using the restore Partition hidden to make the "destructive recovery" will include all drivers, etc., that have been installed at the factory.

    A4a. Yes, a real possibility.

    A4b. You run at least three 3 tests on the backup data before restoring one (1) with your installed & updated up-to-date anti-virus application (for example, Microsoft Security Essentials) and two 2 with good reputation, free online scans (e.g., ESET;) Bit Defender; Kaspersky; HouseCall; (F - Secure).

    If you have saved your data on CD/DVD, the disc scanner. If you have backed up your data to a flash drive, SD card, or another external drive AND KB971029 is installed, analyze the drive.

    If you have any questions or need additional help, please start a new thread in this forum: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_xp-system

    Once again, good luck!

  • High CPU usage by "System outages" and missing keystrokes in IE on all new HP laptop 15-r085nd

    I recently bought a HP15-r085nd (Win 8.1 with Bing), and right out of the box, I encountered this problem:

    After the awakening of the mode (usually after the first time to wake from sleep mode, but always after the second time), the process "System outages" has high utilization of the processor, up to 45%. The laptop then responds very, very slow. In addition, in Internet Explorer (but only in Internet Explorer, it seems!) strikes are missing out.

    I tried the following:

    -Implementation of all the updates of Windows, all McAfee updates and all of the updates from HP Assistent. No results.

    -Reinstall all the drivers, no results. Windows system restore: no result. Factory reset the recovery partition: no result. Then implemented all the updates again: no result.

    -J' tried to use Microsoft Xperf to diagnose the problem: it seems wdf0100.sys to blame for the high CPU usage. (In other words, if I have interpreted the results in the right way).

    -J' then did some troubleshooting with Microsoft Support: they asked me to disable all startup items in the Task Manager and disable all non-Microsoft services in msconfig. The result was that the high CPU usage of "System interrupts" occurred less frequently after the first time out of the way 'sleep', but still she always had after the second time to wake off mode 'sleep'. Uninstallation of McAfee seems to have the same effect, by the way.

    -J' then did some troubleshooting with the store were I bought it. They used a pilot program to install newer versions of the drivers. Also, in vain.

    Then they gave me another laptop of the same model (r085nd). It had exactly the same problems. So I think that all laptops of this model have the same problem! Does anyone know of a similar case with a laptop similar?

    -J' then did some troubleshooting with HP support. We have updated the BIOS (F.24), without result. We have made a few updates to additional drivers on the HP site, no results. We wanted to update the graphic driver Intel HD (sp65598), but we couldn't install it, an error message saying: minimum system requirements were not satisfied.

    I hope that the HP support can arrive at a solution (they wanted to deepen this). If so, I'll promise to post it here, because it affects probably other r085nd HP as well.

    In the mean time, I'd appreciate any suggestions, because I'm totally confused now. Someone at - it ideas? I will answer all the answers!

    I was contacted by HP Support again. After a new series of updates which included some updates everything new on the site of HP is solved the problem with high CPU usage by "system outages"!

    We have done several updates, so I know not that exactly solved the problem, but it is those:

    -New firmware BIOS: version F.33 (my bet would be that is the one that solves the problem)

    -New Intel chipset driver: 1.20 (sp69575.exe)

    -New driver Intel HD Graphics: 1.20 (sp69589.exe): (this one tried earlier, without solving the problem)

    -New driver Realtek card reader: 1.20Ap3 (sp69610.exe)

    I hope this helps other people with the same problem.

    Thanks to the HP Support team for their help with this problem!

    Moreover, the problem of lack of strikes in Internet Explorer (more use of CPU (any reason), the sequences of keys more are not registered!) still exists! I work around this problem by using Google Chrome. Again, I hope that this issue might get resolved as well! I nevertheless marks it as "Resolved" as the main problem is resolved.

  • command prompt and high cpu utilization problems

    I have an Acer Aspire laptop. Windows 7-64 bit. My CPU usage has been quite erratic for months. She sometimes becomes up to 4 or 5%, but most of the time, he is running between 50 and 100% (I have a counter on my desk). I've been running all kinds of tools and cleaning methods. I had McAfee antivirus for a prior year of minimal, but renewed problems a few months ago and found strange and annoying that he wouldn't be updated every day while I was working. I assumed something was wrong with her, so I replaced it with a program that I got for free with another purchase from Best Buy... Trend Micro, I think it was called. Well, it appeared that Trend Micro used more process and CPU than McAfee. At that time, I thought it would be safer and cleaner for Microsoft Security Essentials TM trade. I also have CCleaner installed and I run it every other day or two. I also run r-kill and tdsskiller a few times but never found something dangerous. I removed everything that I felt uncomfortable unused programs were safe to remove. The last thing that I see and which seems odd to me is that, at startup, a "command prompt" icon will appear briefly in my taskbar and then quickly go to 'start' 'recent '... I have never seen this before so it seems weird, like a clue any. Also in the last few days, usually online, but also with Solitair Windows offline. Either the cursor will freeze or the screen freezes making useless cursor, even for a moment, and sometimes I'll just "end task." I'm not a gamer, I mainly watch movies and videos... Try, anyway! Thanks in advance for the help!

    Wow you're gluten for punishment than TrendMicro Mcafee Ouch

    You did use less uninstallation of Mcafee?


    You can get trendmicro from Mcafee here too


    Personally, I use Panda free and Premium of Malwarebytes.

  • Could not register during the installation of Flash Player


    I'm having the following problem.  When you try to install the most recent 'Flash Player' I get the following on the 300 more my PC running Windows 7.

    Flash Error.PNG

    I tried the steps for installed the cleaning and the steps to give permissions to the correct key in the registry and nothing worked.  I have attached the log files of the last machine, that I encountered the error.  Can someone please! I'm at my wits end on this.

    Shared files - Acrobat.com

    Thank you

    Roger Desilets

    Aqueduct of Charleston

    Post edited by: Roger Desilets

    For all those who may fall on this thread with a similar problem (and always get "Failed to register" error after you run the SubInACL tool to correct permissions):

    We have identified the problem as McAfee. Specifically, McAfee was preventing access to the following registry entries:

    HKLM Explorer\ActiveX Compatibility\ {D27CDB70-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000} \Compatibility flags

    HKLM Software \Policy Rights\ElevationPolicy\ {FAF199D2-BFA7-4394-A4DE-044A08E59B32}

    HKLM Software \AppPath Rights\ElevationPolicy\ {FAF199D2-BFA7-4394-A4DE-044A08E59B32}

    HKLM Software \AppName Rights\ElevationPolicy\ {FAF199D2-BFA7-4394-A4DE-044A08E59B32}

    During uninstallation of McAfee, Flash Player ActiveX registered.  Could be a policy setting in the configuration of McAfee.  OP will investigate.



  • Flash player is not installed properly

    I have windows 7 home

    I have ie 8.0.7600.16385

    I have installed McAfee

    I closed all programs, uninstalled (with the adobe uninstaller) disabled mcafee + firewall, restarted x 2, installed, rebooted and nothing...

    My internet security settings and trusted site settings are both set in the Middle

    There is no evidence for adobe flash player when I go to tools/manage add-ons/all

    I do not have a c:\windows\system32\macromed folder in my system32 folder?

    I was recently infected with the virus both avg looking.  Removed McAfee.  Flash player worked well before this and stopped working some time after the incident.

    I don't know what the issue is here.  Can someone please.

    Thank you.

    Hi, I read your latest messages and when though seems inactive, just disable it if you can anyway. Good idea on the 'never' :-)

    First download and SAVE FP uninstaller on your desktop:


    Next move the archived site http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/142/tn_14266.html download the Flash Player 9.0.280 21.8 MB on your desktop. It is a zip file.

    Search and extract: Internet Explorer flashplayer9r280_winax.exe and place it on your desktop.  (1.46 MB)
    Download the FP for IE Installer and SAVE to your desktop:(latest version)

    Once you have on your desk, using the administrator account, you CLOSE all browser windows.
    Disable McAfee
    Look in your tray (area near the clock) system for instant messengers, yahoo, aol, etc and turn them off.
    Your computer, run the program uninstall and when it's finished, Reboot (restart).
    Check and make sure that McAfee is always disabled.
    Run the Setup from vs 9 and when you're done, restart your computer
    Test your browser here and you should be able to see the Flash animation (spin) logo and the Flash Player version must be listed.
    http://www.Adobe.com/software/Flash/about/ Must vs 9
    Now, you run the program to uninstall again to uninstall vs 9, when finished, restart your computer
    Check and make sure that McAfee is always disabled.
    Run Setup vs and when you're done, restart your computer.
    Then test your browser and you should have now installed vs. If you can see the logo Flash animation (spin), then you have probably Shockwave Flash Object in IE addons, so check that.
    You may want to print these directions to make it easier to follow.

    Read these and let me know. I'm back on the forum now.


  • Script error does not mail - msktbird_3.js (CAUSE: McAfee - again)

    A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script ends.

    Script: chrome://msktbird/content/mail-msktbird_3.js:904

    two boxes: continue the shutdown script

    It makes no difference if I choose to continue or to stop the script. A few minutes later a duplicate email arrives with the same message from script. Finally he stops, but I do not know why. I can't find the script that is on my computer.

    What can I do to stop this?

    It is your McAfee anti virus mucking up. I suggest that contact you.

Maybe you are looking for

  • How to change DNS server with bluetooth wireless in EnvyX2?

    I tried to change DNS servers on my HP Envy X 2 tablet with Windows 8.1 and did not see any network in Device Manager. With a non bluetooth network or a wireless adapter, you can go to the properties of the adapter and select 4 TCP/IP and entry serve

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    Hello group, I have a question, when my laptop Satellite M40 warm up and I tried to restart the display changes to 2/3 and lock-up. Then I have to press the power button to stop the process and expect that the laptop cools a bit. I have them push the

  • PC tools and HWsetup no longer work

    Hello I found that Pc tools and Hwsetup no longer work. How can I get back them? They are important for my system? Thanks in advance

  • Error 200485 error has occurred to DAQmx create Task.vi:2

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    image file loading USB key? I imported the photos from my camera into my photo file, but I can't have pictures of the file to my flash drive