Unit does not

Hi guys,.

Computer: windows XP

Device: USB 6501

Problem: I've compiled and install my code as .exe on the computer. I opened my code.exe and it runs no command to activate the relay. However, when I go in the NI MAX for USB6501 test panel and turn on the output, it works fine. It works very well in my laptop (Windows 7). Am I missing something here?

Thank you!


Hi guys,.

Problem solved. Thank you very much for your answers.

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  • The 4.0.5 unit does not stop

    When I click on tne * unit * Stop button in the system tray, I have an error message in the viewing Application event log:


    ID: 1054

    Source: CiscoUnity_CsServices

    Message: AvCsGateway: StopCs failed, no access to %1 with the type of Subscriber = %2 (err = 3%). A Subscriber associated with %1 must have administrative access.




    and the unit does not stop.

    I don't know why it happened.

    He has worked previously.

    What should I do?

    Fact on behalf of your connected to the server with have a unit administrator access? Try to do a right-click on the icon and clicking on system administration and see if happens fine. You may need to check the account that your registration with is an administrator of the unit always and/or AD rights for this user. Perhaps something has changed.

  • Unit does not not after installation, missing drivers, dot know were to get drivers

    Unit does not not after installation, missing drivers, dot know were to get drivers

    George2222 (2) you were right. Problem solved, thank you.

  • Power of the Satellite P100-240 unit does not work properly

    From time to time my power (PA2521E - 2AC3) unit starts beeping and stops the power get to the computer, forcing it to drain the battery.
    Summer happening for several weeks now and sometimes it stops itself, but other times I have to put my diet off for hours and keep checking to see if the beep stopped.
    It does not overheat as I only for about 30 minutes before it starts to beep.
    If I turn off feeding the continuous ringing for a few seconds before disappearing for good.

    What is - this and I should send it back?


    I never heard that the AC adapter would do some sounds or would start beeping
    In my opinion it of not normal and the adapter must be verified.

    You should definitely contact the ASP (authorized service provider) in your country to control and perhaps this part needs to be replaced

    I think the warranty is valid at the moment and the replacement is done for free

    Good luck

  • 4.0.4 Tranfer of extension unit does not

    Call handler created with the extension and for standard hours configured to forward to a Subscriber no extension. Other disabled transfer.

    When I call the call handler it will Manager wishes, even if the call forwarding settings Specifies not to go to wishes. I said yes, "sound to the Subscriber to this extension" and this setting does not take effect for hrs standard or closed. He always goes to the host Manager.

    Removed and added the Manager with the new name, still the same issue. ContactRule.Extension specifies the correct setting for the standard rule.

    OK - do not work what you do, it's not supposed to. If a call to the front by another extension directly into the unit, the unit will automatically ignore the rule of transfer on the Manager or the Subscriber and get right to the home. This prevents the window "transfer buckles" If a call forward and the unit try to call the phone that transmits etc. until all ports are chewed and dirt hit system.

    You can get around this by making the different a couple things I talk about in the paper 'the audio text in the unit applications' on the Documents page of the site http://www.CiscoUnityTools.com . It is just the channel manager a 2nd - the flag of the 'transfer of skip rule"is used only for the first Manager/Subscriber the call strike in unity, after that she will make the transfer on the next Manager to what happens. That's how I'd do. You can also have blank greeting on the Manager and the welcome message after action defined for 'attempt to transfer' for himself. It's a little more dangerous but it only invovles a Manager. I would use two handlers for it, however...

  • Unit does not start

    I was able to recover a device this morning at my local Office Max and have really enjoyed the last 10 hours to use my new Playbook.  Tonight trying to get my installed chips of debugging, I decided that my PC could not connect to my playbook, and maybe I needed to reboot the device.  Holding the switch down, choose restart.  Device seemed close and started the boot sequence with the "BlackBerry PlayBook: logo and pretty flashing lights."   The UNIT will not go beyond this screen.  He was now trying to start for more than an hour.   I tried power off, standby, then power on.   I am worried that I have a defective unit.  Does anyone else have this problem?  Is there a magic button sequence to get a clean boot?  any help is appreciated.

    Thanks for the suggestion of Peter - I was scouring the web last night and saw some of these threads.

    I ended up calling for the support

    USA: 1-877-644-8410
    PEUT: 1-877-644-8405

    and worked the following sequence:

    -hold [power] AND [volume] for 25 seconds (device off after about 10 seconds)

    -Press [power] to turn on (start screen stays hung)

    -hold [power] AND [volume] for 25 seconds AGAIN

    -Press [power] to turn on (which actually worked)

    the representative said that you may need to do it 4 or 5 times.  If you experience the problem, try this first.

    In addition, this problem moved directly after the update.  I restarted my camera a few times (long [power] press throughout the day yesterday.  My Wifi was funny so I thought this might help.

    Am happy that I don't have to send the unit back.

  • Why the DR unit does not trigger schema when it is called remotely?

    Hi all

    I have a question about the triggers of oracle schema and I would be grateful if you could kindly give me a helping hand.

    Oracle version: 11 GR 2 (11 g Enterprise Edition Release - 64 bit)

    OS:                      Linux Fedora Core 17 (X86_64)

    I was reading the online documentation on schema triggers where oracle says:

    Assume that users user1 and user2 own schema triggers and user1 invokes a DR unit owned by user2. Inside the DR unit, User2 is the current user. Therefore, If the DR unit triggers the triggering event of a trigger schema that User2 owns, while the trigger is activated.

    I wanted to see this behavior in practice, so I made the following test case:

    -There are two schemas:

    • testuser where I create a procedure with AUTHID DEFINE (a unit of the Dr. therfore) named createTab. This procedure takes a table name as a parameter and if no table with this name exists already in the testuser schema, it will create a new table with the same name with a single column of type NUMBER (well, it's just an example to this issue, in practice I never create my tables this way)

    • training is therefore another scheme to which we grant the privilege EXECUTE on the above mentioned procedure createTab so that it may be possible to create tables on schema testuser by calling the remote procedure.

    The idea behind the test is to create a schema for testusertrigger, so that whenever he is, for example, a creation of the table, a message is inserted into a table of newspaper (just an example to show proof that trigger the diagram has been drawn on the table creation event). Now assuming I admit the EXECUTE privilege on the procedure of createTab for the trainingscheme, then any creation of the remote table must trigger the schema trigger, because according to the documentation inside the unit of the DR, the user is not considered appellant user (= training) but actually the owner (= testuser) that created the trigger and procedure.

    The problem is that I cannot see it in my test. Therefore I will write here my test case so that you can have a look at it and to indicate where I did wrong, and what I misunderstood in the documentation.

    So here's what I created on the schema testuser





    -A table of newspaper in which the schema trigger inserts messages

    -indicating that the schema trigger was triggered (as proof)

    CREATE TABLE tablog (logMsg VARCHAR2 (100));

    -Here is the procedure that updates the above defined log table (tablog)

    -This procedure (autonomous transaction) is called by the schema trigger

    CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE updateLog (p_logMsg IN tablog.logMsg%TYPE)





    INSERT INTO tablog (logMsg) VALUES (p_logMsg);


    END updateLog;



    -This is the procedure we use to create tables (which will be called so

    -remotely from another schema-> training)

    -As stated above, the procedure takes a table
    -name as a parameter and creates a table with a single column of type NUMBER

    -that if no table with this name exists already



    p_tabName IN user_tables.table_name%TYPE


    AUTHID DEFINE - Therefore a unit DR that we explicitly specify AUTHID DEFINE



    < < bk > >


    tabName user_tables.table_name%TYPE;


    -Check to see if a table with the name p_tabName
    -already exists

    T1.table_name SELECT INTO bk.tabName

    FROM user_tables t1

    WHERE t1.table_name = upper (p_tabName);


    -No table with this name exists, so we create now



    p_tabName | '(NUMÉRO n) ';


    END createTab;



    - And finally it is the schema for the schema 'testuser '.

    -Any appeal of the above mentioned procedure createTab (if the procedure)
    -creates a new table) fires the following trigger

    CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER testuser_schema_tr

    Before you CREATE on testuser.schema


    -Just insert a message into the table of the newspaper showing the evidence
    -that our schema trigger wiped of CREATE TABLE



    TO_CHAR (sysdate, ' ' MON-DD-YYYY HH24:Mi:ss) |

    ' ': Schema for testuser trigger pulled.


    END testuser_schema_tr;



    -I grant the privileges required for the formation of the user/schema
    -may also be able to remotely run my procedure

    GRANT EXECUTE ON createTab to training;

    GRANT SELECT ON tablog to training;

    First, I tested the procedure createTab locally (so be etre connecte connected as drawing testuser , in other words, the owner of the procedure and the relaxation). Everything worked pretty well and created table, that table the journal has been updated by the trigger which showed that in fact after each CREATE TABLE statement, the trigger was activated.

    However, when I opened a new SQL * Plus term, this time in being connected as a training scheme, I have observed that, once again, it was possible to create tables on schema testuser remotely, but the log table has been updated no more, which means that the trigger has not wiped CREATE TABLE statements that were issued remotely (by remote createTab procedure call).


    SQL > EXECUTE testuser.createTab ('tmptab');

    PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

    SQL > SELECT * FROM testuser.tablog;

    no selected line

    SQL > USER to see THE

    The USER is 'TRAINING'

    SQL >

    Any idea? Why unity DR (createTab procedure) does not have the schema trigger, unlike what documents said, when it is called remotely?

    Thanks in advance,


    It works for me on Oracle

    August 21, 2013 18:10:12: trigger pulled schema

    But not on

    It looks like a bug.

  • Unit does not properly

    The host is Win 7 Ultimate x 64, and I want to use XP Mode with VMWare Player. XP mode installed fine, like the VMWare Player.

    With XP Mode running, click Virtual Machine / Enter the unit, and VMWare Player reduced in the taskbar. The XP Mode Start menu appears above the start host button. If I select a program in XP mode, for example Notepad, nothing happens. Notepad does not appear on the screen. If I maximize the VMWare Player, exit unity, Notepad appears in the VMWare Player window.

    Some of our users 7.1 beta discovered that some software blocks the

    communication between the drive and the virtual computer that is necessary for the unit to

    work. That's why no unit windows appear.  Try the suggestions in these

    two threads and let us know if they solve the problem for you:



  • Why show Audio time units does not work? Maddening problem.

    Gentlemen, I am posting from the iPhone and do not have net access for computer so I will be brief and I can't post screenshots.

    Mounting with Show Audio time units no longer works on my setup. Adobe CS5 Production Premium.

    Can I change only the images of the film (the project is 1080 p 24) and it absolutely does not allow me something else. I checked not checked and rechecked the tab a dozen times. Restarted the program and even my computer a dozen times. I lost my voice screaming.

    WTH is going on here? I put four 12 hours a day in this one and am now completely stuck. Impossible to move forward.

    I would be very happy to help. Display via iPhone is incredibly difficult. I opened an older project, and it was not too be able to change with the audio time units. It's like my first pro is broken, but I'm absolutely unable to uninstall and reinstall now. I need to fix here and now, located in the middle of nowhere with no net access.

    This has happened once before, and nobody had no answer. I was forced to empty the entire project. This is not an option here. Thank you.

    You probably already checked the obvious things like having snapping power off and ensuring that any audio signal which is linked to the video is separated before editing, but I must still mention.

    Try to launch Pr from the shortcut on the Start Menu (or however you launch an application on a Mac that does not involve a double click on a project file) while holding down the keys Shift + Alt (Shift + Opt on Mac).  Maj resets the plugin cache and Alt (Opt) resets preferences.  Hold down modifier keys until you see the Welcome screen in the PR.


  • 14.04 the unit does not load firefox only gksudo or comments "will."

    for months 6 or so Firefox now stop launching from the icon of unity... done loading cycle ball and - nothing, it will only load Terminal gksudo firefox, or as a guest visitor. Literally hundreds of codes terminal by 'experts' have not... it seems that I am not recognised as an administrator/owner by Ubuntu or firefox... and it is not available as preview of bluefish (same problem) ubuntu is the only OS and firefox browser only. Please keep in mind that I receive responses by email.

    Terminal and firefox gives me this:
    (process: 14428): CRITICISM of GLib *: g_slice_set_config: assertion 'sys_page_size == 0' failed

    It is a warning that does not start Firefox.
    You don't explain if Firefox actually does start or not not when starting it leave a Terminal like cor - el suggested above.

    I just tried/etc/init. D/vmware install

    I don't know what you were trying to reach wrt VMware. It is clear from the above command that you have no idea of what you do on the CLI. Your other comments it seems that you try arbitrary commands you have picked up various items without understanding what they mean.
    Stop it. It will do you no good.

  • Uninstalled - graphics card now the unit does not start

    I managed to uninstall my graphics card and when I restart my pc, the screen goes black, and even if I go into safe mode, it does not work. In safe mode, the screen is black except the flashing '_' in the top left, Ive waited more than 30 minutes on the '_' to continue, but to no avail.

    Please help me!


    Did you uninstall the graphics driver or you replace the chip of the graphics card?
    This sign happens because there is something wrong with the hardware.
    Check if it of possible to enter the BIOS and check the options.

  • TomTom GPS unit does not connect with Vista?

    I have a TomTom ONE XL 325SE v9.  I'm trying to connect it to my PC and when I put it in the USB port, the computer resumes that I plugged in new hardware, click on search and install drivers, and it tells me to insert the CD that came with it (it is not a), so I click on "I have not a CD show me more options» so I click search for drivers and it tells me that the driver is not found.  I called TomTom and they told me where to download the TomTom software, I did. I made sure that all my windows updates were updated, I tried again and it still does not! TomTom told me to get a new computer! lol I also went into the control panel and to the pilots and made everything thing that TomTom told me to do and that does not work either. I googled the problem and it seems that I'm not the only one, but I still can't have a solution! PEASE please help! I'm going nuts!


    Windows Vista Compatibility Center

    First thing to do is to check its Vista compatibility at the link above, and if not to see what patches/solutions are available from its manufacturer...

    See you soon. Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • My unit does not have authentic Windows 8

    I bought this laptop from a friend last year because it was a windows 8. but earlier this year he told me that the windows are going to be is about to expire. So I asked others if there is really an expiration date for windows 8 - because I was used to windows 7 & I know that there is no expiration date for windows 7. then they told me that windows 8 on my laptop maybe a trial or a fake. Now, I want to also get 10 free windows upgrade, but it does not. I tried the MGAD newspaper and it says in the validation: unsupported OS now what do I do to get the free booking for windows 10 off the purchase of a true windows 8.1 pro?  Also

    How can I bring it back to its original system of some it is operating?


    Thanks for posting your query on the Microsoft Community.

    By your description, its still not clear you attach license for Windows 7 or Windows 8. Not all Windows 7 licenses are eligible for a free upgrade of Windows 10. Right now, I recommend you to uninstall the trial version of Windows 8 (as applicable) and if its trial version, then you may need to reinstall Windows 7 with the license key you have. If you are not sure about the license key, I recommend you contact Microsoft Activation Center.

    With regard to the issues related product key you must contact our Activation Center.

    Please try to contact Microsoft Activation Center.

    Please do not hesitate to answer, in the case where you are facing in the future other problems with Windows.

  • The unit does not start

    We have a as a stand-alone unit and Data Exchange 5.5 has been corrupted (no backup - of course). We have uninstalled Dialogic and the unit (using the uninstall tool). We then uninstalled Exchange. After reinstalled Exchange 5.5 and the unit, the Unit reports to the registry the "could not initialize CallControl component" and then stops. The Dialogic cards spend diagnostic checks.

    Can anyone help?

    Well... looks like you yourself have a sick system. These errors are not a simple configuration problem that I can work through with you here, there is something more serious going on under the covers here and I don't know what it is - Dialogic card could go south, wav driver is toast, I don't know. It would be one of those moments that I would try to install from scratch.

  • Tab of the unit does not

    The tab of the unit is always 'Grayed Out' in the menu dropdown. I'm runing Win7 and XP Mode. I installed VMPlayer 3.1. I have 12 apps installed on the virtual machine. I am not able to activate the VM menu and shortcuts on the Windows 7 desktop.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thanks, Sam

    I tried and found the same thing this morning on several of my lab PCs.

    It turns out that, when I took my VM exit mode full screen, I was then able to activate Unity mode.

    Please let me know if that solves your problem!

  • I can't seem to sleep. the unit does not illuminate. I tried power but options it doesn' seem to be working. all of the suggestions.

    I have XP SP 3. Everything else is ok. Suddenly the ikon Standby is not lit as the reboot or turn off a. I can't get anywhere with power options in Control Panel. ANY SUGGESTIONS please?


    1 are. what icon (ikon) you referring?
    2. have you made changes on the computer recently?

    Matt you are trying to restore the default power as a result of the article below Options and check.
    Power scheme options are unavailable on a Windows XP-based computer

    I hope this helps.

Maybe you are looking for