unlock xperia T


My Xperia T lt30p in the service menu,Bootloader unlock license said no.

can be unlock or not?


You can try this here but I can't confirm it works on all versions of firmware, but it is reported to work on Xperia T ICS versions

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  • Fingerprints and unlock Xperia Z5 encryption

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    I plan to encrypt my phone to access emails from work.

    However, I have read one of the drawbacks to the encrpytion (at least for earlier versions of Android) was to encrypt the disable phone to take fingerprints to unlock the feature.

    If someone has encrypted their Z5 and is able to unlock the phone using the fingerprint sensor?

    As far as I know that the fingerprint is working with an encrypted device. What can because the footprint of not being able to be selected as a screen lock is the server policy, to make sure what policies your account I would recommend contact a network administrator.

  • Xperia Z3 D6616 on Att no SMS MMS, "no cellular Network don't."

    I went from the iPhone for Xperia

    I got the unlocked Xperia Z3 D6616.

    I disabled iMessaging on the iphone and on apple.com

    I put my micro sim in my Iphone 5.

    called AT & T they addd my IMEI

    We have implemented the AFN, and everything works except that I get no MMS photos with texts.

    They sent me to the Samsung support.

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    under settings > about phone > status > Mobal network status. disconnected

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    Be sure to unlock the phone from T-mobile, is what I used to unlock 4 cheap, or you can ask for the unlock code to T-mobile. do not forget that the flashing other software unlock the phone.

  • Xperia Z Bootloader unlock - No.

    I want to unlock Bootloader on my Xperia Z, but I do not have that will work because in the configuration, it is written that Bootloader unlock is not allowed. Any way to change the authorization without flashing another firmware?

    Sony Xperia Z (C6603), android 5.1.1 with demi-racine (I've rooted it, but I did not update the binaries of SU)

    Can't do it, your carrier/network asked to be blocked and the only way to change that is to replace the motherboard, which will cost you almost the same as a new phone.

  • Unlocking Bootloader for Xperia Z2

    Hi all

    I have a question about the effects of boatloader unlock on Xperia Z2 devices and I hope I can find the answer in your forums:

    1. only unlock the bootloader empty my phone warranty?

    2. no boatloader unlock stop features as the X-Reality engine and Boinz treatment as was in the Z1 Xperia?

    3 - What other features I'll lose if I unlocked my device bootloader?

    Thanks for your help and your support, I need this info to share with the XDA Xperia Z2 forums as they always confused about these issues.


    I don't have a list of specific applications, but all owners that you mentioned will cease to work and you will not be able to continue the standard PC Companion or Service update to update/fix your device.

    There are a number of other repurcussions, but they are described in detail here:


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  • Xperia U unlock the bootloader

    If my U in the "bootloader unlock enabled" option said no if I try to unlock it, my cell phone can be damage?

    Once the ftf file, it is available I'll post it here

    How to upgrade manually 2012 Xperias for android 4.0.4


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  • Companion of Xperia does not detect when I unlock my phone

    Companion of Xperia does not detect when I unlock my phone and keeps the dialog box "device is locked" even after that I unlocked the phone.

    I restarted the phone as well as killed processes all XC and rebooted too, but no difference.

    What's wrong?

    Overview running Xperia Z3 and Android N.

    OK, found a solution.

    Developer mode entered,

    Enabled USB debugging

    Again inspected the option 'Select USB Configuration' to 'PSG '.

    Now unlocked XC.


  • I WANT my Xperia Z to BE open-source (bootloader unlock allowed = no) HOW to fix!

    Dear Sony, I'm about to start swearing and screaming and running around my apartment. Here's the thing: I live in Russia, and I bought my Xperia from Z via Internet. As I found out, my phone is from England, but it IS unlocked and works with ANY operator in the world, for example, T-Mobile, Movistar etc. So, I tried to install AOSPS on my device. But, what do you think, bootloader unlock aloowed is no. I ask a SIMPLE question: how the hell am I supposed to use the open program source if my unlocked phone is actually INCREDIBLY locked? I've heard of the mysterious unlock codes, so I want one of them, because I bought a $ 1,000 phone, hoping to get the best Android device, when locking the bootloader ruined my plans. Thanks in advance, dear Sony.

    Unfortunately, even if the handset is not locked to a network it still seems that your device has been made for a particular network, who chose to have the unlockable bootloader. Unfortunately there is no way to change this.


    I've updated my xperia ray using SEUS and everything is fine except that I can't face unlock option when I go to the lock screen section in the settings... could you tell me if I should install it again or is not the service provided for this model


    I've just updated my sony xperia ray this morning and had the same problem, after downloading flash plater 11, I tried again and found face unlock in the Configuration screen lock

    I hope this helps

  • face of unlocking not avilable in Xperia Neo V

    Hey Buddy,

    I am from INDIA, I update worm Android 4.0.3 (4.1.A.0.562) in my Xperia Neo V, but face unlock is not installed. PL help me how to install this application,

    Kind regards


    Settings > Security > lock screen > unlock face

  • unlock my Sony Xperia z3 compact screen

    I have a Sony Xperia z3 compact, I took my phone and the lock was on the screen when I went to unlock the keyboard don't pull up only google to talk cock rises and it does not take account of the how to make the return key board so I can't unlock my phone.

    As nadine says it looks like the default keyboard has been disabled. It is possible to do when a keyboard of party 3:rd has been downloaded to the phone, and if the keyboard of the 3:rd group does not or is uninstalled it is possible that this can happen.

    You have access to a USB OTG cable? To resolve this problem, you can connect a keyboard to the phone with a USB OTG cable, enter your password and then select the keyboard default settings-> language & entry-> current keyboard-> choose keyboards.

  • Sony XPERIA phones - unlocking Solution carrier


    I need help to find a solution to unlock the carrier of the phone Xperia.

    I want to know what are the options I need to unlock a phone.

    I see 3 options:

    (1) wait until the contract expires and pay the carrier to unlock the phone

    (2) buy a code

    (3) using a special box with a special software

    I want to use option 3.

    My current problems are:-what category should I use?

    -The warranty if I unlock the phone?

    -The phone must be rooted / unlocked bootloader?

    Thank you

    Kind regards



    There is that one correct way to unlock a phone locked to an operator, it is to get this specific operator code and enter the phone. You can enter this code when you insert a SIM card from another carrier.

    All other respects, may void the warranty of your device and has nothing to do with access root or bootloader unlocked anything.

  • Unlocked new Xperia Z3 - it snaps to the 1st sim/network?

    Hello.  Sorry if this has been asked / answered in the past but my unlocked new Xperia Z3 now will lock in the 1st sim/network I used with the phone, Tesco Mobile / O2 in my case, or will any new sim from another network card work well?  Thanks in advance for any response / response (s).


    If the phone is SIM free, it won't lock, if the phone is network locked/SIM locked, then you need to unlock and then you can change as many SIM cards of different networks as you want.

  • My boss dott is blocked and I did not indicate a Gmail, how to unlock? Xperia S compresses

    Hi all

    Yesterday I did a data factory reset on my Xperia S tablet, I didn't have the wifi so I couldn't put my gmail account. Then (I'm a fool) I put a pattern polka dot in the night and when I woke up I could not remember it.
    So basically I'm stuck with this because the possibility of "You forgot your boss?" do not appear because as I said, I did not have my gmail account.

    How can I solve this?

    Thank you.

    Under normal circumstances, the 'forgotten' model should appear after 5 incorrect entires.

    If it does not appear when no google account was never penetrated, I'm afraid that you have to perform a factory reset.

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