Unrecognized RAM upgrade - HP Pavilion DV9628nr

Hello! I recently updated my old Windows Vista 32-bit, HP Pavilion DV9628nr to a configuration of SDDR 2 x 1 GB for a 1 x 1 GB, 1 x 2 GB configuration, waiting for my RAM available for increase of 2 GB to 3 GB, but that's my BIOS or my system properties seem to take account of the change (I finished analyzing memory BIOS boot successfully). I did this because as I understand it, the 32-bit Windows System I'm running can recognize only 3 to 3.5 GB of RAM upgraded anyway, while I was trying to be economic. Is there a problem when you use an old 1 GB SDDR wand in a slot and a new 2 GB of SDDR stick in the other? I reinstalled the new stick in both slots, without success. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



It is either poorly labeled or screwed up somehow.

I would certainly return it and get another.

If the replacement does not work, try a different brand of memory, and if it does not, you have a strange problem with your PC!


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