Update BIOS crashed Satellite L40 - 17Q

I just did a bios update on my Satellite L40 - 17Q and after a reboot of the entire system just crashed... now I can't do anything, not even the bios does not start... I have a product recovery cd and the computer reads it but nothing more... someone can help me?

In your case only the ASP will be able to help you!
A few reasons your BIOS update failed and the module ROM was not flashed properly

Ask your ASP for help.

Good luck

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  • Problems of updating BIOS on Satellite L40 - 15G

    Good afternoon.

    I have Toshiba Satellite L40 - 15G and I want to put 4 GB of ram (2 x 2).
    It works with 3 GB but with 4 GB it just does not start - gives me a blue screen.

    I read on the internet and discovered that I have to update my BIOS (my version curent is 1.60).
    I have vista 32 bit. I also tried to do the update via the site of toshiba, but without success.
    I am running the .exe file, but when I restart the computer I have the same version.

    What should I do?

    In the hope of a response.


    I think you are using an incorrect BIOS.
    Satellite L40 - 15 G seems to belong to the series of PSL48E

    Check again!

    Toshiba Europe page provides a BIOS 2, 00-VICTORY for Vista and WIN-5, 50 for Win XP

    Regarding the upgrade of memory:
    I don't know if your laptop would be m supports 4 GB of RAM. Is that there are different models of L40 and some models supports only 2 GB of RAM!

    Your L40 - 15 G seems to use the Mobile Intel GL960 Express Chipset...
    Check out the details on the Intel page which RAM max can be managed by the Intel GL960 Express Chipset.

  • Need update Bios for Satellite L40

    Has anyone know where is the * link * to the update of the Bios Satellite L40?

    I'm looking around at Toshiba but did not find.
    My wifi is not working, it is not detected.

    I read another threat, Jaba say "need bios update before install Atheros driver."

    I got the driver Atheros already, the version of Vista, what do I do?

    Have you already checked the European driver Toshiba page?

    You can find it here:
    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com-> support download &-> download drivers

    We could find drivers & BIOS updates.

  • Question about updating Bios on Satellite L40

    Hello everyone!
    Can I upgrade the bios on my laptop, the Bios v. 2-20-v. 5 - 10?

    In the instructions, it is written:
    This Bios is only compatible for laptop computers equipped with Windows XP!
    And this Bios is only for models with Modelnumber PSL48x, PSL49x, PSL4Bx or PSL4Cx

    Two reasons:
    1. I use XP operating system.
    2. I have the laptop in the L4 series *.


    I think the description of BIOS says it all;
    BIOS is only for the models with the model number PSL48x, PSL49x, PSL4Bx, or PSL4Cx

    This means that if your laptop * not * belong to one of these serial number, then you can not use the BIOS!
    The incorrect BIOS may damage the module motherboards ROM!

  • Satellite L40 - 17Q - Windows XP says that there is no HARD drive


    I want to install XP, but it is said that there is no HARD drive. Already tried nLite, but no result. I have Satellite L40 - 17Q and I'm under Win. 7.
    What can I do?

    Thank you


    What SATA driver you have integrated with nLite? If Windows XP cannot always find a disk of t means that you used the wrong driver. The correct driver can be downloaded from the official website of Toshiba and you need the Intel Storage Manager.

    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com > support & downloads > download drivers

    If you have downloaded the correct driver, follow the instructions here and make sure that your version of XP SP3:

  • Last update of BIOS for Satellite L40-139 model PSL40E


    I have laptop Satellite L40 - 139 model PSL40E, operating system Windows XP SP3.
    I want to now what is the latest Bios Update for my laptop, a shortcut for the download.
    Thank you.

    Update the BIOS for Windows XP Home edition is not available. Only for the portable Vista preinstalled.
    You have some problems with the feature?
    If everything works well the BIOS update should not be done.

  • The update of the BIOS on Satellite L40 - 13G

    Hello everyone!
    I want to update my BIOS, but don't know how to do it. I looked at the instructions on a site:

    Option 2: update with CD-ROM

    1 extract the zip file containing the BIOS upgrade to a temporary folder.
    2. in the folder temporary three subfolders will be generated. "docs", 'Update - 3.5' disc', 'Update - CD - R or CD - RW"
    3. how to make a bootable CD-ROM please read the *.pdf file in the "docs" folder
    4. make sure that the laptop is plugged into the sector.
    5. turn off the laptop.
    6. place the CD-ROM containing the upgrade of the BIOS in the optical disc drive.
    7. turn on the laptop with the F12 key.
    8. the BIOS boot menu appears. Select CD/DVD or CD-ROM symbol with the arrow keys. Press "enter".
    9. the notebook starts from upgrading the BIOS CD.
    10. a boot menu is displayed. Select the point of updating the BIOS by using the arrow keys. Press "enter".
    11. the BIOS update process begins. Do not turn off the laptop during the update.
    12. If the update is complete, follow the instructions on the screen.

    Downloaded this update to the bios: bios - 20070904123621.zip
    Page with the updated file: http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/cgi-bin/ToshibaCSG/download_bios.jsp

    Then I unzipped the zip... and don't see three directories, who wrote in the statement (from above).

    Help please, I have to do. Or how can I update my BIOS?

    Thank you!

    Hi Alexey

    Can you please tell me why you need BIOS update? As far as I know Satellite L40 is the new laptop of the L series. Maybe a few days and necessary BIOS update. Why?

    Have you noticed any problems?

  • Impossible to update the BIOS on Satellite L40 - 14 H

    Hi, guys!

    I'm actually use portable L40 - 14 H with BIOS 5, 40 - WIN (for XP). Back to Vista x 64 I have try several times to update BIOS to 1, 90 - WIN (for Vista) in Windows mode, but nothing...

    Any ideas how to do without floppy USB drive?


    The BIOS you want supports the Vista 32 bit and not 64-bit update. Therefore, it doesn t work!

    > Do you know the difference between 5 and 1, 40 - WIN (for XP), 90 - WIN (for Vista)?
    One is for Vista and one for XP ;) there is a difference!

  • Updating BIOS for Satellite M300 PSMDCA-03700R

    I'm looking for a BIOS update for my Satellite M300 model: PSMDCA-03700R, but could not find my model on the support site. I wonder what model should I choose when searching for the upgrade of the BIOS?

    Do not upgrade BIOS is there is no reason for this.
    Have you noticed a few problems with your machine?

  • Updating BIOS for Satellite M100-150

    May indicate the reference of BIOS for Satellite M100-150 for Windows XP download, on an official website, I can not download, the reference does not work.
    I use the translator so that for the quality of the translation, I don't answer. :)


    Here, you need to check if the Bios update is available for your model, otherwise I think that there is not another source to download here.


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    Sorry, guys I have replied in Russian, just want to help him because of the bios

  • Updating BIOS for Satellite Pro S300


    An update of the BIOS for Satellite Pro S300 series, even if there is no change log so there not sure it will set.

    Down here at Toshiba




    Thanks for this info :)

    I have never seen anyone from Toshiba but maybe they only read here.
    I don't know, sorry.

    Good bye

  • Update BIOS on Satellite A300

    I want to update the version of the Bios for laptop Toshiba satellite A300 PSAGCE-09800WCE
    Current Version 1.90 and 2.20 version is available
    I just installed Ubuntu LTS OS 14.04
    Is it possible to upgrade the BIOS to version 2.20?

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    Toshiba offers updates BIOS to WIN. This means that the BIOS update can be done under Windows operating system only. You can't do this if you use Linux.

    Is there a reason to update BIOS? I mean, if everything is OK you must not update BIOS to the latest version.

  • Can't find an updated BIOS for Satellite A30

    Hi friends.
    I'm not found Toshiba A30-203 a new BIOS update.
    I want to install windows vista but this sccren error.
    Error message:
    "A computer has been detected and windows has shut down to prevent damage to your computer.

    If this is the first time you2ve seen this Stop error screen restart your computer. If this screen appears again, follow these steps:

    The BIOS in this system is not fully ACPI-compatible. Please contact your system provider for an updated BIOS. »

    to apologize for my bad English.


    It seems that the Satellite A30 series is a series that was shipped with the BIOS to no support for Vista.
    I think that it should be possible to install Vista after a update of the BIOS.

    But know that you will ask for the new version of the BIOS. Am I wrong? ;)

    Well, on the page of the Toshiba BIOS, you should find different versions of BIOS.
    It is very important that you check the more info option you will resume the BIOS updated. You will find information on the compatibility of the BIOS (not every version is compatible with all units).

    But as you know that Vista is not official on the market. As I remember, it should be possible to buy the operating system in January 2007.
    I think Toshiba will present a new version of BIOS for Vista in next time. So I hope ;)

  • Cannot update Bios for Satellite U400 - 134 Vista 64-bit

    When I try to update Bios 3.50 courses it is said that I couldn't have an administrator rights, but I run it under administarator.

    Who knows about this problem?

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    Satellite U400 BIOS
    As far as I know the latest version of the BIOS for Satellite U400-134, which belongs to the PSU40E series is the version 3.50.
    Check again on the Toshiba site: http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com

    If you download the zip file, you should extract all files before you start the update.

    Good bye

  • Re: 1 GB of RAM / update BIOS for Satellite 1110


    I ordered 2 x 512 MB of RAM at CompuRAM. According to their information 1 GB is possible for this model. According to the user manual only 512 MB is possible. As normally CompuRAM information is right (maybe necessary BIOS update), I tried.

    But it does not work. I can only use 1 x 512 MB.

    Does anyone have information on RAM update for Toshiba Satellite 1110 (model PS111E-003DN-GR/S1110-Z16)?
    Could help update the BIOS?
    How to find the update of the BIOS in the Toshiba homepage (model 1110 does not exist)?

    For any help thanks!



    I found the info that this notebook can handle with 512 MB max.
    Sorry, but the BIOS update is unable to help.

Maybe you are looking for