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Without warning, my phone closes all applications and a message "Configuring updates step 2 of 3 do not turn off your computer" the computer then stops and restarts automatically. A second message appears "Configuring updates step 3 of 3'. How can I prevent this from happening. This does not happen on my PC desktop


Change your settings for update for one that suits you:


Understanding Windows Update and Extras in Windows Vista

Download updates but let me choose whether to install them - if you select this option, Vista will download the updates on your computer, but not install them automatically. If you want to install updates, then you must install them manually. You should only select this option if you have a reason to not install updates automatically. Only advanced users should use this option.

Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them - if you select this option, you'll be alerted when there are new updates available for download and install. You can then choose to download and install the updates that you want. This option should really be reserved for people who know exactly which updates they need, or those who have little access to the Internet.


If you ever have problems with this "configuration 3/3":

Restore point:

Try typing F8 at startup and in the list of Boot selections, select Mode safe using ARROW top to go there > and then press ENTER.

Try a restore of the system once, to choose a Restore Point prior to your problem...

Click Start > programs > Accessories > system tools > system restore > choose another time > next > etc.



If restore work not and you do not have a Vista DVD from Microsoft, do a repair disc to do a Startup Repair:

Download the ISO on the link provided and make a record of repair time it starts.

Go to your Bios/Setup, or the Boot Menu at startup and change the Boot order to make the DVD/CD drive 1st in the boot order, then reboot with the disk in the drive.

At the startup/power on you should see at the bottom of the screen either F2 or DELETE, go to Setup/Bios or F12 for the Boot Menu.

When you have changed that, insert the Bootable disk you did in the drive and reboot.


Link above shows what the process looks like and a manual, it load the repair options.

NeoSmart containing the content of the Windows Vista DVD 'Recovery Centre', as we refer to him. It cannot be used to install or reinstall Windows Vista, and is just a Windows PE interface to recovering your PC. Technically, we could re-create this installation with downloadable media media freely from Microsoft (namely the Microsoft WAIK, several gigabyte download); but it is pretty darn decent of Microsoft to present Windows users who might not be able to create such a thing on their own.

Read all the info on the website on how to create and use it.


ISO Burner: http://www.snapfiles.com/get/active-isoburner.html

It's a very good Vista startup repair disk.

You can do a system restart tool, system, etc it restore.

It is NOT a disc of resettlement.

And the 32-bit is what normally comes on a computer, unless 64-bit.

See you soon.

Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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  • get the error message "updates configured incorrectly"

    whenever downloading windows updates I then received message

    "updates configured incorrectly" are because I turn off backup carbonite?

    The carbonite backup has nothing to do with it - it is not a problem in this problem.

    Here is an article on troubleshooting Windows Update issues: http://v4.windowsupdate.microsoft.com/troubleshoot/.

    If this does not help, try to download the updates and install them manually.  Here's where to find (using the KB number):http://catalog.update.microsoft.com/v7/site/Home.aspx.

    If that still does not help, please repost it in the Windows Update Forum: http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/vistawu/threads , where updates experts will be happy to help you.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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  • Windows Vista downloaded update, start-up went in the update configuration but does not update, but after a minute or so stops and it's a cycle.

    Update configuration without end with 0% then stops then after configure updated again with 0% and shuts down again and it will be just a cycle... What should I do?



  • Updates configuration: phase 2 of 3-100% full. Do not turn off your computer. Don't know what to do next!

    I have a 503WM Compaq Presario with Windows Vista Home Premium, which has problems after a Windows updated today.  First of all, I have installed .NET Framework (3.5?).  Windows Update started and downloaded a few other updates, and then asked to restart my computer - on restart received the updates configuration message, but when you have to configure the updates: phase 2 of 3-100% full.  Do not turn off your computer, nothing happens--or my hard drive internal or external are doing something and Ctrl-Alt-Del does nothing.  What should I do next?

    Before that, I installed Hallmark Card Studio 2010 Deluxe and received an error message 2738.  Followed the instructions on Microsoft to add two files that had to do with the VB script.  Hallmark installation instructions downloaded then installed .NET Framework 3.5.  The update of Windows has started and installed (I think) 4 critical updates.


    I guess that part of the question could be a driver which is really old or similar should not be loaded.

    This exit Windows updates on (after you have access) and stop the updates of the driver to load.

    How to disable automatic driver Installation in Windows Vista - drivers
    http://TechNet.Microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc730606 (WS.10) .aspx


    You can use the solutions in this KB - 3 methods and I listed a little help for them below

    The update is not installed successfully, you receive a message, and the computer restarts when you try to
    install an update in Windows Vista

    Method 1: Start Windows Vista with the Windows installation media and use the repair feature

    How to do a startup repair in Vista

    You can also do a safe mode startup repair to access the Recovery Options If you have them available
    or use the DVD as described above.

    This tells you how to access the System Recovery Options

    Try recovery options Startup Repair

    How to do a startup repair

    Method 2: Start the system in safe mode and then use the system restore feature

    How to make a Vista system restore

    You can also do a restore of the system of starting with a Vista disk.

    Method 3: Use the downloads at the end of this article - note for Vista x 86 versions 32 bit and Vista
    x 64 64-bit.

    The update is not installed successfully, you receive a message, and the computer restarts when you try to
    install an update in Windows Vista


    Once you are in Windows I was running once again reset here as a precaution.

    How to reset the Windows Update components?

    Hope this helps sort it out for you.
    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

  • My computer is stuck in the loop "Update Configuration". Boots only in safe mode.

    My computer is stuck in the loop "Update Configuration". Boots only in safe mode. I tried to do a system restore, but an error message appears that says:

    To perform an offline system restore, you must specify which Windows installation you want to restore. For example, if the installation is in "C:\Windows:" should be restored, enter the following command: rstrui.exe/OFFLINE:C\Windows

    I typed in the "run" command, and it didn't work either. VIsta came installed on the computer, so I don't have a disc to insert and reboot with. Help, please!
    Thanks, Ben

    OK, I found how to fix this problem.

    Go to this site download and buy the repair for Vista disc. Burn it to a disc.
    This link will guide you in burning instructions
    Start your computer with the disk and follow the instructions
  • Blue screen continues after the recent Windows updates - Update configuration 3 of 3 0%

    original title: blue screen continues after the latest updates of Windows

    Last Thursday while I was at work, an automatic update downloaded on my computer.  When I got home, the blue screen has increased and said "update configuration".  3/3.  0%.  Do not turn off your computer.  Well, keep the computer restarts and the same screen appears.  Over and over again.  At least 40 times.  Finally, I turned the computer off and when I turned it on... I hit 'f-11' and performed a scan on everything and everything was ok.  Then I did a system restore point to before last week and he ran.  When the computer is started again, the same "update configuration" screen always shows!  How to do the work to turn back normally?


    The link below has options to solve your problem of loop.


    04/25 / 1112:57: 43 pm

  • How to fix Windows update configured to never install drivers

    None of my USB sticks work, says no driver installed.  Troubleshooting report says "windows update configured in a way to never install drivers". How can I fix?

    Hi Phil,

    Thank you for your update on the issue.

    1. Have you tried to connect your USB stick with all the USB ports on your system?
    2. You are able to install all Windows updates.

    As you have tried to choose the option always to install the best driver from Windows Update software already, I suggest once, click the radio button for Yes, this automatically (recommended), save changes and check if the problem persists.

    Also, I suggest you try to remove and reinstall all USB controllers and check with the question.

    1. Open Manager devices by clicking the Start button, click Control Panel, click system and security, and then, under System, clicking Device Manager. If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
    2. In the list of the categories of equipment, locate and expand Bus USB controllers.
    3. Right-click every device under the Bus USB controllers node and then click Uninstall to remove them one at a time.
    4. Restart the computer and let the USB controllers get reinstalled.
    5. Plug in the removable USB device and test to make sure that the problem is solved.

    More information: http://Windows.Microsoft.com/en-US/Windows7/Update-a-Driver-for-Hardware-that-isn ' t-work properly

    Please post back your results for assistance.

  • My computer says updated configuration failure, recovery changes, do not turn off your computer... I left on three days and he said that

    My computer says updated configuration failure, recovery changes, do not turn off your computer... I left over three days, and he said that. Does anyone know how to get that back in Windows so I can use my computer. It is a laptop Windows 8.

    Do a Startup Repair:

    Auto repair - run in Windows 8 - Windows 8 Forums

    Let us know if it is not resolved

  • How do I update/configure direction/address IP

    This is the first time I try to get help from this forum. I hope that I will be answered as soon as possible, because it is really urgent for me!
    I have been using the LAN wireless for quite awhile, but now, suddenly, it is not possible tomake the connection more, because the direction/IP (I don't know which is the correct name in English!) isn't well configured or not updated. (My laptop is purchased from Spain and I use it in Finland now; if it has to do something about the problem whit...)
    So, at the beginning, when I arrived for the first time in Finland, the WIFI connection wasn't possible (neighter a normal cable). A guy has changed something on the IP address, and then it worked, no problem. But now, is once more the same. This time, I have the cable connection but no WIFI.
    What should I do? Please help me! It is very important!
    :) Thank you!!!

    Hi, looks like you're talking about IP lease renewal?
    Usually this is done automatically by the operating system, but which may depend on if your wireless network card is configured for an IP fixed or control DHCP.
    Open a new console window by start, run cmd.exe
    now, type: ipconfig/all
    This will show you the status of your network.
    now, type: ipconfig / renew all
    This should renew the IP lease and hopefully fix your connection problems if you have any error message please let me know.
    I would also recommend to re-scan the network with the Connection Wizard make sure that the name of the network (SSID) + WEP keys have not been altered and your Mac address is allowed to connect to the router.

    Richard S.

  • Updates configuration problem

    I get automatic updates.  After the last update, when I start the computer, he's trying for a long time set up updates and fails.  It takes a lot of time and, apparently, the updates are not configured.  What can I do?  Moreover, the message indicating that the update has failed is on for a time very short, I can't read it all.


    I suggest you to follow these steps and check if that helps:

    Method 1:
    Go to installed updates and verify the update is installed and if it is installed successfully:

    Method 2:

    If the update failed, then try to download the update from the below link and then try to install and check if it helps:

    It will be useful.

  • Updates configuration Windows 0% complete at the start of Windows 7.

    Original title: WINDOWS 7 UPDATES do NOT DO.

    1.I swich pc suite and... "Configuring updates of Windows 0% complete - no not tun OFF... takes 5 minutes each time then..."

    2. the... returning default configuration changes...

    3. When you turn off... "if it please do not turn off or unplug etc... Installation of update 1 of 3... then he died having not yet done.

    It IS NOW, whenever I'm IN GO - JUST RECENTLY HAPPENED - the pc is new this year with Windows 7 built in.


    Hi Chris Fox-Geen,.

    Before you reset Windows update, you can run the Windows Update Troubleshooter & check if the problem persists.

    Open the Windows Update troubleshooting tool

    Hope the helps of information. Please post back and we do know.

    Joel S
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Windows Update will not updated configuration complete

    Windows updates

    When I start the power down on my PC it says install updates and shut down. Well well after he makes the configuration and stops and I restart the PC will say setup of new updates. Well after his weight made to say: updates are not configured correctly... Redo or a reconfiguration of updates... for some reason any my updates are not what they are supposed to... and clue whats going on here?

    Hey stump jumper.

    (1) remember the update that has been offered?

    (2) is the computer in a reboot loop?

    Step 1: You can follow the steps mentioned in the article below, which deals with a similar question

    The update is not installed successfully, you receive a message, and the computer restarts when you try to install an update in Windows Vista and Windows 7


    Thank you, and in what concerns:

    Ajay K
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer

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  • KB2423089 security update configures and restoration of the changes

    Original title: KB2423089

    security updates will not be set up.  It is said updates are not configured correctly.  Restoration of the changes.

    Hi bebop113,

    1 Windows operating system you are using?

    If you use Windows 7, then try to run the update from Windows 7 troubleshooting and try to install the update.

    Check out the link:


    If you are running Windows Vista or Windows XP, then try to reset the Windows Update components and try to install the updates.

    How to reset the Windows Update components?


    Hope this information is useful.

    Jeremy K
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Windows 7 - configuration constantly at startup 'do not turn off your computer, updates configuration"

    This is a computer that is less than four months old.  It works very well - install updates and shut down.  Now I get the same message, but it seems closed - the morning I get the message yet configuration and never completes the process.  What is the problem.  I called the store where I bought the computer and they tried to tell me to Geek Squad, it's something I have to pay for.  I got a service contract, but he says it's to my hard drive, or anyone, that it is not covered.  Is there a fix I can do myself.  From what I've read it's not like this is an unusual problem.  Is this correct?


    Although you will see a message at the top of the page that article applies to 'use a different edition of Windows than the one you', he applies to Windows 7, then download andSave the Fixit, please -How to reset the Windows Update components?

    Then, read How to configure Windows 7 to the clean boot.
    NOTE: Start-up mode minimum state all the 3rd party firewalls will be disabled. Open Control Panel > Windows Firewall to make sure that the native Windows 7 firewall is now on.

    With the system connected to the internet, run MicrosoftFixit50202.msi and choose the default mode.
    Restart the system once the Fixit ended.

    Open Windows Update in Control Panel. Run a check for updates now.
    If the system can search for and detect the necessary updated now, Cancel the Clean boot steps and see if the system can search, detect, download and install the necessary updates now.

    MowGreen Services update - consumer safety

  • Updates configuration error

    Installed upgrading Windows 7 from Vista and things cost very well the first day. The second day when I had enough, there were 20 updates important and 4 not if important, so I let it update and went. I forgot and came back the next day and the screensaver didn't work so I moved the mouse and set up the office and Windows Explorer was in a State of continuous failure / restart. I reboot and it tries to configure all of the updates and starts then a loop continues to failure to configure, and then restart. Pop in my installation disk and I use system restore to revert to the State I was in before the 24 updates. When done using the system, it was of course 24 updates, he wanted to install again, so I clicked on the install/off button and let it do it's thing. Returned the next night and turned on the computer and went into a loop again where it would fail on configure then try again and then finally to restart and it all over again. If this continues, I'll have to back up files that I want to keep and do a fresh install. Anyone knows what is the cause?

    I tried to install updates in smaller batches until I read your post and it did take! However, after a day that began to Windows Explorer, it is small market to stop and restart. At this point, I decided just to copy the files and what I needed on DVD and do a clean install of Windows 7. So far the only thing that I miss is the calendar which has been included in the work, as I did my training courses there. I didn't have a lot of programs installed on Vista, and I had to reinstall that a certain number of times. I got my antivirus disabled during the installation of 7, but I still wonder if she was causing a conflict after 7 has been installed. In any case, I appreciate your trying to help, but I think that the new installation is probably the best option. Take care!

  • s update configuration step 3 of 3 0% loop

    I am stuck in a loop trying to configure the updates, restart & go everywhere.  I am running Windows Vista 64 bit, I tried the safe mode, last known good configuration and none of this works.  What to do now, without losing any of my info on hard drive?


    Please see: the update is not installed successfully, you receive a message, and the computer restarts when you try to install an update in Windows Vista and Windows 7

    Is this an accurate description of what you see? If Yes, have you tried to restart with the "Windows installation disk and then use the repair feature"?

    MowGreen Services consumer safety update

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    Vista crashes my pc when I try to connect my ava in Second Life, but if I log in under another ava, everything works fine. However, the ava which freezes my vista on my pc connects fine on my laptop which has vista as well.

  • No sound when playing a CD