Update error Code 80070570 Windows 7 (KB974431)

Cannot install the update - Windows 7 (KB974431) error Code 80070570
On opening session, says to run chkdsk - how do you go in Windows 7?
Basic device drivers missing (2) in Device Manager
CD/DVD player not reading disc
Media Player inoperable


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You can download these updates as long as stand-alone packages and install them.

Download the following update manually from the link below:
Update for Windows 7 (KB974431) for 32-bit editions:

Update for Windows 7 (KB974431) 64 bit systems:

An update is available to improve the stability and reliability of Windows 7:

Step 2.
Once the download complete almost * all * open programs and browsers (including antivirus).
Now try to install the updates

A similar question was also discussed here:


Follow the items below for the issue of the disk check, he will guide you to run the check disk tool:


For any problems with Windows Media Player and DVD:
Could you give us the error messages or the description of the problem while you are trying to use?

For CD - DVD edition:
To resolve this issue automatically, click the fix this problem link.
Then, click run now button from the Automated Troubleshooting Services page and follow the steps in this wizard.

Alternatively, you can follow the rest of the steps for Windows 7 in the above article.

It will be useful.

Thank you, and in what concerns:
Shekhar S - Microsoft technical support.

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