Update error U44M1P7 need help with a real solution.

Let me first say that I am a user of Adobe for a long time and use this creative cloud since may, 2012. A few days ago, I tried to download and install Pnotoshop CC. It downloads and installs, but must then update fails and gives the U44M1P7 error code. 2 adobe technicians tried to fix it, but they are as confused as I am. Jeff Wright proposed in accordance with the notice to http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/troubleshoot-install-logs-cs5-cs5.html as Adobe just give the error code does not help. I tried to follow this, but for some reason any my Windows 7 Home Preimum 64 bit SP1 on a Dell 620 Intel i5/6 GB of RAM is not a

• 64-bit Windows (XP, Vista, 7): Directory \Program files (x 86) \Common Files\Adobe\Installers. Or any directory Adobe\Installer in any directory that I can find in any case.

I downloaded and installed Dreamweaver CC and it requires an update fails with the same error code. The CC of Dreamweaver and Photoshop CC ARE installed and seem to work. Yet all my CS6 products are always installed and up to date.

Think this is limited to my PC, I tried to install the CC version on a laptop HP simular configuration with identical results.

NOW, I see a lot of people have the same problems, I am, or at least it seems to be the same if this seems to be a larger problem than just my incompetence as an operator on computer or less work on dirt. I'm tender hand to the community that I know in my heart that someone has already solved this problem.

If you please if you know what is happening and can bring a solution or something more informitive Adobe Advisor to check the logs, which do not seem to exist, if it please post and inform the rest of us.


Thanks to Texas photography

On July 29 I installed CC extensions manager then discovered that I had to install Extension Manager CS6 to convert MXP ZXP file to install, FYI the reason practice only I can find the change in MXP to ZXP and not including the MXP in ExchamgeManager CC Converter seems to be that people will buy new extensions of the thought of Adobe Exchange their old extensions no longer work.

After installing these Extension handlers and convert a couple of MXP ZXP and their installation, I thought that I would try to update my Adobe again. You know just to smile and laugh. I have tried to update on July 22, memory and still have errors. Well, lo and hold after you have installed the Extension managers, etc., updates to Dw, Ps and bridge to knit!

Don't ask me why but all my Adobe programs are happy again and updated.

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