Update graphics card on Satellite P200D

Is it possible to update the graphics card on my laptop (P200D PSPBLE)
I just installed Photoshop CS5 and it is said that the graphics card is good enough.
Thank you



Before starting to discuss this control please this document

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  • Update graphics card on Satellite A200

    Is it possible to change the graphics card on the Satellite A200 and if its possible how he and witch card to use?

    I agree with the statement made by the above user.
    The point is that the laptops card mother layout is completely different and the slots are not the same as on the PC desktop motherboards.
    The GPU chip is mainly fixed and soldered on the motherboard and cannot be removed on simply average.

    There are also a few other reasons for which the graphics card can not be updated but I n t want to write a full A4 page now.
    You know. The point is; It s is not possible.


  • Update graphics card on Satellite A60

    I use a Satellite A60 (I don't know exactly what type of A60) and I am wanting to increase my performance by playing games and using other programs. I plan to buy an upgrade of RAM 1 GB because I know it is compatiable and I don't know how to install it, but I don't know anything about graphics cards. I would like to know if is possible put level - and where can I buy an upgrade so that it would be reasonable to upgrade to. Thanks in advance.


    I Don t know if that new users do not use the search function but to the explain it once again (and again):

    It s NOT possible, because the graphics card is SOUDEE & CABLE to the motherboard.

    Which means: no, you cannot update the graphics card.

    Update your RAM and be happy. :)

    Welcome them

  • Update graphics card on Satellite P200

    I recently bought a Satellite P200-13Z and am curious to know if there is any anvliable update for the integrated graphics card that would break not guaranteed.

    Does anyone know of a product that I could buy?


    Please don t waste a time to search for any portable computers internal graphics card.
    You cannot upgrade the graphics card on the laptop.

    The GPU is soldered on the map and you will not be able to replace it!

    Technology of laptops is just different as a desktop PC and hardware upgrades are almost impossible.
    You can upgrade a device like RAM or HARD disk but not a GPU (graphic processor, card)

    PS: of course, you will lose warranty if going to disassemble the laptop

  • Update graphics card on Satellite Pro A120

    Help, please!
    I have a Satellite Pro A120-129. He will not play some of the newer games and im trying to find out if I can upgrade the graphics card. Anyone know?

    I think the answer you will find in this document

    Good bye

  • Update graphics card for Satellite A10

    Can I update my graphics card in my laptop?

    If so, what type of card can I buy and where to buy?

    If this is not the case, how can I increase the use of the memory of the graphics chips on board?
    When I check with the graphics controller, it shows
    Maximum graphics memory: 64 M
    minimum graphics memory: 15 M
    graphics memory in use: 17 M


    officially, you can't put the graphics card.
    Theoretical, you need a graphics chip with the same chipset and a driver that works on laptops. It is not easy to find (if it really exists).
    Then I suggest to not not to do that.

    On your on-board video memory, you don't need to do anything. The card will automatically take as much as it takes up to 64 MB of memory.

    Good bye

  • Update graphics card on Satellite A120

    Hi all, 1st post so my apologies if this is the right place.

    I'm new to the world of laptops and I # have just purchaased an A120-151, to replace my desktop computer, but I've heard nasty stories that you can not improve the graphics cards in laptops.

    As a player it is a little shock. Can someone please enlighten me and it if it is possible to upgrade, if someone could recommend an option for me it would be in the same range as desktop nVidia FX 5200 geforce...

    See you soon!

    Hi Alan

    Usually, if you want to buy something again, you should take some info about it at first. This nasty stories are just the facts and nothing unusual for mobile computing. Unusual is that your local dealer did not ask you for what purpose you need for laptop.

    Why you haven't posted anything on laptops and games until you have purchased your Satellite?

  • Need info on updating graphics card for Satellite P25 s507

    Can someone give me a list of a toshiba satellite p25 s-507-compatible graphics cards? for example, is a "nvidia geforce 6800 go" ultra compatible?
    10 x a lot

    I guess you want to know which graphics cards are compatible, because you want to upgrade the graphics card. Am I wrong?
    As you probably know, mobile technology is not the same as the desktop PC simply and it s is not possible to replace or change the graphics card.

    Especially chips are set on the map and it of not possible to improve it. Also the BIOS, chipset utilities and other application would not accept the new graphics card.

  • Updated graphics card on Satellite L300D - 222

    I have a laptop L300D - 222 and I was wondering if I could change my graphics card ATI Radeon 3100 with a better, faster version.

    Because it has 4 GB of RAM and is fast. It has a shared graphics card which includes a dedicated 256 RAM graphics card. Could you please tell where I can get it done if possible and where I can get a new graphics card than this laptop?

    I would appreciate it if you could also tell me an average cost of a chart of the laptop, if possible.
    See you soon.

    I can see Akuma already answered your question, but here is an interesting link http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB9401AX0001R01.htm

    Good bye

  • Equium P300-16 t and update graphic card

    Hi all.

    I was thinking about upgrading my graphics on the computer laptop satellite P300-16 t. I have not opened yet so my question is, has anyone here opened this machine? If so, is there a way to install a dedicated graphics card? i.e. the pcie? Could someone please advise if there are institutions in the machine to upgrade my graphics?

    My gratitude in advance for any help.

    In General, update graphics card is not supported and cannot be done.
    Toshiba has written about it in http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB9401AX0001R01.htm

    A common problem with portable mobile is the heat and to built the effective cooling system. Each laptop has optimized cooling system. More powerful graphics card will produce more heat, and this balanced hardware platform will not properly work. Can result in permanent damage from overheating or material.

    Maybe stupid comment now, but if you need more powerful your laptop sell on eBay and buy a new one.

  • Power supply with updated graphics card update

    I am considering buying the HPE-150 t with an improved graphics card standard:

    1 GB ATI Radeon HD 5770 [2 DVI, HDMI, DP, VGA adapter]

    I went on http://support.asus.com/PowerSupplyCalculator/PSCalculator.aspx?SLanguage=en-us to the appropriate power needed for this gauge system, and it recommends a minimum 450 Watt power supply.

    If I ended up buying the HPE-150 t with updated graphics card, I get a power supply improved to compensate for the increase of energy consumption?

    Here are the specs of your motherboard.  It indicates a 350 Watt PSU.  However, if you scroll down to hardware options, you will see a 460 watt power supply associated with the 5770 video card.

  • Satellite Pro P300 - update graphic card and CPU

    I have a Satellite Pro P300 and I was wondering if the CPU or the graphics card can be improved?

    I really like my laptop, but an upgrade is imminent and before I take the plunge I just want to see if it is all options other than a new laptop.


    Processor and graphics card update is not supported and there is no list with compatible processors. If everything is on your own risk. In the worst case a new processor will not be recognized from the motherboard or BIOS, probably you need a new module of cooling too so I wouldn t this

    In addition, the graphics card is attached to the motherboard and cannot be exchanged.

    => [Can I upgrade the CPU, graphics card or motherboard in my Toshiba laptop? | http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/ann.jspa?annID=13]

  • Update graphics card on the Satellite Pro A200


    I recently bought a laptop from my uni (Toshiba Satellite pro A200). I tried to install a game, but an eroor had just told me, "something something excellorater graphics card"
    I would like to know isit possible to install a gforce on this laptop graphics card to make the games work.

    If Yes, what is the best way to do it?
    Help, please?
    Thank you.


    Upgrading the graphics card is not possible.
    You can not insert another graphics card.

    What you need to do is; try updating the graphics card driver. Maybe it helps to run the game on this laptop

  • Satellite 2410-404 updated graphic card?

    I have a portable Satellite 2410 404 and I never have an update of a pilot. Now I have a new program that does not work. I think my grafic or Driver graphics card is too old. What can I do? Where can I find an update?

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    See this page of the Toshiba driver:

  • Satellite 1730, update graphics card

    At work, we have a Toshiba Satellite 1730 that I wanted to update the graphics card to. It's an ATI card, but I was recommended to go to the manufacturer of the laptop computer for an update.
    But Toshiba support I only find an update for Windows Me.
    I know that the laptop comes with Windows ME, but sice then support of PC at work have upgraded to Windows 2000.
    Where can I find an update for the graphics card for Windows 2000?



    You are right on the BONE. This model of laptop comes with WinME only and there is no support for other operating systems. The only thing you can do is to get the driver for your graphic card to the producer download site on the net.

    Your laptop is a graphics chip ATI RAGE Mobility-C.

Maybe you are looking for

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