Update iOS 10 causes Safari does not correctly render the pages

Since the 10 iOS update, my mini iPad 4 ceased at random pages made with Safari. It's not specific to one Web site. If I close the tab and try again it works sometimes.

Symptoms is a page partially loads, but without images, backgrounds, colors, etc.  I do web development and it seems that CSS is not be responsible. I have reset my browser, but the problem persists.  Is this a known issue?


You can try in settings > Safari > clean history and data from Safari.

I hope that it might help to solve your problem.

Best regards

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    Settings - Safari - erase data and history of the site

    Do a forced reboot - after all open applications using the app Chooser - invoked by fast double pressing the home button and drag upwards on each app until it disappears from the screen.

    Meet the sleep/wake and home buttons down until you see the logo  - then release and allow normal start upward

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    This page is saved in UTF-16 format (Content-Type: text/html (UTF-16 BOM, litte-endian)) in your text editor. The CSS file is sent as ISO-8859-1. Firefox fun to see all the files in the same encoding. The other pages are send as ISO-8859-1 and so use the CSS file. You will need to re - save this page as ISO-8859-1 and download the corrected version.

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    What happens when you try to open Safari?

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    What version of Mac OS X you are running? (Lion mountain, Mavericks, Yosemite, etc.)

    You have software updates available on the app store?

  • Acer site does not correctly display the specification.

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    Thank you bring to our attention. We will ensure that it is transmitted.

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    Kind regards


  • My computer does not correctly display web pages?

    On some web pages the boxes are stacked, for example on the MSN homepage ads pop up in the left corner of the screen on the top of the page instead of on the right side, and on the right hand side where they should be it's an empty box? Other pages display does not correctly? I don't know how to fix this or why it happened?

    Hi ChristineDupre,

    1. what browser do you use?

    2. don't you make changes on your computer before this problem?

    If you use Internet Explorer, you can follow these methods & check if it helps.

    Method 1

    You can follow this link and check if the problem persists.

    Some sites Web may not behave as expected in Internet Explorer

    Method 2

    If you have Internet explorer 9 installed, please follow this link.

    Web pages displayed incorrectly in Internet Explorer 9

    Hope the helps of information.
    Please post back and we do know.

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    Page {
        onCreationCompleted: {        Application.setCover(sceneCover)    }
      attachedObjects: [
          // An Active Frame is a Scene Cover      SceneCover {          id: sceneCover          content: Container {              background: Color.create("Black")          }
    #include "applicationui.hpp"
    //#include "ActiveFrameQML.h"
    //#include "OrientationSensor.hpp"
    using namespace bb::cascades;
    ApplicationUI::ApplicationUI(bb::cascades::Application *app) :
            QObject(app) {
        displayInformation = new si::blackberrydev::DisplayInformation;
        qmlRegisterType("bb.cascades", 1, 2, "SceneCover");
        qmlRegisterUncreatableType("bb.cascades", 1, 2, "AbstractCover", "");
        // Create scene document from main.qml asset, the parent is set
        // to ensure the document gets destroyed properly at shut down.
        QmlDocument *qml = QmlDocument::create("asset:///main.qml").parent(this);
        // Create root object for the UI
        qml->setContextProperty("display", displayInformation);
        AbstractPane *root = qml->createRootObject();
        // Set created root object as the application scene

    Now, whenever the application closes, it does and does not correctly close until terminated manually:

    It does not show this on the console but I'm not a clue what he is to me: "0x85ab510 error: must be attached to a control, no bb::cascades:QmlPage (0x85269a8).

    Any Suggestions?

    10.2 minimum API level targeting

    I noticed that, while this works, attaching class SceneCover application directly gives an error of bps to the exit event.

    To avoid this error, set the class of SceneCover via ComponentDefinition and attach it to the Application class.

    I have attached a code snippet below:

    onCreationCompleted: {
    attachedObjects: [
        ComponentDefinition {
            id: sceneCoverDef
            SceneCover {
                content: Container {
                    background: Color.create("#000000")
                    Label {
                        text: "hello"

    Try and see if the error persists.

  • After the update (December 2015), Camera Raw does not fit on the save new Camera Raw default.  It keeps coming back to the default settings.  Does anyone else have this problem?

    After the update (December 2015), Camera Raw does not on the save new Camera Raw default.  It keeps coming back to the default settings.  Does anyone else have this problem?

    Yes, this is the same bug.

    The engineering team working on it.

    We have no fixed timeline.

    In the meantime, you can restore the previous update.

  • Symbols displayed does not correctly in the output

    I discovered that the symbol of a micron has been used throughout a project of great help I inherited (Alt + 0109 Symbol font). The problem is that it seems well in Robohelp, but once compiled, it is displayed as a "m". ARGHH!
    I can't search as the find and replace tool also sees it as a "m".
    Is there a way I can get that it appears correctly in the output?
    Or y at - it an easy way to look for so that I can remove it, as browsing carefully each file will take forever?
    Thanks for all the ideas.
    Kind regards

    Posted by: Shane Colum
    Unfortunately it does not say what the key combination! As I say, it does not solve your problem but can help someone else to do it.

    Hello Colum,

    Here's how I do it. In WYSIWYG mode, the cursor at the insertion point, press the SPACEBAR once and then shift + left arrow to select space. Then select fonts: Format > font and select Arial, Arial Unicode, Courier, Courier New, Times New Roman or Verdana can ' 0181 Alt + "will insert the symbol of micron that renders HTML (just tried in RH5 and it generated very well).

    The issue of research ' n replacement for cornish_fi, need to know what is in the html project for the character code.

    Kind regards

  • My cloud does not correctly handle the Hebrew. How can I adjust it?

    I need to write from right to left, but cannot.

    Thanks, I did this now.

    somehow it does not give me the choice to uninstall, just install again, and he still writes reverse Hebrew...

  • items of tag p does not show on the pages using css

    I converted to a site in GoLive to DreamWeaver and all the text by using the < p > tag does not appear on the site, but other styles appear, including < h1 > tags, etc.

    -J' have confirmed that the links to the css are correct and tact.
    -J' I cut and pasted the text in the < body > tag, which is the same specification as the < p > tag in place to check that it was not a typo. Did not help.
    -I have tried with and without the <>brackets.
    -J' have changed a paragraph in the page 'None' and used the < br > tags to make the jumps and it shows very well, but the next paragraph which uses the < p > does not work.

    Any thoughts on why this would happen?

    Here is the link of the typical header that I use
    < link href = "adv01.css" rel = "stylesheet" type = "text/css" > "

    Here is the actual line css
    p {color: #333; do-size: 13px; do-family: Helvetica, Geneva, Arial, SunSans-Regular, without serif; line-height: 15px}

    Thank you

    Well, if you have a page on defined style that affects your diplay with white text paragraphs. This might be a reason.

    On your page privacy.php watch line 21;
    p {color: #fff;}

    the parameter of color to the fff everything make your text are white.

    Don't forget that on the styles page to replace the external styles.

    I hope this helps.

    Since you are using includes can't tell you where this code exists!

  • April security updates Windows Vista caused laptop does not restart!

    Update security for Windows Vista (KB3045685)
    Update security for Windows Vista (KB3045999)
    Update security for Windows Vista (KB3046306)
    Update security for Windows Vista (KB3046482)

    Message box, something went from an unusual way to term in the registry.

    He had no numbers...

    1 Windows auto updater installed 10 updated important. On reboot,.

    my Toshiba laptop wouldn't start to ANY connection and is gone to the message box.

    I started in safe mode and did a system restored.

    2 tried to reinstall but only with the updates listed above, 4 KB not the 10.

    SAME message. Again once restore safe mode.

    Anyone know who the 4 updates do not use?

    I also stopped the automatic update.

    Any solution? I would like to take back with updates.

    I have not tried the 4 update above 1 both because the recovery mode is

    a lot of time and frustrating. Microsoft should have some answers...


    Thanks for the post.

    Disconnect any attached external devices.

    If you use a third-party antivirus disable and then install updates and check.

    Temporarily turn off the firewall and antivirus software and try to install the updates.

    Note: Antivirus software can help protect your computer against viruses and other security threats. In most cases, you should not disable the antivirus software. If you do not disable temporarily to install other software, you must reactivate as soon as you are finished. If you are connected to the Internet or a network at the time the anti-virus software is disabled, your computer is vulnerable to attacks.

    If this does not help, then I suggest you to put the computer in a clean boot state and then install. Start your computer in a clean boot state, you can reduce conflicts between software and help identify the root cause of the problem. You can read this article for more information:


    Note: after the resolution of the problem, reset the computer to start as usual. Refer to the step How to configure the computer to start as usual after a boot minimum troubleshooting under more information.

    Try this and let us know the results.

  • Don't display two pages does not correctly in the iOS 10

    I've upgraded my iPad to iOS 10 2 Air tonight, then went to continue reading a book that I bought recently through iBooks.  Display two pages, when the iPad is in landscape mode, does not appear now - unless I do the police really small.  If I increase the font size, while in the landscape to something more readable, I get only a single page view.

    I deleted and re-uploaded the book, but the behavior is the same.  I signed up in iBooks on iPad an another running ios 9.3.5 and display two pages work properly, with normal font sizes - sizes that won't let me see the same book in two page mode on iOS 10.

    Apple - help!  I really prefer the reading with the fashion landscape of two pages in iBooks.  I can't, however, seem to get this to work with anything other than tiny fonts.

    Has anyone else noticed this?

    I also noticed. Any solution?

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