Update of Java installed 6.0.25 console 6.0.25. Console 6.0.24 still shows in the extensions; There is not a button 'Delete', just an off button. How can I remove Java Console 6.0.24

Firefox 4.0.1 does not display the delete button for an extension of the disabled (Java Console 6.0.24) after Java updated 6.0.25. Other extensions have a button 'delete '. That's happened?

You can uninstall and remove extensions of the Java Console, you do not need to run Java applets.


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    In the future, you'll probably get faster (and perhaps better) answers if you post in the main forum for LR: Photoshop Lightroom. This forum is intended for developers of plugins in LR.

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    Hi Albert,

    Csrss.exe, this is the part of the user mode of the subsystem Win32 (Win32.sys being the kernel-mode portion). CSRSS means client/server run-time Subsystem and is an essential subsystem that must run continuously. CSRSS is responsible for console windows, creating or deleting threads, and some parts of the 16-bit virtual MS-DOS environment.

    Winlogon.exe is the part of Windows Login subsystem. This process is responsible for managing the security key sequence (by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete before you see the logon box), loading of user profiles, the locking system when a screensaver is running and check the activation key for the operating system.

    I suggest you to run the Microsoft Safety Scanner and check if there is no virus.

    Microsoft Safety Scanner: http://www.microsoft.com/security/scanner/en-us/default.aspx

    Note: The Microsoft Safety Scanner ends 10 days after being downloaded. To restart a scan with the latest definitions of anti-malware, download and run the Microsoft Safety Scanner again. The data files that are infected can be cleaned by removing the file completely, which means that there is a risk of data loss.

    Let us know the status of the issue.

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    In Firefox preferences go to privacy and uncheck "remember search and form history ' then clear your recent history. Confidentiality, and-not-track browsing history settings

  • V37.0.2 has the new icon on the toolbar above (it looks like server), how can I remove?


    I upgraded to v37.0.2 and now the toolbar above (the one with the URL, search inside), the new icon on the top toolbar - extreme right (it looks like server).
    Please see screenshot.

    I went to remove it by following my usual method of an editing toolbar
    (1) by clicking on the icon for line 3 horitzontal (settings I think its name)
    (2) then you click Customize
    (3) then drag and drop the unwanted icons out of the toolbar.
    But unfortunately the man disappeared when I went in this mode. So couldn't do step 3

    In general, if I want to remove something from a toolbar, I do these 3 steps. But it does not work for this new thing.

    How can I remove this new thing that I don't want that?

    Sorry, I agree that the icon.
    A "tooltip" appears when the cursor is positioned on this icon / button?
    Or what appears when you click the small arrow to the right of the 'separator '? The menu could tell you what the icon is linked to.

    In addition, a list of your installed extensions may be useful to identify what it is.

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    First you need to clean your pc/laptop using a good antivirus update as security key/kaspersky or avast...

    These types of malware spreading through USB keys and they are replicated in an infected... computer without cleaning your repressive first of all, there is no need to erase your pen drive autorun...

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    Safari does not open, said that he was now closed, so I had to make a copy to open it. Ended up doing this twice so I now have three (two works do not) copies of Safari on my dock. How can I remove the extras?

    Drag copies of the icons Safari one inch or more on the dock and wait a few seconds.

    And then release the icon. The icon will disappear in a poof of smoke.



    Right-click on the icon in the Dock, then choose Options > remove from the Dock.

  • How can I remove a certifiate of security exemption which I added earlier today?

    I've added a security certificate exemption for a Web site earlier today.

    However I have more want this exemption and would like the site is blocked when it has an invalid certfificate.

    How can I remove the exemption so that the site becomes blocked again because of invalid certificate?

    Those listed here:

    "3-bar" menu button (or tools) > Options > advanced > mini-onglet Certificates > "View certificates" button > mini-onglet servers

    The list is usually quite short, so I hope you can find it easily.

    Note that those with ' * ' for the server are included with Firefox disable these certificates you can ignore them.

    I have it?

  • How can I remove the Skype from my iPad app

    I hold down the icon of the application until it sheak and has the 'x' on the top left corner.  When I try to hit the 'x' to delete it does nothing.   How can I remove the app?

    Check the settings-> General-> restrictions and see if you have set it to not allow the destruction of the app.

  • How can I remove all the info from WMP rocket?


    Recently, I synced my rocket to WMP and ripped CDs. But now when I plug my rocket in everything I see when browsing the content are the CD I ripped and not the music files that are also out there (who are not torn, just mp3 files). I went to the 'end sync partnership', a box came and I clicked 'yes '. But when I plug it again all I can see is the CD I ripped just once again. How can I remove all traces of my "rocket" from the computer? I'm out of ideas.

    Thanks in advance, I hope you can help and that I explained myself properly

    Huge wrote:

    Hi, thanks for your response. Yes, I'm looking through windows Explorer. And the USB mode is automatically detect. I don't know what means MTP or MSC?

    but you're right, I don't care if I could see all the files at once.

    The problem is that when you use Auto detect mode the computer chooses what USB mode to connect to the computer. So, if your using WMP it uses MTP mode, but if your use drag and drop will use MSC mode, and when you connect to your computer you can see what has been added in the mode that you are connected to. So if you connect in MSC it is unclear to which has been added to PSG. If you want to add a lot of files with WMP, I'd say he bets on PSG here and let (you can use the drag and drop in PSG too).

    To ensure that you can see everything that you can format your drive and then go to settings > system settings > USB Mode > PSG > press the Center button, and then reload the player.

  • How can I remove the black space between the title and the main section of the screen?


    I'm a black space between the title and the main screen. I don't want this space.

    How can I remove this space?

    Please help as soon as possible?


  • How can I remove shortcut arrow sign of my desktop shortcut?

    I know some software (TuneUp Utilities) can remove desktop shortcuts arrow sign. But, is it possible to remove the sign of the arrow from shortcuts on the desktop settings in Windows? Please, let me know. So, how can I remove arrow shortcut in Windows 8 sign? I don't want to use third party software to do.

    OS: Windows 8 Pro with WMC

    Short answer: no, there is no setting in the front-end interface for this.  There is no switch.


    You can do this by editing the registry yourself.  I recommend doing a first system restore point, so you can easily cancel your changes if something is wrong. 30 seconds spent doing a quick control point can save hours and days of disaster later.  To create a restore point, go to your start page and type "create restore point" and select the appropriate option in the settings search results.

    Once you have made your point of control, you can use these instructions to modify the registry:


    Note: This is not supported. Microsoft technical support will not help you if there are problems with the registry change.  That's why you should make a checkpoint first.

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