Update of the FP and problems with YouTube

I've just updated flashplayer to and now I'm having problems posting videos on YouTube.  I always get the audio, but the video does not (no x red in the corner screen, just blank where the video should appear).  I can still watch videos (and get the audiou too) on other sites, such as Yahoo!.  I am running Windows XP and IE8 (32-bit).  I tried to adjust all my security settings of variuos, Shockwave Flash Object is activated in my modules.  Ideas or suggenstions on how to solve this problem?



Could you by following the instructions on this page to enter information system to help us figure this problem out?  In addition to the DXDiag report, if you could add also the content of that message to the email (or a link to the post) would be great!

To solve this, I would recommend two things.  The first step to try is updating your driver video card (ATI, NVIDIA, Intel.)  It has helped a number of users, and we would be very interested to know how it works for you.  It becomes even more interesting if you can run the DXDiag report before update.

If this does not help, the next suggestion would be to disable hardware acceleration.  The steps to do this, you can find here.

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