Update of the software of blackBerry Smartphones keeps freezing

I have a Blackberry Bold 9700 and I try to update the software of 5 2.  Whenever I try to do that it freezes at "downloaded modules 540 534.

Initially, I left the Blackberry at night (about 10 hours) and nothing happened, it was still frozen on '540 534.  I restarted my computer and I tried once again: no chance.  I restarted my computer and rebooted my Blackberry and turned on my wireless internet to the LAN and still no luck.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

I found the solution to my problem and thought I would post it so that he could be of help to others.

After choosing to update software, we see the following screen:

If you choose the option "Show other versions" at the bottom left, we come to this screen:

The second file in this list is the exact same software as the first file on the list.  However, the second file installed directly from my hard drive instead of internet.  I believe that this file was put in the list of software when I installed the 155MB file that I mentioned in the previous post.

Once I installed the file from my hard drive there is no problem.

I hope it is of some use to someone out there.

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    Hi, my wife has a 9320 BB and I have a BB9900. Whenever a software update is available, I tend to update both at the same time via the BB Desktop Software. (the last being 7.1.2061).

    Today I plugged BB9320 my wife to the laptop for the load and the BB Desktop Software identified one update, 7.1.2753. In the end, I have connected my BB9900 but no software updates found, can anyone tell why this should be the case please?

    Thank you very much.

    Hi londonpride

    These device software are developed by BlackBerry, then released by respective carrier specific to each BlackBerry device model, carrier of your wife has published this specific version of the OS for BlackBerry 9320 and for you... you can have the newest software for your carrier device, so you are offered no updates for your BlackBerry 9900.

  • Online update of the software of blackBerry Smartphones

    I tried to update my Pearl using the online software application loader.  During the update, I received an error message (fatal error occurs) on the device do not stay connected during the update.  Now the phone will not turn on, and when I connect it to my computer to try to complete the update, the computer will not recognize the phone. The red light flashes but nothing happens.  Can you please help me.

    Assuming that your upgrade failed completely and there is no OS on the device, you can try this:

    1. Download the new operating system file you want to the PC, then install it on the PC by running (double click) the downloaded file. (Vista users make sure to right click on the .exe file, and select 'Run as administrator'.)
    2. Go to c:\program files Research in motion\apploader and delete the file named "vendor.xml."
    3. Plug in BB and double-click on "Loader.exe." It is located in the same place as the above vendor.xml file.

    If it is still impossible to load the operating system:

    You will need to use JL_Cmder to wipe the device and then load the operating system on the device. Follow the instructions here:


    If JL_Cmder does not work, follow this instruction:

  • Updates to the synchronization of blackBerry Smartphones

    Maybe it's a bad habit, but I was not to accept the many updates to the Blackberry Desktop Manager wants to load on the phone when I do my syncing to update calendar/address book. Is it recommended to accept all updates all the time with each synchronization?

    On these latest near-attempt to load all the updates, there was also a warning message you need to 'enable your wireless device to continue to send and receive emails and use other services of Blackberry. '. Makes me scared here! What is meant by 'activate my wireless device? Turn it on? make a phone call? Definitely, would not take the risk of suddenly losing capabilities of electronic mail on the thing...

    I am particularly GUN-SHY about this because the last time I tried to update some fatal glitch has occurred and it totally fried my phone. Had to build from scratch as the day back, I got it, the pain in the rear. Don't want that to happen again.

    Any advice from others would be appreciated.

    1. I recommend upgrades because usually there is something known to improve the device.

    However, that said, if your BlackBerry works well and have no problems, there is no need to do so.

    2. ALWAYS do your own backup first of all, by using the Desktop Manager > backup.

    3. the warning device activation is there because on certain BES accounts, a password of the BES Admin activation may be necessary to revisit the BES. If you are a personal user, there is nothing to worry about and you can ignore this.

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    I use bb 8520... now, my version of the os is v5.0.0.1036... There is a new update of the os available for me and how I can update my os phne... Please help me... if I use later please like me who...

    You use the latest version of your device. There are no OS6 for the 8520.

  • Why my Curve 9300 blackBerry Smartphones keep freeze

    Why my BB Curve 9300 keep freezing?

    It freezes all the time because you're out of the application memory.

    I recommend you to install BlackBerry Desktop Software and do a full backup of the device. Then do a security Wipe. You can do the wipe by going into Options and type security wipe in the search bar. Do not include the media card, but include 3rd party applications. You can install those later via BBWorld.

    When it's done, you can only restore the databases that you really need like e-mail, calendar, contacts, etc.

    When you are all done to ensure that the media are registered in the media card. I recommend getting a much larger map in order to have room for photos and videos. You do not want the data stored on the device memory.

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    Hi guys. My phone constantly shows me that I have a request for update in blackberry appworld. But all my apps are up to date! ??

    How can I get rid of this little icon warning on top of my desk?


    PS: I already tried to restart my phone but also to reinstall appworld... but it still shows!


    Just enter your Messages.

    Scroll down until the last post because sometimes it show only alert due to the update device settings, which is highlighted in the last message.

    I hope that solves your problem!

    If your problem has been resolved then would you be asked to click 'Like' and accept as a 'Solution' that other advisors is not invest more of their time on this Message.

    Thank you.

  • The old messages blackBerry Smartphones keep popping up like new with OWA Exchange.

    My account is a Microsoft Exchange account that I connect using Outlook or Outlook Web Access (OWA).  Sometimes (and I can't find a reason for it) when I reread an email using Outlook/OWA message get redistributed to the BlackBerry as if it were a new message.  Otherwise reconciliation seems to work perfectly (both delete and keep track of read vs unread messages.)  I find it very confusing.

    I tried to find some adjustments in currency options which would explain this and have not been able to.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you



    Here's an article in the knowledge base on duplicates... do not know if one of the causes/solutions are adapted to your situation or not, but it is worth your look in them.


    See you soon!

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    I have a Bold 9700 with OS5. I am able to update OS6?

    Thank you

    BBM options-> BlackBerry Messenger-> Options

    But if you're going to do it all by DM-> all information will automatically backup (in all cases necessary manual backup for insurance)

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    This means that you don't have WRITE permission in the destination folder.

    You should:

    1. In Lightroom, determine the exact destination folder (it is on the right side of the import dialog box under Destination)
    2. Change the permissions in your operating system on this specific file WRITE permission; OR Change the destination folder in a place where you don't have WRITE permission
  • BlackBerry Smartphones Blackberry Torch 9860 stuck on the update of the software help!

    I have a blackberry torch 9860 and its deadlock over 18% on the software update, Ive out twice the battery, then no difference and my habit of blackberry desktop to pick it up, ID really appreciate it if someone could help me please!

    As soon as possible!

    Thank you!

    If BlackBerry Desktop Software does not recognize your phone, you're really out of luck. It is imperative that the BDS connects to your phone.

    RIM has this to say about getting your phone to connect to the BDS:


    I hope that helps you.

  • Software of blackBerry Smartphones update freeze progress to the stage of the backup


    IM using 9790 "BOLD" and try to update the software of version 7.0 to 7.1

    I already waited for 5 hours, but it is still stuck to the protection of data (database: service book 3 0f point 5)

    need help. pls advice

    Ahhh... now we are getting somewhere! Now follow this KB:

    • KB29522 "Backup of database error" message is generated to Database Options smart card when you back up the smart phone BlackBerry with the BlackBerry Desktop Software

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