Update to IOS 9.2 my phone keeps asking for password iCoud

On my iPhone 6, I applied the latest patch for IOS 9.2. Since then, the iPhone brings me my password to iCloud, which she accepts and is good for a day to ask the password to iCloud. I can go into the settings and connect it to my iCloud account using the same password and it works fine. I have also the iWatch that was connected to the watch OS 2.1 channel, which does not emits and seems to work fine.

My iPad has been also updated IOS 9.2, which has all the problems. Any ideas or an asneers?

Thank you

I had the same problem after update of the iOS 9.2, even if mine is iphone 5 c.

I contacted their support, was invited to reset the setting - didn't work, then restore it and does not work too...

I'm so angry.

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    Yes, I am facing the same problem with the iphone on ios 10 6. The phone keeps asking passwords for email update, but I click on 'Cancel' and the email still works. Hope that they will take care of their next update

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    I had this problem since upgrading to iOS iOS 10 9. I have 3 accounts hotmail on the iphone, once I get the password it will work properly for a period of time (usually one day) and then ask for passwords with a message indicating an error has occurred and iOS needs approval from hotmail again.

    I noticed that this often happens when I wake up in the morning and I haven't used the iPhone for a few hours. This problem never arose on iOS 9. I've recently updated the iPhone 6 7 and the problem persists.

    Is this a bug of iOS 10? I also tried to delete all my accounts and adding them again without success. My accounts do not use a two-step verification.

    I am currently using iOS on iPhone 10.0.2 7

    Hotmail is notoriously buggy.  For years.  Have you tried their forum for iOS 10 compatibility issues?  There may be suggestions from there.



  • Apple Mail keeps asking for password and won't accept it.

    My iMac mail keeps asking for the password for one of my email addresses.

    The address is... @hotmail.co.uk, when I enter the password it doesn't recognize it and declare it invalid.

    Moments later, the mail is delivered.

    A month ago I had the same problem which at any mail arriving. I tried many things and finally put in place a new internet/mail account in preferences. So, after having removed the old settings and reinsert the it worked, until today.

    I have 2 other addresses of e-mail which are not affected by this bug.

    This happened only since I changed to El Capitan.

    Your email provider may reject your password for several reasons, including:

    • You do not use your current e-mail password. If you updated the password on another device, make sure you use the same password on this device.
    • Your email provider needs you to update or reset your password for security reasons. For example, if you have turned on googles two step of checking your Gmail account in Mail now requires the appropriate password app.
    • Your disabled email provider or suspension of your account. Your provider of e-mail for help.
  • mail keeps asking for password for download el capitan

    Mail keeps asking for my password since download el capitan. I have not changed the password and it is not a gmail account. I have not installed iCloud. Someone at - it ideas?

    Please mention what password.

  • Phone keeps asking for another phone code

    I bought a new 6 iPhone more and once I had updated IOS I was able to save my old iPhone 5 via the iCloud.    Now, I get a 'monitoring' in the settings.  Who says -

    "Finish changing your password".

    Click on this and my phone asking my password Apple ID. I enter this and then the phone asks me my access code.  I enter this and then my phone gives me this message.

    "Enter the access code for the other iPhone."

    ' Access to your account is protected by the access code for "Marc iPhone5.  Your password is encrypted and cannot be read by Apple. »

    I have enter my password for my iPhone5 and get a message saying "Incorrect password. Enter the access code for your phone.  (I entered access code is certainly correct and id the same password I use for my iPad). I have enter my password again once and get the same message.  If I get it a 3rd time I got a warning and must start from the beginning again.

    There is an option to enter a code from a different device, so I choose my iPad and enter the code.   When I return to the parameters of the follow-up flag is still there and I'm right to the beginning.  I did a reboot, but the follow-up flag is still there.

    Looks like the two-step verification on your Apple ID. He doesn't want your lock screen code. When you configure the two-step verification, you sign up to one or more approved devices. A trusted device is a device that you control who can receive verification using a SMS 4-digit codes or find my iPhone. If you don't get this code, you can try to disable the two-step verification.

    • Sign in to your Apple ID account page.
    • In the Security section, click on change.
    • Click on disable two-step verification.
    • Create new security questions and check your date of birth. You will receive an e-mail confirming that the two-step verification of your identifier Apple is turned off.

    Frequently asked questions about the audit in two steps for Apple ID - Apple Support

  • Finder keeps asking for password for the folder home page items

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    Finder keeps askign my password even when you move to delete files on my office or home folder.

    Also not Save can open documents, as it says I don't have permission.

    have you tried disk since the start of the recovery Partition and repaired disk utility and checked all permissions.

    Also used "password reset from the trunk to recover... and reset the ACLs

    Tchanged password, the same discount utility password,

    But all in vain.

    What I do in my own home folder, I keep getting blocked or have to enter my password.

    See other discussions on this topic and so I followed the information in their breast and tried all the foregoing.

    What can I do else?

    Reset user - file property See post by Linc Davis

  • System keeps asking for password after trying to change from 32-bit to 64-bit

    I had to do another residential group to work on my computer. My password expired on my default side or administrator, the main façade of the computer where I worked on a year. I apologize I learn the computer language. I CAN NOT ENTER THE SIDE I NEED TO BE WORKING on. NOW I can't do anything on my side again without poping administrator and will ask for a password. can not download, change settings, nothing. also, I was in the process by changing my windows 7 home 32-bit to a 64-bit that came with my computer. A tech friend said he had to reinstall windows and it has installed a 32-bit.  my product key for windows 7 home is on the side of the computer for some reason, he didn't use it. I can't reinstall my windows 64-bit because the administrator request password. I can't do anything.

    Boot from the Windows 7 DVD
    Click Install now
    Accept the license agreement
    When the option is displayed to select a type of installation, click (Custom advanced)

    Select the disk partition where you want to install Windows 7 click Next.

    You will receive the following warning:

    The partition you have selected may contain files from a previous Installation of Windows. If so, these files and folders will be moved to a folder named Windows.old. You will be able to access the information in Windows.old, but you will be able to use your previous version of Windows.

    (At all costs, do NOT click on anything in Format, deletion or Partition name.) So even do a custom installation, your personal files are still kept. Click OK

    The installation program will now begin installation. During installation, your computer will be restarted several times.

    Once the installation is complete, you can complete the Out of Box experience as the choice of your laptop, create a username, password, your time zone. You can then proceed to download the latest updates for Windows and reinstall your applications and drivers.

    You can then retrieve your personal files from the Windows.old folder and reinstall all of your applications and drivers.



    See the instructions for the networking of the different versions of Windows:

    Networking home computers running different versions of Windows

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    recently I reset my wifi network id and password.  After this "implementation of windows remote desktop 8" keeps poping up asking wifi password. It happens like every five seconds when I'm connected to the internet. After you enter the password and click ok, it happens again! I can't really do anything like pages Web surfing or watching youtube videos.  The only way to stop it is to disconnect from the internet.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

    Hi Jing,

    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    I imagine the inconvenience you encounter with guests Remote Office for password. I will certainly help you in this matter.

    Sometimes, this problem occurs if you don't have a password set for your local administrative user account. To set a password, you can press the key combination CTRL + ALT + DELETE on the screen, click change password, type and confirm the password.

    Login again and try to enter the WiFi password. Check if the number is reproduced.

    Alternatively, if you do use Remote Desktop, you can try to disable the remote desktop in system properties and check if it helps.

    1. Press Windows key + R.
    2. In the Run dialog box, type SystemPropertiesRemote.exe , and then press ENTER.
    3. Unlike what allows the connection, select don't allow connections to this computer remotely.
    4. Click OK.

    NOTE: You can always activate the setting by clicking on the option allow in step 3.

    See the screenshot below for assistance.

    Hope this information is useful. Let us know if you need more help, we will be happy to help you.

  • Phone keeps asking for it as home to use

    Whenever I press the home button, you are prompted to ask what to use, xperia House or simple home page. I check still, but she maintains the promotion, is what I just did a factory reset then that's what happened. I tried safe mode and it works normally, any help?

    You may need to perform a repair of software using PC Companion. The process will erase all internal memory. You might need to charge your device for about 1 to 2 hours until the device has so at least 60% battery.

    Make sure that the device is not connected to the computer or laptop and turned off (sometimes you have to press the power button / stop and volume until what the machine vibrates 3 times or on some devices, it must push the small button near the tray on the back of the camera or SIM).

    Open PC companion-> support area-> update phone software / Tablet-> repair my phone/Tablet blue highlighted. Follow the steps, do not plug your phone until you are prompted to press volume down while plugging in the USB cable. If PC companion does not start the repair process, you may need to run Windows 7 compatibility mode (in some cases XP).

  • iCloud keeps asking for password on iPad, iPhone, and Macbook Air

    I have a Mini iPad, iPhone 6 and Macbook Air, which is still invited to enter my password to iCloud.  All have BONES perfectly up-to-date.  On the iPad, I did a full erase and restore, nothing helps.  Since then, I also signed on iCloud and signed in on the iPad, I have not tried who still on other devices.  My iCloud username is an @me.com format, so I made sure that all newspapers in places (FaceTime, iTunes Store, messaging, etc., use this journal, even if I have a @icloud.com email too.)  I disabled 2 authentication and password specific to the Messages and FaceTime App.

    It seems to have something to do with email in particular.  On the Macbook Air from Apple email program, I get a message on the main window connection failed, and then the iCloud account is set offline.  I have to retype the iCloud password and/or exit and restart messaging to operate.

    Another thing pointing to the problem being with email that I have disabled all Push email for the iPad, and the password are stopped.  Then, when I try to retrieve messages manually, the prompt is displayed again.

    I'm out of ideas.  One thing I did not must give a new password, to disconnect all devices, then add them, one by one.

    Any help would be really appreciated.

    Thank you


    Hello djborden,

    Thanks for this info and choosing the communities Support from Apple. I know the importance of the iCloud works correctly on your devices is for you! Looks like you've tried a few normal troubleshooting steps, and when I had a similar problem, I had to log out of my Apple ID in iCloud on all my devices, change the Apple ID password, restart devices and sign in iCloud. The following articles will help you through this process:

    1. log in your Apple ID for services iCloud on your devices, and then change your password Apple ID:

    Change your Apple ID password

    2. restart your devices, such as closing down and starting process is important to keep the software works correctly:

    Restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

    How to turn on or off your Mac

    3. then, you can login with your password Apple ID updated and test again the question:

    What to do when you have changed your Apple ID email address or password

    See you soon!

  • Persistent popup keeps asking for password and username "authentication." How can I he kill?

    When I open Firefox I get this pop-up dialog box. I added like adblock, but he keeps still appear from time to time. I have a .png of the screenshot, but cannot find a way to fix this issue.

    You have the external IP extension, which has been associated with this «crazzy. » "question of themselves. You may need to make manual changes to the way it verifies addresses by this post:

    http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=38 & p = 3219101 #p3219101

    I have not tried myself.

    Edit: Or if this extension is not important, just disable it until they solve the problem on the back-end?

  • Mac keeps asking for password iCloud

    My Mac ask again me my password to iCloud. I am not aware of having put in place. It does not accept my apple account password. When I connect to the web page to manage apple id, I don't see anything about passwords specific app and I can't work out what to do when I have a couple of times and a dialog box appears asking me to create a specific app password, but the link takes me to a page of apple with a big announcement about , but nothing about passwords. I consider myself as technically very competent, but this has me completely stumped!

    Can anyone help please.



    A specific App password is used for applications like FaceTime and Messages When you use the two-step verification.

    It is really not very intuitive, but you want to go to manage your Apple ID page, then click on modify in the Security section. This will take you to a more detailed page with a section to create a specific App password. Click on generate the password, then you should be able to copy and paste this password into the password box in the Panel in the iCloud window that appeared.

    You want to also keep a note of this password, so you can use it again if necessary, however, you can also always revoke and create a new if need be.

    See you soon,.


  • Hard drive keeps asking for password

    There is probably a no-brainer for her but I can't seem to find it: I have configured previously time machine to encrypt a volume on my mac for backup, but I stopped to use it as a backup volume and want to use it as a normal volume. However whenever I start the iMac hard drive ask me a password. Is there a way to remove it?

    Thank you

    Anyone? I don't want to have to reformat the data into car and transfer out and back again... Hope that there is an easy way to remove the password?

  • Firefox keeps asking for password when I send emails

    Firefox version 35.0. When I open Firefox and do pass on messages, no problem. When I write an e-mail and send it, Firefox asks me password. I am able to send and receive e-mail while open. If I close Firefox and open, it ask password when I send. Months ago, I changed my password to connect to Netzero.com (which made more secure). Since then, I had this annoying password request. How to satisfy the password login server for receive/send emails?

    Is it asking for the password, or the web site of Firefox? The only time that
    FF you will be asked a password is if you have the active master password
    in the Password Manager.

    Open the Password Manager. There is a search bar on top of the
    page. Enter the name of the site. Press the button view passwords.
    What's the correct information? Note: maybe more then one entry there.

    Left on the icon in the address bar. A display of site information window should appear. Select more information. At the top of the window, select Security. Now select passwords saved view.

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