Update window stuck 10

Can anyone help W10 update stuck on 99% over 6 hours?

Close the wizard, restart your computer, disable your security software (Antivirus/Firewall), then restart the installation to see if it progresses. If this does not work, try to upgrade manually.

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  • Update Windows stuck in a loop. Keeps trying to download page 3 of 3, but never does, then restarts and is trying to download. Can't seem to put an end to the loop.

    Update Windows stuck in a loop. Keeps trying to download page 3 of 3, but never does, then restarts and is trying to download. Can't stop the loop to try something else.

    The operating system is Windows Vista.

    I found this as a solution and to share it here, I still have questions, but thinking might help someone.

    Windows Vista and 7 update Reboot Loop Fix

    Symptom: You have a update that is causing Windows Vista or Windows 7, stuck in an infinite loop. The problem usually manifests as a "step 3 of 3:0 % complete...". "followed by a restart which starts at the exact same message, not allowing you to get on your account of connection or a desktop at all. It's a pain, and he doesn't stop, even in Mode without failure or advanced trying last good known Configuration in the start menu.

    Here is the short version for people who know how to get to tools to do this and if run System Restore from the installation DVD does not work: DELETE files

    \Windows\WinSxS\cleanup.XML AND (as applicable)

    \Windows\WinSxS\pending.XML and the infinite loop update will be set.

    There are two ways to get the files, you need to delete. The easiest is to start your installation of Windows and the button 'Install now' DVD, click on the link located at the bottom left that says 'Repair your computer' open a command prompt and type:

    del C:\Windows\WinSxS\cleanup.xml

    del C:\Windows\WinSxS\pending.xml

    The other way is to download a live Linux distribution such as the System of Tritech Service (which, unlike Vista or 7 DVD, can be booted from a USB flash drive for computers with no CD/DVD drive such as netbooks), open a command prompt, mount the file system and deleting the files. Assuming that your Windows installation is the first partition on the first hard disk, the following commands in rxvt or a console in the Tritech Service system should work:

    Mount.NTFS - 3 g/dev/sda1/mnt/sda1

    RM /mnt/sda1/Windows/*/cleanup.xml /mnt/sda1/Windows/*/pending.xml


    discount to zero f

    Anyway you do it, this solution will stop the engine update loop reboot and let you return to your computer. You may need to make some corrections, additional or manual updates if you have problems, but unless your login screen and/or the Office should be accessible! Is a very annoying problem and I noticed that Google is looking for things like "stage of vista 3 3 restart" usually only provides information about how to run the system on a Vista DVD restore. Unfortunately, if there is a problem with an update, sometimes the system restore does not work and fail with obscure errors, so this info is vital.

    Maybe it's your last chance to avoid giving to the top and reinstalling Windows, and we always like avoiding relocations!

  • Update Windows, stuck at step 3 of 3, does not start


    Reading the forums, so it seems I'm not the only one who had this problem, but none of the data seems to work for me.

    My computer is running slow this morning (as sometimes when he treats a large update), so I restarted.  But now, whenever the system tries to start, it gets insofar as the message 'configuration updated step 3 of 3, 0% ' before it restarts in total.

    I am running Windows Vista Home Premium - I think that it is 32-bit, but I'm not positive.  I have a laptop HP Pavilion DV6345us.

    I tried all suggested fixes, I found.  I tried to launch the Mode without failure (all versions of it), but every time it's the same thing.  I've never had to simplified office, I think I'm supposed to see.  I tried the system restore, but none of the dozen or so restoration work points.  After each attempt to restore the system, I get this error message: data error (Cyclic Redundancy Check) (0 x 80070017).

    My last update was added on 06/05/10 at 09:16:38.  My last update before that was 05/03/10 at 14:31:18.  My time zone is set to GMT - 8:00 (or Pacific time).  Between the Windows updates, I downloaded an update for Java (Java 6 update 20) 04/05/10.

    I have also run the memory diagnostic tool, but that has not changed anything.

    I do not have any third-party malware or anti-virus software.

    This is all the relevant information, I think I can give.  Any comments would be greatly appreciated, because I use my computer for work and need again as soon as POSSIBLE.

    Thank you!

    I do not have any third-party malware or anti-virus software.

    Not good.

    Personal data backup (which none should be considered 100% reliable at this point) then format the HARD disk and do a clean install of Windows.  Please note that a repair installation (upgrade AKA on-site) will NOT fix it!

    How TO do a clean install of Vista: See the section "If you want to reinstall Windows Vista by running a new installation... "of http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-vista/Installing-and-reinstalling-Windows-Vista

    Once installed the clean, you will have the equivalent of a "new computer" in order to take care of everything on the next page before connecting the machine to the internet or one local network (i.e. other computers) otherwise and before using a flash drive or the SD card that is not brand new, or has not been freshly formatted:

    4 steps to help protect your new computer before going online

    Tip: After getting the computer fully patched, download/install KB971029 manually: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/971029

    NB: No matter what Norton or McAfee free trial which is preinstalled on the computer when you bought will be reinstalled (but invalid) when Windows is reinstalled. You MUST uninstall the trial for free and download/run the removal tool before installing updates, Windows Service Packs, or updates IE and before installing your new anti-virus application (which will require WinXP SP3 must be installed).

    Norton Removal Tool

    McAfee Consumer product removal tool

    If you need assistance, start a new thread in this forum: http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/vistarepair/threads

    If these procedures look too complex - and there is no shame in admitting this isn't your cup of tea - take the machine to a local, good reputation and stand-alone computer (that is, not BigBoxStoreUSA or Geek Squad) repair facility.

    ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

  • How can update Windows stuck at 60%, I stop the update?

    My windows Vista machine was an automatic update and made 60% 3/3 and was stuck there for hours.  I tried to shut down the computer and restart it normally and the restart mode safe and still the screen only I see once the machine booted is 60% complete.  What can I do to overcome this?


    You can try the following steps and check if it helps.

    Step 1:

    You can read the following article and try the steps.

    The update is not installed successfully, you receive a message, and the computer restarts when you try to install an update in Windows Vista and Windows 7

    Step 2: When you're able to start normally, check the history of update to discover the update has failed as a result of the article:

    See the Windows updates are installed

    Step 3:

    If there are updates failed, then try to download and install the stand-alone package with updates from the Microsoft Download Center.

    a. to download updates from the Microsoft Download Center

    b. Enter the item number in the field search and download the same.

    c. double-click on the downloaded file.

    d. click on run and follow the wizard to install it.

    Hope this information is useful.

  • 7. check for updates Windows stuck forever

    original title: verification of updates of Windows 7 stuck forever - I know, that's the answer, but solutions do not work for me. Please find out!

    I installed a Windows 7 OS play on my laptop. Is not an upgrade, it is a blank hard drive. WIndows 7 installed perfectly, picked up all my drivers. The only problem is that I have problems with the updates of Windows 7. When I select Windows 7 update, it says 'Check updates' and stays like that - forever. Even the next day. I did heavy heavy research, discovered others face the same problem. I tried all the fixes I could find, which are listed below:

    1. the anti-virus installed again - new installation of Windows 7 programs
    2. There is no spy software - it's a whole new clean install
    3. firewall off
    4. temporary files, cookies, deleted history
    5. service set to automatic in services.msc background intelligent transfer
    6 software distribution folder renamed
    7. I tried cutting off the automatic updates and do it manually
    8. added windowsupdate trust area
    9A ran MicrosoftFixit50202 in normal mode and advanced

    Even with my internet SHUT OFF (disabled since modem) it still checks the updates and does not fail with "No internet connection available.

    Please, please help. Anyone.

    Problem solved.

    It was my internet connection! I logged on my neighbors wireless unsecured (ssh... don't tell lol), and within 30 seconds, 77 updates came through!

    There must be something in my network.

    Please help us well!

  • Updates Windows stuck at 0%

    I'm trying to download the updates to my laptop Windows 8 that I am notified that I have 105 updates that must be downloaded and installed (don't have not updated since last November).

    Unfortunately, when I try to download, I'm stuck at 0% (I left for download for more than an hour without progress) and I tried different things suggested to the Board of Directors. I used FixIt and the report came in saying ' recent installation updates - problems not not fixed. "

    Can someone help me solve this problem? Thank you!

    I am using Asus X202E, Windows 8, 64-bit,

    Original title: problem with Windows Update


    You can try to reset the Windows Update components and see if that helps:


    Hope this helps, good luck :)

  • Update Windows stuck at 13%.

    I had a corrupt update before windows. I saw this update will appear in the lower right of my screen a couple of times and then it disappears. The computer runs slower, that audio has small breaks in there that makes the choppy sound. Any help on how to diagnose this problem and fix would be sincerely appreciated. Thank you very much

    Hi Tommymayhieu,

    ·         The issue is limited to a specific update?

    ·         Did you do changes on the computer before the show?

    Follow the suggestions below for a possible solution:

    Method 1: Reset windows update components and then try to install the updates and see if the installation is complete. Open the below mentioned link button and click on the fix.

    How to reset the Windows Update components?


    If this is not enough, you try the next method.

    Method 2: Try to download and install the updates manually. Visit the link and enter the KB number for updates and download the same.

    Microsoft Download Center


    All the steps suggested to try the below mentioned article and check.


    You cannot install some programs or updates


    Let us know if that helps.

  • Updates Windows stuck on 0%


    My screen tells me its download updates but has been blocked to 0% for the last hour and doesn't seem to be downloading something, 0KG aswell.

    All ideas

    Thank you

    Hi Chris,
    Welcome to the Microsoft community. Sorry for the delay in responding. Could you give us some more information? Since when are you facing this problem? Have you done a recent software or changes to the material on the computer? Do you have any third-party antivirus installed?

    Please follow the steps in this article and check.

    You cannot install updates in Windows Vista

    (In particular the method listed under run (CheckSur.exe) system update readiness tool)

    Hope this helps and let us know if you need help. We will be happy to help you.

  • Update Windows stuck at 0%, now, windows is no longer enabled. Legal copy. Help!

    I have a laptop I bought in 2008 with Windows Vista 64 installed. The product key is valid (and I can prove it if necessary). Laptop has been with SP1 or no service pack. I updated to Service Pack 2, when it came out. Then because I was annoyed with windows constantly wanting to install updates, I temporarily turned off their. 

    Fast forward a few months and I decide to brand new update. I chose to install approximately 60 of the 80 updates (I don't have Office updates because that my laptop has only a trial edition that I do not). After the updates are selected and I click to download, the download indicator remains at 0% forever. It seems that no update is downloaded, so I cancel the update.

    To solve this I finally see suggestions for a Microsoft program with no descriptive name 'Fix it '. The link is here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/971058

    I run this program and reboot. It turns out that the downloaded "0%" message for the updates really indicate 45 updates were downloaded enough for windows to try to install during this restart. Computer hangs for more than an hour at 25% of the finished 1. Hard reboot and windows tries to part 2. Windows complete parts 2 and 3, restarts automatically and goes then 2 1/2 hours break updates and reboot.

    This process ends, I connect to windows and have an error message saying that windows is activated now more. Enter the product key on the bottom of my computer does not work.

    What now?

    "Iannn" wrote in message News: 14580463-f7d8-42ac-b8b0-c6f66f4ad235...
    Diagnostic report (1.9.0027.0):
    Validation of Windows data-->
    Validation status: invalid license
    Validation code: 50
    Validation caching Code online: n/a, hr = 0xc004f012
    Windows product key: *-* - 4JJQP - TP64Y-RPFFV
    Windows product key hash: W7I5PeTN2iJuvTTU9QmIXc6iQqY =
    Windows product ID: 89583-OEM-7332157-00043
    Windows product ID type: 2
    Windows license Type: OEM SLP
    The Windows OS version: 6.0.6002.2.00010300.2.0.003

    License data-->
    C:\Windows\system32\slmgr.vbs(1000, 9) (null): 0xC004E017

    Windows Activation Technologies-->

    Your license store seems to be broken...
    Please try the steps below to re-create the store with the correct data.
    (1) open an Internet browser window.
    (2) type: %windir%\system32 in the browser's address bar.
    (3) find the CMD.exe file
    (4) make a right click on CMD.exe and select "Run as Administrator"
    (5) type: net stop slsvc (it may ask you if you're sure, select Yes)
    (6) type: cd %windir%\ServiceProfiles\NetworkService\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\SoftwareLicensing
    (7) type: Rename tokens.bar tokens.dat
    (8) type: cd %windir%\system32
    (9) type: net start slsvc
    (10) type: cscript slmgr.vbs - FLIR (it may take time for this will be complete, please be patient)
    (11) restart your computer twice.
    (12) you may need to enter you product key and activate it.

    Noel Paton | Nil Carborundum Illegitemi | CrashFixPC | The lazy three fingers

  • Update Windows stuck at 0%

    I just bought an acer with windows. I checked the edits, and there are 75 available updates. I clicked on update and the loading bar goes, but the update itself is not from 0%. It was 45 minutes

    Hi Davey,

    What is the model of your Acer computer?

    I understand that you are unable to install the updates on your Windows 8. Let us work together to solve the problem.

    Follow the steps below and check if it helps.

    Method 1: Run the Windows Update troubleshooting tool and check.

    Follow these steps to run the Windows Update Troubleshooter.

    a. press the Windows key + W and type Troubleshooting.

    b. Select Troubleshooting.

    c. Select show all in the upper left corner.

    d. run Windows update troubleshooter.

    Method 2: Manually reset the component of Windows Update s.

    Reset components from Windows Update from the following link: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/971058

    Important this section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click on the number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base: 322756

    How to back up and restore the registry in Windows


    M odes 3: if the problem persists then configure your computer to boot and then State try to install the update to windows.

    By setting your boot system minimum state helps determine if third-party applications or startup items are causing the problem.

    How to perform a clean boot in Windows.

    Note: Please see the section: how to reset the computer to start as usual after troubleshooting by clean boot of Kb to start the computer in normal startup after's article have solved the problem.

    For more information:

    Problems with installing updates


    I hope this helps. Get back to us if the problem persists.

  • Updates Windows 7 stuck during shutdown.


    My 64 bit Windows 7 updates are stuck during shutdown and only for computer laptop stop is to make hard stop, but it works very well when I start again and when I stop or even restart again get it stuck so now I Hibernate my laptop. Updates, I check most was related to SQL server, Visual Studio and office, and they are not wrong them more than 500 MB. I don't know what's wrong with him so I thought that if you guyz can help you.

    Thanks in advance.

    You receive errors related to updates?

    1. open Windows Update by clicking the Start button, all programs and then click Windows Update.
    2. in the left pane, click view update history.
    3. find an update for Windows that has failed to install, and then double-click the update to view more information.
    Updates that have failed to install will display failed under status, next to the name of update.
    4. in the Windows Update dialog box, next to the details of the error, review the error code for the update has failed.

    FYI - open the troubleshooting Windows Update tool

    Some common error codes Windows 7-

    If not, post back with the relevant information such as etc. error codes.

    Harold Horne / TaurArian [MVP] 2005-2011. The information has been provided * being * with no guarantee or warranty.

  • Automatic updates is stuck, includes most of it resources, is not download the updates (windows xp) & how to use FixIt

    Automatic updates is stuck and includes most of the computing resources, does not download updates (windows xp).

    After restarting a couple of times and the computer almost melt it finally resolved itself but would like to know how to solve/speed "constipation" where it would happen again.

    Have automatic updates set in place to be notified, but not to download or install before you have manually committed.  Launched the download but then icon taskbar disappeared and cannot cancel downloads when the computer started to overheat.  Restarted.

    East went to the Microsoft Update Web site, but got stock without ever generating the list of updates.  Restarted.

    Went to link to FixIt for this type of problem and it just downloaded WindowsUpdateDiagnostic.diagcab and indicated that nothing was available to open this type of file.  Should a FixIt application be installed first?  He is yet to provide suggestions on how to proceed.

    Aversion to disable the automatic updates if would like more information on how to have a greater mastery of the process that it hogs computer and interfere with the realization of planned work.

    Kind regards.

    Thanks for the reply.

    I agree that it is not dust on the fan - read my response above.

    As I said above, I have concluded that the solution to the problem of automatic updates are unruly must all just use to be notified when updates are available, but then go on the site of Microsoft Updates and make the download / installation of the updates from there.  Doing it this way is much less likely to cause problems and offer better control of the user.  Once Microsoft Updates ends the taskbar icon disappears until the next time updates are available.

  • Not updated Windows Vista gets stuck

    I've seen several threads on these, but they do not seem to help.

    I have Vaio laptop with Vista operating system threads. It used to work well until last year.  However, lately when I try to start the computer, it did update Windows and gets stuck on update 3. I tried all the options in advanced mode by clicking on F8 key-start in safe mode, starting with the command line, start in recovery mode, etc. and they all end with the same question.  I don't have a backup boot drive.  I need to recover important data on the computer and need to start the machine atleast once.  Still, I don't want to disassemble the drive hard, etc..

    Can you please help.

    Thank you

    Welcome to the Microsoft community.
    Please follow the suggestions in this article and check if that helps.

    Windows Update crashes when installing updates in Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista

    Note: Follow the steps in method 3 first, and then try the FIXIT.

    Hope this helps and let us know if you need more assistance. We will be happy to help you.

  • Windows Update is stuck on the screen check updates for more than an hour.

    Original title: Windows Update problems

    I just got a new update for Windows 7 and got all my drivers installed. However, Windows Update is stuck on the screen check updates for more than an hour. Everything works except that, and I don't know how to fix it. It has updated two things: the Windows Update Agent 7.6.7600.320 and update for Windows (KB958488). He continues to seek constantly and never find anything.

    Please leave for 5 or 6 hours and if he doesn't find anything:

    Please run the Windows Update Troubleshooter:

    Please provide details of any problem it reports as not fixed.

  • Windows 7 update is stuck on 151 of 194 for hours, what should I do

    Windows 7 update is stuck on 151 of 194 for hours, what should I do


    Thanks for your reply...  I went to bed at night and the next day, he was still on 151 of 194... I talked to someone at microsoft and they said that it was possible to screw up my bios if I turned off.    The person at microsoft told me to call Dell...  I said that Dell was told to call microsoft.    I also made him point it is microsoft product, but he kept saying... contact Dell.  In any case, I called Dell again and they told me to power it down.   When I restarted it... It was ok... I've always had about 40 + updates, but got through them ok...

Maybe you are looking for

  • Iexplore.exe, version 8.0.6001.18702


  • failure to communicate with the image drum?

    My m175nw is only 2 weeks... Everything worked great until I did the Firmware update.  Now, I get the following error and I think I printed only one (1) page since I bought this thing 10.0004 power error10.1004 supply memory error There is a failure

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