Update yoga 900-13ISK2 - BIOS for mode setting for hard drive on linux RAID install missing


I try to install ubuntu on my 900 yoga 16.04. The bios can see the drive hard samsung 512 GB and cannot therefore Windows.

The ubuntu installer can't see it at all. I think it has to do with the sata in the bios mode. Unfortuneatly there is no option to change RAID AHCI or disabled. Will there be an update of the BIOS for this in the near future?

Or is there another autour work?


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    Hmm, thanks for the interesting reference. However, in my case, it seems that I'm the one that randomly changed my password when the keystroke! I tried some typo were variations and it unlocked with 'passwprd"instead of"password "!

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    After the BIOS update fail by Windows I need to reflash.

    Where can I download the bios for floppy drive files '?



    Update of the traditional BIOS cannot be downloaded.
    Only focused on winning BIOS is available on the European driver Toshiba page.

    In your case, you will need to contact a local ASP.
    The technician can help you and able to reflash the BIOS using a disc of crisis of the BIOS.

    Good luck

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    Update your video card drivers. Bring:

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    2. site of the card mother mftr. If the material is on board; OR
    3. website of the OEM manufacturer for your specific machine if you have a PC OEM (HP, Dell, Sony, etc.).

    Read the installation instructions on the Web site where you get the drivers.

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    2. If the computer is OEM, access the site Web of the OEM for your specific model machine and look at the specs (you'll be there to get the drivers anyway)
    3. download, install and run a program of inventory of the free system like Belarc Advisor or System Information for Windows.

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    Hello - I have a desktop Win7 home premium p6320f I bought exactly 2ys 2 days ago.  Locked up.  wouldn't boot.  sys given diag error BIOHD-2 HD.  Connected chk SMART BIOS status - bla bla "imminent hard drive failure".  I was wondering if HP would support by buying a new HD (and no I didn't buy an extension of coverage), back in the day when you've got a disc of bone w/computer if it crashed you might contact MS and get a 1 key renewal time.  There that somehow we can recover the OS they buy on a new computer with no disc?  I'm sure I'm not the right place for these issues, but if someone can offer a few tips (or a tissue) I would be very happy.  See you soon!


    1. you can buy many HARD drives around, they are much cheaper now (not like a few months back due to flooding in Thailand). For Office HARD drive, you can pay about $150 for 2 TB.

    2 you can order a set of recovery DVD from HP, this game will cost you between $ 30 to $ 50 (I think)


    Good luck.

  • Run CHKDSK /F to check for hard drive corruption. STOP: 0x0000007B__Blue screen

    I have a Vista 64 bit OS.  I tried to do a system restore to the last checkpoint to interrupt a Service Pack.  Restore failed (don't remember exact error), now when I try to boot Vista, I get a message saying to run CHKDSK /F to check for hard drive corruption.  STOP: 0X0000007B
    My questions are:
    (1) do I need Vista recovery CD in order to enter the menu advanced at this stage startup options?
    (2) if I decide to upgrade to Windows 7 now, made the stop: 0x0000007B have a problem with that?  or could I fall in Windows 7?
    Vista 64 gave me many problems and I think its time to make him... Thanks in advance... Mark

    Hi Markgod5,

    Thank you for visiting Microsoft Answers.

    It seems that the hard drive is damaged if we get this error message to running chkdsk.

    You can start the computer in safe mode with command prompt and see if you can start.  Then run the chkdsk command.

    To do this follow these steps:

    (a) restart your computer if it is running.

    (b) press F8 after your computer powers initially on.

    (c) once you see the menu Advanced Boot Options, you can stop tapping.

    (d) use the up/down arrow keys to select Safe mode with command prompt.

    (e) in the command prompt window, type the following command and press enter Chkdsk /R and Chkdsk /F

    Using recovery DVDs, you cannot switch mode winRE (Windows Recovery Environment) to run chkdsk. You need DVD full version (Win 7/Vista) or Vista repair disk.

    You probably won't be able to install win 7 because the problem is with the hard drive and chkdsk should be run for the error.

    Hope the helps of information. Please post back and we do know.
    Joel S

  • How to use the utility disk first aid for hard drive internal el captian

    How to use the utility disk first aid for hard drive internal el captian

    Select the drive and click first aid.

    If something is not repairable because this is the system drive, then you need to start using the recovery partition and run disk utility it.

  • Satellite 1410: I forgot the password for HARD drive

    Hi Please help!

    I have toshiba satellite 1410 series...
    I think that the hard drive was full and it was locked.
    I really need to get to this unblock as im very new to comps. whenever I start my pc it ask me password for HARD drive...
    I need all the help to get this open

    Help, please


    AFAIK, you need the old HARD drive password to clear the password disk HARD asking.
    If you have forgotten the password to disk so you don t have any other possibility to get into the HARD drive. In this case, the HARD disk is unusable and unfortunately you need a new HARD disk drive. :(

    Best regards

  • The update to version 2 of Vitsa fail. Formatted hard drive to purchase the version. need to find the final vista product key

    The update to version 2 of Vitsa fail. Formatted hard drive to purchase the version. need to find the final vista product key

    It should be on a sticker on the box, or on the packaging.

    The product key consisted of 25 digits, divided into 5 groups of 5 digits.

    See you soon...

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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    Yes, reconnect the top-level folder on drive E:, as shown in Figure 4 here: Adobe Lightroom - find folders and files moved or missing

  • Satellite A110-180 - update of the Bios for Windows 7 and Linux


    I want to change the following settings in my bios on my laptop satellite A110-180
    * AHCI for SATA
    Disable the IDE

    But none of these options.
    So I thought that maybe I should update my bios.
    I found the download page, but there are 2 options: Windows Vista or NO vista, but I want to dual boot windows 7 and linux.

    Which one should I download, or is there another option to change the settings?

    Thank you!


    Satellite A110 does not support these options (SATA AHCI).
    The update of the BIOS will not help you!

    Linux is not supported and therefore, you will not find any special BIOS for Linux OS!

    The two BIOS updates are for Win Vista or OS independent.
    Therefore, if you use other than Vista OS then you should throw the update of the independent BIOS to the BONE!

    But as mentioned above; both options will not appear after the BIOS update!

  • BIOS does not detect not hard drive for laptop after the setting of the default BIOS settings.

    I had my 14.04 installed Ubuntu in my laptop in a reader named «Notebook hard drive» a pre-installed Windows 8. Today I put the default BIOS settings in my phone and when I rebooted it and tried to use Ubuntu by pressing 'F9' key and choosing from the menu of the BIOS I found my 'Notbook HDD"option missing. My disk of Ubuntu is still there, but I have no way to access it. Is there a way I can get it to work?

    Try turning off secure in the BIOS and then start by restarting the laptop.

  • Cannot set the password for hard drive on the W530 with Intel SSD 520


    I have a w530 with an Intel SSD 520 in primary hard drive Bay. Whenever I try to set a password for the primary hard drive, it doesn't stick. If I chose master + user or simply user, I will enter the password, it will take the passwords without producing an error and then just dump back me to the screen of passwords while leaving the disabled hard drive password.

    BIOS is on the latest version for the w530 and SSD, the machine seems fairly normally operate differently.

    Does anyone have ideas how I can activate the password? Thank you!

    Hi, ctenorman

    I did some research and came across this thread of Intel. There are a few people in the thread who were able to set the password on this particular drive. It seems that changing the BIOS "SATA" compatibility mode, set the password, restart, and then change it to "AHCI" worked for some, but not all customers with this player.

    Good luck and let me know how it goes


  • Satellite M70-159: how to set the APM mode on the HARD drive?

    I have Toshiba M70-159 and I have problem with my HARD drive. My power to drive (FUJITSU MHV2060BH) down from 2 to 5 min... I put in Toshiba Power Saver "Never."
    I now read http://www.fel.fujitsu.com/support/disk/manuals/m60_product_manual.pdf and I see maybe APM I put.
    How can I configure Mode APM?

    1.11 advanced Power Management (APM)

    The hard disk automatically switches to the mode according to energy saving the
    setting the APM mode under the inactive state.
    The APM mode can be selected with a number of sector register of ALL
    Control FEATURES (EF).
    The disk complies with the three types of modes of the APM which a command
    from the host is necessary.
    EN = 05 h: enable APM
    SC = C0h - FEh: Mode-0 Active Idle? Idle low power
    SC = 80 h - BFh: Mode-1 idle assets? Low power idle (default)
    SC = 01 h - 7Fh: Mode-2 inactive assets? Low power idling? Standby
    EN = 85 h: disable APM (Game Mode-0)
    Active Idle: The head is in a position of extreme inner disc
    Middle. (VCM Lock)
    Overview of the unit
    Low power Idle: the head is unloaded the disc.
    The spindle motor.
    Standby: the motor stops.
    In Mode APM-1, which is the default APM mode, operational status moves until it
    Finally reached "low power idle."
    Table 1.7 Advanced Power Management
    APM mode
    Idle assets
    (VCM Lock)
    Idle low power
    Mode-0 0.2 to 1.2 s min. 15 s/o
    Mode-1 0.1 to 0.2 sec 10.0 - dry 27.5 n/a
    2 mode 0, 1-0, 2 s 10.0 - dry dry 27.5 10.0 - 40, 0
    When was the maximum period during which the hard disk waiting for orders
    Mode 0: Mode shifts affection Active Active Idle in 0.2 to 1.2 and low
    Inactive power in 15 minutes.
    Mode-1: Active status to Active Idle mode in 0.1 to 0.2 seconds and
    low power idle in 10.0 - 27, 5 seconds.
    Mode 2: Active status to Active Idle mode in 0.1 to 0.2 seconds and
    low power idle in 10.0 - 27, 5 seconds. After 10, 0-40, 0 seconds in
    Low power idle mode goes into sleep mode.
    The default values for these settings are reflected in the values of WORD 91 of the
    Command IDENTIFIER. In addition, APM mode is initialized with the Mode-1
    (the default) to power off.
    The above mentioned is time until the transition to each mode of power based on the point
    that the reader becomes a State of waiting for order.

    How can I set Mode APM to disable EN = 85 h: disable the APM (Set Mode-0)

    Where do I put? Please help me.


    You can use either the Toshiba Power Saver that controls also the APM mode or you will remove him this tool and then you will use the Windows power management.
    Here, you can change the settings for the APM mode.
    Unfortunately the other options to disable the APM Mode are not known to me.

  • Satellite Pro A10 PSA15E: update BIOS to use 160 GB HARD drive


    I recently bought a second had Toshiba A10 Pro model reference PSA15E-03U82-EN. I was not able to upgrade the disk hard the 40gig towards a 160gig that I have, but it seems that I need to have the original BIOS boot disk to do this.

    How do I keep it? Can I download it and create my own?

    Thank you very much

    [email protected]


    If I understand you just upgrade you the BIOS to be able to use the 160 GB HARD drive in your notebook

    Unfortunately, this is not possible. Of course, you can upgrade the BIOS, but this will not help using the 160HDD.
    The BIOS supports a simple limitation of HARD drive and update will not help.

    The laptop supports load 20 GB, 30 GB, 40 GB or 60 GB HARD drive. Maybe you can use also a 80 GB HARD drive but I think that the 160 GB is simply too.

    I hope I could give you clearly

    Best regards

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