updated apple id?

Hi all

in order to accept a shared calendar, I have 'connect' to my apple ID (even if I am connected to icloud on my mac)

It makes me update my password, I won't update my password I have a very old password of 6 letter with no ceiling or numbers and I remember it very well.  So rather than accept this invitation of the calendar, I created one and shared it instead (no need to login to icloud for me)

someone else had this problem? is there a way to get around this?


Yes, many people have the same problem as myself included. Finally, I was forced to change my PW, as he kept popping whenever I tried to access iCloud, or another PW protected places. Both on my Mac and iPhone. It doesn't seem to be a way around it.

However it turned out that I could get into a shorter and more memorable PW, LOL! My original was 10 characters long, and my new PW is 8 characters.

The consensus seems to be that Apple is better protect the cloud by asking users to change passwords more often.

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    Then I try to remove the update from the apple software and executed by an error in the installation program - it says there is an error in the installation and contact the supplier of the installation package. Same error if I run the uninstall command line program.

    Try to repair the Apple Software Update of programs & features Control Panel and then try to update iTunes again.

    For general advice, see troubleshooting problems with iTunes for Windows updates.

    The steps described in the second case are a guide to remove everything related to iTunes and then rebuild what is often a good starting point, unless the symptoms indicate a more specific approach.

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    Backups of your library and device should be affected by these measures but there are links to backup and recovery advice there.


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    < image edited by host to remove the serial number >


    The following steps may help:

    • Delete all profiles beta (on your iPhone and/or the watch), then restart both devices (this applies only if you have already participated in a program of Apple Beta software).
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    May have already checked this, but if you type 'Course settings', is your course session? If so, as the end date has passed, I suggest you move the end date for the future, and then try to change your registration again.

  • Update Apple ID


    I have an interesting question...

    I have 2 MAC: personal and work one.

    The personal one he linked to my Apple ID 2 iPads and my iPhone.  All things work well here, calendar, notes, reminders, all are synchronized.

    On the work computer, I set up a completely different AppleID (using the e-mail not apple as well).  So far so good.  Recently, I updated the Machine work to 10.11.x, since applications work (we use mainly the MS crapware) was now "approved" the update.  And now I have a problem:

    When I try to access iCloud account from my personal account via the Web page, I can connect with his ID, but then I immediately message "you need to upgrade your apple ID"...   Happens with Safari and Opera.  Only, I get this when accessed via a browser.  Mail app on phone still works.  Mail @ home work application.

    This seems very strange to me that Apple would require it and apply this update in this way.   No explanation?  Any ideas on how to remove it?  This severely limits my ability to read personal e-mail messages via a web browser.  Or to compose and send long e-mails...

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

    immediate message "you need to upgrade your apple ID".

    I do not recognize this message...

    Update, Yes. Upgrade? N °

    Are you sure of the wording? Update is usually to enter your current password.

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    Today on my Windows 7 64 - Bit, Apple Software Update detected an update for iTunes; but it would not be installed without error.  Not able to reproduce the error code, I believe that the error was on the download.  Finally, I installed the updated version by using the manual download under Tools feature; but Apple Software Update acted special on my attempts to update automatically.  When starting it in the menu start, Apple software update would open in two windows after the initial failure to download and install.  Quick Time Player and iTunes opens and do not yet detect updates.  I hope that I did not install anything that is damaged within this new update.

    Post edited by: troothteller

    Restart WINDOWS 7 and press F7 to go in safe mode, and then try

    If it works, you may have something installed preventing the execution

    If this is not the case, delete what you have for iTunes and DL again.

  • Safari 5.1.10 (654359.10) does not open some websites she could recently. "outdated browser of Safari. I update Apple frequently

    OX 10.6.8 2.66 Ghz IntelCore MacBook! 7, memory 8 GB 1067 Mhz DDR3, Safari 5.1.10 (653459.10).

    Recent issue. Many Web sites does not open. "Obsolete Safari browser" message. Checking for updates using Apple icon on the toolbar and software up to date.

    Not sure how to fix. I could open up many of the same sites 4 days a go. Thanks for any help.

    Banks and other sites recently moved to exclude the browsers which do not support the latest encryption methods. The old ways seem too precarious.

    Safari 5 is not supported because it only provides this outdated encryption method. 10.6.8 the version of Safari is related to MacOS capabilities and cannot be upgraded separately.

    If it's your Mac:


    It can be upgraded to the latest version of MacOS, ElCapitan 10.11. ElCapitan is currently available as a download, on sale for $0.

    Alternatively, you can put the latest Mozilla Firefox browser, which does not require a Mac OS more later to support it, but won't be available until August.

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    Safe Mode boot removes the system caches that can help after an upgrade.

    Follow these steps to start in safe mode.

    1. Start or restart your Mac.
    2. As soon as you hear the startup tone, hold down the SHIFT key.
    3. Release the SHIFT key when you see the logo Apple appears on the screen.

    After the Apple logo appears, this may take longer than usual to reach the login screen or your office. This is because your Mac performs a check of directory of your drive to boot in safe mode.

    To leave safe mode, restart your computer without pressing any keys during startup.

    Then try to Apple Mail.

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    I have updated the iPhone to my daughter 5 9.3.1 to 9.3.2 using the cable of the lightning to Mac/iTunes method with the full downloaded update.

    The update failed on several occasions ("error (50)") so I chose the option to restore the phone. The restore option also missed several times the phone is not usable or recoverable available for me somehow. He starts by asking to be connected to iTunes, but does not restore when I try it.

    My wife took the phone today at the local Apple Store and after verification they said the cost of repairs could be prohibitively expensive and it might be better to buy a new phone. Cheaper iPhone is currently $679 and has only 16GB so this 5 a 64 GB iPhone.

    My question is - is there any responsibility on Apple when an iPhone (even a former) works perfectly is no longer usable after a software update?

    I know that the unit is out of warranty, but something doesn't look good that I'll now have to pay for another phone when the iPhone 5 launched continuous pop ups listens to my daughter every day to update to iOS 9.3.2,and and then when we finally did what we kept being invited to do we have more a usable device.


    • MBP 15 "run OSX 10.11.5
    • iTunes
    • iPhone 5 (64 GB) already running iOS 9.3.1

    No, he has no responsibility, update that takes all of the resources of the iPhone will sometimes reveal a problem with the device.

    You could do an out-of-warranty replacement of this phone for about half of the cost of a new one, and you get an iPhone 64 GB replacement service in return. Or you can take it to a 3rd Honourable part store and have them diagnose and see if they can fix it.

    Before that, the problem may be a problem with the internet. Have you updated on a PC or a Mac?

  • Updated Apple TV?

    EU it happens twice until today ' today on my two month old 32 GB Apple TV 4.

    Shortly after the awakening of the Apple TV, a black screen with white lettering opens.  Basically, he told me that there is an update and asks me if I want to do the update now or later.  I try to select the button to allow the update and what actually happens is the trackpad movement causes only different applications to choose from (you can here that to happen).  At this point, the only way is to press and hold the Home button for a bit and then click on contact surface - to turn the unit standby.

    When I wake it back, the update screen disappeared.  Yet, I went to the control application to see what update was available and I was told that the unit was updated.  Just for the heck of it, I did a reboot.

    So, I went to do some tasks (with Apple TV asleep).  When I'm working it upward, the same thing happens again anywhere.

    I have a 2nd unit, the same configuration, bought the 10/30/15 and never seen this problem.

    Any suggestions?  Thank you.

    Your message to update is not your TV Apple TV.

    If you use your TV remote next time you'll be able to select the update button.

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