Updated map of RAM and graphics on Satellite 2450

I want to upgrade the RAM and graphics card on my Satellite 2450-101. I wondered if any body has tried to do and is it worth to do. I've been to the Brazil and anywhere with this computer and you want to buy a new one.
I added a new drive hard 80 GB and an additional 30 GB and can do all the shooting, I want. I want to upgrade to the best graphic card for my model or if anyone knows anything which would be compatible.

I have a nvidia 4 400 to go now with Pentium 4 processor, if anyone has any advice, it would be much appreciated.

Hello James

Unfortunately the graphic card cannot be updated. Buy more RAM is a good idea.
The maximum memory that your device can handle with is 1024 MB. Compatible memory module are:
PC2100 128 MB (PA3126U - 1 M 12)
PC2100 256 MB (PA3127U - 1 M 25)
PC2100 512 MB (PA3164U - 1 M 51)

Good bye

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    I have an Equium A100-027 with 1 GB of RAM (2 x 512MB modules)
    If I would like to raise the speed, which RAM modules would need? I also need a new graphic card, can I buy a graphics card or should it be some for my laptop?


    in regard to your question upgrade:

    RAM-> you need 200 pin DDR2 RAM: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SO-DIMM

    Graphics-> update is not possible, because the graphics card is soldered on the motherboard of your laptop, which means it s 'wired '.

    That's all

  • Need direction for the upgrade RAM and graphics card in my all-in-one Center B320 Office idea.


    I want to level of Ram and graphics card I have my all in one ideacenter B320 Office.

    current specification of my office:

    CPU - 2nd gen cor i3 (3.10 ghz)

    RAM - 3 GB

    Graphics - 1 GB (AMD)

    can I put at 1.5 GB or 6 GB and 2 GB graphics card ram level.

    orientation need help pls...

    Thanks to adwance...

    Hi Mahendranaik63

    Welcome to the Community Forums of Lenovo!

    I guess these B320 data can help you with updates.

    Data sheet B320of Lenovo. (The information you are looking for 'KEY FEATURES' statement).

    Also check this personal reference guide under Lenovo B320 page.

    I hope this helps.
    See you soon!

  • Can I change CPU, RAM AND graphics in HP Commpac D220?

    Hello! Thanks to the time to read this topic, I have a question on my hp compac D220 pc so I hope you will tell me the answer!
    IM runing windows 7 now and try to install windows 8.1 but IE NX unsupported. So I decided to change my processor and the extra ram of 1 GB ad, and the new graphics card but I don't know that the graphics card & CPU (last) support my pc.
    Here is my pc in detail.
    1.80 ghz, 180 GB HARD drive and 1 GB of ram, motherboard AMIBOIS, Windows 7 running. So suggest
    me that I buy a new pc or
    change cpu, ram and graphics card.


    As it is an OEM machine, you will not be able to replace the CPU this processor is specifically compatible with OEM motherboard. If you are looking to change the CPU, RAM and GPU, you really can both do you a favor and buy a new machine all together, or build your own.

    Kind regards


  • 3647 Inspiron small office limit of RAM and graphics upgrade card limit

    Hello world

    I thought about upgrading RAM on my Inspiron 3647 small office and graphics for a while now, and I would ask if she can handle 16 GB of RAM (8GBx2) and for all of the suggestions for an upgrade of a 625 GT that would go in his case. The computer has 2 DIMM slots, so I don't think that the 16 GB of ram should be a problem. He already has 4 GB pre-installed.

    Thanks in advance.

    It supports 16 gigs.


  • Maximum RAM and type for Satellite Pro A100


    I have already looked at my manual, but I can't get a definitive answer.

    I went to one of these computers, analysis of Web sites and it claims I have 2 SLOTS where I can put 1 GB DDR II PC2-4200 each (so 2048 MB of ram)
    (es http://www.crucial.com/store/listparts.aspx?model=Satellite%20Pro%20A100%20Seri) But according to CPU - Z, my laptop contains DDR II PC2-4300 512 MB

    But when I recorded from TOSHIBA Web site and entered the serial number of my cell phone, he told me that I had a Satellite Pro A100-196
    When I searched for Satellite Pro A100-196 on the internet, I came across a website (http://toshiba.icecat.biz/en/p/PSAACE-00E00DG3/Satellite%2520Pro%2520A100-196.htm) that says that 100-196 a module of DDR II (533 mhz) and that it can place additional modules up to 4096 MB (which means I can't that modules of RAM 2 GB each)

    So I would like to know if anyone knows the final RAM MAX (and type), I can place.

    Thank you.

    The Satellite Pro A100-196 appears to bear the 667 Mhz front bus!
    So, you can also use the modules of memory 667 Mhz (533 Mhz is also possible).

    I advise to use SODIMM 200 PIN DDR2 modules; 667 MHz (PC2-5300)

    You can upgrade the memory to 4 GB max. So it is certainly possible to use a 2 GB into a slot!

    Good bye

  • Re: Upgrade of RAM and HDD on Satellite L40 - 14H


    Can I update on laptop up to 4 GB memory? May need new bios version?
    Or this model doesn t use more than 2 GB.
    Anyone know what is the maximum size of the HD drive I can use on this model?


    If you do a search on Google you will find:

    standard: 1 024 (512 + 512) MB
    maximum scalability: 2 048 MB
    technology: DDR2 RAM (667 MHz)

    So, as you can see you are not able to be upgraded up to 4 GB, and the bios update does not help you

    Welcome them

  • Update for Windows 7 and BIOS on Satellite L300D-23D

    Hello guys

    I ' v just installed Windows 7 32-bit on Toshiba Satellite L300D-23D, I has not installed the update to the BIOS, but everything works fine.
    Can I update the BIOS?
    Thanks in advance.

    If everything works well I don't think that you need a BIOS update.
    I have Satellite A300 with old BIOS and use Win7 too. No problem at all.

    So that everything goes well, I have not yet thinking about the update of the BIOS.
    Do not touch the well-executed system. ;)

  • Games and graphics on Satellite A110-252

    Why my laptop to play some games only?
    I can't play other parts and T & 1 error message occurs.
    Is it updateon this?
    also is it possible to connect the PS3to machine for playing games?

    > Why my laptop play some games only?

    Perhaps you notebook is not strong enough to play all the games. It supports only an Intel 945GM shared memory graphics card.
    This card is not really designed to play the game.

    > it is possible to connect PS3 to machine to play games
    The laptop supports only s-video port to send video signals and do not receive all the signals. So you will not be able to connect the PS3 to the laptop you. Forget it

  • Drivers sound and graphics for Satellite P200-1EE and Windows XP

    Hi all

    I just bought a new Sattelite P200-1EE. I had downgraded it to Windows XP Service Pack 2. Vista.
    I have two problems:

    1. I can't find the graphics driver for the ATI Radeon Mobility HD2600 for Windows XP. When I hit the link,
    I get a "cannot connect to the remote server.

    2. I can't get the audio driver to work. In fact, I see even the sound card. Fakhreddine there something else I need to install?

    Thanks for any help

    With regard to the point;

    (1) looks like a pilot server optionally publish server maintenance guys. I would recommend this review in the coming days.

    (2) first of all, you will need to upgrade the XP to the last State. All MS patches for XP must be installed. Are very important, these patches; KB888111 and KB835221. You must install these patches before installing the audio driver.

    Best regards

  • The upgrade of RAM and graphics card

    I think to buy a nVidea GeForce 8400 GS 256 MB with 512 MB turbo cache memory [as is x 16] graphics card... will be compatible on an OptiPlex 320?

    Also thinkg on ram, each of 1 GB DDR2 533 MHz, 2 memories will be compatible [also in Optiplex 320]?

    Thank you!


  • How to upgrade my 256 MB RAM on the Satellite 2450-201?

    How to upgrade my 256 MB RAM on my Toshiba Satellite 2450 201? Where is the RAM located on it?

    AFAIK, you can upgrade to max 1024 MB (2x512MB) memory
    You use PC2100 DDR - RAM memory modules.
    The memory must be located under the keyboard. Remove the keyboard, to first remove the thin cover above the keyboard and remove the 2 screws that are placed under the thin cover.

    But if you don't have any experience you shouldn't t do. In this case, contact the service in your country

  • G6 1201tx: hp pavilion 1201tx g6 want to level of ram and hard drive

    I have a hp g6 1201tx with a faulty 640 GB hard drive

    I want to spend the 1 TB hard drive
    How can I do?
    Can I upgrade the ram and graphics card

    Please tell in detail im a noob

    Thnx in advance
    Help, please

    moniqueasconi wrote:
    Which hhd 1 TB should be the best for g series 1201tx.?


    Fast, great spin hides. My suggestion: use the same brand with the existing HDD (normally Toshia or Hitachi)

    Kind regards.

  • Update graphics card Satellite A series

    Hi all

    I have a Gforce GO 7300 series. I want to improve due do not have power over most of the games, is this possible? If so, how?

    and where do I can get this done, I was told it was a 340 MB card I have so been happy in this topic... I have n knows, its 64 MB, with the rest as shared RAM, very disappointed!

    any help is great. Thank you all

    Hello Martin

    Update map sorry, but the graph is not possible. The graphics card is set to the mainborad and cannot be exchanged separately.

    BTW: what model of laptop do you have?

  • Satellite A200-1GH - RAM and fx upgrade

    I upgraded my Ram from 1 GB to 2 GB memory using 2 x 1 GB 2RX8 PC2 5300 memories. I have 2 memory slots.
    Can I switch to 4 GB using 2 x 2 GB ones?

    My graphics card is Nvidia GeForce GO 7300. Can I switch to GO 7600? What other cards that you would recommend?

    My pc is Satellite A200 1GH with model No.: PSAECE - 02900WGE

    Please answer as soon as POSSIBLE in order to make these upgrades.

    Thank you in advance, Dimitris.

    Yes, you can upgrade your laptop up to 4 GB of RAM and it is maximum. You can use 2 x 2 GB RAM.
    Toshiba recommends 2 GB RAM with PA3513U-1M2G part number.

    GPU upgrade is not possible on mobile machines.

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