Updated my graphics card for HP Pavilion Elite e9107c?

Hi all

I want to update my graphics card for my computer, I can barely run settings means on most games these days, I never upgraded a computer in front of either, this was pre-built.

I am aware that the case is really small, but I'm not interested to buy a new computer/case. I want to just buy a graphics card and a power supply so I can run games like Guild Wars 2 and BF3 on medium-high settings. My computer can not handle same BF3 with resolution of 800 x 600, with windows, and graphic down, I get 10 frames per second at most out of it.

Then I would ask, what is the best graphics card that can fit in my computer? And her appropriate food to go with it?


Computer name: HP Pavilion Elite e9107c

Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200(2.33GHz)

Graphics card: ATI Radeon HD 4350

Power: 300W



32-bit operating system - Windows 7

I am sure that all this is true, if I'm wrong, you can check online, its pre-built and I have not touched since.

I don't know what my motherboard, is the one that comes with the computer, I found this out of a site, and I think it's good, I'm not too sure:

Motherboard - PEGATRON CORPORATION / model: 1.01 Eureka3

I know either the size of the card, or the power supply.

Whatever it is it would help a lot! My computer is already 3 years old, and I can not play games like TF2 and Skyrim above 800 x 600 with the everything low-medium settings by getting 20 + FPS.

Thanks in advance for the answers, I will add more information, if I listed those are not sufficient.


Looking at your specifications and the requirements of the games you listed, BF3 is most intense.

(1) you must measure the length available. See here

(2) I would recommend the EVGA GTX560 or GTX560Ti, see here

3) the minimum POWER supply: 560 suggests a 450W power supply, the 560Ti suggests 500W PSU.

I would say the Rosewill 630 or Corsair 600 . I'm the Rosewill this bias.

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    Thank you.


    Your PC is a PC old BIOS and most new graphics cards are active UEFI.

    Most, if not all of the NVIDIA GTX 7xx and 9xx series graphics cards with some exceptions will not work on your PC. The BIOS of your PC is not compatible with these graphics cards.

    The NVIDIA GTX 660 with a 600 Watt power supply will be all that you can do better.  The NVIDIA GTX 670 and 680 can also work, but they can be finicky in older PCs.

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    I see by a few other questions here several cards video suggested, but these responses were a few years old and these video cards are no longer available.

    So, any suggestions on the new video cards less than $200, which will be more apt to little and works as easily as possible? Thank you!

    OK, I got my new video card, to be exact of it:



    It works like a champ! Took me about 5 minutes to install the card physically and 15 minutes to install all drivers and updates.

    So far so good - everything seems OK, so if anyone is looking for a video card for this configuration, it worked for me.

  • How can I determine compatibility graphics card for a Pavilion P6-2378?

    Is there a manual or a list of compatible graphics cards for my Pavilion P6 2378 office? I have improved the power to 500 watts and try to install a Sapphire Radeon HD 7850 PCIe 3.0. It is buggy on startup because it takes about 45 seconds for the display to get a signal and Windows Media center does not open with the card, but does so with the removed card.

    Thank you for your response... P6-2378 is a desktop, not a laptop. I found the cause of the problem and it has to do with the settings that HP or Microsoft Wind8 in the WOODS with the parameter 'Secure Boot'. It must have the value 'Legacy Boot' for a different graphics card to work.

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    Power to the motherboard and the power are not compatible ATX.

    There are some doalogue / of in-depth discussions on the hacks and mods. Your strictly on the own with this.


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    JATON video-339PCI-HLX Radeon HD 5450 512 MB 64-bit DDR3 card should work and this ZOTAC ZT-60604-10 L GeForce GT 610 512 MB 64-bit DDR3 PCI card should work, but in both cases, you will need to upgrade the stock of 250 Watt PSU to something like the Corsair CX430 PSU.

    Please send BRAVO

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    AMD Radeon HD M 7750
    NVIDIA GeForce GT 645 M
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    AMD Radeon HD M 8750
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    And if its possible, should I move on?, as a fan, increase ram, etc

    Model: HP pavilion dv6 6153 cl
    Processor: Intel core i7-2630QM CPU @ 2.00GHz

    Memory: 8 GB ram

    Operating system: Windows 7 Home premium 64-bit service pack 1
    BIOS: Version InsydeH2O 03.60.48F.1B
    Integrated graphics chipset: Intel HD 4 GB graphics family
    Dedicated graphics card: Radeon HD6770M

    No there is no way to upgrade the video card. She is soldered directly to the motherboard. Your motherboard is the highest and best for the dv6-6xxx series, so there is no improvement even if you would swap motherboards. I'm sorry.

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  • HP pavilion p701415: best graphics card for hp pavilion p7-1415

    Hello, I recently bought a hp pavilion p7-1415, and I want to update the graphics card, so I can use a hdmi cable and play games at the best possible quality for this pc. I want to keep on the cheaper if possible side. Thank you. -Brett


    The p7-1415 HP has a BIOS version 8 HP and a 300 Watt power supply.

    Without the power upgrade, the NVIDIA GTX 750 was rated very in some technical magazines PC. Just look for a model that does not require a PCI-E power connector 6 auxiliary pins.  You should be able to run 1920 by 1080 resolution and always get good pace.

  • Graphics card for HP Pavilion p6110y desktop PC

    I recently installed Photoshop on my HP Pavilion p6110y desktop PC and I get the following 2 error messages:

    Photoshop has encountered a problem with the display driver and has temporarily disabled the improvements using graphics hardware.  See the Web site of the manufacturer for the latest version of the software.


    The 3D features require a minimum of 512 MB of vRAM. Photoshop has detected less than on your system.  Update your graphics card driver may solve the problem.

    To check, I discovered that the computer has the Intel (R) with total GMA3100 available memory 256 MB, so I presume that is the problem.  My question is what graphics card is compatible with this system, and I should also adapt the food if I understand that may be required when changing the graphics cards?


    Dave, welcome to the forum.

    Yes, you are right that the video memory is not enough.  I suggest to upgrade the power supply unit (PSU) at least 500W.  This will allow a better video card and future updates.  I like Corsair and OCZ PSU.

    Now for the video card.  I like XFX cards.  Here is a card that should work:


    If you decide on his card you would probably at least 600W.

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  • Satellite A100-207: is it possible to update the graphics card for games


    I am looking to buy the laptop Toshiba A100-207 and it comes with 128 MB shared graphics.

    I would like to play games and I was wondering if I could update the graphics (for example, a nvidia card I could buy and put in) or the fixed graphics?

    I just want to know if I am able to upgrade?

    Thank you


    In my opinion the graphics card or processor is not welded on the new generation of mobile phones. The parts must be simply plugged into the card.
    But this does not change the status of the upgrade.
    Eventually, you will be able to remove the graphics card but I m sure that you will have problems of compatibility with other hardware.

    Fastest graphics card produces more heat and the temperature will automatically increase to a higher level. This would lead to overheating in the question and the laptop would be either closed or not starts.
    PC desktop technology is simply different as on laptops. You can also compare different graphics cards. Laptop factory uses only graphics card chips what don t supports a clean cooling module.

    It simply says s not possible to update the graphics card.

  • HP Pavilion HPE h8 - 1212c: graphics card for HP Pavilion HPE h8 compatibility - 1212c

    Hi, I wanted to update my graphics card. I also know that I would probably upgrade the PSU accordingly too.

    I have been interested in the ti of EVGA GTX 750(click here for a specific card) but I read that they might be incompatible with my motherboard. Is this true? If so, what would be a suitable substitute?

    Here's my card

    Thank you

    Here's a comment on the issue.  It supports the N750 TI TF 2GD5 MSI OC as having the switch. Follow the links and read the buyer reviews.

  • Updated my graphics card on a pavilion touchsmart 23 f250


    I am wanting to update my graphics card.  and I don't know what kind of card to use.  In addition, do not know how to install a since it's my first in a computer.  any help would be great

    System specs


    A4 - 5300 APU with Radeon HD graphics card 3.40 GHz AMD

    Memory installed

    4.00 GB

    Type of system

    64 - bit x 64 processor bassed operating system

    Thank you


    CORI, welcome to the forum.

    The power supply unit (PSU) is external and only 180W.  In addition, there is no slot PCIe.  Therefore, you cannot upgrade the video card.

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  • Recommended graphics card for HP Pavilion p6644y Special Edition

    I bought the above refurbished PC and love it. The exception is not graphics card for games. He has (1) PCIe X 16 vacant slot and I need to know what (games) graphics card recommend in addition to this power supply upgrade would be needed. I was check merchants online, but there is so much new and all the days to come. I'm leaning towards NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560, which just came out. Please notify. Thank you!

    Titelilidu72200, welcome to the forum.

    I like the graphics cards XFX, BFG, EVGA, Sapphire and PNY in that order.  This preference has come from many years of research and visit the amateur/gamer forums.  This video card requires 500W of power and is 9 "long.  I normally recommend staying less than 9 "long.  This ensures that it will not go in the space provided.

    For what is a power supply, I love OCZ and Corsair.  They are very good amateur/gamer manufacturers.  Their products will provide your system with clean and stable energy.  You must measure the existing PSU and compare them to the one you choose.  This ensures that the other is insert in space.  You can't choose this card, but it's a good example of what you need, except for the length.

  • Updating the graphics driver for HP Pavilion DV6 - 2157wm

    Hello world!

    I'm new to this community and I really need help guys. I need a driver for my laptop DV6-2157wm updated. His having intel hd graphics integrated in the laptop and the site of hp, the pilot is always 2009. No new update driver has been provided by HP. That the devil they do? Why are they not updating the driver? No indication of this problem will be really appreciated of you guys

    Thank you


    Download the drivers from the website of intel. you do a manual update which worked very well on my dv6-2150us, and I now have the 12/01/2012 drivers from intel.

    1 save the disk does not open for installation during the d/l process.

    2. open and decompress the files to the folder.

    3. via the devices pane control manager you'll select the graphics card.

    4. open the properties of the graphics card.

    5. Select the driver tab.

    6. Select Update driver.

    7. Select Browse my computer for driver

    8. Select let me pick from a list of drivers for devices on my computer.

    9. select disk, and then find the folder where you unpacked new pilots and selection of a folder named graphics.

    10. Select the igdlh64.inf file and off you go for new pilots being installed. Good luck, it works.

    HP Pavilion


    Intel core i3 - 330 m, trying to switch to i7-820qm if I do work 8)

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  • HP Pavilion 15-p254np: graphics card for HP Pavilion p254np 15 drivers (win 10)

    The comutable graphics that are a big part of HP laptops, if this feature does not then the graphics capabilities of the computer go allmost completely in the sewers. I've recently updated my computer to win 10, completely unaware of the lack of graphics cards drivers. So as soon as now I'm basically at this point where I don't know if it's worth the wait or should I format the computer so I can use the old drivers. There may be another solution, I don't know if the old drivers are compatible with windows 10, but I bet that they aren't.

    I want to know is how long will it take for these pilot to exist, or if they even continue to exist. I'm not in it that much hurry, but I would still do this as soon as possible.

    Thank you!

    Try to install the following driver.


    It was created for Windows 7 and should install the drivers and software for two graphics solutions.

    Another option is to use the following Windows 10 software and the driver for AMD at the following ADDRESS.


    If please keep us in the loop we know what did or did not work.

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