Updates failed after the new HD install

I live in South Africa and use a MacBook Pro bought in the USA by the end of 2014. When I had to replace the HD in December 2015 the company is certified local Apple had to order the HD of the USA. After installing it, they restored my software and data files and mails in Mail.

Since the replacement of HD that I was not able to install updates because after that I give permission to update, I get a notice that no update is available under "this Apple ID" or something to that effect. After 8 months of updates failed my HD is slow again with my computer freezing temporarily and the color wheel - wait please turn from time to time. What should I do to allow updates succeed?

It seems that an another Apple ID that yours has been used when the HD has been replaced.

-Backup your data on an external drive

-Start the recovery of the Internet

On OS X Recovery - Apple Support

by pressing Command + Option + R at the start of the OS X Internet Recovery*.

If start you only on the recovery partition, you may have same problem

then format the boot disk and install OSX. During the installation of recovery of the Internet, the version of Mac OS x installed is what came initially with the Mac. For example, you may need to update/upgrade via the Mac App Store

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  • Repeatedly to get BSOD on Windows 8, even after the new re - installed.


    I installed a new copy of Win8 about 3.5 months ago, and last week I started having these BSOD errors (possibly after a windows update):

    1. NTFS FILES for error SYSTEM

    Everytime I restarted my computer, I had another of these errors. So I decided to update the installation of Windows 8, and because the update remained stuck on 39% more day I left it. At this point, it was simply impossible to connect to windows whenever I tried because the BSOD would leap upward before that windows won't even load.

    Attempts at recovery:

    1. Fully formatted HARD drive, installed Windows 8, but it was just a matter of time until that the BSOD was back again after a windows update. I suspect that these errors are all drivers related issues, but how can we know which driver is causing the conflict exactly? What can I use to read the Dump files easily?
    2. Research showed it could be things like adapters wireless usb etc, and I noticed that my usb adapter list win8 as a compatible platform. I went to the store and bought a usb adapter which is 8 compatible windows. I also bought a HARD disk that is compatible win8 just to be sure. I tried another new facility at the new disk and he succeeded. I installed the driver of usb wireless network card compatible win8 since the accompanying CD and the BSOD was back.
    3. Completely re-formatted the HARD drive tries again, another installation, but once it has reached "Installing updates" IRQL LESS or DIFFERENT error popped up again. I don't think it actually installed updates because the computer was not connected to the network somehow, because the usb adapter is no longer connected to the computer.
    4. I tried to install another after a quick format once again, and when she reaches the "Install updates" step the BSOD came back (no cable Ethernet or a wireless connection to internet).

    Issues related to the:

    1. A full format really helps the situation?
    2. Is it possible to have driver problems during the installation of windows on a hard drive completely wiped out?
    3. Why it would fail to step "Install updates" even if there is no connection to the network, so no way to download the updates?
    4. Is it possible that the other components of my machine cause conflicts?
    5. If not, how can I solve this problem? What are some other things to try?

    Here are the specs of my machine:

    • Graphics, GTX 670 1 800 MB of memory.
    • 16 GB of RAM DDR3 Corsair Vengeance.
    • Processor 3.5 GHz Intel core i7 - 3770 k

    Thank you


    It turns out one of my RAM chips was defective.

    I ran a diagnosis of memory, which has detected hardware problems, then I ran my computer with each piece at a time to determine the defective one.

    My computer works fine now. I think that everything else is fine as well.

    I thank very you much for all the help. I'll reach out again if something else happens.

    Edmar - G.

  • Win7 updates fail on the new X 230 notebook

    Hi, I just bought new lenovo X 230 with pre installed win7 64 bit professional. My win 7 updates are downloaded and installed. However, after restarting the laptop, updates fail to set up, and the system returns to the previous state. And starts to download, and then again updates, and once again, I get the failure message... I also got new lenovo E530 with pre installed win7 home 64 bit. And I'm running into the same problems, it looks like a general problem with updates. I tried to fix it on the web from microsoft, which did not help.  Then I called lenovo warranty support, and they advised me to first install update KB2732500. I tried, installation of 2732500 succeeded however has not solved the problem of another failure of updates. Thank you very much for your suggestions!

    Hello and welcome,

    It is perhaps the issue of kb2647753:

    Re: x 230 problem with config/system updates of windows


  • Adobe Pro update fails after the implementation of software restriction policies Cryptolocker - need to trouble

    Hello everyone

    As part of our protection against the virus Cryptolocker for the rapid spread, I added an object of group policy with strategies for Software Restriction against the execution of files in the temporary directory used by Cryptolocker:





    for example the directories %APPDATA%\microsoft\windows\sendto and %LocalAppData% variable and a level here

    I also blocked the executables to run within different programs 'zip '.

    I learned later (second hand) that Acrobat Pro and Adobe Flash updates have been blocked by this SRP.  They get an explicit message or fail with another error.  The update download correctly, but when you try to install from the system tray icon, it fails.

    If I'll find the downloaded file. MSP file (I have Acrobat Pro 10, so mine was in c:\program data\adobe\ARM\Acrobat_10.1.5) and click on 'Install', it installs successfully.

    We have an administrator is not restricted, but do account updates for people is not a good long-term solution.

    Can someone with experience with this please tell me if there is a specific executable or executables that I can 'whitelist' by adding to my strategy of Software Restriction as a file "without restriction."  The kicker with the 'white list', it's that I need to bless a specific executable (for example I can't quote a directory or give wildcards... There must be a path and the fully qualified name).

    NOTE: We have for most of the Windows 7 machines (no Win 7 is Vista have so the same user directory structure) and a mixture of Acrobat 9 Pro, X, XI

    Thank you very much in advance for your help.

    Updates, most is the MSI file. In all cases, you succeed to make manual updates of http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/product.jsp?product=1&platform=Windows. Download the most recent update (each update will tell you the necessary previous version where you can ignore some). Then perform updates in the order. Simply restart after the update is complete.

  • HP Officejet Pro 8500 a: printers print only after the new cartridges installed

    Whenever I put in new cartridges I have problems with the print head alignment, then it usually printed.  This time, he was sitting with cartridges empty color for awhile and now it does not print at all.  I always use only the new HP cartridges.  It fails the alignment and the blue and yellow and sometimes the magenta show on the sheet alignment.  What is the print heads?  Why would I need to change them whenever I have to add ink cartridges new which makes no sense.  I have never changed them, but they worked very well until I added the new ink.

    Hey @janh1058,

    Welcome to the Forum from HP Support.  I hope you enjoy your experience here.

    I understand that e-all-in-one-HP Officejet Pro 8500 a your printer is printing is no longer.  I would like to work with you on this. I have a few suggestions that might restore your printing capabilities.

    It could be that the long period of inactivity of dormancy has dried the print head, even if you have made the right choice in leaving the cartridges installed in the printer.  I recommend you try the following basic troubleshooting steps before embarking on a manual print head cleaning more intensive:

    • Click here and clean the printhead automatically via the front panel of the printer, as shown in the second Solution.
    • Repeat three times if you still have print quality issues.
    • Remove and reinsert the cartridges once more with the printer to force the printer to print a different allignment page.
    • This to improve the print quality?

    If you use always the same question, I have a few more advanced troubleshooting tips:

  • How recovery will work after the new clean install?

    I have a dv7 - 2177cl comes with Vista Home Premium 64-bit.  I'll do a clean Windows 7 install, when I receive.  What I've read, the recovery partition will be useless after that. I made the recovery disc for Vista.  My question is, once that Windows 7 is installed, do the new recovery disc that he will restore in windows 7 or should I return to the conditions of the factory first with Vista recovery disks and reinstall Windows 7?

    Message edited by blgray on 01/12/2009 12:44

    If you perform a clean Windows 7 install, you would not need the partition recovery. You need not use the Vista recovery unless kit until you want to go back to Windows Vista. Post successful Windows 7, drivers and any software installation required like you, I would say that you take a backup image of the C: drive so that you can recovery back to this work State of Windows 7. You can use Windows Backup and restore of Windows 7 to do so.

  • Photosmart HP 7520: HP photosmart 7520 error remains after the new cartridges installed

    HP new cartridges installed, the error message "one or more cartridges appear to be damaged or missing" yellow cartridge is indicated, two new cartridges have been installed, without success.  Device has been turned on several times but the error message remains the same. The pocket of ink has been packed to remove any residue, did not help.

    Hi @gl40,
  • Printer HP 6500 E709n - impression is very low, even after the new cartridges installed

    New cartridges installed correctly, and there is no error message. But now, the impression is almost unreadable it's so light. What is the problem?

    I understand that you are having problems print quality with low impressions.  I've included a useful document that might solve your problem.

    Let me know if it helps.

  • How to get Nero to Win 7 on Portege R930 after the new clean install

    I have a new Portege r930.

    The Lalonde was formateed and install windows 7 x 64 enterprise as all systems within our Organization.
    Everything is ok, but is anyway download nero, which is included in the original installation, and install it after format?

    I created the recovery discs four system, but this app is not installable in any one of the four discs


    > Everything is ok, but is anyway download nero, which is included in the original installation, and install it after format?

    Non-Toshiba tools and software that are part of the image of preinstalled Toshiba cannot be downloaded separately. You can use this software only as part of image of Toshiba.
    If you have installed your own system, you must purchase the software.

  • activation of Lightroom cancelled after the new motherboard installed


    I have a version of multiple user of LR6 installed on two PCs. Just finished the upgrade of one of the pc with a new motherboard and processor. LR6 says now not active and my trial period is over. How to restore the current activation please?

    Thank you

    Lightroom and Adobe knows that you have installed LR on multiple computers. A new motherboard with CPU new is a new computer. You can try to connect and then back in but may not work as you don't disconnect when the CPU & MB older has been installed. In this case, you will need to contact Adobe directly.

  • I installed Photoshop CS5 on a new laptop, but it doesn't recognize my RAW files.  In addition, repeated attempts to make available updates failed.  The laptop has 8.1 Windows 64-bit.

    I installed Photoshop CS5 on a new laptop, but it doesn't recognize my RAW files.  In addition, repeated attempts to make available updates failed.  The laptop has 8.1 Windows 64-bit.

    You can manually download and install updates:

    Adobe - Photoshop: For Windows: Adobe Photoshop 12.0.4 updated for Adobe Photoshop CS5

    Adobe - Photoshop: for Windows: Camera Raw 6.7 update

    There is something to do with the help of CS5 > update function, but as far as I know it does work as expected more.

  • After the new installation of hard drive and a reinstall of Windows XP on I: function used Drive, Windows Update

    After the new installation of hard drive and a reinstallation of Windows XP I: Drive, Windows Update continually responds with: "Files required to use Windows Update are longer registered or installed on your computer" by clicking on the option to register or reinstall results by bike to the same error.

    Hi TedWie,

    Windows update no longer works for systems with SP2 or less. To check your systems service pack level, click on Start, run and typeWinver in the Run dialog box. If your system does not already have Windows XP SP3 installed, download and install XP SP3 from the link below. (Ignore warnings about professionals of computing and network facilities).

    Windows XP SP3.


    Windows XP SP2. (According to THE level of SP)


    If your system has a Processor AMD, download and install before installation of the SP3 of XP, theUpgrade utility Microsoft for processors not intel


    If you encounter problems installing XP SP3, you can refer to the procedure described in the link below to resolve an installation failure.

    How to troubleshoot a SP3 Installation fails.


    Let us know if this solves the problem.

  • Firefox does not take after the new update homepage

    After the new update of firefox, it resets my setting of the home page that I made
    Randomly, it loads a search engine called search.conduit.comof interfalls.

    How can I stop this!

    You can check in "Windows Control Panel > programs ' recently installed programs see if something of conduct appears.

    • Control Panel > programs > programs and features > uninstall or change a program
    • Click the installed column to sort by this column

    You can open the topic: config page through the address bar and to search for the prefs that refer to led and reset associated user defined prefs ("BOLD") through the context menu on the default value.

  • HP Envy 15 t-j100: Beats Audio does not work after the new update of Windows 10?

    My laptop set to automatically update itself with the new update of windows 10, and after checking my laptop I discovered that the bat sign was gone and uninstalled in my pc. The sound from my laptop has no depth and clarity. Is there a way I could find a driver that has the bat inside Control Panel? Thank you.

    The softpaq driver audio Intel IDT next will install the audio driver and the control panel of beats.


  • Cannot use windows update after the new installation of xp sp2

    Cannot use windows update after the new installation of xp sp2

    How to reset the Windows Update settings?

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