Updating BIOS for Win7 on Pavilion DV6000


I have an older HP Pavilion DV6000 with 4 GB of RAM (2 GB RAM upgrade).    However, only 2.69 GB can be used.   It has been suggested that I have upgraded the BIOS and turn "remapping memory."    The OS is Win7 Home Premium 32 bit OS.

l has a problem to find good BIOS upgrade.

Currently, the version of the BIOS is F.3D

Processor: AMD Turion 64 x 2 Mobile Technology TL-56 1.80 Ghz

Product ID: 00359-062-3478866-85570

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated as my new software needs more RAM to work.

Thank you!


You are the very welcome.

Chart type is the main factor.

Even if your laptop has a Nvidia graphics card, a system memory is set aside for the graphics.

There is nothing you can do to change the amount of memory usable in your PC, unfortunately.

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  • Is it true that MS has created some files updated bios for WIN7. for old motherboards from Intel?

    My MB is an INTEL D965GF and I have loaded WIN7 Pro on what works well enough most of the time.  The Intel BIOS provides from time to time however causes some problems.  First and foremost it is a part of the BIO of labeled ME which was protected by when I received the seller MB and no matter what, I can't break this password.  So, I can't access the parameter/s inside the part of the bios.  Any ideas? There seems to be nothing about it on the INTEL Web site.   BTW, that program seems to have something to do with security for professional use.

    Second, the system is loading too slowly IMHO, which I think is due to the use of a bios that is designed for Windows XP.

    If you know any source for BIOS files to MS or even any other site, please let me know if I can get this machine working with WIN7,

    Thank you very much


    Microsoft would never write a BIOS for the material, it's down to the manufacturer to make their Windows-compatible hardware. Intel would be the only source for BIOS for an Intel motherboard and a consortium which defines standards of material for which Windows accedes, it is unlikely that the motherboard is not compatible.

    The BIOS level password clearing procedure differs from most manufacturers because there is a menu of specific maintenance. The procedure is here for Intel just in case you've not seen. You can also remove the battery for about 30 seconds with the power disconnected must reset the ME admin password.

  • Download HP F19 Bios for win7

    I'll upgrade of processor T7100 to T8100 on my laptop HP 6910 P.

    The latest bios HP technical support Web - F19 - is only available for Windows XP systems,

    not for Vista or Win7?


    Thanks-will try last updated bios for win2k - in safe mode...



  • Updating BIOS for P6000

    Is there an updated BIOS updated to the Pavilion 6000 series?

    And if so, how do you know which model I have? (6071 in 6085 and what important...)

    Hello ShawnyD,

    There is no update of the BIOS for the series Pavilion P6000 from what I can tell. You can always find any driver updates are available directly from HP by visiting this link.

    That being said, it doesn't seem to be much difference this time for what model you like they have all the same drivers.

    Sometimes it may be important because there are always a few subtle differences between versions (there must be a reason to make a new version isn't here!).

    On your case, you should have a label and the label must include information such as your model number. On some machines, it is on the other side is on the back or even some place on top.

    Check out this link to help find the label and then to identify the model number.

  • Question about updating BIOS for Satellite 2450-101

    Hi, I want to update BIOS for my Satellite 2450-101 (model: PS245E-01TMY-IT). I downloaded the BIOS "bios - 20071008123347.zip" on Toshiba Europe site (see link below). Is this the right one for my PC?
    What do you propose to make a backup of the existing before installing the new?

    I want to make an extension of memory, but I'm not sure whether this is necessary. Do you reccoment to update the bios anyway?

    Thank you very much!



    Yes, it's the good BIOS because it s also for your model (Satellite 2450-101).

    A BIOS update is an upgrade of RAM is not necessary. The BIOS has nothing to do with the maximum RAM capacity.
    Satellite 2450-101 supports up to 1 GB, type PC2100 DDR - RAM.

    Good bye

  • Updating BIOS for Sony VAIO PCG-4F1L (VGN-TX650P)


    I can't find the BIOS update for the Sony VAIO PCG-4F1L (VGN-TX650P).


    Yes, update BIOS for VGN-TX650P of computer model is not available for download.

    If it is available in the future, you can mark the page below and chek.


    VAIO CAre advise for these updates if you are using the original factory installation operating system.

    Thank you

  • HP pavilion dv4000: BIOS for my HP pavilion dv4000


    Please help me get the password of the bios for my Hp pavilion dv4000. its gives me an error code of 01435


    Enter lvehe



    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • HP Pavilion 500-320no: updated BIOS for HP Pavilion 500-320no

    Hi HP!

    I have the same problem with the installation of update of the BIOS as other users.

    1. I have to use the update of the BIOS on an HP Pavilion 500 - 320no sp70148.exe? I tried five times through the support Wizard - but it does not work.

    2. and - important hov is this update? -rigth now I'm under FRIEND 80.16, 05/12/2014

    Kind regards


    Hello, Anis, my advice to you would be to let your PC as it is until HP finds a solution for this. I don't want to try what I did if they feel uncomfortable or find confusing.

    You have any other problem with your HP computer, or you just want to update the BIOS?

    If your PC works well otherwise I think it would be much safer to wait.

    I know that computers can be frustrating, but if one little thing goes wrong, when updating any BIOS of computers it will be unusable.

    For someone else think to try what I did, I advise you to wait as I said above to ANIS.

    My pc works always fine, no problem * knock wood * , but my experience goes to work with BACK & before the BASIC programming in the 1980s. If the environment was not alien to me.

    I do not know HP will find a solution before too long.


  • Pavilion dv9660ev: ftp site updated BIOS for HP dv9660ev

    Hi, my laptop is a HP Pavilion dv9660ev.

    I try to find the file executable sp # .exe on the ftp site of HP for the BIOS update. He did for years, I've updated the BIOS and I don't remember the exact file.

    My Information System shows:

    HP Pavilion dv9500 NoteBook PC model system

    SKU KC214EA #B1A system

    Processor Intel (r) Core (TM) 2 Duo processor T7250 @ 2.00 GHz, 2001 Mhz, 2 Lossnay, 2 logical processors

    BIOS Version/Date Hewlett-Packard F.5A, 22/03/2010

    SMBIOS Version 2.4

    Embedded Controller Version 255.255

    My version is F.5A 22/03/2010;

    The only thing I've found so far is sp48024.exe F.5A REV: has the entry date in April 5, 2010.

    Do you know if it is the version of the BIOS right for me?

    Please do not send me to tune. He shows me no update BIOS, since I already have the latest version on.

    Thanks in advance.


    sp48024 is the latest bios for your laptop, but I think that you already have it.  Although the posting date for this update is closed April 5, 2010, the file AVCs to sp48024 on the link below tells the bios is in fact as of March 22, 2010 - see the DetailFileInformation field.


    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Updating BIOS for Satellite M70-165 with Windows7


    I recently got properly installed Windows 7 on my M70-165 with all the drivers!
    I ve installed a SSD hard drive too and now the phone works really well.

    But now I would update as bios version. I ve searched on this site and I find the updated 5.30 - WINNER, but it seems that it is only valid for Windows Vista...

    My questio is:
    Can I install this version on my laptop?

    I want to be very secure before installing this because I don't want to mess up now...

    Can someone help me?

    Thank you

    First of all thank you for your report on installing Win7 on this old Satellite notebook. I had it a long time ago and I was very happy with it using Windows XP Home edition.
    Up to now, on this forum, no one has mentioned on the M70 and Win7 so there is not much info on this subject.
    Fact is that this old piece of hardware is not supported for Win7 and if you have installed and configured successfully don't change anything. Leave it as it is.

    Update the BIOS is not important and does not help improve your laptop as it is. You change any BIOS.

  • Hi all, I need a little help to try to solve a problem of updating Bios for a long time.

    I downloaded the new update of the Bios on the HP site. But when I try to install the update, the process goes up to only while it presents me with an error. Any help would be appreciated, I am trying to upgrade the Bios for the new firmware in order to perform a better processor. Thank you...

    Error code: 3033

    "GoTo" label not found

    on line 89 of w:\patches\i...ate\windows\installer.wbt

    My system is...

    Compaq Presario SR1339uk

    Serial number: CZB5050HBW

    System number: PS267AA

    Motherboard: Asus PTGD1 - LA

    BIOS version: 3.13 12/14/04

    Operating system: Windows XP Home Edition

    Not sure what's going on here, but here is a suggestion on how to properly install manually the update of the BIOS.

    Assume that you download SP26760.exe (BIOS 3.28)

    Start the update - go to the last message you get before it fails and stop. (must be where it prompts you to close the applications and will be saved).

    Open a DOS (command prompt).    You must be an administrator - so if you're running Vista or Win7 - make sure that 'run as administrator ' at the opening of the box.

    Once in the BACK, type:


    go the the directory of temporary files.

    Then make a

    DIR /S 328.LE ROM

    to find the directory where the update files are located.    Type CD < directory name > to go in this directory (on my system, it was a folder called pft467D.tmp, but it might be different on your)

    CD pft467D.tmp

    Now manually invoke (the prompt back, no windows or the windows file manager) the update, with the appropriate switches.  By omitting the switches can cause other problems, as have reported activation of Windows problems.

    AFUWIN /i328. ROM /pbc

    For reference, on my system, here's what I saw in these folders:

    C:\Users\sumsolstice\AppData\Local\Temp\pft467D.tmp > dir

    Volume in drive C is DRIVE_C
    Volume serial number is FE8F-4AA6

    Directory of C:\Users\sumsolstice\AppData\Local\Temp\pft467D.tmp

    26/04/2011 11:11 < DIR >.
    26/04/2011 11:11 < DIR >...
    24/01/2006 15:31 524 288 328.le rom
    01/07/2004 10:54 53 248 AFUWIN.exe
    01/07/2004 10:54 amifldrv.sys 6 912
    21/02/2006 18:08 526 374 Installer.exe
    09/05/2006 17:10 sp26760.rtf 1 784
    11/04/2005 10:55 398 696 WBDEG44I. DLL
    6 file (s) on 1 511 302 bytes
    2 dir 110,361,944,064 bytes free

    C:\Users\sumsolstice\AppData\Local\Temp\pft467D.tmp > AFUWIN i328.rom /pbc

    It should work OK, however no guarantee if there's something else - but essentially - that's what the installer should do.   If this does not work for you - I wouldn't try to force things - you can make a good motherboard unusable quickly.

    For those who are looking to this announcement - the syntax is for this motherboard only - switches may be different for different motherboards.

    Good luck.!

    -DM (while I am an employee of HP for a long time, the comments/suggestions here are my own, not those of my employer).

  • Updating BIOS for MSI N1996 MS-9613 Indio Motherboard Patch 253 error

    So here's my dilemma:

    I bought a HP e9270T renovated in 2009.  Over time, I upgraded my machine in various ways, a box with a better circulation of air, a new power supply, more RAM, etc.  And now, I tried to update my BIOS of motherboard after a recent installation of SSD.

    I found the link for the BIOS to latest update here:

    http://bizsupport1.Austin.HP.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/SoftwareDescription.jsp?lang=en & CC = US & prodTy...

    It keeps giving me an error saying incorrect patch or something in that sense, the real message can be found here:


    I had the motherboard model number right the Board of Directors itself.

    And apparently, because I forgot to write the serial number on the former stop, HP refuses to answer my question by phone, even though I gave them every bit of information they could possibly need.

    I want just a solution to my problem of update,

    I hope you all can help

    Here are the specifications of plant origin and configurable options for your desktop HP Pavilion Elite e9270t CTO and here's the specifications of its card mother MSI MS-7613 (Indio). This is the software HP & Driver Downloads page for your HP e9270t computer. There is no update of the BIOS for your system.

    The reason why you are having problems, install the update to the BIOS, you downloaded it, is because it is one of the several other MS-7613 motherboard which are different. Different motherboards MS-7613 go under the names of Indio, Inverness and Iona. Please note that the BIOS is unique to each of these different Councils.

  • Satellite A110 - BIOS for Win7 and FN key features

    I installed the new Windows 7 on my computer laptop toshiba a110 and surprisingly almost every device was dected and installed by win7. There is problem with PCMCIA driver for Vista solved the problem. But I always have problems with the function keys and of the extra buttons. Do you know which driver should I install to operate the keys Fn?
    Either way, I would ask if toshiba will be dedicated for toshiba satellite A110 Windows 7 drivers?

    I have another problem with the BIOS.
    I have seen that there is new bios update available for my laptop but I don't know which version should I use for WINDOWS 7?
    Update the BIOS
    Toshiba Windows Vista 32 bit 5, 40 - WIN World Wide
    Update the BIOS
    Toshiba OS independent 2, 00 - WIN World Wide

    I thought that if I have win7 OS independent bios update should be fine for me, but in this version, there is a warning, that 2, 00 - bios WIN is not dedicated for users of Vista. I've heard that Windows 7 is based on Vista OS so I don't completely now which version should I choose.

    Waiting for help

    I assume that your Satellite A110 will not be supported for Win7. This means that you probably won't be able to find any driver, tool or utility designed for Win7.
    In my opinion, you should be happy that Win7 works and you have no serious problems with the physical property of work. Then you probably need to have lived without some specific features of Toshiba FN options, but most of them, you can use in different contexts.

    On the BIOS I say not a lot but, as far as I know, Toshiba will offer no special Win7 BIOS update for old models of laptops and if everything works well, you have to update BIOS at all.
    In any case for me, it makes sense to use the latest version of the BIOS that is designed for Vista OS.

  • Updated BIOS for HP a730n desktop

    Nice day!

    I have a HP Pavilion a730n office, I want to upgrade to Windows 8.

    The problem is with the BIOS that does not have the bit eXecute Disable (XD) feature enabled. It is a requirement for Intel processors.

    I followed the instructions for the other requirements such as SSE2 and EAP, which is available on the motherboard.

    I need only enable support XD, which does not show from anywhere in the BIOS, set up.

    Also I checked Microsoft guidance that all processors that support NX also support SSE2. So if I have SSE2 then NX/XD support should be there too.

    So, how can I get a BAD BIOS update to support XD/NX?

    The motherboard is Asus PTGD1 (Louisiana). I tried their support too, but no luck so far.

    Thanks in advance for any help with this.

    See you soon!

    You can upgrade to a more recent or new PC.

    Your PC was introduced on the market in 2004.  The motherboard is too many generations behind current Intel platforms to meet the requirements of the system of Windows 8.

    There is no upgrade BIOS for your motherboard. The only update of the BIOS that was provided was on 2006-05-10, Version: 3.28.

  • Updating BIOS for Satellite M100-150

    May indicate the reference of BIOS for Satellite M100-150 for Windows XP download, on an official website, I can not download, the reference does not work.
    I use the translator so that for the quality of the translation, I don't answer. :)


    Here, you need to check if the Bios update is available for your model, otherwise I think that there is not another source to download here.


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    Sorry, guys I have replied in Russian, just want to help him because of the bios

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