Updating the BIOS T540p to 2.21-> starting problems

I've updated my BIOS til 2.21 on my T540p.

After the witch upgrade was OK, I have problems starting.

1 of 4 of the boot are not placed alongside og ok all connected HARD disk

In the dock or external HDD (USB) connected then startup fails 100%

When startup fails and stops with the Lenovo logo


Best regards Henrik

Lenovo released 2.22 BIOS for the ThinkPad T540p. It includes several fixes for unexpected start-up problems.


UEFI: 2.22 / ECP: 1.13

-(New) updated the CPU microcode.

-(Fix) fixed an issue where BIOS update may fail after the illegal stop.

-(Fix) fixed an issue where Computrace feature may not work.

-(Fix) fixed a problem where the SRSETUP might not work with password.

-(Fix) fixed an issue where supply USB key can be activated when AMT is disabled by the installation program.

-(Fix) fixed a problem where the password prompt may appear when network boot.

-(Fix) fixed an issue where plug USB keyboard may cause hang up with the CONFIGURATION of the BIOS menu entry.

It can be downloaded here: http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/products/Laptops-and-netbooks/ThinkPad-T-Series-laptops/ThinkPad-T54...

Thank you

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    I bought my wife a Toshiba L300 - 20 d (PSLB8E-0CK00YEN). It came with loaded Vista, which it cannot do.

    My grandson offered also to sort. He has installed a new hard drive, loaded with XP and managed to get almost all the drivers working except the WiFi.

    After spending many hours, he decided to update the bios of v1.8 to v1.9. Since it does not start... It happens with the Toshba screen, start windows normally, then it attempts to load windows, flashing and start the cycle al.

    He has tried default settings, tried a XP disk, setting on the disk, nothing. He just does the same thing in safe mode.

    Any suggestions will be appreciated




    The wireless network card is enabled with the hardware switch on the computer laptop and FN + F8? Check this box!

    Additionally, make sure that the latest driver on the Toshiba site is installed, and check the settings of the wireless network adapter TCP/IP.

    Moreover a description that is more accurate than the WiFi works not would be very appreciated.

    Good bye

  • Update the BIOS W540 2.18 cannot start any operating system

    I try to update the BIOS of the thinkpad w540 BIOS version 2.18.
    Everything seems to work fine and it tells me the update is flashed.

    But now, when my w540 starts, it does everything as usual, but when you start to load the operatig system it turn off and restart and that is again and again.

    I can get into the BIOS setup and the version is update a (2.18)
    I can change in the BIOS options and can I choose where my w540 boots. I try to boot from the HD, a CD, a flash, but no use (using Windows 7 on HD and flash Linux and ESXi from CD).

    My problem, I can not start any operating system present.

    Can anyone help please, thank you.

    In the BIOS under startup under Startup UEFI/Legacy, set options "both", "first heritage."

  • Updating the BIOS is dead the satellite Pro P300-1AY

    Hi all

    found this forum and really hoping that he can help me!
    I bought a satellite Pro P300-1AY two years ago, it cost me £900 nr so I thought it would be worthy of a purchase.

    A year ago the USBs stopped working, I do it every working solution I could think of anything will do, finally gave up and learned to live without USBs!

    However, a few weeks ago, the laptop at the start stop, I didn't get was the black screen. Probably a video problem I did all the memory check hard drive everything else, however, it was only an intermittent problem, I found if I he tilted on the side she would begin, another thing to live with!

    But two days ago, I heard that if I've updated the BIOS, it could solve all my problems. so I went to the Toshiba site, found the BIOS updated and downloaded, but to halfway through the installation, the laptop froze and I couldn't t he put it off and had to take the battery out to turn it off!

    And ve you may have guessed, he's now won t start. Even its worst, LED lights, and if I put a disc in the cd I can hear it whirring, but that s it.

    Is - this irreparable? I ve heard of priming of the cd with the original BIOS with a combination of keys or I'm hoping against hope?
    Ty for your time in reading :)


    > Is it irretrievably? I ve heard of priming of the cd with the original BIOS with a combination of keys or I'm hoping against hope?

    Well, usually the BIOS could once again be reflashed, but you would need a traditional version of the BIOS update.
    This version is available for Toshiba FSA.

    So you will need to get in touch with a local ASP technician that could reflash the Rom BIOS module.
    Eventually, after this update the specifications would be stable.

    Good luck

  • Update the BIOS on a booted TS140 UEFI

    My TS140 boots Win7x64 UEFI mode. It's fast and quiet and beautiful. It is due for a BIOS update, although its present 99 for later, A8A.

    Instructions to update the BIOS via BACK to call for the creation of a BACK with Rufus bootable USB flash drive. The flash player is likely to be a legacy MBR bootable.

    Is there a risk of harm a system UEFI boot from and update the BIOS with a disk MBR-started? I have to undo, redo, or whatever it is reset after perform the update?


    You should be able to update via the BACK without any problem and should not affect your BIOS settings.

  • How can I update the Bios because of the question "plugged in, not load?

    I have a gateway computer, and all of a sudden I'm not into error on my charge battery.  I tried all the things people have mentioned in previous posts except to put updated my bios.  Gateway who told me to update them, but their steps did not make sense.  I downloaded the new software on a cd.  But from this point, that do I flash/update the bios?  I tried to start the computer with the disc, but it did not work.  Any help would be appreciated.

    I have three files

    BACK: Has Criskisk.zip, aceracdc.exe, phlash16, a rom and a wph file.

    Then I have a 32 Winflahs record and a record 64 winflash.  It looks like these have wflash mfc applications.

    So I think I have it all, just do not know what to click on and when.

    Hi ski2xtc,

    This would happen if the adapter is faulty or the charger on the motherboard component does not work.

    To update the BIOS to the latest version, you will need to contact the manufacturer of the laptop computer for more information.

    You can try to change the laptop battery and check if it charges properly.


    I hope this helps!

    Halima S - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • How do I update the BIOS on the Tecra R940?

    Are there instructions for BIOS update for my Tecra R940/Win7Pro/64 bit?
    Thank you
    AB - Oz

    On the BIOS Toshiba download page you can download the version of WIN. This means once downloaded BIOS, you must run it under Windows running as all other applications.
    By the way: is there a reason to update the BIOS? Have you noticed any problems with your machine?

  • Satellite Pro 4220 - update the BIOS does not start


    Please, someone tell me what is the problem with the update to v1.60 SP4220 BIOS? It does not start even do it according to instructions.

    I did the following:
    1 download/have unzipped the package v1.60 since the BIOS page on a non-bootable floppy disk empty
    2. put the floppy in the computer
    3. turn on the device with the F12 key

    With a floppy, I got the "non-system disk" error and another with a "EMBRL" error message missing. What is it, I'm not familiar with that one?

    Best regards

    Pete v.


    Can I ask why you want to update the BIOS?
    You have problems?
    If the laptop works well the update of the BIOS is not necessary! My laptop is about 6 years old and I have no day BIOS!

    However, I think that you didn't use the right update procedure.
    Please check this document before starting the BIOS update:

  • Satellite A100-920 - after updating the BIOS, it does not start

    Hi all

    I've updated the BIOS of my laptop to V6.0 (excerpt from the Toshiba site) then Windows XP and it went well, then Setup wanted to restart the PC.
    But restarts, he won't have in the startup process. I can not access the start menu, or anything else by clicking F2 or F12. But could go the detailed process by clicking on escape. And there I see the following messages:

    Phoenix TrustedCore (TM)
    Version.Mak - r1.53
    detects the dual core [email protected]

    No TPM or TPM has problem.
    1023 M system RAM passed

    And that's all.
    I can not get older versions of BIOS, and I couldn't find the version of the version 6.0 update that I could put on a CD for an another BIOS update.

    Anyone has an idea on what is wrong? And if you find that it's to do with version 6.0 and I need a previous version, please could you send me the installation files that are necessary to do the update via a CDROM.

    Thanks for your help.

    It is unclear to me that you can do the BIOS update using CDROM. The BIOS updates are designed to be done under operating systems. Old traditional updates have been a little different.

    In any case, it seems that the BIOS chip is damaged. I can imagine this downgrade can help but where to find the old version. I know you can get it from the authorized service provider. they have access to the database of Toshiba and they can download the old version of the BIOS.

    The download page is just the latest version available.
    Contact the nearest service and ask for help.

  • Impossible to update the BIOS on Satellite A665


    I desperately need help with update my BIOS on Satellite A665 that my battery won't charge and the site said to me updated the BIOS, but it is not letting me update battery is less than 10%.

    Please someone help me because I have no way to use the laptop without power still present.

    Hey Buddy,

    Can you charge the battery when the laptop is turned off? Usually battery LED should show you white and orange color to the loading process if the battery is fully charged. And then start the computer and update the BIOS.

    Try to update the BIOS on the pre-installed Windows version?

  • Satellite Pro A60 - update the BIOS without OS

    I have a Satellite Pro A60, trying to install XP pro but says he needs the BIOS update, downloaded the new update, unzipped and that one file, will not start until no bootable files.

    There is currently no OS on the laptop, I understand that I need an ISO file but where is she... !...


    Why you need to update the BIOS?
    I doubt that XP installation says that you need to update.

    Normally the update of the BIOS is a bit risky and must be that if she of really necessary. In addition the update of the BIOS can only be done from Windows. There is no DOS version, they available only authorized for service providers.

  • Satellite M60 - cannot access the HARD disk but update the BIOS


    I want to update the bios on a Satellite M60
    the problem is that I can't access either on my hard drive it still reboot

    So, first I want to try to update my Bios but as I can't work with windos XP I need to do it with a Dos command.

    is there any solution for this?

    Thank you very much

    and why you want to update the BIOS?

    Even if the BIOS is not updated, the laptop should work well and should start the Windows operating system.
    This means that the problem with your laptop is unrelated to the old version of the BIOS.

    Have you tried to check the HARD drive or to reinstall Win XP?

  • Problems after updating the BIOS on Satellite Pro P200

    I recently buy a Satellite Pro P200 running Windows Vista Business. Yesterday, I updated the BIOS to the version 1.50 supplied with the machine to 1.80 available on the Toshiba site. I double checked that I was using BIOS correct update for the Pro P200 Satellitel running Vista.

    After updating the BIOS, I have now two problems:

    1. whenever I start and join the office, I get an error message "record of Vista has stopped working". This problem has been identified as toshibavistaregistration.exe here: [link: http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?messageID=99805]

    2 Control Panel > system now shows the processor and the memory (RAM) as "not available". Execution of the diagnostic PC Toshoba tool and looking at basic information show also no information on the memory (RAM) Although the processor information here. There may be pieces others missing too under the eyes of list shorter than before the update of the BIOS.

    Basically, I want to get everything working again as it should, but cannot find any information on these issues.

    After further review, it appears that the update of the BIOS is not the cause of the problems.

    Immediately after updating the BIOS, I had a major system crash. It turns out that this is what has caused problems.

    After a system restore to a point before the update of the BIOS and the major system crash, now everything is working again with BIOS version 1.8 in place.

  • Satellite Pro 6000 - how can I update the BIOS?

    Hi all

    I have the problem that my laptop does not start 9 of 10 times with the message: * block 1 BIOS is damaged, call your service man.

    I want to update BIOS but for the Satellite Pro 6000 I can only find an update the BIOS from Windows. But my laptop does not start! Rarely the machine starts, but when I try to update the BIOS, I get the message that I already have the latest version of the BIOS

    My questions:
    * Is there a BIOS update file that is a BIOS floppy? (for example the Satellite Pro 6100 has 2 BIOS files, 1 Windows and 1 making a floppy disk)
    * Is it possible to update the BIOS with the same version of Windows?

    Or perhaps there is another solution for this problem? Has no need to update my BIOS?

    Thank you.



    I agree with Luke.
    The rom Bios module seems to be damage.
    Either it must be replaced or flashed again.

    But you won't be able to do that! The update of the Bios on the Toshiba page focuses on winning and you will not be able to update if the windows are not running.

    You last chance is an ASP that could check the BIOS ROM.
    As I said, most high, maybe new reflash module Rom help but cela can be answered simply by an ASP technician who checked this.

  • Update the BIOS on a Tecra M5 - 386 when the battery is not recogised.

    My battery is not seen by my Tecra M5, but still fresh and feeds the laptop, I found info that offers as well as an upgrade of the BIOS might help, but the software update me gives an error message "[error] AC adapter is not connected, or battery power is not enough." How can I update the BIOS by bypassing the software security device? Told me on another forum that execution of the update .exe with /forceit BIOS in the CMD window that did not work. Can anyone help please.

    In most cases, the update of the BIOS does not solve battery problems
    Maybe the battery starts to malfunction because of age.

    I would recommend replacing the battery first!

    By the way; I guess the while the update of the BIOS error because of the software required missing; If you are using Win XP, then you must install page European driver of Toshiba common Modules. If you are using Windows 7 you must install VAP (value added package)

Maybe you are looking for