Updating the Intel Graphics adapter; Error 80070103 - HELP Update Windows!

Hi, I am trying to install an optional update for my HP computer through Windows Update, titled, "Intel Corporation - graphic adapter WDDM1.1, WDDM1.2 graphics - Intel(r) HD Graphics. If I do not install this update, my screen flashes every once in a while and then say "Graphics card Intel for Windows 7 is is crushed, but recovered". If I try to install the update, it sits there for a minute or two, then said the update failed; Error 80070103, Windows Update encountered an unknown error. "Help, please!

Hi, I am trying to install an optional update for my HP computer through Windows Update, titled, "Intel Corporation - graphic adapter WDDM1.1, WDDM1.2 graphics - Intel(r) HD Graphics. If I do not install this update, my screen flashes every once in a while and then say "Graphics card Intel for Windows 7 is is crushed, but recovered". If I try to install the update, it sits there for a minute or two, then said the update failed; Error 80070103, Windows Update encountered an unknown error. "Help, please!

You should only as a last resort, to install the drivers of devices offered by Windows Update. I suggest that you go to the link below and search for the latest drivers for your display device.

From Intel's Download Center.


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  • Why dose the intel graphics card stop work to use windows 7

    Use internet Explorer (64-bit), then try Internet Explorer
    (32 bit) to play the MMO game. You play the game, then the graghice stop working, then you need to close the session to get back in the game. Family Vista premium work well.

    Make sure that your video card driver is up-to-date.  You want to use THE 32-bit to play the game.  Have you tried to play any other games based on Java?  Have you tried using another browser on the game?  Try these things and post back with the results. Mike - Engineer Support Microsoft Answers
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  • HP ENVY 15-j101ex and the problem of compatibility with the Intel graphics driver update

    Hello community HP,

    I got my brand new HP ENVY 15-j101ex for almost a month now and it works very well. I tried to play any of my games on it and after 20 minutes the laptop crashed. After searching the cause, it turns out that my Nividia Geforce and Intel Graphics driver have been exceeded. I updated the driver from Nividia and everything went well. However, whenever I have download the new driver for the Intel graphics card it is not updated and simply say that my computer does not meet the minimum requirements. I checked the name of the driver and I even used the center of the action on my computer that I warned that I needed to update my driver and he even gave me a link to download from, but the same error occurred.

    Now, I can't play ang game without my computer crashing down. Everyone has faced this problem and does anyone have a solution?

    Thank you


    If you want to install the drivers and got downloads provided by HP, and then use the HP Support Assistant.

    Do not rely on the center of maintenance Windows for driver downloads recommendations.

    Download the Intel HD graphics card is not necessary. It willl be usually used only for productivity software you install and web browsing.

  • HP ProBook b 6540 - XP - Intel Graphics Driver Error: GfxUI has encountered a problem

    Product number: WH431PA #ABG
    Model: Probook 6540 b.

    OS: Windows XP Pro SP3 (I've restored Win 7)

    Error: GfxUI has encountered a problem and needs to close<-- happens="" when="" i="" login="" to="" laptop="" or="" open="" graphics="">


    After installing windows, I installed the drivers from the supplied CD.

    The Intel Graphics Driver software does not work.

    At the start of the system or if I try and go to properties of the graph, I get a windows error: GfxUI has encountered a problem and needs to close.

    I updated the BIOS and downloaded the Intel Graphics driver from HP website and tried again.

    Error continues.

    Do not know what I do then its an out of the box, laptop and we expect more.

    Is anyone else having the same problem?


    He worked on the fix:

    Re-installation of operating system was going to be my next step, but you have confirmed it.

    After redo the partitions correctly with the free version of Paragon Partition Manager 10.0 and re - install XP DVD provided with resettlement twit drivers DVD provided the problem has been resolved.
    See you soon!

    What I think happened was when I have crashed the Win 7 partition using the XP install process it did not correctly configured it.

    There is a small free space before the partition on which I have installed and the partition cannot be marked as Active. The MBR boot record must getting screwed up. He also scored this partition as number 5 for example: Partition 5 (do not know if it was the cause of many) but after I erase all partitions and repair installation of MBR disks worked.

    Advice to others when go back to Win XP:

    When you roll back to XP using a 3rd party Partition Manager (preferably the last one coz old onse do not work)

    Erase the entire hard drive including the HP_RECOVERY and HP_TOOLS partitions and create the partitions you need.

    I used the free version of Paragon Partition Manager 10.0.

  • How to set up the Intel Graphics = battery / AC Power = nVIDIA GPU?

    Right, so I formatted my laptop and reinstalled all the drivers Lenovo stocks to avoid headaches

    I'm on a High Performance plan for the moment

    What I want to do is... set the plan of the High Performance always use the nVIDIA GPU if I was connected to the power adapter or battery.

    I also want to set the balanced plan to use the GPU nVIDIA while on AC power, but go to the Intel graphics card when I use the battery

    How can I configure it that way?

    Thank you

    Never mind, I just realized I can simply press the button located on the right side of the laptop to switch between graphics chipsets

  • uninstalled the Intel Graphics driver

    I accidentally uninstalled an Intel Graphics driver... How can I get it back?  I have Windows Vista on a Dell inspiron 530.

    Hi Terrell Gibson,

    Usually drivers will install automatically after you uninstall and restart the computer.

    Otherwise, you can check the Dell support to address following link and try to update the latest version of the Intel graphics driver.

    Drivers & downloads for Inspiron 530 desktop PC =

    For more information, you can consult the following article:

    Update drivers: recommended links

    Hope this information is useful.

  • HP ProBook 4530 s: need help in the intel graphics driver installation R Hd!


    I recently updated my windows for windows 7 to windows 8.1, after installation, I discovered that the screen was too big and he only microsoft basic display adapter, but there was no graphic driver intel.

    When I arrived to support by internet, I was download the R intel hd graphics driver, but when I tried to install it on my pc it shows nothing but errors errors only. Right now am really stuck, I can't play a game.

    Please I really need your help, what should I do?

    Here is the screenshot of the eror!



    Have you tried the driver W8 support for your laptop and driver page?


    Your laptop does not have a graphics adapter Intel HD 4400 this is why the driver doesn't work.

  • What makes the Intel Graphic Driver Update?

    I just got an update which reads: graphics Intel Corporation - Graphics Adapter WDDM1.1.

    WDDM1.2, WDDM1.3 graphics - Intel(r) HD Graphics Family. I had no problem with installation of this update, I just want to know what I've done. I mainly use my windows laptop 8.1 for games and video editing software, so the update would improve game performance (and if so, how)? Thank you in advance for your response if one is on the left.

    It corrects code that can cause the pilot to crash. It should not lead to changes in performance.

  • Satellite L500 - 1 7 cannot install the Intel graphics driver

    I can't install drivers for my graphics card on my computer. It's a satellite L500 - 1 7.
    You can see his Setup here:
    Manufacturer: Intel
    model: Mobile Intel GMA 4500 M

    On the site of the intel, they said download the drivers on the toshiba Web site but here does not install the drivers.
    During the installation a message saying:

    «This system does not have the minimum system requirements make the installation of the software.» The installation program will stop. »

    I was able traduct by 'the system has not requiered minimum configuration for the installation of the program. The game program will stop.
    I have download this driver:
    Chip Set Utility
    Intel Windows 7-64 bits World Wide

    I'm sure it's good drivers, so what could I do to be able to install this driver I need?

    Sorry for my bad English!

    In General, it is always recommended to use the Toshiba drivers only. Toshiba drivers are tested and adapted to work with graphics placed in the laptop. There are also some overheating protection mechanism and damage graphics card.

    If you check this forum, you will find many users with the same problem. manufacturers of graphics cards write on the pages of own download for portable computers, it is strictly recommended to use the drivers from the laptop manufacturer.

    I think that you think that is good driver, but do you also think that s Toshiba driver is not good or not good enough?

  • Cannot install the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver

    * Original title: what is graphic driver install

    I have and HP Compaq that I try to update the driver Intel Graphics Media Accelerator.  The office is currently running Windows 7 Home Premium SP1.  Don't know if this information is necessary, but it has: Intel Pentium 4 3.20 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 32 bit processor.

    The current version of the driver is  The version of the driver that I am trying to download is  I checked to see if it is compatible with the chipset and is it supposed to be.  The chipset is 945/Pl/G/GZ, Rev A2

    I use Intel Driver Update Utility that is the update of the driver.  I download the driver, but when I try to install, shortly after update Intel says installation failed.  So why can't the new driver to install.  Thank you.

    Thank you to answer, but the correction of a problem.

    I tried for a few hours and several times and I kept getting the message that the installation has failed.

    I stopped by train, posted this message and returned later to the computer to do work.  When the computer has started a black box open during startup that resembled a command prompt screen.  But orders and yes there are commands in the box, were automatic and down themselves. It lasted only a few seconds and the closed box.  This has happened then twice I started the computer.  Then later, when I started the computer I decided I'd give it another try and found the driver had been installed.

    I know that I didn't install it because whenever I tried it is impossible to install.  I can only assume that everything that was going on when the black box has appeared, ran it's own commands solved installation problem and install the driver...

    Thank you.

  • What chipset is the Intel Graphics Accelerator X 4500 for my part # 2746CTO?


    I'm new to this Forum. I have read posts & am happy with the current 'Members' & administrators.

    In addition, the connection is good to go join the site.

    I joined other sites Forums & hardware supported, but had troubled the connections (see Asus).

    Dell in India support is lame; real bad help.

    In fact, I called Lenovo Service customer to inquire if English is the language first re. Supported, etc.

    before you buy Lenovo.

    In any case, what comments can you do on this chip of grahics full: "what chipset is" I can visit Intel for

    the data on it. model Sl500.

    I'm not a 'gamer' so do I choose correctly save on the graphics upgrade option.

    I "collect" data printed on the hardware of the computers I buy, I sell them after a few years.

    the buyers appreciate some data, that is why I ask.

    Thank you.

    I can't wait to share the knowledge that I'm able to help with others.

    Best for you,

    Jim aka ' vineyardtechie, like Martha s Vineyard.

    The GM45 chipset, I think.  The integrated graphic part is the GMA 4500MHD.

    I'm a bit of a gamer and I tried a few games on my own so far.  I think the 4500MHD is quite reasonable.  He isn't a speed demon, but it's good enough to play more modern games with some details turned down.  It's much better than some of the previous integrated Intel graphics chips.

    I wanted the dedicated graphics card, but couldn't afford it.  But I'll be able to live with the 4500MHD.

  • Curious to know why the Intel graphics card is used by the PS

    The illness forced me to move a laptop at the moment and I bought a Dell XPS 15: i7, 16 GB RAM, intel and Nvidia graphics devices, screen UHD / 4 k. I've noticed that CC using the Intel display device:


    .. .not the Nvidia 960 a M:


    It surprises me.  In the past, I have had a problem with this kind of set up and had to uninstall or disable the function of Intel as well as CC will not work correctly.  In any case, not the device of 960 m would have more heft than Intel one?  Is the arrangement created by Dell?  CC seems ok with this configuration, except that it has more brush stutter when you paint as usual.  Can I disable the Intel device and let the 960 m to do the job?

    Grateful for any advice. Laptops are again for me...


    A Nvidia card usually has a control panel

    Go to the control center and change the global settings to always use the Nvidia card or allow the use of specific graphics cards of the program and the value Photoshop.exe always use the Nvidia card here, now, Photoshop should detect the Nvidia card.

    Hope that helps


  • Satellite M45-S331 - 10 on the wireless network adapter error code


    I have problems with the installation of the card WiFi on Toshiba Satelite M45-S331. The Intel pro 2200BG card is

    After you have reinstalled windows and the drivers for this card, I get the following message: "this device cannot start. ' / Code 10 / '. Where could be the problem? I found a few guides and tips for installation and reinstallation of this card but nobody does not work.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Thank you

    Hey Kramer,

    Are you sure that you have installed the right driver WLAN? As far as I know that Toshiba laptops are delivered with various wireless network cards. The Toshiba page also shows Atheros WLAN drivers then perhaps you have an Atheros card?

    In addition I would try reinstalling Windows using Toshiba recovery disc. There are all the drivers and tools pre-installed.

  • The creation of sequence error. Help, please

    I use following script to create the sequence but in error
    Error report:
    SQL error: ORA-01722: invalid number
    01722 00000 - "invalid number."

    MAXVALUE 999999999999999999

    FYI... The bulletin_master_id column data type is NUMBER (22.0)
    Help, please.

    Published by: user11228834 on May 29, 2013 10:22

    Published by: user11228834 on May 29, 2013 10:23

    Published by: user11228834 on May 29, 2013 10:25

    Oracle doesn't like the ' (select max (bulletin_master_id) + 1 bl_btn_master)' statement incorporated in the CREATE SEQUENCE statement because if you look at the syntax it expects an acual number.» You can use run immediately to create the sequence in this way:

    number of v_seq;
    v_statement varchar2 (200);
    SELECT max (bulletin_master_id) + 1
    in v_seq
    of bl_btn_master;

    v_statement: = 'CREATE the SEQUENCE BL_BTN_MASTER_SEQ |
    "MINVALUE 1' |
    "MAXVALUE 999999999999999999' |
    ' INCREMENT OF 1' |
    'START WITH ' | v_seq |

    execute immediate (v_statement);

  • Failed to initialize the installation program. Error 110. On Windows XP.

    Whenever I try to install LV6.1 or LV6.1 DSC Run-Time system, on my Windows XP machine, I always get the following error message:

    Failed to initialize the installation program. Error 110.

    I think it has something to do with the MSI or "Windows Installer". I tried to uninstall all of THE products of National Instruments, but it did not help. Any ideas?

    Hello. Thank you. I tried, but in fact, it did not help. However, after doing a little research on our, I found a solution by following these steps:

    1. reboot Windows XP in Safe Mode
    2. double-click on the Setup program to start the installation process
    3 cancel the installation process after it starts
    4. restart windows in normal mode

    Now, all my applications of MSI with setup.exe work correctly! Quite strange. Just for the record: this problem was not due to a Virus protection program (as all assumed first that many people) and it kept me from running applications (MSI?) of ANY installer from a CD.

Maybe you are looking for