updtes does not install on windows xp home edition 2002 service pack 2


After formatting window updtes do not install on windows xp home edition 2002 service pack 2

Rabindra Nath Nandi


HOW TO get a computer that is running Windows XP SP1 (a) or install SP2 fully patched after a cleaning
https://groups.Google.com/Forum/?fromgroups#! msg/microsoft.public.windowsxp.general/quMfqk8Eb94/K93XrUGuZqAJ

VERY IMPORTANT! => Step #4 links above, making resolution method #2 (No method no. 1) on this page: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/943144

Tip: After completing the computer fully patched, download/install KB971029 manually before connecting any player external to the computer: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/971029

More: http://aumha.net/viewtopic.php?f=62&t=44636

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    My Windows XP home edition with service pack 3 now displays the status of my absorbing as "State of the network" wireless network connection but never connects to the network. This started after my last Microsoft update has been installed. .

    original title: status: network address acquisition
    Hi BKlap,
    Try these methods in the order.
    Method 1: Repair the network connection to solve the problem.
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    Have you made changes on the computer before this problem?

    The following thread might be useful: http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Desktop-Operating-Systems/Sonic-Software-Update/td-p/377117

  • I have Windows XP Home Edition w/service pack 3. Windows Media Player will play CD but won't play DVD. What I can do. I am a beginner on the computer.

    I need help for fixing Windows Media Player in Windows XP Home Edition. Plays CD but will not play a dvd. I had my computer cleaned by a computer company of fix - it about a year ago, and they have installed service pack 3. I tried the free VLC Player and it would not work.

    FWIW... Win XP cannot natively recognize Commercial
    DVD video... it requires a DVD decoder.

    You can buy a DVD decoder at the following link:

    (FWIW... it's always a good idea to create a system)
    Restore point before installing software or updates)

    Info about DVD decoders:
    Plug-ins for Windows Media Player

    Or you can download and use one of the following freeware
    media players:

    * Do not know why you dislike VLC... most users find it excellent *.

    VLC Media Player
    (works on XP/Vista/7)

    Media Player Classic Home Cinema
    (works on XP/Vista/7)

    Or... you can try to download and install one of the
    Following codec packs.

    (FWIW... it is always preferable, if you create a system restore
    point before installing any software or updates).

    * Proceed at your own risk *.

    (1) K-Lite Codec Pack (full)
    (Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64)

    (2) Windows 7 Codec Pack
    (2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008 / 7)

    (3) Media Player Codec Pack
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    Good luck...

  • Cannot format disc disc HARD NTFS - Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 3

    Hi, I hope someone can help me to solve this problem, because it drives me crazy. I have Dell Inspiron 4500 which HDD is running out of space. There was also a problem with the disc essentially installed 2 new 1 x 120 GB Maxtor hard drives and 1 x 320 GB Hitachi. I installed Windows XP Home Edition on the Maxtor from scratch and load all the drivers and patches, etc... However whenever I try to put in place the Hitachi under NTFS, it falls on the formatting. If I use third-party tools all right until you try to access it through windows, then I get "cannot access the disk, the files are corrupted or damaged. In windows Disk Manager, you can see the drive, but the file system is empty. I can take out the drive and set up on my other machine without problem. I can set up the correct disk in FAT32? If I then try to CONVERT, switch again.

    Any help to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind rgds

    Hello Maver1ck63,

    Thank you for your message.  You have the jumpers physics master/slave accordingly?  Otherwise, the value OS hard drive (Maxtor) to the master and your Hitachi to the slave.  After a reboot, your system recognizes this drive in 'my computer '?  If so, can you right click and format the drive?  (Keep in mind, the formatting will erase all data on the disk, you will need to back up any important information before formatting).  If you cannot access or recognize this drive:
    Click 'Start' > right click on 'My computer' > select 'manage '.
    Click on "disk management".
    Do you think your player, you can get in shape from here (or assign a drive letter if it is not recognized in my computer)?
    Please let us know the result.
    See you soon

    Engineer Jason Microsoft Support answers visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Satellite X 200: WLan driver does not work with Windows XP Home edition


    I'm trying to get WIFI on my Satellite X 200 XP. I downloaded the drivers of these 'wlan-intel-1244-7147"but still no luck, also after installing these drivers, I get an error when I stopped saying" sample program does not.

    This is a new installation of XP complete, I gave up with Vista.

    You have an Intel WLan card or the card Atheros WLan?

    Perhaps you have used a just a bad driver

  • Printers HP officejet j145 does not install on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

    On my new Sony Vaio desktop running Windows 7 Edition family premium, when I plugged my USB for my printer HP officejet j145 connection, apparently found windows update driver generic Microsoft for d-series but starting failed. The error code returned is WindowsUpdate_80070570.    When I tried to use the Add Hardware Wizard to install the printer manually, the error message says parts of the driver are missing or damaged.

    Does anyone have a solution for this?

    First, make sure that you get rid of the old driver: http://www.coribright.com/windows/Article_One.htm don't miss the step 4.

    "Then download the latest drivers from: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareCategory?product=64992&lc=en&cc=us&dlc=en&lang=en&cc=us&submit=Go%20.

    Do NOT connect the printer until the software tells you to do.

  • Windows genuine advantage (KB892130) validation tool will not install on Windows XP Home Edition

    It is an update that I got Windows

    Hi BobHenryUU,

    I suggest you download and install Windows Genuine Advantage.

    Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications is a tool to help reduce software piracy. This tool will confirm that the copy of Windows installed on your PC is genuine and authorized. If it is not genuine, the tool will provide periodic reminders to help you take appropriate action.

    Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications


    Let us know the results.

  • Satellite A200 - scrolling features does not work in Windows XP Home edition


    I bought my Satellite A200 (psae3e) with Vista 3 months ago. I sent my computer to a laboratory and asked them to install XP. Well, everything seems to work outside scrolling on the touchpad.

    I tried everything to reinstall the sinaptics driver and the Alps to dig in any configuration. I could find associated with the mouse in the control panel. Also tried the FN + f12 key (supposed to turn the roll on and outside) without success.
    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you

    I can just say that I installed several times friends WXP A200-1CR and everything was OK. I'm really surprised that you had this problem. In any case, it is important that the problem is resolved and you can use the scroll function. ;)

  • NET framework 3.5sp1 not install on windows vista home Edition

    during the installation it gives error like

    failed to install for the component microsoft .net framework 2.0 sp1 (CBS). MSI re-tuned 34 error code

    Take a look at this thread because it deals with issues of update of .net.  Go through the troubleshooting on it and let us know if they correct your mistake. Mike - Engineer Support Microsoft Answers
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • I'm operating a windows XP Home Edition with service pack 3. Analysis of essential security of a windows shows that my computer is infected with a virus ' "Trojan horse: back/Alureon.A"»

    In January of this year my computer would freeze, or be very slow in its normal operation. This happened constantly. I tried to verify that my windows update check to be sure that I was getting my automatic updates. I was unable to connect to Windows update, no matter how many times I tried. This never happened before. So, I thought that my inability to connect to verify Microsoft Updates could be related to my computer running at a slow speed and / or gel constantly upward. When the computer froze, the only way to recover was to hit the kill switch and crash the computer. After the reboot, the computer could work normally for a period of minutes and resume again slow down and not to freeze completely upwards. For weeks, a Microsoft Tech person (Kevin) worked with me by e-mail and tried to fix my computer problems. Kevin exerted a lot of patience and accompanied me through a series of steps designed to understand what the problem was and fix it. At the time where we ran a Microsoft Scan (Scan, I believe was the name One) followed by an analysis "HijackThis". Kevin then read the results of analysis and recommended destruction of vast print of HijackThis. This has made some slight improvement to operations. As Kevin has attempted to provide additional assistance, I left for vacation. I came back, I did a scan of Microsoft Essential that determined that my computer is infected with a virus called "Trojan:DOS / Alureon.A.

    How do I rid my computer of this Trojan horse and restore my Microsoft updates and restore normal operation of the system?

    Thanks, Ben

    Run this Alureon is a rootkit . This can restore windowsupdate, once he removes the rootkit

  • Centro not sync-ing for Win XP Home Edition with Service Pack 3

    My new Palm Centro can't synchronize Palm Desktop running on Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 3.  The Palm "getting started" Troubleshooting (very polite and free) told me I could go back to Service Pack 2, or upgrade to Vista.  There is a kind of incompatibilities between SP3 and current HotSync Manager.  I'm going to buy a Mac before I go to Vista, and do move back is unattractive.  Anyone know of another work around?

    The problem was that Agendus 4.31 does not work with Palm Desktop 6.x.  You must upgrade to a newer Agendus.  After some research by me and iambic, the manufacturers of Agendus, we discovered that I was given bad advice about the compatibility of the Agendus older and latest Palm Desktop.  Once I bought and installed an upgrade, things started working properly.

    Message relates to: Centro (Verizon)

  • Don't have a product key for my Windows XP home edition 2002

    I was installing my Windows XP home edition 2002, because my friend told me it would help if I re installed he can fix a lot of problems, but he asked for a product key.  I don't have, what should I do?

    How to replace lost, broken, or missing Microsoft software

    Carey Frisch

  • See 4.6 Client installed on Windows 7 Home edition does not connect to the Manager

    Dear friends,

    I just joined this communitity, need help with a small problem of debugging that arrested me in the track.

    I recenty view upgrade 4.5 to 4.6 view, upgrade some services don't prevent not problems, but I have overcome by reading the blogs on the internet. After the upgarde I can't connect to connection Manager from the view of my Client to view 4.6 - Vesrion - 4.6.0 366101. Only thing I can think that my view client 4.6 is installed on Windows 7 Home Edition. But I had no problem connecting to the connection manager when I saw 4.5 client installed on the same workstation.

    Any help will be much appreciated...

    In VMware View Administrator go to

    Display Configuration > servers > discovers the connection to the server > edit.

    Uncheck the box for «use a tunnel connection is secure on the desktop»

    then restart the view connection server service

  • a preparation free gata with GK Publications cd does not run on windows 7 Home Basic.

    A cd of free door preparation with GK Publications does not run on windows 7 Home Basic.

    I have buyed a book for the preparation of the door named GK Department with a cd inside, it includes the series of door documents test to practice. But it is to create an error message problem showing that Microsoft.jet.OLEDB.4.0' is not regestered on the local computer.    Please sort out the problem as soon as possible.

    Hi preyashi,

    Thanks for posting your question in the Microsoft community forum!

    I understand that you are having problems running a program from a CD on your computer. I'll help you solve the problem. To be able to understand the question in a better way, I would like to ask you a few questions.

    (1) did you make any changes before the show?

    (2) you are able to run the other Setup program on your computer?

    Senario 1:

    See if it is compatible with Windows 7.

    If this isn't the case, you could try installing in compatibility mode for Windows Vista or Windows XP.

    If the program is not compatible, then you try to install and run the program in compatibility mode.

    Use the following steps:

    (1) right click on the program.

    (2) click on Properties.

    (3) click on the tab compatibility.

    (4) select run this program in compatibility mode and select Windows Vista or other operating system, the program has been run successfully.

    Check out the link here: make sure to run older programs in this version of Windows


    If compatibility is not successful, then try and run the program compatibility problems:

    1. open the troubleshooting program compatibility Troubleshooter by clicking the Start button.

    Then click on Control Panel. In the search box, type troubleshooting, and then click Troubleshooting. Under programs, click on run programs for previous versions of Windows.

    2. follow the instructions in the troubleshooting.

    If you are unable to install a program, insert the installation disc for the program and, using the Troubleshoot utility, navigate to the program setup file, usually called Setup.exe, Install.exe, or something similar. This utility is not designed to work on programs that have an .msi file name extension.

    Senario 2:

    The behavior you describe is expected if your application runs in 64-bit mode, all components that use must also be 64-bit. There is no 64-bit Jet OLE DB Provider, so that you get the message as described. You will receive a similar error when you try to connect to a database by using OLE DB or ODBC if there is no 64-bit of the specified OLE DB provider or ODBC driver version.

    This problem occurs only in applications that run in 64-bit mode. Compiling the application so that it works only in 32-bit mode is the current best solution.

    You may need to contact the manufacturer of the program to find out how to set the path target to x 86.

    More information

    32-bit and 64-bit Windows: frequently asked questions


    Please let me know the status of the issue. I will be happy to provide you with the additional options that you can use to get the problem resolved in Microsoft Windows.

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