Upgrade a R710 with SAS 6/ir with a PERC

I have a situation to come and advice/suggestions would be appreciated...

I have a R710 with 6 x 3.5 inches disks chassis and populated with 6 disks (2 x 136GB and 4 x 300 GB) SAS
The server was poorly specified before buying and bought with a SAS6/ir controller

The server is an Exchange area.
Operating system is on C:, which is a RAID-1 using the 2 x 136 GB SAS drives
Data on D: which is a RAID 1 using 2 of the 300 GB drives
The other 2 players are sitting doing nothing as the SAS 6/ir can support 2 virtual disks and only RAID 0 or RAID-1

The problem is the volume of data is closer to capacity and I really need to use the replacement disks.
After reviewing several options, it seems to me that the only viable solution is to get a PERC H700 and import foreign VDs but I read that import a SAS 6/ir VD containing a Windows operating system in a PERC H700 is not possible/supported.
I believe important to the volume of data would be ok and then I could use RAID level migration and online capacity expansion to add replacement discs and convert RAID-1, RAID-5, air-conditioned and with minimal downtime.

If importing an OS disk is a non-runner, is a server to rebuild the only option or miss me something?
For example, can I run a SAS 6/ir beside a H700 leaving the BONES on the SAS 6/ir and leaving the H700 handle data?  If so, how it works in what concerns the installation of the additional card in elevators and wiring to the speakers?

As I said, any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


"BSOD with the STOP 7b junior Boot Device."

This is because they use different drivers and the drivers loaded in Windows for the 6/iR do not talk to the H700.

What you might try is to boot to Windows on the SAS6/iR, with the H700 inserted (but not connected to anything), let Windows detect the device to load the drivers for it, then try to readers the PERC.

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    Unfortunately with UDIMM installed on the server, it is currently overexploited. This is due to the restriction of this population of DIMMs for UDIMM memory and quad-rows DIMM is two by way. So the 3rd dimm per channel will not be supported when you use the UNIQUE access.

    Let me know if this helps answer the question.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    My version of windows is 32-bit Windows server 2003 Enterprise Edition Service Pack 2.

    Although I have not tried switching/EAP, I will try that and get back to you.

    And again something I have an idea of the installation of windows server 2008 R2 Standard version on this server, it will support? Please let me know Chris.

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    Let me know how it goes.

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    Con passing it mouse sopra identifier c Supporto Dell'e the voce "private message", it could come message privato mandarmi it service tag of server?

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    -If you have found my reply useful/correct please close the message by checking the answer.

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    The cable that you would need for the Perc 6 / I'd be part # RF5PF for SAS 0 and room FTTNX for SAS 1 side. Let me know if it helps.

  • Dell R730xd with mode PERC H730 and RAID/HBA

    Hi all

    I have a new Dell R730xd with a PERC H730 card. I have six 4TB readers connected to it. It works very well in RAID mode, but the map also has support for the 'HBA' mode In other words, the card works like a basic HBA and disables the RAID functionality. When the HBA mode map software can see the disks, but they never make it through the operating system. Readers are not detected in the MESSAGE as no RAID and there is no option to convert them to no RAID.

    I talked about this through with technical support, which have been really helpful, but we can't find a solution. It seems to work on their server, but not mine.

    So I write here to see if anyone else uses this configuration, or to find out if anyone has had the same problem and maybe even resolved. Let me know!

    Thank you

    We had the same problem as well. I was able to solve the problem but doing a factory reset in the HBA. After the reset and reboot retype again HBA configuration and activate the HBA mode and your good.

  • How to erase the hard drive, foreign State in T630 with H730 PERC controller

    I recently bought a Poweredge T630 Server computer configured with a PERC H730 controller and two 1 TB SATA (raid 1) drives.

    The controller H730 being compatible with no dell certified readers, I bought 2 WD red label records to add more storage space.  The problem I have is it H730 one of the 2 WD drives senses as a 'foreign' drive  Under "available tasks", I see only two options, "Blink" and "Unblink.  Unlike other HDD WD, the controller does not allow me even an option to convert the capable RAID drive.  This only happens to one of the two WD drives. The WD with 'Foreign State' drive is not defective or damaged.  How can I clear the foreign flag on one of the two WD drives so that I can convert the two disks in RAID ready status.


    You have a foreigners view tab when you are in the bios H730? If you do, you should be able to use ctrl + N to access this screen, select the controller, press F2 and go to foreign config and have the ability to clear the foreign configuration.

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    For example:


    Readers must be certified Dell, but do not buy them from Dell. Many authorized dealers carry Dell readers - their choice is often better and their prices are almost always better than buying directly from Dell.

    As long as readers are certified, so it doesn't matter what brand/model, you get... readers CAN be larger than the original. They CAN be slower (10K / 15K), but this is NOT desirable, because your table will be made according to the specifications of the most slow/smaller disc in the table.

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    I'm a normal user so I don't know where I could find this information. Could someone help me?

    Hi campino,.

    If you want upgrade ME to 2000, you must be careful about the order of installation of driver.

    I found a very good faq on the site of toshiba UK. It is a command the entire facility for many machines.

    for sat 3000-400, it is:

    1 chipset Driver
    2. video driver
    3 Intel SpeedStep Applet
    4 driver Modem internal
    5 LAN Driver
    6 infrared driver
    7 QFE
    8. smart Media utility
    9 easy Button Software

    Here is the link

    http://UK.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com/ and go to Support & downloads, then go to the knowledge base.

    Faq No. 00000007d2DGA.

    I'll hope this helps!

    BOB77 Bye

  • Upgrading the Toshiba with Vista SP2 product recovery disks? (32-bit)

    Is it possible to upgrade my installation cd (I have an ISO of it file) with Service Pack 2?

    The original disc is 32-bit edition, no service pack. I ask because I think it is unnecessary to wait 2 more hours each time when I reinstall the system to service packs to be installed: s

    Any help appreciated,
    Greetings from Poland - Wyso :)


    > Is it possible to upgrade my installation cd (I have an ISO of it file) with Service Pack 2?
    I think that this is not possible because the iso file is a package that cannot be opened again.

    But it is possible to install the OS by using the recovery disk.
    Then to install SP2 and then to create an image of the C partition.
    I did it by using the utility of Symantec Ghost.
    I create an image of my C partition, and is that something goes wrong I can retrieve the unit by using this ghost image file

    Welcome them

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