Upgrade CPU on Satellite C70 - A - 16 L

Hello, first of all I apologize for my bad English hahaha.

I have a Satellite C70 - A - 16 L with pemtium processor I want to change it to an i3, i5 or a i7, is it possible?

Thank you


Upgrade CPU on laptops is not supported. This means that no one will be able to tell if the new CPU would work and if the laptop would be stable after this upgrade.

Primarily this unit seems to be new. In this case, the warranty is still valid. If you disassemble the notebook in order to remove the CPU, you will void the warranty.
I put t think it's worth a try.

PS: even if you want to put a new processor, the performance gain is not noticeable. In my opinion better upgrade would be the use of SOLID-STATE drive instead of the HARD disk

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  • Upgrade CPU on Satellite Pro C660-219


    I wonder just to upgrade CPU on my laptop to get some perfomance.
    I did the upgrade of RAM to 8 gb and 64 bit Win7.
    Now, it's processor i3 - 370 M (3 m cache, 2.40 GHz).

    I'm sure I can go to i3 - 390 M (3 m Cache, 2.66 GHz) processor, but it will be useless IMO.
    It has same Cache and just a little bit faster CPU count:
    http://Ark.Intel.com/PL/compare/52955, 49020

    I need someone to answer the question: can I ride this laptop an i5 or i7 without problem with compatibility with the motherboard?

    Sorry for my poor English, but I think you will have a point of my case.
    I do not want to play games, but need more power for hd video editing when I'm outside my home office

    Tomasz Kowalski

    > I need someone to answer the question: can I ride this laptop an i5 or i7 without problem with compatibility with the motherboard?
    You should know that upgrades of processors are not supported by any laptop manufacturer. This means that no one can tell if a CPU would be fully compatible and cause no worries. These upgrades are own risk.

    You could read this statement from Toshiba about upgrades.
    [Is it possible to upgrade the CPU or GPU of a Toshiba laptop computer? | http://APS2.Toshiba-tro.de/KB0/TSB9401AX0001R01.htm]

    The point is that even the chipset which is part of the motherboard would support the new processor, BIOS would not fully compatible and the combination of BIOS and the new processor may cause new troubles.

    The camera seems to supports the INTEL HM55 chipset and to my knowledge, the Toshiba Satellite C660/C665/Pro C660 series is based on a Dual Core/Quad Core Processor (* Intel Arrandale processors *)

    So if you want to find a compatible CPU, you should check the processors owned by the family of processors Intel Arrandale.

  • Upgrade CPU on Satellite P100-434

    Satellite P100-434 BIOS v 4.80 does support the Core2Duo T7500 Intel proccessor?

    I'm currently have T5500 and want to update to T7500, is the same thing but I don't know the motherboard/BIOS card can support this CPU?

    I advance thank you

    For CPU upgrade, there are several different important things and not the BIOS only.

    Check it please this Toshiba document initially - http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB9401AX0001R01.htm

    BTW: I m not sure but I think you can find similar topics related to upgrade CPU on P100. Use the advanced search in this forum. Maybe you'll find some interesting discussions.

  • Upgrade CPU on Satellite L350-14Y


    I'm french so my enclise is approximate.
    I have to computer laptop satellite L350-14Y
    Intel cèleront 560. I would like to apgrade processor with a dual core (T2340). Is this possible?
    Can wich processor I upgrade my laptop please?

    Thank you very much

    In General, the CPU upgrade is not supported - http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB9401AX0001R01.htm

    Problem is that Toshiba offers no information on compatible processors that can be used on this laptop. Supported upgrade is RAM and HARD drive.

    This Satellite is old enough laptop model that can be used for everyday operations, so I see no reason to upgrade CPU. What do you need more performance?

    In my opinion, you can increase the Ram to the maximum level and exchange the original HDD with SSD faster.
    This will increase the performance of laptop computer s quickly and you can do it alone without any risk.

  • Upgrade CPU on Satellite A100-521

    Hi all, looks like a good forum here! I'm looking for more information about upgrading the processor on my Satellite A100-521.

    The current main specifications are:
    Intel Celeron M 360 (1.4 Ghz, 400 Mhz FSB)
    2 GB RAM PC2-4300
    60GB OCZ SSD 2 Vortex
    Windows 7 (works well, but without Aero)

    So it's the CPU that's the weak link, verified by the Windows performance index.

    I did some research and it seems that the chipset is AMD Radeon Xpress 200 m http://www.amd.com/u...s-200m-amd.aspx which is apparently compatible with some Pentium and Core 2 CPU: http://en.wikipedia...s_200_for_Intel

    Any ideas what I could update? Didn't need to be very fast, just a little faster with the processes of daily...

    Thank you!


    Upgrading CPU is generally very delicate due to the compatibility of the BIOS.
    Although the chipset would be able to handle new CPU, BIOS can cause problems.
    But no one is able to say that if cell would stable after these updates if you want to be 100% sure, I recommend choosing a CPU that has already been used in the A100 series
    Otherwise, it would be possible that new CPU would not be addressed by BIOS correctly.

  • Upgrade CPU on Satellite A40


    I m wondering if anyone knows what the best processor I can put in my Satellite A40, as the current is on its way and so I m wondering if I can put in a Pentium M because I think he has the same socket.

    Thanks in advance


    To be honest I recommend you to use the option of advanced search on this forum and use CPU upgrade as a term to search and read some of the proposed topics. I hope you know that people think upgrade CPU.

  • Upgrade CPU on Satellite P10 (PSP16)

    Please can someone tell me what is the best processor on the motherboard of my Satellite P10 to support? I have a P4 HT 2.60.
    I'm ready to be replaced by other better performance (I don't like on the battery life or heat :))

    Hi Mohamed

    What to say. Generally, a replacement of CPU on laptops is not possible or not easily and very delicate.
    Why? Because
    -n t know whether the processor is welded.
    -n t know if the laptop will run stable after upgrade CPU due to heat
    -n t know if BIOS will be compatible with the new processor, etc.

    However, you should start to know check the basic information of the chipset and check which processors support the Intel chipset. I think that you will find all the details on the chipset on the Intel page. This is a basic condition for the CPU upgrade

    In any case as talked about above the CPU upgrade is usually not possible that a person could not give a guarantee that the phone will work after these updates, so be careful!

    Good bye

  • Upgrade CPU on Satellite L30-134

    If someone managed upgrade CPU on one of them again? Ive had contributed up to memory, but its still a little slow if you know what I mean...: P

    Ive been watching the Core2 SLV3W 2x1.33Ghz, the same operating temperature and the FSB, the two socket 478/9 but do not know if the BIOS will chuck a Teddy, Mobile Pentium look a little hot to run on this forum, well its amazing what you can do with a dremel tool and a bit of copper pipe , if need be I will be doctor existing cooling...

    Comments or suggestions gratefully received.

    I've dealt,

    Unfortunately, no one here would be able to give you really good information that could be useful for you. Since you´re a Pro, you should check out this site for example: http://www.irisvista.com/tech/

    The BIOS cannot be changed, but if the chipset is capable you can try it. Decision-making is always the same, so the package should fit into the hole ;)
    But I recommend you NOT to change the cooling system because it s lined up to work with the entire system. The system might work a little 'non-glaciere' and wouldn be quiet as before, but it should work.

    So, how you see yourself. I'm with you, but I can give you correct information because I am just modding computers for office (and already upgraded a laptop with some new CPU so I know something about it and I can tell you: Don t ask here.) Just read the headings and you'll see why :))

    Good luck and welcome


  • Upgrade CPU on Satellite A200 - 1 M 8


    I want to upgrade CPU in my A200 - 1 M 8 (now there is T7100).

    I consider two processors:
    (a) supported by T7700 Merom with 65nm, casings made PBGA479, PPGA478
    (b) T8300 Penryn with 45nm, casings BGA479 taken in charge, PGA478

    I would prefer Penryn becouse of low power consumption and less heat generated then Merom.
    But I don't know for sure, Penryn will work on my laptop?
    There is also no update BIOS for A200 - 1 M 8 (PSAE6E) - I gess, that my bios does not support newer T8300.

    I searched internet and have not found anyone who has done this before.

    Thanks for help



  • Upgrade CPU on Satellite Pro M50?

    Is it possible to upgrade the processor on a Satellite Pro M50 to say an Intel Pentium M 755 SL7EM Socket 479 (mPGA479M) or is the BIOS locked to accept only Celeron M 350J, 360J, 370, 380?

    You should first check chipset compatibility.
    IIN case the chipset would support the new processor, you have a good chance to get the laptop works properly.

    I think the old series M50 Intel 915 PM/915GM/910GML chipset support.
    So, theoretically the
    -Intel Pentium-M Dothan (725/730/740/750/760/770) 1.6 GHz, 1.73 GHz, 1.86 GHz, 2.0 GHz, 2.13 GHz
    -Intel Celeron-M Dothan (350J, 360J, 370) 1.3 GHz, 1.4 GHz and 1.5 GHz
    should be compatible.

    But be aware that portable upgrades from manufacturers don t support the CPU.
    So no one can tell which device is supported by the BIOS.

    Also, the Pentium CPU would create and produce more heat and this may affect the functionality of the laptop. In the worst case system and the RAM would be crashes due to the higher temperature.

  • Upgrade CPU on Satellite Pro A10


    I have a PSA15E A10-IN running a celeron 2.0 chip. Anyone know if it is possible to upgrade the processor and if what chips it would take? Thanks in advance.


    In most cases, the upgrade of the CPU is not possible because of the BIOS and chipset restrictions.
    But sometimes it is possible to use a different CPU, which is supported by the chipset.
    I have no idea what chipset supports your laptop, but you can check this in the Device Manager or you could install some hardware diagnostic such as Sisoft SANDRA or Everest Home Edition software.

    Then, you can view properties chipset Intel ARK on page for a list of compatible processors.

    However, Satellite Pro A10 is very old and I doubt its value to upgrade the processor because you won't see a great performance.

  • Upgrade CPU on Satellite Pro series - Impossible?


    I have a Satellite Pro with a deleted warranty and I'm always happy with the speed of my CPU. Again a year from now I know I won't and I'm anticipating a CPU upgrade (after the upgrade of RAM and HARD drive) at this time. Some would say "sell & buy new", this approach will be more expensive because nobody wants to buy a laptop obsolete, but new compatible spare parts will become much cheaper...

    After saying that & after reading a lot of 'IMPOSSIBLE' in this forum discussion, I'm almost certain this type of upgrade because my laptop has big brothers with the CPU, I would like to upgrade. There are also many sellers of "repair" off market where I can learn exactly what to do or what not to do. I'm not inexperienced because I deal with several desktop PC repairs & etc. of mine & my friends...

    Having said all that, I wonder if it is STILL IMPOSSIBLE to upgrade a processor in my laptop? I know the risks, but I wasn't expecting that it would be a lot harder from examples of PC desktop. I don't think that incompatibility of CPU (pine, heat etc.) will be a problem since there bro as I said & I also manually checked all other requirements, such as the dissipation of heat, chipset compat. & etc...

    Yet, I read something about "microcode" and the incompatibility of the BIOS. Here's the same thing? Given the new processor in its series does not guarantee BIOS compat. ?

    That's all from me. All comments and suggestions are welcome as long as they came with an explanation. (written 'No you can't' without cause will not help at all)

    Thank you...

    > I know the risks, but I wasn't expecting that it would be a lot harder from examples of PC desktop.
    Of course, the CPU upgrade is much trickier as an upgrade of CPU on the desktop PC.

    If you want to upgrade the CPU, you should know...

    -How to disassemble the laptop and remove all the covers and parts without damaging other laptop parts
    -If the CPU is not soldered onto the motherboard and can be removed on a simple passerby
    -If the BIOS can handle the new processor and fan table that stored in the BIOS would provide consistent settings for cooling the CPU properly.
    -If the chipset is compatible and supports the new processor
    -If the firmware needs to be updated (only by an ASP) because the wrong info of the DMI will not allow UC to perform with maximum efficiency.
    -If the laptop will run stable after the CPU upgrade for the new processor is pleased to produce more heat.

    As you can see the upgrade is not easy and certainly not possible.

  • Upgrade CPU on Satellite Pro C650-10Z


    I was wondering if I could upgrade the processor in the Satellite Pro C650 10Z for better performance in games. Is it possible to change the processor of this laptop?
    And if it is possible, will require computer support the AMD Phenom II X 4 840?


    Hey Buddy,

    > I was wondering if I could upgrade the processor
    This not s official in charge, and if you do that, you lose the warranty. In your case I wouldn t this becaue she s too risky. In the worst case you damage something and then you have to buy a new laptop.

    > for better performance in games
    Game performance is mainly based on graphics card and no CPU, but updated graphics card is also not possible on laptop. On laptops there is no easy CPU or updates of graphics as on desktop computers.

    > it will support the AMD Phenom II X 4 840
    Just for your information: the Phenom II X 4 840 is a desktop processor and not for laptops. ;)

  • Upgrade CPU on Satellite M30 106

    Hi people

    Could with help please?

    Just got an old Toshiba Satellite M30-106, a few weeks ago and [to be fair] it works OK with xp on it. I bought another 2 gig DDR which brings speed wise difference, but I can move the processor to the Intel® Pentium® M processor 725 1.60 GHz FSB: 400 MHz, 2: 2 MB level cache that s in there earlier?

    Can she take a CPU more high if so what s the highest? Would be very graciously tips please.

    Thanks in advance...

    At first, I must say that I agree with you that this laptop will work with Windows XP Home edition. At least this laptop model is designed for Windows XP Home edition. ;)

    I found some info on the processors on Satellite M30:
    + The Satellite M30 computer is equipped with a processor Intel Banias who +.
    + integrates mathematical co-processor, memory 64 KB of L1 cache and a 1 MB L2 cache.
    + memory. The processor works with one of the following speeds: +.
    + Processor Intel Banias 1.40 GHz (1.35v) / 1.20 GHz (0.85V) +.
    + Processor Intel Banias 1.50 GHz (1.35v) / 1.20 GHz (0.85V) +.
    + Processor Intel Banias 1.60 GHz (1.35v) / 1.20 GHz (0.85V) +.
    + Processor Intel Banias 1.70 GHz (1.35v) / 1.20 GHz (0.85V) +.

    Then maybe you can use the fastest processor 1.70 GHz. I don't think you'll see the difference.
    Best thing you can do is upgrade RAM to max and optimize Windows XP Home pre-installed, and you will be happy with this good old classic.

  • Upgrade CPU on Satellite L10

    I've got a L10 of the Satellite that has the Mobile 1.4 CPU. Is it possible to upgrade this to say a 1. 8 m?
    If so, how easy is this job and also what's limits? What is the fastest I can ride?


    The fact is that the processors used in laptops are connected to the motherboard using a process called TCP (tape carrier package). It is a method of permanent connection and is used in the interest of miniaturization and heat dissipation. In simple words: CPU cannot be replaced.

    Moreover, if the processor speed is too slow, why you didn t buy a faster?

    Good bye

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