Upgrade CPU on Satellite L30-134

If someone managed upgrade CPU on one of them again? Ive had contributed up to memory, but its still a little slow if you know what I mean...: P

Ive been watching the Core2 SLV3W 2x1.33Ghz, the same operating temperature and the FSB, the two socket 478/9 but do not know if the BIOS will chuck a Teddy, Mobile Pentium look a little hot to run on this forum, well its amazing what you can do with a dremel tool and a bit of copper pipe , if need be I will be doctor existing cooling...

Comments or suggestions gratefully received.


I've dealt,

Unfortunately, no one here would be able to give you really good information that could be useful for you. Since you´re a Pro, you should check out this site for example: http://www.irisvista.com/tech/

The BIOS cannot be changed, but if the chipset is capable you can try it. Decision-making is always the same, so the package should fit into the hole ;)
But I recommend you NOT to change the cooling system because it s lined up to work with the entire system. The system might work a little 'non-glaciere' and wouldn be quiet as before, but it should work.

So, how you see yourself. I'm with you, but I can give you correct information because I am just modding computers for office (and already upgraded a laptop with some new CPU so I know something about it and I can tell you: Don t ask here.) Just read the headings and you'll see why :))

Good luck and welcome


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  • For the Archives: The upgrade of the Satellite L30-134

    I'm one of those old cell phones off a friend who had retired as being obsolete.

    However with a little time and money, it is possible to upgrade to a very usable machine.

    Not a power by any stretch but perfectly adequate for browsing the internet and watching videos (about 720 p watchable) standard definition etc.

    So as the search of these forums for more information for this project, I found a lot of conflicting advice, and some of my questions were not answered at all. I hope by documenting my experiences here I can help someone in the same position in the future.

    * Model *.

    This machine is the Toshiba Satellite L30-134, part number: PSL33E-00E013G3. It's probably very similar, but not necessarily the same as the other models L30. No invert them.

    * Original configuration *.

    Processor - Intel Celeron m 410 (Cache of 1 MB, 1.46 GHz, 533 MHz FSB, Socket M). It is a simple version of the Core Duo (Yonah core) processor core. It shares nothing in common and is not swapable with the previous generation Pentium M or processors Celeron Mr. He is also incompatible with the next generation of Core 2 Duo/Solo and Pentium and Celeron processors derived from these.

    Memory - A single 512MB SODIMM PC2 - 4200 (DDR2-533 MHz). This differs from the previous generation of DDR and the next generation of DDR3. The controller memory only supports single channel mode. There is no loss that the FSB of the processor is not fast enough to take advantage of the dual channel anyway.

    * BIOS *.

    My laptop came with very old version 1.3. Toshiba provides the latest version (3.10) for download. This is reported to be buggy and mess with the profiles of fan so I decided to leave it alone. I can confirm that my updates work without updating the BIOS.

    * Updates *.

    Processor - I swapped the Celeron for a Core Duo T2350 (1.87 GHz). Everything I read that all the Yonah core Core Duo/solo, Pentium and Celeron with a FSB of 533 are compatible. The FSB 667 models are not.

    The Core Duo T2450 at 2 GHz is the highest performing compatible processor but double the price on eBay. I paid just £12 (used) for the T2350 so there is really no reason to go down now, all of these parts are obsolete.

    RAM - there are 2 slots on this machine. Toshiba State a maximum of 2 GB, 1 GB in each slot. Unfortunately, the memory controller is very picky and survey of the weird errors, unless you get just the right ones.

    There is not enough information to understand it so for me it was a process of trial and error. Fortunately, I found an online retailer that guaranteed compatibility in 100% and returned by mail for free.

    The second pair of Poles worked well.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Upgrade memory for Satellite L30-134

    I have a Satellite L30-134, which seems to work pretty slowly - I think that due to the large amount of photos and music from itunes.

    I wonder which is the best way to solve - buy a memory upgrade (no idea how to change memory well) or get an external hard drive?
    And if I change the memory I'll lose what is already saved on the laptop?

    I agree with Ganz most HARD drive will not improve performance but increase the disk space available HARD, it would be you can store more music and picture on HARD drive ;) files

    Upgrade memory also would not provide a performance gain of course performance could be a little better because most of the things would be handled directly in memory and not in time on the HARD drive, but generally it s not really noticeable.

    In any case if you want to improve memory, check this:


    You must use DDR2 533 MHz (PC2-4200) 200 - PIN SODIMM

  • Re: Can I upgrade RAM on Satellite L30-134?


    My laptop is Satellite L30-134 (PSL33E-00E00WRU).

    I want to use RAM DDR2 800 Mhz 2 x 1 Gb in there. Is this possible?

    On the motherboard FSB speed is 533 MHz so I advise you to use compatible RAM modules.
    I don't know why you want to use these Rams from 800 MHz. For more performance or what?

  • Upgrade CPU on Satellite L30-101

    Hi, I have a Toshiba Satellite L30-101. I upgraded the RAM to 2 GB (2 x 1 GB) successfully, but I find it incredibly difficult to get information on the replacement of the processor.

    The laptop has the latest version of the BIOS on it (3.10 - WIN - 02/19/08), but trying to find information on whats inside I'm hitting brick walls. First of all the site > http://www.toshiba-tro.de/biosinfo/< doesn't="" have="" my="" laptop="" on="" it,="">
    Product type: notebook
    Family: Satellite
    Product series: Satellite L series
    Model:? unknown
    Short model No.:? unknown

    I hope I could paste in but with the ATI chipset Intel Duo, I'm sure that it won't work but once again without knowing what in the BIOS, compatible... I got lost. Single processor I can find who can work, same package, FSB, socket is an Intel Core Solo T1350 of processor which begins at 1.86 GHz, not a huge difference, and I don't know that it cannot be the only option of replacement.

    Could someone and please help me to get the hands on info from BIOS and compatible processors for my laptop. The current Intel Celeron M Processor 410 deporting the 1.46 GHz is not good enough for Vista (cert on laptop) and basic multi-task. His way of late too even after a good tune up, ram, HD 7200 rpm upgrade. I need an upgrade of the processor, but as mentioned it is incredibly difficult to get the information which would be compatible.




    In my opinion, your attempt to replace the CPU is false. Why? Satellite L30 is not designed to offer performance and it is designed for everyday use. Best evidence was the price. It wasn't so expensive.

    Can you please tell us why do you have new CPU? Do you use special software?

    Return to the replacement of the CPU. As you probably know laptops have limited upgrade options and it is related to the RAM and disk HARD upgrade. It's definitely not for CPU upgrade and it is not supported. Specific design, especially of the cooling system is designed for certain CPU.
    Because of this, you will not be able to find relevant info on replacement of the CPU.

    Check it please this Toshiba document - http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB9401AX0001R01.htm

  • Question about upgrading CPU for Satellite L30-101

    Is it possible to upgrade my processor from a 1.44 to what higher?

    No, there is no way because:

    -It s too expensive
    -It s complicated Exchange when you´re no technician for laptop
    -you won´t win any show (especially when the performance vs price comparison)

    Instead update your RAM and your HARD drive since that these components are comp. evolutionary and better will give you better performance.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite L30-134 - question about upgrade CPU and video performance

    Hi have updated my satellite l30 - 134 with a bus t2450 dual core @2 ghz 533 Mhz = cpu is runing swell-marks look nice... BUT - my video performance droped a lot - grafics 2d - to top but 3d grafics are very poor why? driver problem?
    have also 2 g ram 2 x 1 g kinmax @ 6xx runing @533

    can anyone help? see that are some similar configs on this site... then maybe you can help me
    I'll try editing a xp 64 bit (curently runing xp sp3 32-BIT)

    > I'll try editing a xp 64 bit (curently runing xp sp3 32-BIT)
    Forget that don t recommend install Win XP 64-bit.
    Why? Because the Win XP 64 bit was not so popular as Win 32 bit or Vista/Win 7 64 bit and you won't find many drivers for Win XP 64 bit.
    Stay with XP 32 bit or you can change to Win 7 64 bit.

    Regarding the graphical issue;
    Have you noticed that also using the old CPU (Intel Celeron M Processor 410)?
    If this were not the case, then I guess this could be a problem between the CPU and BIOS.
    Otherwise I would recommend upgrading the graphics card driver.

  • Satellite L30-134 - after HDD upgrade PC freezes and won't start

    I upgraded my Satellite L30-134 of the standard 60 GB HDD for a new 120 GB. After that, I have the following problem:

    (1) after installing XP form to the recovery House DVDs works fine but after that 2-3 weeks of normal use it instantly freeze pc and after hard reboot the OP start up can do anything but to format the HARD drive. After that format cannot install original XP and Vista, the progress bar show me that the installation is complete but after reboot, nothing happens. This problem persists long wery. After 3-4 clean up one after another the pc starts and runs very well about 3 weeks. What is the problem? Any idea?

    (2) when I first install Vista or Linux PC is runing fine, but not in normal parameters. Always freeze but after hard reset works fine for about 2-3 days. When I install XP first that the PC is useles after hard reboot the only thing I can do is to format the HARD drive and do a clean install.

    PS: The HARD disk is produced Original Toshiba.


    This strange boyfriend s but to me it sounds like that, these problems are caused from the new HARD drive that may be defective.

    I think you should test the HDD using Hitachi Drive Fitness Test:
    With the Drive Fitness Test, you can test your HARD drive. Download the CD image, burn it to a CD and boot from it. You can then the HARD drive test.
    On the same site is a user's guide if you want to know more.

    Good luck and give us feedback, what happened! :)

  • Re: Satellite L30 - 134 PSL33e shows 896 MB of RAM, but 1.5 GB are inserted

    Satellite L30 - 134 psl33e-00e013g3.
    I have 2 memory slots, in the first place there are 1 GB kvr, then I add to the second slot 512 MB Hynix
    All of the memory two modules are ddr-533 (little difference in hours between them is present)

    If I click on my windows computer properties shows me only 896?
    On the official form of toshiba. subject memory says I can go to 2 GB of ram.
    BIOS is the latest version!

    How can I add more ram in this model?
    Aida64 shows me in the slot1 = kingston 1 GB
    SLOT2 = 512 hynix
    but aida shows that the memory system 896.
    All modules in memory works great separately in all slots...

    Thank you

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    That says the BIOS?
    BIOS sees the 1.5 GB of RAM?

    As far as I know that the laptop can be upgraded up to 2 GB of RAM (2 x 1 GB)
    The ATI graphics chip also shared memory.
    This means that if you installed 2 GB of RAM, a main part of this memory would be shared by GPU.

    It would be interesting to know what value would be reported by system using a single module (1 GB or 512 MB)

    by the way: what memory is shown in DXDIAG?

  • Satellite L30-134 will not accept 2 GB of RAM

    I looked at my laptop and it takes a maximum of 2 GB of DDR2 RAM, I tried two different pairs of sticks of 1 GB and the two blue screen that loads the OS.

    When the sticks do not go it simply ignores the second run, but I can't seem to accept 2 GB.

    BTW I have upgraded to a core duo processor, don't give me no problem.

    Known fixes for this problem?


    Your laptop can be upgraded up to 2 GB of RAM. That s is definitely possible!
    You can use 2 modules of memory vivid x1024MB.

    If you would taka glance at this page, you will find information that you must use the DDR2 533 MHz (PC2-4200) 200 - PIN SODIMM modules.

    [Memory for Toshiba Satellite L30-134 | http://www.orcalogi.co.uk/asp/prodtype.asp?prodtype=25737&ft=m&st=3]

    I presume that you always get a BSPD because the RAM modules are not fully consistent or simply malfunctioned.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite L30-134: how to make a DVD of recovery on mine?

    I want to make a new DVD of recovery like the one I had with my laptop series Satellite L30-134.
    Can some tell me how I can do this?

    You must purchase 3rd party applications to create the own recovery image. For example I did with Norton Ghost 2003.

  • What you can say about Satellite L30-134

    I have to buy laptop for office work? and I choose Satellite L30-134? What do you think? It's my first time when I buy the laptop... I have only 700 maybe $ advise you something else? and second question why portable seria L30 have only 1 year warranty, and what cost per the warranty extension?
    My English in not very good, sorry. Thank you for your response.


    The L30-134 is a portable simple to office applications and internet usage.
    But it s not suitable for hardcore gamer because of the hardware specifications. As far as I know that the laptop provides Intel-Celeron-M (Yonah) 410 1.5 GHz processor and ATI RADEON Xpress 200M 32 to 256 MB shared video memory graphics card.

    The standard warranty is 1 year and if you sign up on the page of Toshiba notebook you will get a 2-year extension

  • How to reset CMOS/BIOS Satellite L30-134?

    Portable satellite L30-134

    Did a stupid thing earlier and started putting my supervisor for the BIOS password when my 8 month old was sitting on the couch next to me... Well, the next thing I know his hands where all over the keyboard, then press the ENTER key was pushed, aaaahhhhh! The password is now set and I ain't got a clue what it is.

    So my question: How to reset the CMOS/BIOS to lose the password or is there another way around him?

    Would like to thank all appreciated help/remedies.



    It is not possible.
    The entire passwords must be removed before you start with the update of the BIOS.
    Sorry, but if you don t know the password you cannot delete it and the BIOS update procedure will not work!

    ASP in your country is a last chance for the removal of the password. Guys are able to remove the password. It shouldn't be very expensive.

  • Satellite L30-134 - fail screen

    Hopefully, someone can help me with my problem.
    I had one laptop Satellite L30-134 and had no problem with it. But today tried to move on and the screen lights up. I can hear the winchester and cooler work for a min then stop.
    A few months ago, I had the same problem, but he left about an hour later.

    So, can you tell me what can be the problem and how can it be solved?
    Thank you

    Which may be caused by several reasons.

    Have you tried re-seats or try different Modules of memory?

  • Compatible drive for Satellite L30-134 (PSL33E-00E00WRU)

    Please indicate internal what HARD drive I should buy for my laptop Satellite L30-134 (PSL33E-00E00WRU)?


    I found a similar thread here:

    As you can read you can install each 2.5 HARD drive with SATA interface. It is no problem and you don't need a certain brand. Just buy this model you prefer ;)

Maybe you are looking for