Upgrade CPU on Satellite P100-434

Satellite P100-434 BIOS v 4.80 does support the Core2Duo T7500 Intel proccessor?

I'm currently have T5500 and want to update to T7500, is the same thing but I don't know the motherboard/BIOS card can support this CPU?

I advance thank you


For CPU upgrade, there are several different important things and not the BIOS only.

Check it please this Toshiba document initially - http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB9401AX0001R01.htm

BTW: I m not sure but I think you can find similar topics related to upgrade CPU on P100. Use the advanced search in this forum. Maybe you'll find some interesting discussions.

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  • Satellite P100-434 won't boot to the top

    Hi Ive got a Satellite P100-434 and Ive had for more than a year.

    Unfortunately today I couldn't get started.

    The power led lights up, the HARD drive makes light very briefly.
    The display lights. If she does not even there to boot in the bios.

    Any idea what the problem might be? Im hoping that the CPU or the motherboard is not fried.

    see you soon


    Unless you bought the extended warranty, I don't think you have a lot of luck. My suggestion is to return to the place of purchase, if you still have warranty.

    However, try to remove the battery for 1 minute and then replace the battery again. Try it turn on.

    Also try with the power cable plugged in power and remove the battery.

    If all else fails, then you have a very expensive paper weight.

    Good luck.

  • Play Call of Duty 4 on Satellite P100-434

    Hi all

    I recently bought my Toshiba Satellite P100-434 (Intel 1.66 Dual / 2 GB RAM / Go7600) and we just tried on the game system.
    I installed COD4 and tried to play, but it seems that the laptop has trouble running.

    I've updated my display drivers for 32-bit vista nvidia those downloaded from this site seems to have done very little, or even no difference.

    I only run the game with each setting to minimal with resolution of 640 x 480 and it is still fighting.
    Everything on the laptop must be sufficient to operate this game except for the cpu that is recommended a dual 1.8 and it's a double of 1.66. just that would be why the game does not work as well?

    I would not have thought so.
    I have had friends who have run this game on pc spec worse.

    Any suggestions what might be my problem or what else I could do to improve performance?

    Thank you very much...


    If have a Satellite phone with an AMD processor performance and the most recent card ATI Radeon graphics.
    I m running Windows XP due to the better performance of game. Vista needs of more material resources, and that's why I prefer the XP.

    Anyway, last week I ve installed the COD4 and believe me this game needs more resources than you think.
    However, you should be able to run the COD4 using resolution 1024 x 768. But it s another question if COD4 will run smoothly.

    However, I found a Toshiba FAQ doc about a few videos "stutter" during the game using Windows Vista:
    Check this box:

    [New video driver and BIOS eliminates video "stutter" during the game (Windows Vista): http://askiris.toshiba.com/ToshibaSupportSite/search.do?cmd=displayKC&docType=kc&externalId=1924 764xml & sliceId = & dialogid = 46208288 & stateId = 0% 200% 20 46206416]

    With regard to this doc the driver display & BIOS update should improve performance.

    Good bye

  • Satellite P100 - 434 BSOD boot problem

    Hello everyone!

    I have laptop Toshiba Satellite P100-434 and lately I encountered many problems during startup.

    1. the laptop starts normally until the entry of the password. Then, in the middle of typing BSOD.
    2. the laptop gets BSOD or turns off 2 seconds after the Microsoft bar appeared.
    3. the laptop won't turn on - after launch is only a flash of three blue LEDs on the right and the screen remains blank. No home Toshiba screen.

    After a few attempts I managed to get the Toshiba welcome screen (this is after the second flash), but there are other issues later, the laptop shuts down or trying to launch startup repair. He speaks only of unspecified error and restores the previous state.
    4. I tried to enter safe mode, but several times I met the same: the laptop turns off after loading some drivers.

    BSOD are too short for me to identify what is ongoing - I noticed something just BAD POOL and IRQL NOT EQUAL to something as if it was something with the drivers, no doubt the NVIDIA driver display. I uninstalled and downloaded a new and installed (version EMH is NVIDIA GeForce Go 7600. Once, there was some information about dxgkrnl.sys?

    I did the Test of memory Windows at startup - no error.

    I scanned for any viruses: my AVG removed some Cryptor virus, but the problem is still there.

    The operating system is Windows Vista Home Premium SP 2.

    I don't know what the problem is. This is the driver of display or any other driver? Or maybe some powers of the problems? All advice welcome!

    > Anyway: I would like to know if the problem is hardware, or rather the related software, because I take my laptop to repair if there is something I could do download/resettlement.

    This question can be easily answered: you must install the Windows operating system.
    If the windows installation would be finished correctly and if you will not see another BSOD after installing, it emits so was related to the (software) system. But if the system is not possible or if BSOD would appear during the installation and after installation, then I suppose that something is wrong with the material of s for laptop.

  • Stream video slowdown and going out of sync on Satellite P100 - 434 Vista

    I have a Satellite P100-434 pre-loaded with Windows Vista and WinDVD. During playback of DVD video, the video stream slows and goes badly synchronized with audio after a short period of normal play.

    The video then jumps and will be back in sync for a short time before going off again. I found references to this on a general search of the web with the only offer the solution of reloading with XP.

    I confirmed that with Windows XP Home edition, the problem does not occur, and with Vista it always happens with PowerDVD v7 good than not as pronounced. I would like suggestions as to the cause and possible solutions.

    Well, what to say seems the Vista itself or the drivers are responsible for this problem!
    As you already suggested the use of the Win XP operating system would be simpler!

    Anyway, the laptop uses the nVIDIA GeForce Go7600 FX card. Then first try to update the graphics driver and check a few improvements!
    Try to use the drivers from the site omegadrivers.net

    In addition I recommend you disable the acoustic silencer maybe it would help

  • Satellite P100-434 - how does the safety lock?

    Satellite P100-434. There's a safety lock on the back of the laptop, how does it work?

    Thank you for the answers.

    That s quite simply. This security lock allows you to paste an especial laptop lock designed for the table.

    Check out these useful examples:

  • Problem with external monitor when used with the Satellite P100-434

    I'm trying to use a Vizitron L - 151 monitor flat screen connected to the VGA port on the back of my Satellite P100 - 434 (PSPADE)

    I find that the screens seem to periodically - feeding cycle windows resize themselves and then the screens settle down again. This happens with the laptop and the external monitor.

    I've updated the latest available BIOS V4.20 (November 2, 2007) I use NVIDIA GeForce Go 7600 driver version. I'm under the edition of Vista Home Premium to standard build.

    I even resorted to the use of the dvd system recovery to rebuild completely the laptop and the problem persists. In Device Manager I have generic Non - PnP monitor and below that I have a generic PnP monitor I tried and it is not possible to get specific drivers for the monitor Vizitron L-151. * NOTE * I saw dxdiag that the external display is identified the Non - PnP device

    The display configuration that I'm trying to use is to have my laptop as the main screen with the external display on my left as an extension to the desktop. In display config my computer screen appears as number 2 with the additional display in the poster as a device 1

    While typing this my screens have made this three times and the last time, this IE7 window installs itself to the external display in restored down to size.

    If anyone has a glimpse of it, I would be very grateful. There are no problems when the external display is deleted.

    _I can reproduce this problem on demand_ by uninstalling the monitor Non - PnP Device Manager.

    Sorry, mate, but you ad confuses me a little and be hones I m not 100% sure what you take on
    You have some problems with the resolution of the external display or what?

    I've found another thread on the setting of the external screen as main screen:

    According to this statement:
    > In display config my computer screen appears as number 2 with the additional display in the poster as a device 1
    It seems that the external monitor has been on the main screen and display books internal as external.

    I recommend you change this settings and to use books appear as 1 and the external display form 2.

  • No GPU fan after upgrading the BIOS to 4.2 on Satellite P100-434

    Hi, I upgraded my BIOS today to version 4.2 and since the GPU fan only works during the splash screen, and once Vista has loaded, it never runs again, in addition, the CPU fan turns at a constant speed, and the screen has "shifted" to the right, so I quarter of the right hand of the screen on the left.
    As you can imagine, it's a little annoying, and to say that the GPU temp is 65deg. with 90deg all about processors. not too good for the material.

    Is could someone PLEASE tell me how I can downgrade the BIOS?

    I have fans and fences etc. are all and free from dust.

    I do turn all the appropriate toshiba of specific drivers, and I even tried to reinstall the NVidia one card.

    GeForceGo N-Vidia 7600

    Thanks in advance.

    Someone else here had the same problem, according to the P100 support newsletters found here http://www.csd.toshiba.com/cgi-bin/tais/su/su_sc_modSel.jsp you must update the nVidia Driver If you update BIOS v4.2

    Here is what says the newsletter:

    Update the BIOS of the computer to the version 4.20 or newer:

    1. click on the following link to download the BIOS version 4.20 for Satellite P100. Save the file on the Windows desktop.

    You can also search for a newer version of this BIOS on Service and assistance from Toshiba site at support.tosiba.com.

    2. double-click on the file sp100v420.exe on the Windows desktop to start the driver installation.

    3. restart the computer.

    Update the display of the computer to version or newer nVidia Driver:

    1. click on the following link to download the version of the nVidia display driver. Save the file on the Windows desktop.

    You can also search for a newer version of this driver on Service and assistance from Toshiba site at support.tosiba.com.

    2. double-click on the file driver_display_nvidia_os2007387a.exe on the Windows desktop to start the driver installation.

    3. restart the computer.

  • Upgrade CPU on Satellite Pro C660-219


    I wonder just to upgrade CPU on my laptop to get some perfomance.
    I did the upgrade of RAM to 8 gb and 64 bit Win7.
    Now, it's processor i3 - 370 M (3 m cache, 2.40 GHz).

    I'm sure I can go to i3 - 390 M (3 m Cache, 2.66 GHz) processor, but it will be useless IMO.
    It has same Cache and just a little bit faster CPU count:
    http://Ark.Intel.com/PL/compare/52955, 49020

    I need someone to answer the question: can I ride this laptop an i5 or i7 without problem with compatibility with the motherboard?

    Sorry for my poor English, but I think you will have a point of my case.
    I do not want to play games, but need more power for hd video editing when I'm outside my home office

    Tomasz Kowalski

    > I need someone to answer the question: can I ride this laptop an i5 or i7 without problem with compatibility with the motherboard?
    You should know that upgrades of processors are not supported by any laptop manufacturer. This means that no one can tell if a CPU would be fully compatible and cause no worries. These upgrades are own risk.

    You could read this statement from Toshiba about upgrades.
    [Is it possible to upgrade the CPU or GPU of a Toshiba laptop computer? | http://APS2.Toshiba-tro.de/KB0/TSB9401AX0001R01.htm]

    The point is that even the chipset which is part of the motherboard would support the new processor, BIOS would not fully compatible and the combination of BIOS and the new processor may cause new troubles.

    The camera seems to supports the INTEL HM55 chipset and to my knowledge, the Toshiba Satellite C660/C665/Pro C660 series is based on a Dual Core/Quad Core Processor (* Intel Arrandale processors *)

    So if you want to find a compatible CPU, you should check the processors owned by the family of processors Intel Arrandale.

  • Upgrade CPU on Satellite C70 - A - 16 L

    Hello, first of all I apologize for my bad English hahaha.

    I have a Satellite C70 - A - 16 L with pemtium processor I want to change it to an i3, i5 or a i7, is it possible?

    Thank you

    Upgrade CPU on laptops is not supported. This means that no one will be able to tell if the new CPU would work and if the laptop would be stable after this upgrade.

    Primarily this unit seems to be new. In this case, the warranty is still valid. If you disassemble the notebook in order to remove the CPU, you will void the warranty.
    I put t think it's worth a try.

    PS: even if you want to put a new processor, the performance gain is not noticeable. In my opinion better upgrade would be the use of SOLID-STATE drive instead of the HARD disk

  • Upgrading RAM on Satellite P100-286

    Hello, I'm looking to upgrade the RAM on my laptop Toshiba Satellite P100-286. I did some research but have resulted in conflicting reports.
    RAM DDR2 RAM right or is it So DIMM DDR2 RAM? According to the Toshiba site, it is not, but when I go to one of the sites Web "Upgrade your Ram" and enter my brand and model, he suggested the So-Dimm type...

    I'm looking for a little clarification. Thank you.

    http://UK.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com/innovation/JSP/SUPPORTSECTION/discontinuedProductPage.do?service=UK&DISC_MODEL=0 & ACTION = PRINT_WITH_BACK & com .broadvision decided .do w = Yes & PRODUCT_ID = 125204

    See this page:

    You will find details on the compatible RAM modules:
    You need DDR2 533 MHz (PC2-4200) 200 - PIN SODIMM

    Of course, you could choose another manufacturer like Kingston but I m using Kingston modules in my other laptop and it s ok.

  • Upgrade CPU on Satellite L350-14Y


    I'm french so my enclise is approximate.
    I have to computer laptop satellite L350-14Y
    Intel cèleront 560. I would like to apgrade processor with a dual core (T2340). Is this possible?
    Can wich processor I upgrade my laptop please?

    Thank you very much

    In General, the CPU upgrade is not supported - http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB9401AX0001R01.htm

    Problem is that Toshiba offers no information on compatible processors that can be used on this laptop. Supported upgrade is RAM and HARD drive.

    This Satellite is old enough laptop model that can be used for everyday operations, so I see no reason to upgrade CPU. What do you need more performance?

    In my opinion, you can increase the Ram to the maximum level and exchange the original HDD with SSD faster.
    This will increase the performance of laptop computer s quickly and you can do it alone without any risk.

  • Vista cannot find the mouse USB - Satellite P100 - 434 PSPADE driver

    * Need help to install a mouse optical usb on vista32 *.

    I have two mice, two optical usb, 1 wired and 1 wireless. They are the two plug-and-play so when to plug their vista must locate and install the right drivers automatically... it can't.
    Vista search drivers on the disk and hard on the internet.

    "" looking software... looking for an online software.. "."

    Then says:
    "Windows encountered a problem installing the software driver for your device."
    Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error trying to install it.
    USB Human Interface Device
    The system cannot find the specified file. »

    They are plug-and-play and just install automatically, there is no driver CD that come with the mouse.

    I have a Toshiba Satellite PSPADE P100-434 with Vista 32 bit purchsed new 2 weeks ago.

    Help, please... Thank you!

    It's strange, because the standard optical mouse should be installed without time and without the need of specific drivers.
    Did you check the homepage of the manufacturer for drivers?

    And have you installed all the latest updates for microsoft windows and SP1?

  • Upgrade CPU on Satellite A100-521

    Hi all, looks like a good forum here! I'm looking for more information about upgrading the processor on my Satellite A100-521.

    The current main specifications are:
    Intel Celeron M 360 (1.4 Ghz, 400 Mhz FSB)
    2 GB RAM PC2-4300
    60GB OCZ SSD 2 Vortex
    Windows 7 (works well, but without Aero)

    So it's the CPU that's the weak link, verified by the Windows performance index.

    I did some research and it seems that the chipset is AMD Radeon Xpress 200 m http://www.amd.com/u...s-200m-amd.aspx which is apparently compatible with some Pentium and Core 2 CPU: http://en.wikipedia...s_200_for_Intel

    Any ideas what I could update? Didn't need to be very fast, just a little faster with the processes of daily...

    Thank you!


    Upgrading CPU is generally very delicate due to the compatibility of the BIOS.
    Although the chipset would be able to handle new CPU, BIOS can cause problems.
    But no one is able to say that if cell would stable after these updates if you want to be 100% sure, I recommend choosing a CPU that has already been used in the A100 series
    Otherwise, it would be possible that new CPU would not be addressed by BIOS correctly.

  • Upgrade memory on Satellite P100

    I have a TOSHIBA Satellite P100 PSPAAE-01D00UEN
    System serial number: 17172416W

    Could someone tell me the maximum amount of memory USEFUL, I can install on this machine you?

    I am running Windows 7 Ultimate (32 Bit) and do a lot of graphics and file management, file sizes up to 4 GB.

    I can't afford a new machine, before anyone suggests!

    Thank you


    Post edited by: Whiteboat

    You can upgrade your Satellite P100 up to 4 GB of RAM.

    Modules memory compatible RAM for your laptop are:
    PA3512U-1M1G (memory 1 GB DDR2-667 Kit)
    PA3513U-1M2G (memory 2 GB DDR2-667 Kit)
    1 GB OF DDR2-533 (PA3411U-2M1G)

    Good bye

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