Upgrade license 4402 for additional access Points

You can apply the L-LIC-WPLUS-25 to a 4402 to enable multiple access points? Or are the 4402 models all locked in their designated access point license?

Thank you


Hi Con,

Unfortunately not :(

The number of support of the AP is "hardcoded" on the WLC model and is not expandable up to 5500 series.

See you soon!


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  • Remove the secondary controller and tertiary high availability for each access point

    I want to remove secondary and tertiary sector controller of high availability for each access point. I have more than 900 APs associated with a Version of the WLC 8510 software. What is the best/better way to remove secondary and tertiary controller?
    Or I can create a model first. We use version 2.2


    Easiest way:

    Yes you can do this by using the first Cisco Infrastructure, you can create a Setup AP Lightweight model to specify the name of the PDC and the IP address and specify an empty value (choose the first empty option in the drop-down list) and for the secondary and tertiary sector controllers.  Then you can apply this model to the AP, and she must remove (virgins all) values for these fields.

    Long way:

    Yes there is no clean way to remove it from the CLI. you need to manually remove each on the AP.


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  • LAPN300 - the best configuration for 3 access points, while using the same SSID

    Hi all

    What is the best configuration for 3 x LAPN300 located in various places around my house of 3 floors, access points if I want just one SSID?

    I did some initial research which suggests that I can use the same SSID on all three, as long as they are on different channels. 1, 6 and 11 for example. In theory, then, as I wander around the House the client machine must auto swap to the AP with the signal stronger.

    What do you think? What is the best way or do, or could suggest you something else?

    As an aside... If I decided to create a second SSID for the guests at home, I would also want to add wireless isolation to this SSID. How would that be managing the DHCP server on the local network? How would be asked to connect to the SSID has never get an IP if they have been isolated from other clients on the local network?  Besides, how they see the router? The ANNUAL lets you specify exceptions to this isolation for this feature?  Alternatively, as I suspect, is the right isolation feature isolate them from other WLAN, not the LAN clients customers?

    I did some testing and configuration of the AP with the same SSID and security will do what you want. Don't worry about setting the channel because the auto channel setting works with these devices and automatically adjusts the spacing between the appropriate channels.

    Recommendation of the VPN_user is what you need if you want to isolate the SSID comments from the rest of your network clients.

    Isolation of SSID of the AP will guard only wireless devices to communicate with each other on the same SSID on which it is enabled.

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    Even if a upgrade license can be transferred to another computer, unfortunately this computer must have a license of qualification. This does mean that it cannot be applied to a clean PC then Yes, you may need to purchase a new license.

    If this isn't a brand PC just to check the label of the COA of the former. It is unlikely, but if it was not an OEM license in the 1st place it would be moved.

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  • EAP-FAST and the MAC with WPA2 on RADIUS authentication Local for 1242AG access point


    Does anyone has a Setup for this combination work?



    Hi EAP - FAST didn't need any cert... We must generate CAP... Here is the link... that gives the comparison between different EAP


    Here is the link to generate or use the CAP


    Let me know if that helps...



  • Ordered the wrong access point!

    I thought that I had ordered a 1130ag but looks like I ordered a 1131ag LWWAP.

    Please could someone tell me what the difference between a 1130 and 1131. I understand I can load the IOS on the light AP software using a tftp server, but I do not know which exit to load on this subject. 12.3JX, 12.3JA, 12.3JEA, 12.3JEB! can anyone help please? either by the way, I am in the United Kingdom, do not know if this affects image to install. Thank you.

    Hi Paul,.

    This happens all the time, so it shouldn't be a problem :) I'm guessing that you have received this AP - AIR - LAP1131AG - x - K9 LWAPP. When you really wanted this AP - AIR-AP1131G-x-K9 Cisco IOS software. Look at the comparison;


    That being said, you should be good to go with 12.3 (11) JA1.

    To access Cisco Aironet to Cisco IOS version 12.3 Points (11) JA1


    Cisco IOS version 12.3 (11) JA1 supports 32 MB independent platforms. 16 MB platforms and platforms supported by Cisco IOS version 12.3 (8) JA and earlier versions (350, 1100, 1130, 1200 and 1230 access points and access point/bridge 1300 series) are supported by Cisco IOS version 12.3 (8) JEA1.

    Do not install a "JX" (it is a software image support to upgrade and recovery Cisco Lightweight Access Point Protocol (LWAPP));

    These release notes describe features, improvements, and caveats for Cisco IOS release 12.3 (11) JX1.

    Note: This version must be loaded on points of access to the plant or by using the lightweight stand-alone mode upgrade tool. Your access point may become unusable if you install this software without using the upgrade tool.


    Returning to standalone Access Point


    You can convert an access point of the mode light return to autonomous mode by loading a Cisco IOS version that supports stand-alone mode (Cisco IOS release 12.3 (7) JA or earlier version). If the access point is associated with a controller, you can use the controller to load the version of Cisco IOS. If the access point is not associated with a controller, you can load the version of Cisco IOS using TFTP.

    By using a TFTP server to revert to a previous version

    Follow these steps to return mode LWAPP stand-alone mode by loading a version of Cisco IOS using a TFTP server:


    Step 1 the IP address of the computer on which the server software runs TFTP should range from to

    Step 2 make sure the PC contains the file access point (for example, c1200-k9w7 - tar.122 - 15.JA.tar for a 1200 Series access point) in the TFTP server folder and the TFTP server is activated.

    Step 3 Rename the access point image file in the folder of the TFTP server c1200-k9w7 - tar.default for a series of 1200 point, c1130-k9w7 - tar.default of access for a series of 1130 access point and c1240-k9w7 - tar.default for a series of 1240 access point.

    Step 4 connect the PC to the access point using an Ethernet category 5 cable (CAT5).

    Step 5 disconnect the power to the access point.

    Step 6 push the MODE button and hold the button while you reconnect power to the access point.

    Step 7 hold the MODE button until the status of the LED turns red (approximately 20 to 30 seconds), then release.

    Step 8 wait until restarting access point, as indicated by the LEDs become green followed the status LED flashes green.

    Step 9 after the access point reboots, reconfigure using the GUI or the CLI.

    This doc.


    I hope this helps!


  • installation of switchport lwapp running of multiple ssid access point

    Hi all

    When you set up a hotspot lwapp, must I trunk all the VLANS on the port to the ap? or do I only allow the vlan management for the access point? That is to say 1 vlan and normal access port?

    see you soon


    If it's a LWAPP AP, then the switchport should be an ACCESS PORT... It's just to get the IP to the AP, then the AP wil try to join the WLC... once that the AP has joined, the SSID and the rest through the LWAPP tunnel...



  • Updating of the access points in the environment, the models?

    I'm going slow in the environment by replacing the access points 80 AIR-1252.  I decided to replace our 1142 s at the same time so that the environment is up to date.  I was curious what the replacement recommended for these access points.  I see Cisco recommends the 1262 in lieu of the 1252.

    I work for an oil and gas company with locations across the country.  We use two 5508 s with Flex Connect runs the last code 7.3 7.4 into account in the next 6 months.  Our sites are a mixture of office space with warehouse or other environments difficult. I think 2602 s to replace the 1142 s and 1252 s mounted in offices, and I'm leading 1242 s to replace the 1252 s mounted in our warehouse/truck Bay environments.

    Well the 1262 did replace the 1252, but then Cisco came out with the 3502e and the 3602e.  Then maybe you should look at is using the 2602i in the office areas and maybe the 2602e in the area rugged or even look at the 3502e/3602e.  This way, you have all the AP that can sustain CleanAir.

    Thank you


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  • The upgrade of Cisco 1600 access points

    A customer has Cisco 1600 12 access point and they want to add 3 access points. These access points are autonomous access points and the customer is tired to make individual changes by access points.  I suggested that the new access point be base controller, so my question; These existing access points can be upgraded to LWAPP? Or do need to be replaced? Or this controller one web-based access to existing contact points and be controlled.

    so my question; can these existing access point be upgraded to LWAPP? Or do they need to be replaced?
    Yes, existing AP can be converted into TOUR mode with a recovery image. Here's how you can do it (note that there are several ways) http://mrncciew.com/2012/10/20/lightweight-to-autonomous-conversion/ http://mrncciew.com/2013/12/13/ap-conversion-using-mode-button/ is the good idea to get a WLC (like 2504) to manage in a simple way, rather managing them individually. See below the product bundles available. If this is the case, you will get with license 25AP 2504 for almost for free when you buy 2 x 1702. Make sure that you choose the product of appropriate regulatory AIR-AP1702I-A-WLC HTH Rasika * Pls note all useful responses *.
  • 4402 wireless controller and the 1130AG access points

    I have a bunch of 1130AG (35) and 1231 points of access. I just bought a controller 4402 so I could handle these much easier access points. I currently have the offline access points, so I could control. With the wireless in the mix controller, that I have to fix these to light mode or can I leave them offline.

    We know not the operating instructions so I can leave them in stand-alone mode. Most of them is in the rafters in our warehuse, and I didn't have to pull of these if I have to. If I can use them offline, how can I do that?

    Thanks much for any info!


    Hi Dave,.

    A WLC manages autonomous APs.
    So if you want to centralize the management of your APs through the WLC, you will need to convert it to light and enter them on the WLC.

    To convert the lightweight access points, you can choose between several options:

    1. thanks to a specific upgrade tool that you could install on a PC:

    2. [the most evolutionary] by WCS, with a model of migration that could apply to several APs:

    3. [not in any book] by the following steps:
    3 (a) download the CEC lwapp recovery image and store it on a TFTP server.
    3 (b) Telnet to the stand-alone PA and issuing the following command:
    Archive Download-sw / overwrite/reload tftp: / // [lwapp recovery image file path]

    As a general recommendation, before to convert the lightweight access points, you can be sure that the wired infrastructure behind is ready to direct them to the WLC for recording.
    It's suggestions explained in the link on the above option #1.

    Hope this helps,


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  • Cisco WLC license evaluation of Access Point


    I would like to know what is happening to access connected to a Cisco WLC points if the evaluation license reached its expiration date and other licenses have not yet been installed all connected access points would cease immediately operation?

    Kind regards


    Yes, they would stop working.

    Note: when you add licenses a reboot is required. Even if the number of supported the HA increases on reset controller is always necessary for these devices to register on the controller under the permanent license. I once added licenses and when I saw the number of the AP increase - I experimented with the restart - and when evaluating lic. expiration of my AP dropped the controller.

  • How to apply for ACS 5.5 Upgrade License

    We bought the license to upgrade ACS 5.5 (R-CSACS-55VMUP-K9 =). I read below the steps of the migration of 4.x to 5.5, I have found anywhere you need a licence. Is it really necessary?

    In fact I intend to reconfigure all about ACS 5.5 from scratch. Can I use the license? or to buy a standard license to download GBA 5.5?

    Since we have already purchased the upgrade license, can I 'pretend' to migrate an ACS 4.x and wipe it and redo the configuration, just to use the Upgrade License?

    What is the best approach to get the job of license with decent cost?

    Thank you

    5.5 Cisco secure access control system migration guide
    Using the Migration utility to migrate data to ACS 4.x for ACS 5.5


    Hello Hujian. The "migration license" is the same as that of "standard". The only difference is that you put on it, since you already have ACS 4.x. If you were buying ACS 5.x today and you have not previously ACS then you would have been ineligible for migration license.

    That being said, there isn't really a direct from 4.x to 5.x migration since the whole system has been rewritten. For example, as you know 4.x ran on Windows and did not require not a vs 5.x license runs on Linux and does not require a license. You can use the utility 'migration' to help you migrate some of the configurations but it does not migrate everything. I personally never liked to use it and always what you plan to do is build the new server from scratch :)

    I hope this helps!

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  • Purchase second stand-alone upgrade license LR6 not available in stores, is there a way for the user for a long time (since 1.0 more CC) to obtain a second license for both laptop and desktop?

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    Recently, I had to install on my Samsung laptop and found, I had to deactivate the license on my desk to use, and I find this pain connection and disconnection, since I do not have the foresight to know when to sign physically out of my office before I use my laptop.  Going to the Adobe store earlier, it does not allow me to buy another license upgrade for my second computer while the 'old' version of Lightroom was fine with me on my laptop and desktop.  I do not have a heavy user for a few years, but I start to have some interest in my work and need the laptop and the computer.  Adobe authorized a second upgrade license, am I expected to buy a full version new or I just go to Corel whose entire suite is less than the Lightroom upgrade?

    Again, I am mostly a Photoshop user and really need Lightroom to catalogue and cropping for final prints only selections, and it seems a little extreme that I cannot use my license on one computer at any time, why not the second?  I think Adobe is assuming we all have easy access to the internet and a wi - fi connection, and that Canadians want to pay twice as much for Adobe products as everyone else.  I installed two trials of Corel since they're cheaper reunited to form a new owner even a Lightroom update still less a total of the purchase, and so far they have integration with Photoshop and the feature settings of catalog, just I don't like not having to learn how to use when I already own another product.

    I'm moving this post on the forum of download, installation, commissioning , who can help with the perpetual software (not creative Cloud)

    It may be helpful to talk to sales http://www.adobe.com/about-adobe/contact.html

    or support: support (please login to adobe.com with your Adobe ID before clicking on the support)

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