Upgrade memory voltage

Hi - I have a HP Pavilion t685.uk, with 1 GB of RAM - I want to add more RAM. Memory cards are DDR-400 s, however, when I look online to purchase one, I find there are 2 different voltages available - 2, 5V and 2, 6V. I looked in all the documents that I have for the PC, but nowhere no it tells me the RAM voltage.

I noticed here...


This tension is not mentioned - but it is certainly important?

In any case, I need to know the voltage and the purchase of the module OK, or is - this important step?

If I need to know the blood - how will I know?

Thanks in advance!



PC3200 is THAT DDR SDRAM designed to operate at 200 MHz using DDR - 400 chips with 3 200 MB/s bandwidth. Because PC3200 memory transfers data on both fronts and clock, its effective clock rate is 400 MHz. (Source here)

See here the memory (in number thereon) refers to the PC-3200 (200 Mhz).

The final answer: you can install up to (4) 1 GB PC3200 DDR400 modules. The system will show around 3.25 to 3.5 GB of memory. (Please don't ask, it's just the simple truth about 32-bit OS).

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    memory DDR3 4 gb 1rx8 hynix pc3 - 12800 S-11-11-b2, but it does not boot up the laptop.

    I tried to mount only the new but it won't start.

    Some ideas?

    I think that it s you already know that this Satellite L50 - has - 1 5 would support max 16 GB of RAM (2 x 8 GB)

    But why, box for computer laptop doesn t is very simple: the new modules are not compatible.

    I found modules recommended by Toshiba.
    These are:
    8GB DDR3L - 1600 PA5104U-1M8G
    4 GB DDR3L - 1600 PA5104U-1M4G

    Both are made of Kingston and the specifications are:

    Memory speed: 1600 Mhz PC3-12800
    Capacity: 8 GB (1x8GB module)
    Pins: 204 SODIMM
    Type of RAM: DDR3 SODIMM
    Verifying the integrity of data: non ECC
    Latency (CL) CASES: 11
    Voltage: 1.35v

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    Hi all!

    I have a Pavillion DV7-6c05ev. The product number is A8V36EA-B1A.  I'm trying to upgrade memory. On board, there are two modules of 1.5 volt. (2 GB Samsung M471B5773DH0-CH9 and 4 GB Samsung M471B5273DH0-CK0 and they work ofal channel). I am buying a second module M471B5273DH0-CK0, to have 8 GB dual channel.  I ordered a new, but I got a Samsung M471B5173QHO-YK0 instead of CK0. The YKO runs on 1.35 v and 1.5V, but I'm afraid to pair them up, because maybe something could go wrong with tensions. I found another store and ordered again CK0, but again, I received YKO. So now I have two new YKO. What do you think is it safe combine the old with the new KATE CKO (sellers insist that KATE is the replacement of CKO and will work fine on 1.5V, it will automatically choose the correct voltage. And the other question is, as long as I have two YKO, can I use these two as a pair?  There are exactly the same, but it is made in China and one in the Philippines, but I don't think it's a problem. And replace the two old memories? Is the compatible with my model M471B5173QHO-YK0?

    (I found another seller with CKO, but I did not want to risk again. From what I understand, they have the old code on their pc, but there is a new, replacement, M471B5173QHO-YK0, and they ship the other. The question is if I can match up with the old CKO and return the second YKO, or keep two YKO and use them with my laptop).

    Thank you in advance.

    Kind regards


    No this is essentially the same thing. The 11 first is the latency CASE and the second number is not really speeds, but the SPD versions and then the B4 is just an internal reference to manufacturers for the memory form factor. The computer will see these 2 identical modules.

  • Upgrade memory for desktop Aspire TC 705

    Hello, I would like to upgrade my TC Aspire 705 4 GB to 8 GB... whose memory is compatible and which is best?

    It has two slots a blue and a green, blue is occupied by the Bank of memory that came with the pc and is a SK 4 GB PCL3 1Rx8 hynix low voltage - 12800U - 11-13-A1 I said, I tried a similar Bank, but he did not not recognized by pc (?) no beeps or the other (?) I tried the solo Bank upgrade, then I got beeps (?) someone advice pls?



    The problem with the purchase of Hynix is that it is too expensive.  Almost double or triple the price because they have really not the retail arm for their "regular memory.  They started a retail arm for their passionate high range for boards thing this year... which does not help.

    All you really need is this module of Kingston.  It works perfectly with your memory of BIOS and Hynix Board, CPU, Intel/Acer H81... and should run two channels with existing memory... no problem.


    Edit: If you can find the part of Hynix on Ebay at reasonable prices, then go ahead.  I have the above kingston module and it works perfectly (dual channel) with Hynix in tc - 605 (which has the same advice that tc-705).

    Edit2: Memory voltage (DDR3L) will work to 1.35 or 1.5V.  Your existing Hynix DDR3L will work perfectly @ 1.5V as this is a standard JEDEC for your motherboard.


  • Upgrade memory Dell Dimension 9150


    I'm looking to upgrade memory RAM on my Dell Dimension 9150 Dual Core (DXP051) clocked at 2.8 GHZ with 1 GB of ram. Motherboard is Dell 0YC523. IGB memory currently.

    Watching the RAM is OCZ Enhanced latency Platinum XTC Edition revision 2 with speed 800 Mhz - CL4 (4-4-4-15) latency. 2 GB

    OCZ recommendation is to increase the volatge of ram to 2.1V on the BIOS but I don't think that this is possible on the Dell motherboard.

    Previousposts research, someone also asked a similar question but for an XPS 720 PC.

    The solution suggested something about SLI or EPP ready... I'm not sure what it means. This means that the RAM must be SLI or EPP ready to be compatible with the motherboard of Dimension I or the mothersboard must be ready for use of these modules of memory SLIp/PPE? Can I use this module and if so, how do I change the voltage or the motherboard will adjust it automatically?

    If not, can I get some other RAM?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Upgrade memory SL500 with latency case of G.Skill DDR2 667 (PC2-5300) 4. Comnpatible?


    I want to upgrade memory to my Thinkpad SL500 model 2746CTO.

    You want to buy some sticks of 2 X 2 GB @ only $22.00 each.

    G.Skill is faster @ CL 4 (hours: 4-4-4-12)

    voltage @ 1.8V

    non - ecc, unbuffered.

    Please comment if this G.Skill memory is too fast for this laptop, for example. "not compatible".

    Thank you


    rather than ask for lenovo or crucial, why not ask of intel chips that manufacturers the inputs/outputs of the memory controller.


    It clearly says DDR2 667/800.  Don't be confused that she also mentioned ddr3 support, lenovo only installed on your motherboard ddr2 Sockets, but the GM45 chip can support both.

  • Upgrade memory on an all in a single LX830

    I may upgrade the 4 GB provided to meet the requirements of the program. Additional memory needs to be installed in pairs? The existing 4 GB occupies a dwelling, can I mount 8 GB in another location or it will be incompatible?

    Well, mainly upgrade memory depends on the support of the chipset/CPU.

    Not quite sure what computer Toshiba LX830 do you have exactly but as far as I know the L830 all in one units would support up to 16 GB of RAM.

    A property used by a 4 GB RAM module and housing is free.
    This is why it must be able to use another additional module of 8 GB RAM.

    But of course, another module of 8 GB RAM should be compatible with the current 4 GB of RAM.
    Otherwise, you will get some compatibility issues

  • Upgrade memory on NB300-108

    Looking to upgrade the RAM to 2 GB on my NB300-108

    Have you looked at the website of Toshiba and the cost, but there seems to be a plethora of alternative sites with upgrades memory compatible when I put in the part number.

    Would like to receive experiences in the forum about alternatives etc.

    Thank you


    The laptop supports DDR2 800 MHz SO-DIMM or PC2-5300 (DDR2 667 Mhz) modules.
    These modules are provided by different companies.
    There are good quality modules and less quality modules

    Of course, you can choose and buy the cheapest, but in this case, you use the risk of compatibility problems.

    I made good experiences with RAM from Kingston. These are of good quality and not too expensive modules

  • Upgrading memory on the NB550D - 11 d - 4 GB of RAM are possible

    To anyone who thinks of a memory upgrade on the NB550D:

    The NB550D supports up to 4 GB of memory, not only 2 GB as mentioned by Toshiba in their specifications.
    Upgrade memory to 2 GB is _only limited_ by the pre installed Windows 7 Starter OS, and not by the netbook itself.

    I use Linux Mint 11 Katya, 64-bit and my system works perfectly well with a 4 GB ram module. If you want to use the full support for 4 GB ram, get rid of the Win 7 Starter operating system.

    Specifications for more memory ram volume are DDR3 1333 MHz PC3-10600 SO-Dimm. I chose a 4 GB of Corsair module, because of the guarantee of 30 years of offers from Corsair.

    It took me a while to find this out hope, that this will be a help to all those who are just as secure as I was how to upgrade memory NB550D. Good luck. (o).

    Thanks for the comments

    Also it of important to mention than the 32-bit systems (not serious if its Linux or Windows) would recognize only 3.2 GB since it is a limitation of 32-bit
    So to use all of the 4 GB RAM 64-bit system is required.

  • Question about upgrading memory Satellite M55-S1001

    can you please recommend what to do? I want to make my satellite m55-s1001 run faster please let me know, what do you recommend: 512 MB or 1 GB of memory? I'm not familiar with updates so please help!


    First of all, if you want to go for fastest laptop, you should start with simple things.
    Try to defragment the disk, turn off the background process is not necessary, etc.
    Upgrade memory will the powerful laptop and of course a lot more quickly.

    To my knowledge the Satellite M55 should support the bars of memory 2 x 1024MB, and I also recommend the use of 1024MB instead of 512 MB module.

  • I have iMac 5 k mid 2015 upgrading memory

    How to upgrade memory on iMac 5 k mid 2015 10.11.3 el capitan bones of 27 inches

    Installation video are visible by clicking on


  • Upgrade memory for Satellite 2800 400

    I am trying to upgrade my ram to 128 on the laptop. After following the instructions for the instillation, that I turned the laptop on to find that it was slower than before and that the new ram had not registered as 128, and always thought it was 64 in someone can help me solve this ir is there anything I can do?

    Hi Ben

    Maybe you used the memory modules bad.
    As far as I know that you can upgrade memory for max 192 MB
    The 64 MB has been installed in an internal memory and cannot be deleted.

    I found these compatible modules:
    PA3003U - 1 M 03 32 MB
    PS3004U - 1 M 06 64 MB
    PS3005U - 1 M 12 128 MB

  • Upgrade memory for Equium L20-264


    I have an Equium L20-264, which is "dying" and advised to upgrade memory. Specs below.

    Equium L20 - 264 part number: key features PSL2ZE-00500CAV - Numtxpackets® Celerona® M processor 360
    -Windows® XP Home Edition
    -60 GB hard drive
    -256 MB DDR2 RAM
    -15 "TFT color display
    -Drive DVD Super Multi (Double Layer)

    Issues related to the:

    1. How can I remove the existing memory? Is there a guide of the user on this operation?

    2 How many slots have?

    3. What is the max memory per slot?

    4. can I buy Toshiba memory directly?

    It is rather urgent and would like a quick answer.

    Thanks in advance

    Hi mate.

    As far as I know your laptop supports two memory locations.
    They must be placed at the bottom of the unit.
    If you n t know how to change this then I recommend consulted the user manual!
    The manual can be downloaded from the Toshiba European page.
    I think that the laptop can be upgraded to 2 GB of RAM. So, you can use 1 GB of RAM in one slot.

    PS: you must use the RAM DDR2 PC2-4200 memory - 200pin modules

  • HP ENVY Sleekbook 4-1000en: upgrading memory on ENVY 4-1000en


    Since I have some basic computer knowledge, but I want to be sure before you go for it, I need your advice.

    I have a HP ENVY Sleekbook 4-1000en and I have recently upgraded to HDD and the OS.

    I think the upgrade of RAM have, as far as I know that you need 2 memories of the same type, so I guess I can't buy an another 4 GB right?

    Do I need 2 x 4 GB of DDR3 memory, of the same type to make it work? For example they would work very well

    http://www.corsair.com/en/vengeance-8gb-high-performance-sodimm-memory-upgrade-kit-cmsx8gx3m2a1600c9 ?

    Finally the upgrade memory requires any other configuration after plugin in? Is a format for example?

    Thanks for your time.


    The following link shows the specifications of your computer:


    It has 4 GB of RAM now. The question is 4 GB in a dwelling or in the two slots (2 + 2).

    b in the case of a home, you can just buy another 4GB with SAME part/characteristics of the EXISTING RAM and install in the second slot.

    (b) if in 2 slots (IE 2 + 2), then throw them both and buy 2 new sticks 4 GB each. Agin use even care.

    You don't need to format RAM. Moreover, we have only to format HDD/SSD but not RAM. And Yes, push in the two slots must be same same specs even marks to be able to get all the benefits.

    Kind regards.

  • Satellite Pro 2100 - upgrade - upgrade memory RAM

    Hello together!

    For your information:

    Upgrade memory today to 2 Toshiba Satellite Pro 2100 (1.9 GH, 256 MB DDR - RAM initially), both up to 1 GB, all fine and no problems.

    Wanted to just end rumors "only 512 MB all together" or even less.

    If you are looking for, don't forget to think of the specifications:

    DDR-266 (PC2100)
    200 PINS
    2.5 CL

    concerning the frequency of the RAM, building shape etc.



    P.S.: Don't think that a debate is necessary, thread could be closed...

    According to the specifications of the computer laptop Satellite Pro has two memory slots and can be upgraded up to 1 GB. It is very useful to have confirmation on the RAM upgrade for this model of laptop old but still good.

    Good day.

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