Upgrade on Satellite Pro L20 model No. PSL2YE-00E006EN


I was wondering if someone could give me some information on the upgrade of the pieces on the laptop above?

(1) how much Ram can take this machine? (it has 2 slots)

(2) what size is the maximum size of hard drive that I can spend? (currently has only 40 GB)

(3) once I upgraded the ram, this machine would be able to run windows 7 Home premium?

Any info anyone can provide would be very helpful.

Thank you very much



Your questions are so simply, but it is not easy to give you a precise answer, except on question No. 1. So here are my answers:
(1) specification of laptop you can upgrade your laptop up to 2 GB of RAM
(2) you won't find a precise answer to this question. I assume you have old IDE HDD inside, so my advice to you is to improve it with 80 or 100 GB. It should work, and I think it's good enough.
(3) theoretically Yes, but I put t know if this laptop is supported for Win7. Anyway you can try it.

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  • Satellite Pro L20 - typed keys missing

    We have about 20 laptops, Satellite PRO L20 (model No. PSL2YE-00H00EG3), and all have this problem): keyboard missing from time to time a key is pressed. All keys are affected and the question is very worrying, given that you can have a miss every 20 letters typed.

    We have tried to update the BIOS to version 1.5 to version 1.8, but we had no success.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you


    You said that this problem occurs from time to time. In this case, it would be possible that some 3rd applications have a bad influence on this keyboard as described in this announcement.

    You also suggested that you tried to upgrade the BIOS. Did you, or was it just a tent?

  • Satellite Pro L20 - where to download the recovery disk?


    I lost the disk to the operating system as well as hard drives. Y at - it a link to download?

    Toshiba Satellite Pro L20
    Model No.: PSL25E-00100SAR
    PM 740 / 512 / 60 g 54/15xt/ds2/lm/w
    Series No z51373y3w
    product key: tdh2 - qdsrj-*-*-xv926


    The Toshiba recovery disc can t be downloaded. If you want a new drive, you must contact an authorized service provider. Maybe they can order a new one for you.

    Alternative you take Microsoft Windows disk and install the operating system for this disk. After that, you can download all the drivers and tools on the Toshiba site. It takes a little longer and it s not so uncomfortable.

  • Chipset utility refuses to install on Satellite Pro L20


    I am trying to sort out Satellite Pro L20 a friend (PSL2YE-00E007EN), but refuses the Chipset utility to install. I am running as Windows XP Pro (SP2) with nothing else on earlier, Chipset utility installation program keeps saying I don't have a supported chipset or the OS. The Intel Chipset ID utility fails to run as well, any ideas what might be up?


    There are two different sets of Satellite L20. A L20 series was delivered with the Intel graphics chip and the other with the ATI graphics card.

    You can install the utility Intel chipset on Satellite L20 with GPU Intel but the Satellite l20 with ATi graphics card does not support the Intel chipset utility.

    I guess you re an owner of the second series of L20 with ATI GPU.
    The driver of ATI graphics card that are already on the page of the Toshiba driver contains the chipset (GART) ATI driver.
    Therefore, only install the ATI graphics driver and enjoy! ;)

    Best regards

  • Satellite Pro L20 PSL25E - Display driver required


    I'm looking for a new display driver for my Toshiba Satellite Pro L20, model No. PSL25E. I can't find this driver on toshiba.com.

    Right now I use Version of Mobile Intel (r) 915GM/GMS, 910GML Express Chipset Family.

    The problem occurs when you use opensource-progs like GIMP.

    After a few minutes, the display switches gray while the laptop is still working?

    Does anyone have the same problem or an idea how I can fix this problem? Thank you.



    You have an Intel graphics card?

    Well, try to use and to install the graphics driver on the Intel site.

    If you will not be able to install it by running setup.exe, then try to reinstall the driver through the Device Manager.
    Here, you can select the graphic card and choose Update driver
    Use the advanced procedure, and then point to files of driver that you downloaded from the Intel page.

    Generally, the installation should functions that it worked on my system too.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro L20 and DVD drive upgrade

    Hi all, starting at this forum.

    Satellite Pro L20

    I just upgraded the drive cd - rw to a dvd - rw drive. The drive came a host of work so it s in full working order. The drive is not recognized as a DVD player, but works like a cd - rw. Update the BIOS of the Toshiba site gives an error once decompressed.
    Does anyone know what I need to do to get it work correctly?

    Thanks for your help

    This new optical disk drive is compatible with this model of laptop?

  • Upgrade memory for Satellite Pro L20

    I use a satellite L20 pro - PSL25E. That this PSL25E means in terms of satellite pro L20 - 102 until xxx. On the support site to keep just the numbers but not this alphanumeric expression. I need this in order to select the upgrade module suitable.
    If this can be answered, could someone tell me which module to upgrade should I choose in addition to the existing 512 MB?
    Thanks in advance


    It of nice that you have found the laptop model after your own investigation.
    However, in my opinion the portable Satellite Pro L20 all support the same kind of memory, if it s L20-259 Pro or Pro L20-174

    The units are supported on these modules:
    DDR2 400/533 256 MB (PA3389U - 1 M 25)
    512 MB DDR2-400/533 (PA3412U - 1 M 51)

  • Satellite Pro L20 - CPU / battery upgrade

    Hi all

    I have a L20 the Satellite with the Celeron 360 Pro. I have seen that you can get another satellite pro L20s running Pentium m 730 1.6GHZ CPU. I was wondering if it was possible to upgrade the processor in this machine. The power of thermal design of the Celeron is 21W which is slightly lower than that of the Pentium-M 27W, but should not running too hot as it has speedstep, the only problem is that the Pentium versions seem to have Intel graphics and the Celeron have ATI x 200, it's a different motherboard or the same?

    If anyone knows if the upgrade is possible can you please post and let me know. Thank you!
    Also, I noticed there is a battery 4300mAh who would last longer 200mAh battery I have, it works on 14.8V where as mine is 14.4V would this work in my laptop, im assuming that it should?

    Maybe this thread will help you to get more information on the upgrade of CPU:

    User Grze22gorz went the Celeron M for Pentium M processor and the system works properly.

    Additional threads;

    I found the part number of the battery (8 cell, 4300mAh): PA3420U-1BRS Toshiba Option European and accessories site and it s certainly consistent with Sat L20 and Satellite Pro L20

    Good day

  • Satellite Pro L20-184: Question about upgrading CPU

    I bought a Satellite Pro l20 184
    I can replace the Pentium M 735 2 MB of L2 cache processor
    FSB 400 1.7 GHz?


    Hello Constantin

    The answer is that no, it is not possible to replace the processor in a Toshiba laptop. The processors used in laptops are connected to the motherboard using a process called TCP (tape carrier package). It is a method of permanent connection and is used in the interest of miniaturization and heat dissipation.

    Good bye

  • Can I upgrade the video card on Satellite Pro L20?

    Can I change video card in Satellite Pro L20?


    Short and simply answer: no, you can't

    The graphics card is a small chip that attaches to the Board. Do not compare the graphics card for laptops and a graphics card for desktop PC.
    You can update or change is what HDD, memory modules.

  • What recovery CD to use with Satellite Pro L20?

    We have several Toshiba laptops in use in our society. I need to restore a (a Satellite Pro L20) to factory settings. However, although I have kept all the recovery CD, most of them have labels which do not mention which model they are intended to be used on. On some of them I wrote the model number on the label by hand, but I did not do that for the L20. I know from experience that if I receive the wrong recovery CD, I have to put dozens of drivers and utilities individually, in order to find the right one would save me a lot of time and stress.

    Each recovery CD has a number (for example GMR400626EN1), so it should be possible to identify the good CD of it, but I can't find the info on the Toshiba web site.

    Is there a list that corresponds to the reference numbers for the models of laptop recovery CD?


    This info is certainly not available on the Toshiba support site. What you can try is to contact the partner of service authorized in your country. They have access to the database of Toshiba and I'm sure they can help you.

    If you need addresses and phone numbers please check https://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com support & downloads search for an ASP.

    Bye and good luck!

  • The Satellite Pro L20 L25 the same case?

    Fit cover laptop of Satellite Pro L20 to L25 Pro Satellite motherboard?

    I can't say for sure, but I think so.
    I guess L20 is European and WE must have a model L25.

    There is no big difference in General.
    What you should check are available ports. Make sure that both models have exact same ports and port openings.

  • Satellite Pro L20 does not illuminate

    Hope you can help. We have a 5 years satellite pro L20 who never gave a lot of days. It runs from Win XP, had an upgrade (crucial) memory to 2 GB and a new battery 4 years ago 4 years ago. 2 days ago, he simply left with the same noise you get when force a shutdown by holding the power button down. I tried to boot with no battery, just the sector and only on a charged battery. All to nothing does not.

    I then read the button of power with the battery and removed sector I did after leaving it overnight. When I replaced the battery it started as usual and lasted 30 seconds before turning off again, and then he was dead. I have tried all combinations with the ram up to 1 stick or kidnapped and attempted to get the bios with the HDD outside as well. Still nothing.

    I noticed that when I put the battery in 2 of the 3 flashes briefly, and now the button of pwer while pushing the battery causes a brief start 4 seconds.

    Any ideas as to what this may be? I suspect that the hardware and software. Also, I tried a different power adapter, once again no results. It stays just off.

    Thanks for any help...


    I'm afraid it looks like a serious m hardware problem
    My first idea was a malfunction of the RAM in such a case, you could replace and test the memory, but it seems that you have already tried

    In my view there s something wrong with a motherboard or a part on the motherboard :(
    In this case I n t think a replacement of the motherboard would be useful since this part is very expensive

  • Satellite Pro L20 goes wrong with i.f. audio Fast Track USB


    I used my Fast Track USB on new Toshiba Satellite L40 and I never had any problems with it. I could put a low latency and I did a few songs with him.

    Yesterday, I bought another laptop, thinking of recording studio at home. He used the Toshiba Satellite Pro L20. It does not work with my interface. When I listen to music on Winamp or anything on Fruity Loops, I hear strong clicks, pop, noise. They introduce samples, or they appear during playback, or after a sample is stopped.

    I noticed, drivers for Satellite Pro L20 are a problem. Its not supported by Toshiba more? The only chipset drivers are old, and you can download em only from site Web from Toshiba. The chipset is ATI Xpress 200 M. Its pilots are with the graphics card. Recently I noticed that you can download "ATI Catalyst Legacy Display Driver for Windows XP - card mother/IGP Drivers 9.11" and CRACK to make it possible to install on a mobile device like the L20. Yep it's funny, but its impossible to do otherwise!

    things that I have tried and they have still not help:
    replacement of drivers #, original were released in 2004. I installed the version.
    driver settings #, low latency, high latency
    # asio and different settings
    pluging # USB interface to another.
    # try what happens when I use the battery and when to use the adapter
    # update BIOS
    # off units such as wifi, card sound card on board
    # checked IRQ list

    persistent organic pollutants will always appear.

    my config:

    Toshiba Satellite Pro L20
    Win XP Home SP3
    Celeron M 1, 5 GHz
    896 MB of ram
    M - Audio Fast Track USB, drivers: 6.0.2

    Kind regards

    Initially, I wonder that you use old notebook L20 now. You have no more L40?

    You must understand that the Satellite Pro L20 is older model laptop and also not the best choice for such operations. This laptop is probably designed for simpler day-to-day operations such as the internet, e-mail, office, a little bit of multimedia and that s all the.

    I don't mean good old classic doesn't work with your external device, but you will be lucky if someone has the same external device and the same model of laptop and write about their own experiences.

    Do you use factory settings or you have installed the own operating system?

  • Satellite Pro L20 PSL25E - need details

    I just bought the laptop above flea market. I have
    have made for more information on this model, but can't seem to find information for the model PSL25E 00800 CEN.

    Can someone help or give me the nearest equivalent model?

    Thank you


    Hey Buddy

    I put this model number in google and google says, this s notebook Satellite Pro L20.
    Are you happy now? :)

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