Upgrade RAM from 8G to h-Satellite L505 - 13


Saw 4G of RAM (2 x 2G), I wanted to move to 8G (2 x 4G). I discovered that my motherboard supports 8G DDR3 1066 Mhz (PC3-8500) maximum. I bought the two RAM modules: Corsair CM3X8GSDKIT1066.

My BIOS accepts these and shows a total RAM 8192 Mr. I have BIOS version 2.10 (latest version). I disabled "USB Legacy Emulation".

Windows 7 32 - bit and Linux 32-bit without PAE running job. They detect the 3G of RAM.
Running Windows 7 64 bit stops the laptop, even in Safe Mode. Running Linux 32-bit with PAE or 64-bit Linux, the laptop stops after a few minutes. Install Linux 64-bit with 8 G RAM in place also stop the laptop a few minutes after the start of the installation.

What is wrong with my system and how can I upgrade the RAM to the maximum size supported?

Thank you.


The laptop supports an i5 - 430; CPU and supported FSB is 1066 Mhz.
This means that the RAM modules would be max at 1066 mhz
The laptop supports also the 8 GB of RAM (2 x 4 GB)

In my opinion, it seems that the new modules are not completely OK or compatible
There are many users of this forum who has had problems with the modules of Corsair

Try the good quality of Kingston modules, they might be expensive, but should work ok.

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    Thanks for the reply!



    No, I don't think you will be able to upgrade memory 1 GB after the update of the BIOS.
    I studied a little on the net, and as you say this laptop was designed for the American market. You can upgrade the memory to 512 MB max.

    I think that this module, that you can use to upgrade:
    KTT3614/256 256 MB PC2100 DDR SDRAM Memory

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    You will need a 1 GB SODIMM (PC2700) you could try the below

    http://www.kingmaxmemory.co.uk/index.php?CL=d&level=product&flag=KMEMBYTT&key=136 3764 & tl = ¬1363760¬1363762¬1363764

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    Run it and post the report here.

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    Hi all

    I have HP Dv5 1170el with this configuration:

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    • RAM: 4 GB ddr2 SODIMM 800 mhz pc2-6400
    • HARD drive: 320 GB (5,400 rpm) Scorpio

    I ordered a Samsung 500 GB SSD and I want upgrad RAM 8 GB (expandable to the maximum), but my problem is:

    I have been informed that probably not all the ram can be installed on this laptop (same model, same mhz but different brand)

    I found online this similar to the one already installed RAM but would like to learn from experienced users, it is at least 100% compatible with your laptop. Attached is the connection of the ram, I want to buy:

    " http://www.amazon.it/Komputerbay-800MHz-PC2-6300-PC2-6400-SODIM/dp/B004LTCH4S/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid... ".

    It would be pointless to buy this ram then if the laptop detects me!

    Please help me!

    Thank you very much!

    It is reassuring to have confirmation from an expert.
    I immediately contact the manufacturer for more information on their products that I'm about to buy.
    However, the price is almost the same, because I come from Italy.

    A hot day and I thank you once again.

  • Is it safe to upgrade RAM from 4 GB to 16 GB on mid2012 13 "MBP?

    It's time to upgrade RAM and OWC claims it is safe to upgrade to 16 GB on my mid-2012 13 "MBP with 2.5 GHz processor Intel Core i5 and 500 GB hard drive, but everything on the Apple site indicates upgrade max is 8 GB. I want speed, but worry, it could be too much for the material.

    Anyone else tried the more memory RAM successfully?

    In theory this is your memory needs:

    Maximum memory (Real) 16 GB 8 GB (Apple)
    Memory locations 2-204-pin PC3-12800 (1600 MHz) DDR3 SO-DIMM

    The answer to your question is that you can upgrade to 16 GB. Because it depends on the machine itself, we cannot assure you that it is "safe". It may work or it may not work. This isn't a certified Apple upgrade. It is rather an upgrade coming OWC. They sell RAM for this upgrade. Other vendors such as DataMem and Crucial RAM probably do not sell 16 GB upgrade kits.


    I did something wrong: I: 2011 ACE EMACHINE, AMD Dual Core 64-bit E300 1.3 GHz with a 500 GB hard drive.  The operating system is Win. 7 at home.

    1. when I increase the RAM from 2 GB to 8 GB (7.5 can be used) that means?  I understand that some are for the system.

    2. How will I know which programs are appropriate to use with my RAM memory?

    3. once I did the installation, my computer still work slow why? Do I need more high grade for my PC better?  If Yes, what?

    I thank very you much for your time.

    You asked: when I increase the RAM from 2 GB to 8 GB (usable 7.5) what does that mean?

    I have already replied to this above. Part of memory is used by the system to manage the rest of the memory.

    You said: I don't have that 1 or 2 program open at the same time.

    You could use only 1 or 2 both programs, but in fact, your computer has hundreds of programs running. This is what is listed in the Task Manager process tab.  You can consult this list to identify what type of program is using a lot of your CPU cycles and causing slowness.

  • Re: Satellite Pro 2100: problem upgrade RAM from 512 MB to 1 GB

    OK atm I have 512 MB in my netbook and I want to upgrade to 1 GB
    now, I have already 512 MB in the nebook and I had another
    but when I insert the other 512 MB
    the only thing I get is a black screen


    The laptop supports 1 GB RAM max.
    This means that you can use 2 x 512 MB max modules. Module of 512 MB in each slot.

    I guess 1 GB of RAM is not supported and therefore you cannot start the device correctly!

    Go back to 2 x 512 MB

  • Upgrading RAM on the C670D-115 Satellite

    What kind of ram I should buy to add two other GB on my computer ram for a C-satellite c670D-115?
    I use windows 7. (µ - Pro is AMD-E300)

    Thank you for choosing Kingston ram,



    Upgrade of RAM, you must use 2 GB DDR3 - 1066 and reference number is PA3676U-1M2G.

  • HP 255 G4 Notebook PC: How to upgrade RAM from 4 GB to 8 GB on laptop HP 255 G4

    I would like to know how to upgrade my RAM 8 GB on my laptop HP 255 G4.



    See page 44 for "how-to".

    Add one of them:

    4 GB (PC3L, 12800, 1600 MHz) 691740-005

    https://www.Amazon.com/HP-691740-001-1600MHz-PC3L-12800-memory/DP/B00CI08FX4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8 & qid = 1466629940 & SR = 8-1 & Keywords = 691740-005

    That will take you from 4 to 8 GB. Technically, this procedure will be to endanger the guarantee, but it is not terribly hard to do. Remove the bottom cover and the locations of memory are there. If you choose to move forward and to do so, be careful and closely follow the manual because there are a lot of screws.

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  • Laptop HP compaq 6710 b: upgrading RAM from 4 to 8 GB and 32 bit to 64 bit

    I want to hear if it is possible to upgrade my 4 GB of RAM 8 GB with operating system if necessary to move from 32-bit to 64-bit and 32-bit



    Sorry because it's an old notebook, according to the textbooks he say's that support the maximum memory is 4 GB (Page 2)


  • Upgrade RAM to 4 GB on Satellite X 200-21 L

    First sorry for my bad English, but I can't find a German support forum.
    To the page of the x 200-21 l specifition is wroten is expandable laptop computer with 4 GB of RAM.

    But I heard that the vista 32 bits are supported to 3 GB.
    When I buy these 2 GB for upgrade is it really will show 3 GB RAM or 4GB?

    Don't exsist a patch for it or are configured laptops detect 4GBs all?

    big names in pre ;-)


    If you have VISTA with SP1 or WinXP SP3, it will show 4 GB, but you can use only 3 GB due to the limitation of 32-bit.
    Your machine has 2 x 1 GB of RAM. Then it will be enough to change a single module of 1 GB to 2 GB.

    Or you can install a 64 bit as 64 bit VISTA OS. Then you are able to see and use 4 GB of RAM


  • HP 15 Notebook TS (15-r220cy: upgrading RAM from 4 GB to 8 GB)

    I want to upgrade my laptop 4 GB to 8 GB.  I do understand that there are only some 1 slot available.  I'm ready to replace the 4 GB module with a module of 8 GB.  Has anyone made this process.  If so could you please give me some details such as the module of memory used etc.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  -Wayne

    Here is the Service Manual:

    Your repair manuals

    Unfortunately, yours is one of the models that don't have easy access to upgrading the door. The upgrade of memory means remove the motherboard. See page 76. It is possible to do, but endangers security. If you want to continue, however, after return and there are a few videos we link that show how do and maybe you can find a portable computer technician ready to help. The memory that you would use is this HP part number:

    8 GB (PC3L, 12800, 1600 MHz) 693374-005

    It is a compatible module on amazon.com:


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  • Computer HP laptop 15r003sv: upgrade ram from 4 GB to 8 GB will be the intel hd integrated graphics better?

    Upgrade memory will not affect the graphics performance of recognizably. 4 GB to 8 GB can make the computer a little more usable, but there is only so much you can do with this very weak to work with platform. The problem is not video memory, it is the power of the engine, which is pixel engine.

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    Watch this video: Disassembly Acer E3-111-C3W0 (portable similar)

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