Upgrade T710 SAS 6/iR to PERC H700 problems

I'm trying to improve and replace a RAID controller Dell SAS 6/iR (Dell PowerEdge T710/Linux Fedora) one with a PERC H700 (SAS6/iR supports only 2 disks to or smaller). The disks on the SAS6/iR are on the H700 and all RAID 0. I did all of the BIOS and firmware updates.

When I enter the r RAID manager and each physical disk is mapped to a virtual disk. When I reboot, disk sizes are reported correctly in the system, but the partitions are listed as 'unknown format' and are unreadable. (I'm starting off the coast of the SATA because I'm tired to destroy the system disk. I know that I might have to do a complete OS resinstall anyway.

I tried to set up foreign auto import to on and off.

Making matters worse, after I removed the H700 restore 6 I / R, 6 I / R no longer sees the drives.

The manual of Dell for the PERC H700 says

"The virtual disks created on a PERC 6 and H200 controller family can be migrated to the PERC H700 and H800 cards without risking data or loss of configuration."

But this doesn't seem to be the case for me. Any suggestion would be appreciated.


The SAS 6/iR is NOT on PERC 6 - they are very different controllers.

Migration of a SAS 6/iR to a PERC 6 / i is possible for Windows volumes, but only not bootable volumes. Although there is a small chance that it can work in all cases, a SAS 6/iR to a H700 migration is not supported, and it is more than likely, it will not work.

My advice: Install your H700, configure RAID, then reinstall.

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    Is it possible to upgrade a SAS 6/ir controller integrated a map to a PERC 6 / i card without losing anything in a Windows Server 2003 R2 x 64 environment?

    The pilot on the SAS 6/ir version is

    Or is it all the same to force wite hides to be on? The server is on a battery backup which I think would be sufficient.

    Thank you

    One thing that might work is (depending on your server model and the available PCIe slots):

    -Add PERC6i to the server (leaving the SAS6iR card in the system and connected on readers)

    -Start Windows and let Windows install the correct driver


    In theory, you can now move the drives to the PERC6i adapter and start Windows like Windows will now have the correct drivers to PERC already installed.

  • Mix HD Sas and Sata on the T410 with controller Perc H700 [CF]

    We have a customer using a Sever T410 with Raid Perc H700 controller; We want to add more space to that the creation of a new virtual disk with the connector 1 (now does not).

    Can we add 2 new Sata HD 2 TB of space on new Vdisk also during the first Vidsk is the use of Sas 10 K 300 GB HD?

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    Con passing it mouse sopra identifier c Supporto Dell'e the voce "private message", it could come message privato mandarmi it service tag of server?

  • PERC H700 integrated + 6 x SAS 6Gbps SSD = type of Non - SSD drive?

    Hi all

    I hope that something quick and easy...

    I installed a PERC H700 completely filled and integrated in a Dell R815 Server bays disc 6 x with 400 GB SAS 6 GB/s SSD drives. I created the virtual disk using the BIOS (Ctrl + R) boot utility, but when creating the data store, it shows that these types of readers Non - SSD.

    I'm missing a simple configuration or VIB, or should I just say to the host that it comes to SSD;

    VMware KB: Activation of the option SSD on based SSD disc/LUNS that are not detected as default SSD

    Thank you


    I followed the article to identify the device as an SSD;

    ~ # esxcli storage device base list d naa.6b8ca3a0e79b9500194b56ec78ca4044


    Full name: disk space from DELL (naa.6b8ca3a0e79b9500194b56ec78ca4044)

    Definable display name: true

    Size: 1142784

    Device type: Direct access

    Multichannel plugin: NMP

    Devfs Path: /vmfs/devices/disks/naa.6b8ca3a0e79b9500194b56ec78ca4044

    Seller: DELL

    Model: PERC H700

    Revision: 2.10

    SCSI level: 5

    Is nickname: false

    Status: on

    RDM Capable is: false

    Is Local: true

    Is removable: false

    SSD is: true

    Is Offline: false

    Is perpetually booked: false

    Thin Provisioning status: unknown

    Attached filters:

    VAAI status: unsupported

    Other UID: vml.02000000006b8ca3a0e79b9500194b56ec78ca4044504552432048

  • PowerEdge T710 PERC H700 RAID level migration issue

    In my new role, I inherited a number of servers managed until now by someone else.  One of them is a PowerEdge T710 with a Controller PERC H700.  There are two matrices; the other has four 3TO disks in a RAID-5 configuration.

    I don't need the storage space any where near as much as the reliability factor.  Is it possible to do a migration on-site from RAID 5 to RAID-6 without disturbing data?  There is enough free space, and I have no problem losing a portion of the free space I have.

    "Is it possible to do a migration on-site from RAID 5 to RAID-6 without disturbing data?"

    Yes, BUT you can use this method by ADDING another disk.  RAID 6 requires a minimum of 4 drives.  Insert a disk "to hot', then in the software OpenManage (OMSA), go into storage, PERC, virtual disks and reconfigure in the drop-down list of tasks available for RAID 5.

    "There is enough free space, and I have no problem losing a portion of the free space I have."

    Apart from the fact that RAID 6 requires a minimum of 4 drives, even if you want to spend a 4 drive RAID 5 has a 4-drive RAID 6, it could NOT be done.  You can't make a smaller table.  The controller doesn't know - or care - on real data of BONE on the disks (so the amount of 'free space' is not serious) and is not worried about virtual disk space (which would be filled if the total capacity of the discs has been used).

  • Drives 3 TB for DELL PoweEdge R510 with PERC H700 Controller

    Good afternoon.

    Currently, we have 8 x discs 1Tera in our PorwerEdge R510.

    -1 RAID 1 for the first 2 discs, which have the operating system (Windows Server 2008)

    -1 RAID 5 for the other 6 disks

    We strive to upgrade our RAID 5 with new disks of 6 x 3 TB.

    The problem is OpenManage pointed out that the discs that we inserted the 2 TB, and the State is "unsupported".


    Status Name State Predicted failure Certified Bus protocol Media Capacity Used RAID disk space RAID disk space Hot spare Negotiated speed Speed measure SAS address
    Status: No reviews Disk physics 1:0:4 Not supported NO. NO. SATA HARD DRIVE 2 047,38 GB 0.00 GB 2 047,38 GB NO. 6,00 Gbps 6,00 Gbps 4433221103000000
    Status: No reviews Disk physics 1:0:5 Not supported NO. NO. SATA HARD DRIVE 2 047,38 GB 0.00 GB 2 047,38 GB NO. 6,00 Gbps 6,00 Gbps 4433221102000000
    Status: No reviews Disk physics 1:0:6 Not supported NO. NO. SATA HARD DRIVE 2 047,38 GB 0.00 GB 2 047,38 GB NO. 6,00 Gbps 6,00 Gbps 4433221101000000
    Status: No reviews Disk physics 1:0:7 Not supported NO. NO. SATA HARD DRIVE 2 047,38 GB 0.00 GB 2 047,38 GB NO. 6,00 Gbps 6,00 Gbps 4433221100000000

    The PERC H700 firmware is:

    Firmware version

    12.0.1 - 0091

    Driver version

    Version of the Storport driver


    Do you know why this phenomenon occurs? Do we need to do a Firmware Update for the PERC controller? If so, this will delete RAID 1, OS disks?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    See you soon.

    If you change to UEFI, you will need to reinstall the operating system. UEFI completely changes the way the operating system reads the system hardware, so there is not a way to avoid a reinstallation.

    The firmware update will not affect the RAID array.

  • Add the disk to the PERC H700 of RAID integrated table 5

    Hi all.

    I have currently a Dell PowerEdge R710 configured with 4 SAS - 2 10 146 k Seagate 2.5 "drives in a Perc h700 integrated Bay RAID-5. I ordered a SAS-2 10 146 k disk Seagate 2.5 "to add to the Bay RAID-5 storage, making it a 5-disc set. What is the best way to add the drive to the RAID-5 array without losing any data? I have OpenManage Server Admin on the server.

    OS: Windows Server 2003 R2 32 BIT

    You can use OMSA... go in storage, PERC, virtual disks and select Reconfigure in the drop-down list of tasks available for your RAID 5.  This will add the disk to your RAID 5, then you will need to adjust the partitions in Windows once it is completed.

  • HARD drive failure e battery perc h700 [CF]


    e' possibile situation UN preventivo by a hard e batteria equal o compatibility disk?

    PERC H700

    DELL ST3600057SS 600 GB SAS hard drive

    Power edge R510 (service tag C3YGW4J


    Ramon Cartabia

    the sto contattando by mail.

  • PERC H700 adapter w / Cable X394K

    I am upgrading a PowerEdge T310 for a client that was originally shipped with a single HARD drive and no RAID controller (only one hard drive is connected to the mobo).

    I bought a Controller PERC H700 and the cable X394K and hung.  It doesn't seem like something to connect readers to food, with the exception of a connector 12 pin labeld "P3A.  But the server doesn't have a connector anywhere so that I can connect only.  The only thing available is a connector 8 pins on the socket.

    Is there an adapter cable to go from the 8 to 12 pins pins? Or do I need something else than the X394K cable, which provides the SATA data connector and power in a single molded unit?

    Please notify.

    Thank you!


    The cable you have (X394K) is not designed for a T310. T310 cable with the right connector is Y690K.

    Thank you

  • PowerEdge R310 and Perc H700

    I have an older R310 which does NOT support the hot-swappable drives and I'm looking to add a raid card Perc H700.  A few quick searches show only cables for installation bottom of basket.

    So I'm not the guy of material more experienced so there cables that go from the H700 to readers SAS?


    It should be X394K part number. The description is HARD drive cable. PERC H200/H700 HDD card

  • PERC H700 reconfigure RAID5 to RAID6

    We currently have a Dell PowerEdge R610 (PERC H700 embedded controller) with SAS 6 x 300 GB disks in a RAID5 configuration. We want to replace it with 6 x 1 TB drives in a RAID6 configuration. We must do so with as little downtime as possible (preferably no). Is it possible to Exchange each small disc out with the largest disk and perform a direct reconfiguration of 5 + 1 RAID5 to RAID6 4 + 2 configuration?

    States of the documentation you need to add a new disk to reconfigure from RAID5 to RAID6 RAID6 for a smaller virtual drive, but given that the new drives are much larger, it should theoretically be possible to reconfigure without adding a new drive all in maintaining / increasing capacity. If the controller supports that is my question.

    1. you cannot mix SAS and SATA drives in the same array, to replace a 300 GB SAS drive with a 1 to SATA will NOT work.

    2. IF you were to replace the 300 GB SAS drives with 1 TB SAS drives, you might reconfigure your table to include all of the space on the disks, however...

    3 If you reconfigure your 1.5 to 5 to VD VD, you MUST have already installed the operating system in UEFI boot mode. If you currently have your system in the BIOS boot mode, you should be limited to a 2 TB VD or need to reinstall the OS using the UEFI.

    4 reconfiguration of a 6-disk RAID 5, RAID 6 requires the addition of a 7 disk, regardless of the involved disk space.

  • Can I use Sata of COTS drives in PERC H700 on R810?

    Can I use off-the-shelf (non-Dell) SATA drives in a PowerEdge R810 server with PERC H700 of RAID controller?

    We currently have equipped Dell SAS disks that will remain in their own virtual disk and want to add storage in bulk as a second virtual disk using less expensive SATA drives.

    (We have the latest BIOS & firmware all along)

    Cot = common on shelf?

    It depends on. I would recommend against any consumer/desktop/laptop or NAS drives (like the Red of WD). Use enterprise-class SATA if not certified Dell. As long as your firmware H700 is most recent 7/2010 (?), then the non-certified discs will be allowed, but no player not certified is guaranteed to work.

  • PERC H700 driver during Windows Server 2012 r2 - disk Raid not recognized not


    I try to install a r2 Windows Server 2012 to a Poweredge R710 with a Raid Perc H700. 2 HDD in Raid 1, but the HARD drive is not rcognized Italian Installation even if I try to use the 2008 r2 for the Perc Raid driver. They are listed, but if I select one disk HARD are not visible. What should do?

    Best regards...


    Leave in the Raid Controller, what is the status of the table? In addition, was the raid 1 initialized after being created? If this isn't the case, then, who will have to be done before you try to install.

    If you download this and start on the lifecycle controller (F10) and then select deploy BONES, load these files there and proceed with the installation of the OS.


    I would like to know how will install it.

  • Dell Power Edge R410 & Dell Perc H700 modular F2WGY

    Hi guys

    Need some advice please, a few weeks ago, we bought a Dell R410. This came with a modular 6/ir Perc. However, when we arrived at the installation of drives we noticed that the controller did not recognize disks larger than 2 TB. It's not good because we need to use 2 x 3 and 2 x 500 GB disks in a RAID 1 Configuration.

    After Googling autour, I came to the conclusion that the card that it came with the "Perc 6/ir' does not support disks larger than 2 TB.

    So, I advanced and bought a new modular a "Dell Perc H700 F2WGY" controller which apparently supports disks more great.

    the controller came yesterday so I removed the old Perc 6/ir controller from the slot in the bottom of the map editing and trendy "Dell Perc H700 F2WGY" modular at the same place. : Photo of slot, I inserted H700

    H700 card: see picture

    PERC 6/ir map: see picture

    Anyway, once I inserted the card and started, I was presented with the error; "PCIE training error" system HALT.

    Obviously this would not start any further. So I brought the wrong card? im confused at the moment between modular and integrated? the pcie slot is low for integrated only cards?

    I then add the new map on the PCIE Top slot. the system then started and he could see the card. However, it found no readers?

    What exactly I do bad will this card work at all? or I'm out of luck and need another card?


    The problem you are experiencing is due to the model of the H700. Map H700 modular version is actually designed for the blade server Poweredge series. The model that you would need is the H700i which is the version that is integrated, designed to go into the white storage controller slot you are talking about. The references are KK67X and CNXVV. The latest model of the H700 is the H700A which is the adapter, it's the model that is necessary for installation in a PCIe location.

    This link explains in detail in the overview H700 - http://www.dell.com/downloads/global/products/pvaul/en/perc-technical-guidebook.pdf

    Let me know if it helps.

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    If line a detailed by the sostituzione di un disco compatibile con quello hoist by R410 Server con controller perc h700

    Speaking Saluti

    Gianluca Ticconi

    Buongiorno, the sto contattando by mail

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