Upgrade the BIOS Y700 problem

My Y700 is running v30 Bios. Lenovo has released a update (v35) a few days ago I installed it but I had a lot of problems with the graphics card. I made several relocations of all drivers, but always Nvidia did not work properly. I came back to v30 and all problems are gone. Now when I want to update BIOS to v35, which is now recommended by Lenovo, I have this information during the update process:

"InsydeH2O - Flash secure."

Status: finished!

Please press any key to reboot the system... "

How should I solve it?


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  • Upgrading the BIOS. Mobo ASUS P5LP - THE. BIOS of PHX. Tech. of ver.3.16. Pavilion a1620n. Win 7OS.

    I have a Hp Pavilion a1620n with a motherboard ASUS P5LP - THE using Phoenix Technologies Bios VER.3.16 and running Windows 7. I want to upgrade the processor and said that I have to upgrade the Bios before upgrading the processor. I have been researching but can't find any info on how to do it for this particular machine. There is no on-board Bios Flash program and I can't seem to find any information. Any ideas?

    AZ_scuba_dude, welcome to the forum.

    There is no update software/BIOS for Win7 for the computer.  It is unlikely that there will be a developed.  However, there is a BIOS update for XP.  You will need to do a system restore to the original configuration that includes XP.  Once this operation is complete, you can update the BIOS to version: 3.19.  You can do the update using the executable file (sp35100.exe). Although she did not mention anything about what makes the upgrade of the processor.  Here are the Specifications of the motherboard of the computer.  In the processor upgrade information section, it lists the updates that supports HP.

    Please let us know if this solved your problem or not.

  • Upgrade the BIOS laptop won't stop


    I have a HP Pavilion Notebook 17

    Product number: E0J89UA #ABA

    64-bit Windows 8

    I got a message to upgrade the BIOS.   I did and now when I click close it acts like it is going and the screen goes black but the power light stays on with the light for the F12 airplane mode.  When I opened the laptop, the light is still on.  I can't click with the mouse or press the windows key to wake him up.    I held down the power button to stop it so I can start it up.  Starts fine with no problems.  Does not even say that windows is not shut down properly.

    I also had to do the upgrade several times with the BIOS.  It's the F.21AP1 Version when it's time to upgrade the first that he was supposed to restart and it does not.  When I went back to the HP Wizard, it appeared that I needed to update.  It no longer.

    Thank you!

    Because it is not turn it off, you can try to disable all items that load at startup, check if maybe a program running in the background is preventing it from closing properly. Follow the instructions here: prevent opening software programs when Windows starts (Windows 8)

    If this fails, you might be able to restore the BIOS using this method: restore the BIOS

    Let me know if it helps.

  • Satellite S3000 - X 4: upgrading the Bios?


    Please can you give me some advice on upgrading my bios for Toshiba Satellite S3000 - X 4. I have read all the instructions on this operation, but unfortunately this notebook is never come with a floppy drive, is there anyway that I can upgrade the Bios, so I can install the video drivers?

    I would be very grateful to anyone who can solve this problem for me.


    Please visit this site:

    You can find a BIOS version 1.6. This BIOS has been changed to 08.01.03

    On this site you will find descriptions; How to upgrade the BIOS
    IOS http://eu.Computers.Toshiba-Europe.com/cgi-bin/ToshibaCSG/FAQ.jsp?z=234&service=eu&from=faq_selection&CFID=B & FID = TRO0000000b07

    But note; You only put the upgrade of the BIOS if you have serious problems with the laptop and if you 100% know if the BIOS update will solve this issues.
    The procedure to upgrade the BIOS isn't very easy. The incorrect procedure may damage the motherboard. In this case, be careful.


  • Satellite A500-1GL - cannot upgrade the BIOS


    I tried to upgrade the BIOS on my Satellite A500-1GL (PSAR9E) for awhile now, but a dead battery so I can not go beyond the security check at the beginning. Is it all of the way around it, like I'm connected with current alternative, so I don't see what the problem is! Could I have possibly self-extracting zip files.

    Any help would be appreciated as this is very frustrating!


    I think that you will not be able to update the BIOS, if your battery is dead.
    Victory based BIOS update can be updated from Windows system, and there is a security option that allow you to update the BIOS only if the laptop is connected to the power adapter and if the battery is charged.

    You can update the BIOS using a traditional BIOS version, but as far as I know that Toshiba service partner could do that.

    If you have two options:
    Purchase a battery in order to update the BIOS by using win according to BIOS version or you will get in touch with an ASP in your country and will ask you to update the BIOS by using the traditional version of BIOS.

    But the BIOS update is necessary to you?

    I have a laptop with the old BIOS version and I don't have that day even if the new version has been released.

  • Unable to upgrade the BIOS on my laptop satellite

    Hi all

    I downloaded the latest version of the bios of 32 bits Toshiba site, but not able to update

    Error - ROM is not enough.

    Also it need to upgrade the Bios after installing XP 32-bit

    OS - XP SP2

    Any ideas.


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    Sorry, but can you me tell why you need BIOS update?
    You have problems with your laptop?

    I don't know what model of laptop you have, but if not necessary do not change well running system.

  • Satellite 2800-600 - how to upgrade the Bios/Firmware?

    How can I upgrade the Bios and firmware on my 2800-600? I want to install a new Combodrive. Which drives are supported? Where can I find the drivers and firmware etc... Please let me know. Thank you.

    Another point of view - I bought MS Windows XP Pro and haven´t you have a PC to install it on. Can I install this OS on my Satellite? Will it work? Where can I find the drivers for touchpoint etc etc... Normally, the Toshiba works with Windows ME and I can not use ITunes on ME... if XP would be great - what do you think?

    Hello Jürgen

    In my opinion, if you install the operating system on the unit you you use the recovery CD provided because it has been tested and it works without any problem. But if you want to install another system on your laptop, you can use the original Microsoft OS and all the necessary drivers, you can find the Toshiba site.

    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com--> support & downloads

    The update of the BIOS and the important information (i.e. how to upgrade the BIOS) you will find also on the Knowledge Base Web site


    Good bye

  • After upgrading the bios to version 2.13 t430u, it freezes at black screen

    Hi all

    After upgrading my lenovo T430u bios to version 2.13 it freezes at a black screen, and windows does not load. My machine has windows 7 Professional and the only way to make it work is to reset the bios settings, but after awhile, it freezes at black screen and windows 7 does not load again and need to reset the settings of the bios once more. Hope someone of you gyus can help me with this since is very frustrating.

    Lenovo has released a BIOS updated for ThinkPad T430u that resolves customer reports of black screen after upgrading the BIOS.


    Version 2.15

    [Problem resolves]

    -Fixed a problem with the black screen after BIOS update

    -Fixed a problem with the gray screen when turn off Bluetooth in the BIOS Setup

    V2.15 BIOS can be downloaded here: http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/downloads/ds031724

    Thank you

  • LV RT2010 on PXI-8145RT - cannot upgrade the BIOS


    My lab has a pair of PXI systems controlled by 8145RT PXI and LabView 2010 because we have not upgraded for awhile. As far as I know, this controller should be usable with LV2010 RT.

    However, when I try to install the software on the target using MAX, I get a message informing me that the software I would like to install (LV - Rt 10.0) is incompatible with the operating system loaded on the machine. The ethernet driver install without problem, for what it is worth.

    When you try to upgrade the BIOS, I first got a message that the controller contains the version 10.2 and 10.3 version is available on the host. If I try to follow the upgrade procedure (jumper W2 bridged, of course) the controller sees a bit of business network, reboots, gets a little more traffic, and then MAX tells me that the update has failed.

    I can see that the flash update program was transferred to the target and set as the boot executable, but clearly it was not entirely successful. Can anyone help with this? I upgraded to 512 MB CF card (which he has no problem using) and RAM 64 Mo - I didn't have an old 128 MB SODIMM autour. What is the problem? Starting with redirect series will help something? I have to build a null modem to make this work.

    For anyone in a similar situation.

    In the end, I decided to downgrade to LV2009 on my development machine and try things again. With the help of LV2009/LVRT2009/MAX4.6, I was able to upgrade the version of the BIOS on both of my controllers 8145RT - correctly we from 10.2 to 10.3 and 9.1 to 10.3. After that, I was able to install RT2009 + DaqMX + another need of the components on the controller for which I had updated size RAM and CF. There is not a lot of memory to spare, but the controller starts in LVRT(9.0/2009) and I have successfully deployed an application to test on this subject.

    My application may require an upgrade to faster hardware in the end, but the 8145RT must stay a usable under LV2009 for simple tasks controller. I suspect that LVRT2010 would work, now that I got the BIOS upgrade, but I'm not inclined to test this right now.

    As for the original question of the update of the BIOS fault, I'm pretty sure it is a bug in MAX 4.7.  4.6 MAX had no trouble to initiate an update to the exact same version as 4.7 was trying (10.3); I suspect that MAX 4.7 have not properly configured the CF environment to start the flash update program.

    Hope this helps someone.


  • A31p controller and upgrade and BIOS battery problem.

    Well well, Hello, my first time here and I hope that can get help from you.

    I am owner of a thinkpad A31p, bought a few years ago, and now I decided to upgrade the bios and the controller. so far, no big deal.

    The problem is with the battery pack. He died, or the charger does not work.

    The instructions for the updates remind you should have a fully charged battery. As I do not have a good working battery condition I'm afraid to do the upgrade I don't know what can happen.

    Is there a problem if I do upgrades without battery or with a dead battery? Will it work?

    Thanks for your help.


    'Brick machine' is doorstopper use only, dead as can be.

    What issues are exactly are you experiencing?

  • Upgrading the BIOS on a Tecra M10 but without MS Windows


    My Tecra M10 runs OpenSolaris. No windows on this machine. Question is how upgraded the BIOS on this subject? The only file that I found to download is a Windows executable file...
    Another way? Such as the creation of a CD or a USB drive?

    Thanks in advance,
    Gilles gravel

    And what files you want to save on a CD or USB stick?
    Long since Toshiba doesn't offer traditional BIOS update but only the Win version.
    What you can try is to contact nearest Toshiba authorized maintainer and ask for help.

    They have access to the database of Toshiba and I imagine that they can help you with the update of the BIOS.
    You can also exchange of HDD, recovery of installation image, make sure BIOS update and put old HDD with solaris back. Maybe some friend of you HARD drive and you can borrow for this purpose.

  • Satellite A100-386 - how to upgrade the BIOS?


    I wanted just to update my old Satellite A100-386 with 4 GB of RAM (2x2gb Crucial) instead of 1 GB, as I am now running Windows7 Pro 64 bit instead of the original XP 32.

    I read that I had to upgrade the BIOS as mine is v2.00. So, I downloaded the last of them.
    It seems to be an automatic upgrade of BIOS (S10V600.exe) as mentioned on the site Web of Toshiba.
    But when hit the .exe, I have a box of error message saying:
    "LOADPEDRV. "EXE: could not start the service.

    My question is: do I have to be 32-bit OS to run the upgrade of the automatic BIOS or is it possible to Flash the BIOS with a Windows7 64 bit OS run?

    Thanks a lot for all answer as I found no 'how to' in search on this forum.

    Best regards

    Hi FPSim,

    Who said that you need to update the BIOS to upgrade RAM? The maximum RAM capacity depends on the motherboard and chipset and not BIOS.

    Official website of Toshiba, I have seen that the model supports 4 GB of RAM so the BIOS update is not necessary. Increase the RAM and everything is ok.

  • Upgrading the BIOS on Satellite A80?

    Hi all...

    Just got this dynabook TX or Satellite A80 and reformatted it in English of the Japanese text, my new OS is XP.

    The update of the BIOS?
    What is the use of the update?
    I have to update all of its utilities?

    Thanks in advance for your response...


    First that you check if drivers Toshiba published on the page of the European reader supports the A80 series available to you.
    Drivers on the page are designed for the PSA80E series.

    If you changed the OS to the English version, I need specific XP drivers;

    > How to upgrade the BIOS?
    You must first check if the BIOS is compatible, you can update the BIOS operating system. You will need to run the BIOS file in the Windows operating system.

    > What is the use of update?
    This Bios update adds functionality to your system.

    > Can I update all its utilities?
    If you have need of all, you need to install all.

    Good bye

  • Upgrading the Bios on Satellite A30

    Can someone tell me please how can I update my bios apparently Toshiba seem to be wrong. OM my Satellite A30 using XP Pro I started having the blue screen everytime I turn on and he told me that there is something missing or incorrect in the Bios and it must be upgraded. I downloaded the correct update of Toshiba on my desktop Pc and followed the instructions which are

    Extract the zip file containing the BIOS upgrade to a temporary folder.

    Insert a 1.44 MB diskette formatted in the floppy drive.

    Run the *.exe extracted to the temporary folder. Follow the instructions on the screen. A BIOS update diskette will be generated.

    Make sure that the laptop is plugged into the sector.

    Turn off the laptop.

    Place the floppy disk containing the BIOS upgrade in the floppy drive.

    Turn on the laptop with the F12 key.

    The BIOS boot menu appears. Select 'Removable Device', 'USB Floppy Drive' or the diskette symbol using arrow keys. Press "enter".

    Notepad starts from the BIOS upgrade diskette.

    The BIOS update will automatically launch.

    After a few minutes, as the laptop turns off automatically, remove the disk and do a restart. If it does not then remove the disk and turn off the system and return to restart the laptop.

    I did the first parts of the above, but when I try and run the file to a floppy disk on my desktop, the program seems to think that I am trying to upgrade the bios on this machine and of course, I get an error message and am not able to create a floppy disk. Can someone please?


    so, this BIOS is a bios "Windows update". This means that the Bios will be updated in windows and not with a floppy disk. I don't know why toshiba is to give such instructions, but I believe that they didn t update since these new BIOS instructions.

    What version of Bios you downloaded? It should be the version 1.80. In the case of this version, just unpack the file in a folder in the zip and run it. They deposit with unzip itself C:\Windows\Temp\Winphlash and run the bios update procedure.

    So, please try again and give me a 'big picture on your situation":)

    Welcome them

  • Re: Satellite Pro A300-1EA - difficulties in upgrading the BIOS


    I tried to update BIOS on my new Satellite Pro A300-1EA (PSAG9E-001001EN), requested by Tempro, since version 1.50 to 1.90. The system has completely frozen during the BIOS flash, after waiting for an hour, I decided to turn the power off and pray for the best. Thank God, everything works still, but the BIOS is always v1.50, not been updated. I now read so many posts on the forum about the update of the BIOS of marbled and am now very cautious about subject to any BIOS updates at all.

    My questions are: is there about this particular update and/or with the installation of InsydeFlash problems? The BIOS updates are usually all so difficult that they have better be avoided? What are alternative means for updating BIOS, hopefully less dangerous? Also, could there be potential damage to my laptop that is associated with this is BIOS flash a miscarriage I should know about?

    Thank you very much indeed!


    You can feel happy, my friend! :)
    I m surprised that your ROM module is damaged or something. In most cases, this occurs if the computer hangs during the update.

    Let me give you some advice. You should only update the BIOS if it of needed or if you have questions-problems with the laptop. You can ignore the messages of TEMPRO if your system is working properly. For example I have never updated the BIOS if my phone goes perfect never touch a running system ;)

    If not, follow the advice posted by Akuma before update you the BIOS to close all running programs, disable the AntiVirus and firewall and connect the AC adapter.
    On my Satellite U400, I've updated the BIOS without problems.

Maybe you are looking for