Upgrade to iOS 9.2, now music landing page picture of daughter apple. What is the solution?

I just updated my new iOS 9.2 iphone6s

the music worked fine until this update. Now apple musicis landing on a girl photo pic... not to go forward.

Impossible to play songs. What is the solution?

Have you tried music (double tapping the HOME button and then dragging the application music upwards) force the application to quit smoking?

Have you tried to do a hard reset of the iPhone (now the HOME button and POWER until the Apple Logo appears)?

Have you tried recording of your Apple ID in the music app and then again?

You have disconnected your Apple ID in the settings of the iPhone, then check back-probably as a last resort as the biggest pain to wait as all back to normal.

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    Put the songs of interest within a Playlist in the order you want.  Then go to the file menu, then choose print... and click on the Inscription of the song.

  • Upgrade from CF7 CF 8, now dynamic pdf page-layout is all messed up

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    Updated to 8.01. fixed... Italic fixed margin.

  • Applications on the new iOS 9.3.2 crashes? What is the solution?

    A lot of apps on my iphone4 and iPad 2 is blocked due to an automatic update to iOS 9.3.2.

    Never seen a bad generation of Apple until now. Is there a solution?

    Hello. Try to do the following:

    1 check applications update: Open App Store from your iPhone or iPad, click on updates, check if the application needs to update.

    2. restart your iPhone or iPad: press and hold the sleep/wake button to it turn off and then turn it on again.

    3. close the app: multitasking opened by double pressing the Home button and swipe up nonresponse apps to close.

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    Your error code is listed here:


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    Organization Digicert Inc.
    Ou www.digicert.com
    Published on 11-09-08
    Expires on 24/09/11
    Fingerprint SHA1 D1:EB:E9:45:5F:67:D4:C1:82:10:EB:B4:A4:FE:OE:3E:D4:A5:CE:6 C
    MDS of C5:5 D fingerprint: 8 B: 95:ED:C6:72:1 A: A6:F8:EO:58:A8:62:6E:A8
    Can't do disappear and it makes Firefox unusable.
    Help, please
    Marianne Hart

    This seems to be related to the 'Gamers unit' toolbar, using xml.freecause.com. Apparently freecause.com has left their security certificate expired, and those of us using the Snag bar receive this error because of the snag bar Gamers unite and not FireFox itself.

    Source (s):

  • Landing page for the different language in LMS options

    I need to create a landing page with options for different language for the same course that can be loaded as a single LMS-ready package.

    My solution was to create the same in each language, export in the .exe and then create an exceptional Captivate file with links to each of the languages as 'open file/URL', but I've known errors trying to do.

    I saw a person offers to write an HTML index page which links to each. I like the idea of this, but I don't know how it worked in a LMS System.

    Another idea would be to create a single Captivate project as described here: Options multilingual in a single course with Adobe Captivate 5.5 "Rapid e-Learning | Adobe Captivate Blog - but the inability to locate the bar reading/table of contents in each language, I avoid it.

    What are my options here?

    The easiest way to do this is to create a main project folder and publish all your projects DSL SCORM in specific folders, do not publish for zip.

    You create an html page that has links to specific language folders or a non-SCORM project. We could call this menu.html.

    Now you need some SCORM files.

    You need an imsmanifest.xml file to create the LMS link to your menu.html and a metadata.xml with title and description.

    We actually already have structures with the manifest and SCORM files already set up to do this associate.

    The manifest looks like this:

    xmlns = "http://www.imsproject.org/xsd/imscp_rootv1p1p2."

    xmlns:adlcp = "http://www.adlnet.org/xsd/adlcp_rootv1p2".

    xmlns: xsi = "http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance".

    xsi: schemaLocation = "http://www.imsproject.org/xsd/imscp_rootv1p1p2 imscp_rootv1p1p2.xsd".

    http://www.imsglobal.org/XSD/imsmd_rootv1p2p1 imsmd_rootv1p2p1.xsd

    http://www.adlnet.org/XSD/adlcp_rootv1p2 adlcp_rootv1p2.xsd ">






    You can contact us if you need help to put it together.

  • Dissect of Eloqua own AdWords Landing Page and URL with query string parameters, please!

    I presume that for AdWords landing pages are one of the most common types in use. I'm at a new company and try to create an approach that uses the latest methods. HAFS is gradually, and a large part of the information contained in the Topliners is old (2011) as these popular posts

    What is the best way to track Google adwords through Sales Force?
    How to capture Sources referring to forms and Landing Pages using query strings

    and the references using javascript to analyze the parameters in the screens that is 2009 and is not exactly what Eloqua uses today.

    I started to look at what Eloqua uses in its own marketing efforts and saw the potentially useful parts and parts that are confusing. I thought it would be useful if someone could dissect the code of the landing page and explain how each part of the code is. I'm OK with short descriptions and references to other articles or messages to explain the different parts that have not changed.

    Here's a page url to use. I added 'x' before each additional parameter then click top ruin the campaign stats.

    http://demand.Eloqua.com/LP=3461?elqoffer=xGartnerMQ & GoogleCampaign = xEloqua & SLS = xPPC_Google_Eloqua_2012 & gclid = xCKGFzcHyh7YCFQThQgod7lMAyg

    Here are some specific questions that I hope can be answered:

    • What you rely on Google to deliver you in their reports vs. what you capture discrete parameters: elqoffer, GoogleCampaign and sls
    • You use the gclid itself? How?
    • Is there a new better method for parsing of URLS and using hidden fields settings?
    • How do you use Eloqua cookies at the same time to send the form of Adwords?
    • You dynamically change the landing page?

    Thank you!

    Hi Mike,.

    I'm on the Ops of Eloqua Marketing team and can shed light on some of your questions.  I hope this helps!

    • What you rely on Google to deliver you in their reports vs. what you capture discrete parameters: elqoffer, GoogleCampaign and sls

    • elqoffer - we use elqoffer to indicate that the offer is valid for adword.  The value we deliver is used for many things.  Of course, we use it for reporting purposes, but we also set up our steps to use this value in a hidden field to redirect to the appropriate page supply once the form and also send the appropriate autoresponder of form processing.  We set up a dropdown list (aka select list) cards offer URL values (for the page of the offer) and another list of choices cards offer values to email ID (for the answering machine).
    • elqchannel - we also usually include a query string for the elqchannel who tells us the General source of the Contact (e.g. Google, Bing, etc.).
    • SLS - is essentially the Source of lead (sls = source of specific lead).  We use it to fill a hidden fields that reach "lead Source - Original" and 'Lead Source - the most recent'.  For us, the source of the specific lead is a very granular (and non-General, such as 'research') but includes a lot of information based on a strict naming convention.
    • That's what we use Eloqua to adwords, but we also use an SEO company to help us optimize our search spend.  To do this, they provide their own tracking code we put on the landing page initial as well as the page of the offer (ie. confirmation page).  To get the code on our LP, we use the cloud "Static content" component that allows you to place any custom code you want in the body of the HTML code.  Unfortunately, I don't have details on what exactly is captured with this code, or how it is used.
  • You use the gclid itself? How?
    • I don't know the answer to this one.  It's someone else on our team that works closely with an SEO company, so I think they know.
  • Is there a new better method for parsing of URLS and using hidden fields settings?
    • YES!  You may have noticed, we have some Javascript on our landing page that does a few things.  First of all, he did a Web data search in Eloqua to see if you are a known visitor and if so, we can pre-fill the form with information we already know the visitor.  The other thing is the JS is populate our hidden fields with the values of query string.  We started to do this before I had a cloud component that eliminates the need for JS custom.  You can use Form Population App to do all that for you.
  • How do you use Eloqua cookies at the same time to send the form of Adwords?
    • I'm not 100% sure I know what you're asking here, but my answer to the previous question can also respond to this one.  Data search Web first checks the Eloqua cookie to retrieve your email address, and then it uses this email address to search for your Contact field values and pre-fill the form.
  • You dynamically change the landing page?
    • We're not changing dynamically the landing page.  Usually, a visitor to click through to an Eloqua email or visit a page PURL.  Dynamically present the offer page based on the value of the query string for "elqoffer."  Looking for an application Cloud released in the coming days that will allow you to place the dynamic content on this initial landing page based on your cookie.
  • The way we structure our campaigns is based on the balance between reporting requirements while maintaining their operational efficiency.  For example, we do want to create a new campaign for each offer that we have.  That would quickly overwhelm our team.  For 2013, we have created 3 campaigns:

    1 research

    2. 3rd party Emails

    3 display ads

    Each of these campaigns have only 1 formula on it (one for research, one for email and display ads).  Each offer has its own landing page (see screenshot below).  The campaign of the report combined with the data of the form layout give us the requirements we need to understand what is working and what is not.

    TIP: If you have custom data objects, you can also consider creating one that seizes all shipments form for each of your forms in 1 place.  This way, you need only 1 set of data instead of individual export for each form of export.

    Example of a search campaign:

  • Contact ID from a landing page to another

    I am trying to build a variant on a several page form and has difficulties in addition to the elqcontactid of a landing page to another.  Here's the context:

    I want to send an email to the contacts in an education campaign that encourages users to visit one of a number of "cost calculators" written in Javascript and positioned on the Eloqua landing pages hosted.

    The link in my outgoing email takes the contact to landing page 1 that does two things.  The visitor is presented with a progressive form of profiling (or contact search where the elqcontactid is not found) to the door to keep the calculator tools that are on pages 2, 3, or 4 landing. Secondly, the form contains a field lookup that is used to control the page landing (2,3 or 4) to which the user is redirected in a conditional processing time.  Data from the tool of savings on the second page visited needs to write to a CDO linked to the contact record.

    So the question is how I pass the elqcontactid (or possibly recipient id) on pages 2, 3 or 4 so that the shape on this second page data be correctly matched? Or is there a better way?

    Your help would be very appreciated!

    Hi Allan,

    Several ways to do so.

    1 contact ID / recipient ID and add it to the URL of the page on page 1 of destination as cid = based on database search scripts, the same do the same on page 2, 3 and 4 to get the same data up on the last page... or

    2. create a hidden field, fill in the value of the cid with the look of data script, make this hidden, it will get submitted on page 1, also do the same on page 2, 3 and 4. You can search the value in each stage of processing for each page before running it (making it conditional)

    I hope this helps. (I choose option 2)

    Thank you


  • Where to start to make a form and the landing page?

    I want to know where is the tool that offers a platform to start the coding and the shape and the landing page?

    You need to buy the Eloqua app before you start anything construction such as forms, Landing Pages, Emails etc.

    Visit http://www.eloqua.com/products/ for more details...

  • Rules signature on landing pages?

    All the

    I have a few questions about the rules of signature and page layouts.

    First of all, the signature rules are always related to the Eloqua users?  If you have a system with hundreds or even an umpteenth vendors where you want to use signature page layouts, is it necessary to add all of these vendors as users?  I know that Eloqua helped upload signature mappings in large quantities (see this page), but I do not know how this relates Eloqua users.  And, if the signature rules are always related to users, is it possible to add new users in bulk?  I ask this question in the context of an application that is not a CRM integration.

    Second, it is possible to use page layouts of signature or the rules on landing pages, for example to show the name, address and photo sales person contact?

    Thank you


    Signature rules - they are only used to deploy the emails from a particular sender... the sender must be a user in your database, eloqua... these go with email sending only and cannot be used on landing pages... you can always download the users... settings--> all upward--> users-->, click users, next to the bar to get started... Select users to download/update... here, you'll have a sample file with formatting required to use in the download process...

    signature layouts - these are similar to the CDA, but will merge the data of the registration of the user of the sender... data being merged are defined by the registration of the user of the shippers (so these a little need to be used in tandem with signature rules) and on e-mail only...

    However, you can use domain merges with information rep on emails and landing pages...

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