Upgrade to OCP Solaris 11 path

I have 2 question?

I have Oracle Solaris Certified Associate exam 1Z0 - 876 cerfitifcate

1, can I get the Oracle Certified Professional, Oracle Solaris 10 System Administrator Certification

After I pass the exam

Oracle Solaris 10 certified professional examination system administrator, part II 1Z0-878

2, upgrade to Oracle Certified Professional, certified Oracle Solaris 11 system administrator.

A required step 1 - prior Certification requirements

Oracle Certified Professional, Oracle Solaris Administrator or certified Sun Solaris Administrator - any version

What is the incluclued version? Is my cerfitifcate 1Z0-876 is qualified?

tien86 wrote:

in this link

https://education.Oracle.com/pls/web_prod-PLQ-dad/db_pages.GetPage?page_id=653&get_params=P_ID:202 #tabs - 1

You look at the upgrades tab:

There are 2 steps:

Step 1 - prior Certification requirements

Step 2 - final exam

My question 2, step 1

It is the path of the certification administrator Oracle Solaris 11 system upgrade.

The key point in your question is how the prior certification requirements "Oracle Certified Professional, Oracle Solaris Administrator or certified Sun Solaris Administrator - any version" should be interpreted

And in particular the "Oracle Certified Associate, Oracle Solaris 10 Operating System Certification" (reached via 1z0 - 876) included in this.

= Answer to =.

Unfortunately for you, the answer is no.  However, while my providence in this area is excellent, I'm not authority and recommend you have a doubt to trigger a call for support at Oracle University - Support form about 'Path of upgrade of Certification' for a definitive answer.

= Reviews =.

1. I'm not completely satisfied with the wording: "Oracle Certified Professional, Oracle Solaris Administrator or certified Sun Solaris Administrator - any version.

It's OK, when it is interpreted as

"Oracle Certified Professional, Oracle Solaris Administrator" (it clearly does not include the Oracle Solaris 10 OCA)


"Sun Certified Solaris Administrator - any version" (which essentially encompasses ASFS 10,9,8,... when the certifications have been under the Sun (and considered the level of OCP Oracle)... but not the Sun Certified Solaris associate SCSAS)

2 OCP Upgrade exams are only a version to a prior level of OCP.  This means has been met the training requirement to an earlier level OCP or the OCP level to a previous version before a training requirement was introduced.

(Special exceptions of 1z0-067/1z0-034 comes to be presented for Oracle DBA but these retain a requirement for training in the superior version... no one would touch to try these until certification oracle offered good free in beta and was the center of Certification Oracle Help under siege by those who missed!)

3: my understanding is that the Sun has been certified Solaris associate SCSAS designed a unique certification exams for those interested in certification solaris did not want to take on a SCSA and knowing the in's and out of things sysadmin as OPENBOOT firmware and backup etc.  Which might mean a developer would not need to know.  When the support of Sun as the Certification was associated with inside that they appropriate judges may it on behalf of "Oracle Certified Associate, Oracle Solaris 10 Operating System Certification.  Today from scratch, no doubt this review would be a certification of the OCS.  For admin Oracle Solaris 11 system, they were able to map the exam 1z0-821 an OCA and 1z0 - 822 to an OCP according them more typical model.


I hope this helps...

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    Here the user guide.

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  • people with higher in 10g OCP upgrade by March 1, 2016 to 11 g or 12 c OCP or can they be OCA or OCS or OCE?

    There are people at work with higher OCP 10 g.

    They just got a letter saying to upgrade to OCP 11 g or 12 c from March 1, 2016 to remain active.

    I'm sure that Oracle would recommend they would be upgraded to OCP 12 c.

    But did they can upgrade to 11g or 12 c OCA, OCS or OCE and have always keep assets.

    Thank you Roger

    But did they can upgrade to 11g or 12 c OCA, OCS or OCE and have always keep assets.

    Certification renewal requirement is not at all associated with specialist certificates.  They expire or affect the OCA, OCP, OCÉ, CMO certifications.  OCS is almost a separate accreditation program managed by a different group within Oracle.

    A lot of questions is answered here:



    Why don't Specialist certifications meet the requirement of certification renewal?

    Specialist certifications are focused on sales and implementation. They can deal with not enough a Director of Oracle database, or the duties of a position of Oracle Certified Expert based on the skills and knowledge of an Oracle database administrator.


    I have several credentials of retirement, should I upgrade all stay active?

    Just go to a current certification to remain active.

    For example, if you have an Oracle9i Database Administrator Certified Associate, professional and Master, simply to get a certification of database in Oracle 11 g or c 12-level associate, professional or Master to keep all your database Oracle9i in Active status Certifications.

    Expert certifications can be maintained in two ways, either by obtaining a subsequent certification at the associate, professional or master level, EITHER by getting Expert certification later corresponding, if available. If you upgrade your Expert certification to a recent version, he keeps only your active Expert certification.

    Extrapolating from the above, if you have a 10g OCP, winning 12 c OCA will satisfy your DBA credentials certification renewal requirements, but win a 12 c ECAS would not.

  • Recommended Solaris Package upgrade procedure

    We would like to know the recommended Application Package upgrade procedure. We followed the procedure as defined in the Application Packaging Developer's Guide.

    Currently, we have followed the following procedure during the upgrade:

    1. check if the old version is available.
    2. If it is available, run the pkgrm command to remove the old package as indicated in the Application Packaging Developer's Guide. But because the package names are the same and we execute the pkgrm since the script preinstall, in some systems, command is not allow to remove the old package because it is run from scope of pkgadd command. The following error message if poster during package verification step is performed
    [audit class < none >]
    pkgadd: ERROR: entry into the content file to < / opt/XXXXxxxx/jre >
    3. we cannot manually delete the old package first because it will completely delete the file. We need to migrate some files of the old version again. Therefore, the old files during the upgrade.

    Please suggest a suitable procedure to handle this.

    What exactly do you do? You mean the Oracle Forms running Solaris or upgrade upgrade $somethingelse on Solaris?
    If you want to upgrade anythinge else then forms this is the wrong place to ask for help:

    SQL> r
      1  begin
      2    if 'Oracle Forms' = 'Oracle Solaris' then
      3      dbms_output.put_line('This is the RIGHT place to ask');
      4    else
      5      dbms_output.put_line('This is the WRONG place to ask');
      6    end if;
      7* end;
    This is the WRONG place to ask
    PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

    See? My database tells me that it is in the wrong place, so it must be true: p

    You can choose one of the forums of Solaris:

    And please include information such as the Version of Intel platform and what exactly you want to do it again as well.

    see you soon

  • Past 10g OCA/OCP test - no. $ class - OK to take the test of 11g upgrade?

    I passed the tests OCA and OCP 10g. We have no training $$s so I can't take the a required class to get the official status of OCP.

    It will be a problem if I also take review of upgrade of OCP 11 g? I'm hoping to pass the exam of the 11g in the coming months. I hope that we have $$s and I can attend an approved course next year and then complete the appropriate forms to get the status of official OCP 10 g and 11 g OCP. This sequence of events would cause problems?

    Edit: I'm talking about the reviews for 'administrator '. Thank you.

    Published by: user10251150 on 7 Sep 2010 15:13

    user10251150 wrote:
    I passed the tests OCA and OCP 10g. We have no training $$s so I can't take the a required class to get the official status of OCP.

    It will be a problem if I also take review of upgrade of OCP 11 g? I'm hoping to pass the exam of the 11g in the coming months. I hope that we have $$s and I can attend an approved course next year and then complete the appropriate forms to get the status of official OCP 10 g and 11 g OCP. This sequence of events would cause problems?

    No problems.

    Only possible disadvantages could reduce the availability of some of the shorter and cheaper g 10 course that would suit the requirement. Sometimes 11g courses may be accepted for a 10 g OCP DBA, but check first.

    (It doesn't affect you, but to confirm it for other readers, the reverse is not true, 10 g training is not accepted for 11g certification OCP DBA... those with a drive of 10g will go 1z0-042/3 and then 1z0-050 (as you do)).

  • How to install 10 g db - 11i upgrade goal 2


    I downloaded the database to upgrade not supporting my OS (Oracle Linux 5.7 32bits)


    I tried to install the patches at the top of the game that is also not supported.

    1. where do I need to download 10 gr 2 database that will support Oracle Linux 5.7 32bits
    2.i am tring to upgrade 11i r12.1.1 path-E (db version: apps version:
    3. now, I'm on db -, so I need to upgrade ( > > > > or ( > > 10.2.X.X.X > >

    4. MY question is above version ( & 10.2.X.X.X) not support my OS Oracle Linux 5.7 32bits

    Please help me to move forward...

    Thank you

    Published by: Suresh January 5, 2012 11:24

    Please use the - ignoresysprereqs running runInstaller.

    Doing just that - runInstaller-ignoreSysPrereqs ignore when invoke? [820135.1 ID]
    Prerequisite checks fail when installing 10.2 on Red Hat 5 (RHEL5) [ID 456634.1]

    Note: Please make sure that you meet all other prerequisites for your operating system, as described in
    Oracle database on Unix AIX, HP - UX, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, Tru64 Unix operating system Installation and Configuration requirements checklist (8.0.5 to 11.2) [ID 169706.1]

    Thank you

  • Upgrade to 11g OCP10g

    Hi Experts,

    I need some information about the upgrade to OCP 11 g.

    Currently, I'm OCP 10g, I introduced myself to review on Nov, 2011 certification and my receipt in January 2012.

    Now I intend to switch to OCP 11 g, according to my understanding, I have to write for 1Z0-050 get a certification on the version 11 g can you please correct me if I'm on the wrong page. Also, is there an upgrade between versions chronology. One of my colleague said that it must be updated within three years of the period since the last time we were here during any review of OCP specific version. I don't know why but it does not seem true, can you please provide me with suggestions.

    Your response will be much appreciated, I intend to write for OCP 11 g next month. Also, if you can provide some guidance with reference books and review material that I should follow, currently I have following this book.

    • BC/OCP Oracle Database 11g all-in-One corrected by John Watson

    Thank you


    According to my understanding, I write for 1Z0-050 get a certification on the version 11 g can you please correct me if I'm on the wrong page.

    You are on the right page.  1Z0-050 is the correct review for a 10g OCP to upgrade to 11g.

    Also, is there an upgrade between versions chronology.

    N ° and here again... Yes.  There is no timeline set the moment in that you earn an OCP at the same time, you need to upgrade.  However, eventually Oracle certification will be obsolete the upgrade itself.  For example, the 10g certification track is removed in March of next year.  Under the said exam 1Z0-040 will disappear.  This means that 9i POC will no longer be able to upgrade to 10g.  This has nothing to do with the length of time, as they have become certified.  However, it will be several years before the track 11g is in retirement, so not an immediate concern for you.

    In addition, if you can provide some guidance with reference books and the examination material should I follow

    There is an Oracle book press specifically for 1Z0 - 050.  You will also find links to documents and other suggestions at the following ADDRESS:

    Oracle Certification Preparation: Details of the examination and preparation for 1Z0 - 050 resources

  • A Question during the upgrade...

    I thought to upgrade database to to, the thing is if someone had very low system and the requirements of the OS, if they wanted to upgrade to another version, other than the path of update that is mentioned in metalink, who can run in their demand for now.

    For example,.
    the real upgrade path is. = > = > 11.2.x

    What happens if we improve this way... = > = >

    It will create problems... What are the problems that I will face?

    I do not know how to ask this question more perfectly, I hope that you guys understand my question... I'm sorry if this has been asked before... Please help me here... :-)

    Yes you are right.

    Don't be confused with the different paths. In my understanding the upgrade guide shows the most simple/more short/possible path to upgrade. Note 730365.1 shows all possible combinations consisting of two versions upgrade.

    Thing about it: you started with, a few years later you upgrade to (valid path in the 9.2 upgrade guide), then you the path to a few months later. Yet once a few years later - now - "finally" upgraded you to 11.2.02. As 11.2.0.x is a valid path, you did exactly what you want.

    Hope that clarifies my ideas.

    Good luck

    Edited by: user4649694 the 29.09.2011 22:44

  • Upgrade CP 5.0 to 5.5 CP - or wait for the next version of Captivate?

    I use CP 5.0. I'm now interested in producing a release of HTML5 as well as in the use of a feature of speech synthesis improved (especially for German-speakers).

    If I understood a right to information, CP 5.5 would allow these two problems.

    Unfortunately buy an upgrade can become a stony path through the bureaucracy and would take about 3 months. So my question is: would you recommend to wait for the next version of Captivate? If Yes: how long should I wait wait that this version be available?

    This depends on the urgency of the requirement of your project.

    If I was in your position, and you will get a shot at this upgrade because of the bureaucracy of management involved, I would expect Cp6.

    He is soon, but I can't say when.

  • What web page explicitly tells us the practical necessity of OCP u

    (Kind - was in a rush, so I did an exhaustive search).

    The application is: Please provide a location reference to Oracle which explicitly upgrading the OCP 10 g OCP 11 g is or is not to require the presence of an approved of ILT course.

    Pages have tried so far:

    The page above describes the recommended training. But must tanoe training is '' recommended '' [, not explicitly included/excluded.

    -http://education.oracle.com/pls/web_prod-plq-dad/db_pages.getpage?page_id=198 & p_org_id = & lang =

    The above page is for fresh OCP and addresses any OCP upgreade. (He treats the CMO upgrade).

    -http://education.oracle.com/pls/web_prod-plq-dad/db_pages.getpage?page_id=82#5Q1A (FAQ)

    It is now generated and is more visible. However the section on "Fill out the form for the submission of course" do no include/exclude upgrades require a new participation.

    "The course submission form is the final requirement to get * more * OCP and OCM certification so that certain Oracle Expert certification program.

    Try: [http://education.oracle.com/pls/web_prod-plq-dad/db_pages.getpage?page_id=99#2]


    Who should submit the form?
    Who should not submit it?
    Candidates that enhance their existing Oracle Certified Professional or Oracle Certified Expert credentials from a previous version via standard upgrade exams.

    This is no doubt authority.

    However... IMHO, it's not quite right... A 10g OCP can become an 11g OCP via (SQL-Exam-if-Req)+1z0-052+1z0-053 instead of the exam 1z0-050. (Ref: {message identifier: = messageID = 3770188}). This isn't what I would call upgrade exams.

  • review OCP Oracle 9i. he retires?

    I finished 3 papers towards the certification of OCP Oracle 9i database.
    the study of performance optimization is still pending and I am looking to clean very soon.
    the link above says
    PLEASE NOTE: This certification path will retire on August 30, 2009

    the link doesn't seem to go up properly. This review is only for managing Oracle9i on Linux or is it also for OCP

    If no Oracle to Oracle 9i OCP retire soon?

    Thank you

    There are no current plans to retire the DBA OCA and OCP 9i certification paths. When we retire in these reviews, we'll announce retirement at least 3 months before the date of retirement. The best way to stay up-to-date on certification important program releases, pensioners, etc., is to subscribe to the Oracle Certification program monthly Emagazine. You can do this by going to http://www.oracle.com/admin/account/index.html. Create a profile if you do not already an and the heading Opt-In for Oracle Communications, select the check box next to the Oracle Certification program.

    Kind regards
    Brandye Barrington
    Certification Forum Moderator
    Manager certification program

  • Candy crush soda or saga

    I went to download candy crush soda on my computer laptop windows 7 and it won't download, what I need to upgrade to windows 8 and you have a link to this to do? Please help thank you, Julie

    Modern games like these run like a subway app - which are not supported in windows 7.

    The metro apps are supported in Windows 8 and 10.

    If you want to upgrade to windows 8, you will need to pay the money.

    A better idea is to upgrade Windows 10, using the windows upgrade offer free 10.

    It would cost you nothing if you upgrade your windows 7 before July 28, 2016.

    More info on windows 10:

    Windows 10 review

    Who will get free Windows 10?

    Things you should know and do before you upgrade to Windows 10

    Paths to upgrade Windows 10 and list of features deprecated with alternatives

  • books related to the exam 1Z0-048

    Hi all

    I did OCP 9i (database) and upgraded to OCP 10 g (1z0-040)

    I intend to accreditation RAc code exam 1z0-048 but impossible to find books related to it in the iam market

    can someone tell me what books to follow this review, iam, landfills, don't request not only certified book oracle

    user7864753 wrote:
    Your suggestion is ok, but I'm working as a DBA and my town is not any oracle centers of learning

    nearest is 5 hours away from my city

    Holiday Inn opportunity :-)? proably will cost much less than the course oracle :-)

    so I can't learn a Center course, I finished 9i and 10g certifications without and coaching, just looking for a book to review.

    This is a review of the OCE... There is no book directly to the assessment of how sam all OCA/OCP exams. It is perhaps not so easy, and you must make a lot of preparatory work.

    Furthermore you have to make a practical course for your OCP (OK it may well have not been associated with your OCP)?


    If I can prepare and appear in the review

    Good luck in any case. I would say that the book I suggested is useful, that was part of my suggestion.

  • start/stop scripts each upgrade must be updated path - we can star

    Whenever I need to upgrade agents Hyperic, my many start/stop scripts Solaris/linux need to change since changes in path name of the new version.

    like: hyperic-hq-agent-3.0.0/hq-agent.sh

    Is there a way we can just use the same way.  ???

    I hate to have to change the 100 more just startup scripts 4 this entry change every time I update.

    Is there something I can do to simplify the operation?

    Post edited by: hypermike


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