Upgrade to Windows 7:

Windows 7 upgrade: is there some sort of discount for those who have suffered with windows vista and all that is the problem?  A free update would be nice.   I don't feel loyal windows users should have to pay every time microsoft corrects his mistakes.


There is no free Windows 7 Upgrade, at least that meet you the requirements for upgrade in the links below:


Above Microsoft link has info for the Windows 7 upgrade Options from the various participating computer manufacturers.


FAQ about the upgrade is at the link above.

http://TechNet.Microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd772579 (WS.10) .aspx

Railways upgrade to Windows 7 at the link above.

For any other question of Windows 7:


Link above is Windows 7 forum for questions on windows 7.

Windows 7 questions should be directed to the it.

You are in the Vista Forums.

See you soon.

Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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  • Special keyboard keys Bootcamp-lost after upgrade to Windows 10

    I have an iMac of 2014 that was running Windows 7 with Bootcamp.

    I have upgraded to Windows 10 (using the upgrade option if windows) and everything was fine.

    After a power cut I can no longer start Windows 10 so I repaired the installation.  W10 is working now, BUT the special keys on the apple keyboard (brightness, volume, etc.) no longer work.

    I tried to re - download the software and drivers support for Win10 through Bootcamp Assistant, but he asks me if I want to delete the installation of Windows 7 (SEVEN Yes).

    Any ideas would be welcome.

    Thank you

    Download the driver appropriate for your model package specific to install Windows 7 and previous versions on your Mac with Boot Camp - Apple support on a USB2 flash drive and run setup.exe from the Bootcamp folder when it is started in Windows.

  • Stuck to the "Mail Upgrade" status window


    After upgrading to Mac OS Sierra, when I tried to open Mail.app, it shows me the upgrade message window and that's it. Nothing happens here. I've had this window for almost a day now; all buttons-'continue', 'Quit' is also grayed out. I tried to leave mail and stimulus but no difference. Also have restarted the MBP as well.

    Hope someone can get an idea.

    Thanks in advance

    Everything on this forum: suggestions about Mail.app?

    Even to this day, when I try to open, it is still stuck at the upgrade window.

  • I have upgraded to windows 10, reformatted then and then realized my Tbird profile backup folder has no mail, no book of addresses, etc. is there hope?

    I have recently upgraded to windows 10 and then reformat the computer, by using the backup and restore of Windows 10, programs advance so-called instructions to copy the profile to a USB for Thunderbird folder. Obviously I did something wrong, because there is not much there in the profile... folder no mail, no address book, a bunch of cache.x files that are for most empty and I did not notice that after reformatting. Is there a way to recover my old profile? Otherwise, I have at least one backup of the 2010 profile... (... sniff...)

    You have a Zip program to check the archives? If you need a free, you can try 7 - zip: http://www.7-zip.org/

    If they are not Zip archives, you may hit a Windows 10 forum to get advice on their opening.

  • How is done since the upgrade to Windows 10 I can not blockers advertising at work?

    I had Avast Antivirus navigation secure, Ad Block Plus, Ad Block Plus Pop Up Addon, blocker of advertising from Facebook and Webmail Ad Blocker all installed and working great on a customers laptop, but after they have upgraded to Windows 10 all the addons disappeared. I tried to reinstall and the blue bar runs through to the end and it sticks on 'download '. Why can't I install?

    If that doesn't fix it, the nuclear option complete clean reinstall, can help.

    This means that you delete your Firefox program files, and then reinstall Firefox. This process does not delete your Firefox profile (such as bookmarks and passwords) data, since this information is stored in a different location.

    To do a clean reinstall of Firefox, follow these steps: Note: you can print these steps or consult them in another browser.

    1. Download the latest version of Firefox from mozilla.org office (or choose the download for your operating system and language on this page) and save the file to install it on your computer.
    2. Once the download is complete, close all Firefox Windows (or open the Firefox menu

      Click the close button


    3. Remove the Firefox installation folder, which is located in one of these locations, by default:
      • Windows:

        • C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox
        • C:\Program Files (x 86) \Mozilla Firefox
      • Mac: Delete Firefox in the Applications folder.
      • Linux: If you have installed Firefox with the distribution-based package manager, you must use the same way to uninstall: see Install Firefox on Linux. If you have downloaded and installed the binary package from the Firefox download page, simply remove the folder firefox in your home directory.
    4. Now, go ahead and reinstall Firefox:
      1. Double-click on the downloaded Setup file and go through the steps in the installation wizard.
      2. Once the wizard is completed, click to open Firefox directly after clicking the Finish button.

    More information on the resettlement of Firefox can be found here.

  • Problems with fonts after upgrade to Windows 10

    After the upgrade to Windows 10. Some of the police are white with black outlines makes it difficult to read a few pages. I refreshed and reinstalled firefox and it's still there. I disabled and deleted all the addons and it's always the case.

    Both pis. My only solution is to delete the font cache. Restart the PC and uncheck the allow the Web Sites to choose their own and simply used the Arial font. I can read very well now. For some reason any double check the last option is by default the text to look like that. Does not occur in Google Chorme then Yes.

  • What is the safest way to upgrade to Windows 10 and save my email folders

    I have been using Thunderbird to check my account Gmail for years, I have 15 years of records by year and month, I want to upgrade to Windows 10 but I'm afraid of losing this email, addresses, etc. Is there a safe procedure to do. I have back ups of my computer everything on several hard drives, I use Acronis to make my back ups, could simply use Acronis to re - install the backup of files that include my email?

    Thank you
    God bless you

    It depends on if you have moved the default Thunderbird profiles locations and firefoxes.

    If they remain in their default locations in appdat.

    Type %appdata%\protector.exe in the search box for the start menu and press to enter.

    Copy the Thunderbird and the Mozilla files to your backup device.

    If you have changed the default settings, I guess you know where you have placed these data.

  • I started with a sec_error_unknown_issuer and now have a sec_error_bad_signature after the upgrade to Windows 10.

    I upgraded to Windows of Windows 8.1 10 last night. I tried to connect to facebook, a few hours ago and find that I can't. The error is, "this connection is untrusted", with "this site uses HTTP Strict Transport Security (HST) to specify that Firefox didn't connect safely. As a result, it is not possible to add an exception for this certificate."

    I scoured the help forums and have learned that it is because I have active parental control and trying to access accounts on an account of "the child". One of them suggested is to disable parental control. This is not an option. I absolutely must have Family Safety for my laptop.

    This thread is very useful: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1075301. I did the first answer Philipp suggested, "Trust this CA to identify web sites", and I confirmed this change.

    Now, whenever I try to access Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Youtube, etc, I get this:
    An error occurred during a connection to www.yahoo.com. The peer certificate has an invalid signature. (Error code: sec_error_bad_signature)

       The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.
       Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.

    I ran out of ideas. I went back to the thread useful and tried the next thing, philipp suggested: go to the Web page, "https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2965142" and then clicking on the link "known issues for Mozilla Firefox users. The problem with this, is that the instructions seem to be written for a device touchscreen enabled; I don't have a touchscreen device, I have a laptop to play with without a touchscreen.

    I know there is a lot of information, but I would really appreciate anyone help in my struggle to be able to access these sites without asking my mother to get on his administrator account when I want to access these Web sites.

    in case you want to use family protection by intention, you need a configuration so that it can function in firefox and install the security certificate for the family that is getting used to intercept connections secure in the confidence of the ms browser store: while in firefox, click on this link - then must display a dialog on the addition of a cert. Please check the trust this CA to identify web sites & confirm the change.

    Alternatively, you can also try the manual procedure described in https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2965142 in the section about firefox.

  • After the upgrade to Windows 10, I can't send mail from my IMAP account

    Upgrade to Windows 10 last night. Make a backup on MozBackup beforehand and restored after the download. I see all my messages in my Roadrunner and Gmail IMAP accounts. I can receive messages from all three types of accounts, but I can't send emails from the IMAP account. I checked that I have the right selected outgoing server. But whenever I try to send, I get the error:

    An error occurred while sending mail. The mail server responded:
    Action taken not requested: the mailbox not available
    Invalid DNS MX or the A/AAAA resource record.
    Please check the recipient of the "[email protected]" message and try again.

    Although looks like your new update of windows 10 has not the right or any other DNS servers set up. Thus, when Thunderbird is trying to send a mail it it looks like for the server and there is no... you can navigate t goole, com using this machine and one web browser other than the one provided with windows 10.

    The alternative is the email address your shipment to the a in the faulty DNS entry

    Research here shows that this is the case. The field of your shipment at all simply not exist in DNS.

  • Upgrade to Windows 10 and the lost message filters

    Upgrade to Windows 10 last night after having made a backup of Thunderbird with MozBackup. Profile of the restored this morning and lost all my message filters. Also lost all of my archived messages. Changed the path where Thunderbird search messages and more archived returned messages but still have no message at all filters.

    in using the menu, select troubleshooting.
    Select the button view profile.
    Close Thunderbird.
    Delete everything in the open folder, including subfolders.
    Replace it with the same folders of your mozbackup (change Zip file extension and the Treaty as a zip file).
    Launch Thunderbird.

    Now you should have all the right files in the right place, so everything should be back.

  • PayPal buttons no longer work after the upgrade to Windows 10

    I have recently upgraded to Windows 10, but have always set my default browser on Firefox 39.0. Since then, I discovered some really weird things happening.

    It is more disturbing with PayPal buttons. I kept a few Web sites and, even though I made no changes to the PayPal coding, the button does not appear on pages when I view it in Firefox. I can see them in Chrome or MS Edge very well.

    Here is a page of one of the sites in question. : http://projectsister.org/ : this is a site created in WordPress. On the right sidebar, it would take a "Donate" button However, when I view it in Firefox, I see the slogan of PayPal ("PayPal - the safer, easier way to pay online how!")

    Here is another example of a site that was created using Dreamweaver. : http://www.villagekitchenshoppe.com/take_a_break_class.html

    So, as you can see, both of these sites have the same problem and they are not even related.

    Does anyone have this seen yet? Is there a solution I don't know? Any suggestions would be very helpful.

    Thank you!

    Firefox can display the "Alt" text for an image if the image does not load. The alternative text for the Paypal buttons orange is indeed "PayPal - the safer, easier way to pay online how! But why not load these buttons.

    What happens if you try to access it directly? Right click > view Image, or you can try these links:



    (Note: mine include the language code en_US, which probably varies from one country to the other.)

    Many users Windows 10 have been posted on the problems to access secure sites (HTTPS, addresses). If you get errors certificate, they are on most of the HTTPS sites or just a few?

    Many HTTPS sites problems can be caused by Firefox is not completely set up to work with your security software. Are you not using Avast, ESET, Kaspersky, BitDefender or another program that intercepts your navigation for filtering?

    Problems on a smaller number of sites could be caused by other factors, individual on the site or resulting from content filtering (for example, parental controls).

  • Thunderbird impossible sendmail on mail server yahoo after upgrading to Windows 7 Pro on an ASUS BP1AD PC. Tried 31.2 24.6 configured in IMAP & Thunderbird.

    After recently upgrading to Windows 7 Pro on an ASUS BP1AD PC, I can receive emails but NOT send using the yahoo mail server. I am set up to use the IMAP protocol. Other e-mail servers/accounts do not have this problem. I get the error message right is an alert which States: "an error has occurred when sending mail. The mail server responded: unverified address - see http://help.yahoo.com/I/us/yahoo/mail/manage/sendfrom-07.html. Please make sure your e-mail address is correct in your mail preferences and try again"if my email in Thunderbird is good enough upward with i. sending messages. Is there something obvious that I'm missing?

    did you actually check your mailing address in your web account to yahoo? That is to say had them send you a special courier to check that it actually works? Sounds stupid, but they made me do it years ago.

  • Apple Software Update will NOT work after upgrading to Windows 7

    Apple Software Update will NOT work after upgrading to Windows 7

    flyboy340 wrote:

    Apple Software Update will NOT work after upgrading to Windows 7

    More information is needed.

    Which machine you use, OS X are you running?

    Windows 7 running in BootCamp?

    The OS X app store is not present at all?

    AppStore is present but the update tab does not?

  • iTunes takes a long time to start because I have upgraded to Windows 10

    I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 a few months back.  Since iTunes then takes like 10 minutes to start.  I tried the setting in compatibility mode for Windows 7 and the other versions.  I tried to run as an administrator.  Nothing seems to work.  Is there a kind of diary where I might be able to see where it hangs at startup?

    Thank you


    You should try to completely remove iTunes. Follow this link:

    Remove and reinstall iTunes and software for Windows 7 and later versions - Apple Support components

    Download and install the latest version of iTunes from http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/ 12.4.1

  • I have upgraded to Windows 8. I had to download firefox. I have connected to my account, but my passwords, bookmarks, etc. are not there.

    After that upgrade to Windows 8 FireFox wasn't on my computer so I downloaded it. After have downloaded you I've logged into my account but my password, bookmarks, etc. were not there. How to bring back my profile? I changed my folder view to include hidden files. The only file in the folder of my profile is xxxxx.default with the current date. I have my favorites on my iPad, but I'm afraid to synchronize for fear that it will overwrite the ipad with empty profile rather than the reverse. And I don't think that my passwords are on the Firefox ipad - are they? Help!

    Hi belindawolfe, there is a file a high level called profiles.ini. After you have copied your old profile folder over to the new profile folder, you must add the name of the folder to profiles.ini in order to be able to use it. I think that there are other threads with advice on the best way to do it.

  • Upgrade to Windows 7 program

    Hi, there are a lot of press around the internet today about the new upgrade of Windows 7 HP program.

    The detailed programme for all the regions are located here.

    Here are some details on the program for the U.S. program.

    1. your PC * must be purchased between June 26, 2009 to January 31, 2010

    2. one of the following versions of Windows Vista must be installed at the factory on your PC *:

    3. your PC * must be on the list of eligible models

    " Eligible models

    I worked for HP.

    Hey, tzelee - sorry for the confusion.  I agree that your existing operating system Vista Business is without a doubt a valid version of the OS and confirmed how this error came about.   You reason that your PC is eligible for the upgrade of Vista equivalent Windows 7 Professional professional.  I would work to get the situation corrected and will get back to you as soon as POSSIBLE.

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