upgrade to windows 8 pro

Hi I'm trying to upgrade from windows vista to windows 8 pro. Is this possible? Help, please.


Support stopped for Windows 8.

You would need 8.1 of Windows, that is performed by a clean install.

To buy the Windows 8.1, try amazon.com.

Follow these steps before you buy Windows 8.1.

Check if the manufacturer of your computer/laptop has Windows 8.1 drivers available for your model.

If this is not available, Windows 8.1 not install and work properly for you.

There is a lot of information in this first link from Microsoft:

Download and run the Windows Upgrade Assistant 8.1 of to see if your machine is compatible Windows 8.1 and read the update for Windows 8.1: FAQ here

"Update to Windows 8.1: FAQ".


"8.1 for Windows system requirements.


See you soon.

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    After recently upgrading to Windows 7 Pro on an ASUS BP1AD PC, I can receive emails but NOT send using the yahoo mail server. I am set up to use the IMAP protocol. Other e-mail servers/accounts do not have this problem. I get the error message right is an alert which States: "an error has occurred when sending mail. The mail server responded: unverified address - see http://help.yahoo.com/I/us/yahoo/mail/manage/sendfrom-07.html. Please make sure your e-mail address is correct in your mail preferences and try again"if my email in Thunderbird is good enough upward with i. sending messages. Is there something obvious that I'm missing?

    did you actually check your mailing address in your web account to yahoo? That is to say had them send you a special courier to check that it actually works? Sounds stupid, but they made me do it years ago.

  • Re: Satellite P875 - 31 p - upgrade to Windows 8 Pro possible?

    As the owner of a Toshiba Satellite P875 - 31 p

    I have 8 Windows pre-installed, but guess that's the Standard edition and ask whether it is possible to upgrade to Windows 8 pro.

    Someone has had experience of this updgade?

    How can I find out which version of the Windows 8 operating system is installed?
    What product of Microsort should I upgrade.
    Can I buy a new Windows 8 Pro OEM license?
    Where to buy an upgrade of my existing (from Toshiba?) operating system

    Is an upgrade to widows 8 recommended Pro?


    According to the info I found on the page of Toshiba, the laptop is preinstalled with common system of 64-bit Windows 8.

    If you want to upgrade this Windows 8 Pro version, you can buy the upgrade of Microsoft.

    But the question is if these updates would be really necessary for you...
    I dunno... This page and take a look at the details provided by Microsoft Windows 8 Pro


    You can see what are the benefits of the windows 8 Pro version would provide.
    Usually there is no big difference between Windows 8 and the Pro version.

  • Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro fails miserably, why?. What can I do to make sure it works this time.

    DV6 - 7247cl just bought 1 week ago, I bought windows 8 pro upgrade pack and backed up my windows 8 base images.  When to perform in-place upgrade today ' today-all seemed well until it has restarted and came to a start with three boxes menu: Windows 8 on volume 4

    Windows 8 on volume 4

    Installation of Windows

    I tried all 3 and each of them became all black and then blue screen, your computer has encountered a problem....

    I went into recovery options and each tried and nothing worked.  The last option that I came was to make Factory Image Recovery, I need Windows 8 Pro because I join domain and use Bitlocker and start with the virtual hard drive.  Why it failed, would it secure boot or UEFI.  Please tell me what I can do to get this update to work.  The upgrade looked like it was working but then wouldn't boot into Windows more after the reboot.

    Sorry for the experience with the support of Microsoft. I wasn't expecting that. Let us try the old process to restore the system to the factory settings, uninstalling unwanted applications and then create an inplace upgrade to Windows 8 Pro. Let's see what happens this time.

  • Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade to Windows 7 Pro

    Will be my serial number of PC laptop Compaq Presario CQ56-253SA: CNF1142PGQ product number: LL921EA

    upgrade to Windows 7 Pro.

    Yes, it will be.

    You can use the same drivers of support for your PC and driver for W7 Pro page

  • Just upgraded to Windows 7 Pro. Could not find the normal system games (solitaire, spider solitaire,... etc.). Where are they?

    I have just upgraded to Windows 7 Pro.  Could not find the normal system of games (Solitaire, solitaire spider, mine sweeper, etc.).  Where are they?

    Go to control panel > programs and features > turn Windows features on or off and place a check next to games and click OK. Carey Frisch

  • T61 (7658 03U) upgrade to Windows 7 pro

    I have a (7658 03U) Chipset GM965 T71 with XP Pro SP3 installed. I need to upgrade to Windows 7 Pro. I have 3 GB of RAM, and it looks like I have a 32 bit version of XP is installed. How to move to Windows 7 pro and can install the 64 bit version of Windows 7 Pro? Ran Windows 7 Advisor, but it's not real clear on the drivers. Also thought I saw in this forum that my machine could run 8 GB of RAM. Please advise on how to migrate successfully to Windows 7 Pro. Thank you.

    Source? Try feebay.

    No matter what good (Hynix, Samsung, Micron, Elpida, Mushkin) brand name 200 pin laptop RAM is PC2-6400 or PC2-5300 (which are also known as DDR2 - 800 MHz and DDR2 - 667 MHz respectively).

    I have never use "no name" RAM in my ThinkPad and discourage the use of the offers 'ram value' from various manufacturers as well.

    Expect to pay $130 or more for a pair for a total of 8 GB DDR2.

  • Aspire M5-581TG-73516G52Mass upgrade to windows 8 pro

    is the Aspire M5-581TG-73516G52Mass the $14.99 upgrade to windows 8 pro? (Australia)

    Nice day

    Yes. Please find confirmation and all the models eligible for the update here: http://www.acer.com.au/ac/en/AU/content/windows-upgrade-offer

    Kind regards


  • I have upgraded to windows xp pro and when I downloaded the sp2 computer freezes and restarts when I connect to internet

    I have upgraded to windows xp pro did all updates, and when he places classified sp2 it restarts fine then when I loged on more updates to update it freezes and reboots, when she will recover no codes or anything be it what could be the problem...


    1 is it only during the use of the internet?

    Method 1.
    a. click on start and then right-click my computer.
    b. click Properties.
    c. click on the Advanced tab and then click settings under Startup and recovery.
    d. under system failure, click to clear automatically restart it the box.
    e. click OK, and then click OK.
    f. try to reproduce the error message.

    Method 2.
    Check to see if the problem exists in Safe Mode, if the computer works as expected in mode without failure, then we can solve the problem in the clean boot state.
    a. refer to the article below for the procedure safe mode in Windows XP
    A description of the options to start in Windows XP Mode

    b. you need to perform a clean boot to find the program that is causing and then disable or remove.
    How to configure Windows XP to start in a "clean boot" State
    Note: When you are finished troubleshooting, follow the steps as explained in the article to reset the computer to start as usual.

    Also I would ask you to update all the drivers of material from the manufacturer's Web site.

    I hope this helps.

  • Upgrade to Windows 7 Pro to Vista Home Premium

    I bought Windows 7 Pro 64 bit, but I'm currently running Vista Home Premium 64-bit.  I would like to avoid having to do a clean install and reinstall my programs.

    What are the viable upgrade path from Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Pro?

    Do I need to move to Vista Business and then upgrade to Windows 7 Pro?  Upgrade to Windows 7 Home Edition Premium then to Pro?

    You can not put Windows Vista Edition Home Premium to Windows 7 Professional.

    Check this page for Vista Home Premium upgrade paths:


  • After having upgraded to windows 8 pro, digital keys no longer work.

    I have a HP Pavilion P7 1054 w / AMD Athon II 645, which was initially loaded with the Windows 7 operating system. When I've upgraded to Windows 8 Pro, now the number keys on the keyboard do not work.  My keyboard is one that came with the HP computer and is hard wired using a USB port.

    Need help... Thank you.

    Hello stalac.

    Have you installed all the updates through Windows Update? Don't forget to check those optional as well, make sure that you have the keyboard drivers installed.

    You may need to reinstall the drivers if it does not work.

    1. press Windows + C to bring up the menu of charms and go to search
    2. the Device Manager in the search box and the launch of the program
    3. navigate to the section of your keyboard, expand it, and then uninstall the driver
    4. unplug the keyboard from the computer / restart the computer
    5. once the computer has booted to the top, reconnect the keyboard.

  • Noticed on my desk that there is an unknown name and it has a password. I don't know who he is. This is my computer at home. I have just upgraded to Windows 7 pro.

    Noticed on my desk that there is an unknown name and it has a password. I don't know who he is.  This is my computer at home. I have just upgraded to Windows 7 pro.  How can I get rid of this name or why it is there?


  • Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro's PC OEM of Windows 8 (new installation)

    I recently bought a new PC (Sony Vaio SVL241290X, Dec 2012) with Windows 8 is installed.  I then bought a Windows 8 Pro Upgrade license.  I would like to install Windows 8 Pro as a clean install in order to reformat my hard drive and also remove pre-installed software (my PC came with 2 partitions recovery and a lot of software VAIO...).  Windows 8 Windows 8 Pro upgrade is possible, but does not allow me to do what I want, as indicated in the previous sentence.

    When I bought my Win 8 Pro license I created an iso, which I then burned on a DVD.  After spending some time to find how simply boot from the drive (had to change MODE of BOOT UEFI to LEGACY in the BIOS, that I can enter only with the key Sony 'Help'...), I was finally able to start installing Windows 8 Pro disc.

    After the start of the DVD, I reached the configuration of Windows 8 screen where I accepted the default settings (language, time, keyboard) and click "next".  I then clicked on "install now".  After a brief loading time, I get a message stating: "the product key entered don't match any available to install Windows images. Enter a different product key.  The provided only option is to click on 'OK', what I do, which returns just the on-screen 'Install now', that will make a loop back me the product key message if I click it.
    Of some Internet research, I discovered that Windows 8 keys are now included in the BIOS, this is why I am never have the opportunity to enter my new Pro license (is this correct Microsoft?).
    Can you help me?
    Things I've tried:
    1. I upgraded to Windows 8 Windows 8 Pro (in order to "update the BIOS/firmware key"...) and then returned a clean install.  It not worked as I always get the product key message.
    Things I don't want or think I should be compelled to make:
    1. install Windows 7 from the disc and then upgrade to Windows 8 Pro and remove the windows.old folder.
    Thank you.


    I never tried the upgrade in the way you describe... which I figured just enabled the features already on your machine, but wasn't sure.

    I don't think that reinstall Win 7 and the upgrade work is the nature of your upgrade method. It seems to need to win 8, not 7.

    From what I can tell, the only way for you to do the clean install would be with the real upgrade of the other versions.  The $40 or $70 a, depending on download or retail sales.

    If you are interested, I've seen a number of online stores sell upgrade Windows 8 Pro (retail) for $30 - $40 after rebate (NewEGG) and in one case $40 outright (MicroCenter). That doesn't seem right, but it seems to be like that.

    Thank you, but $40 upgrade option is one I bought (via http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/buy?ocid=GA8_O_WOL_SM_AppsOffer_FPP_Null) and I got with it.
    That's what I ended up having to do:
    1. perform a clean install of Windows 7 on my OEM Windows 8.  I installed by booting from a Windows 7 disc that allowed me to reformat the hard disk (and remove all partitions in the process).
    2. after installation of Windows 7 (not active) on a completely wiped hard drive, tried to boot from my disk Windows 8 Pro (bought from link above) to see if I could now preform a clean install.  Surprisingly, it did not work, I got the same message that I received before ("the entered product key does not match... (', see my first post).  This leads me to believe that my key OEM Windows 8 original (not pro) is indeed stored in the BIOS/firmware somewhere...
    3. given that start from my Windows 8 Pro disc does not work, I did the upgrade to Pro 8 for Windows 7.  I chose to 'Keep nothing', but still finished with a folder Windows.old (about 10 GB), I simply deleted.
    In the end, I got what I wanted: an installation of Windows 8 Pro without any software preinstalled or wasted scores OEM/manufacturer.
    This isn't the way I think it should have been done, but I think it's the way Microsoft is forced to make.
  • Windows 8 people's Republic of CHINA (unilingual OEM version in simplified Chinese) can be upgraded to Windows 8 Pro * full * English?

    I bought a Dell XPS One 2710 in China that came pre-installed with Windows 8 RPC. It seems that it is a unique language locked in simplified Chinese version.

    The standard procedure to add another language changes only partially certain interfaces of applications in English, but the operating system is always in Chinese.

    I think so

    1 - is the upgrade to Windows 8 Pro with Windows 8 Pro Pack as described here http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-8/feature-packs

    2 - or buy a Windows 8 Pro System Builder and just reinstall

    Solution 1 is my favorite option, I want to keep the existing configuration and the Dell applications.

    Does anyone have experience making 1 or 2?

    Thank you.

    You should upgrade to Windows 8 Pro in Chinese, then you can download the English Language Pack for free:

    To the top of Windows 8 for Windows 8 Pro:


    Language packs are available for Windows 8 and for Windows RT

    Thank you Andre, everything is now in English!

    For all the foreigners living in China who want to have Windows 8 English I highly recommend to do as described below. It will add the cost of a license of Windows 8 Pro Pack, but will save you hours of waiting, of discussions, resettlement and uncertainty.

    Windows 8 CPP that comes pre-installed on all computers OEM in China is locked with simplified Chinese only to the language of the OS.

    You can buy Windows 8 Pro Pack, which upgrades the CPP of 8 Windows preinstalled on your new computer to a full-blown Windows 8 Pro with Media Center


    Pack Windows 8 Pro can be purchased online from China, and you can pay with Paypal


    Windows 8 Pro has all the features to download and add language packs.

    Start the upgrade using the following screenshots


    You will need an address in China and turn off your VPN before you start the upgrade.

    There is only one choice of product to buy the Windows 8 Pro Pack.

    The update took a few hours of downloading so start at night and sleep at home.

    After the upgrade you have Windows 8 Pro with Media Center always configured with Chinese as their main language.

    You need then download and install the English language according to these screenshots pack


    The US English language pack is 154 MB and may take a few hours to download as well.

    Restart, then return to the screen of language making English as your primary language, as described in these screenshots


    Reboot again, and voila!

    PS: after upgrading your Windows 8 Pro is activated automatically with the new product ID, but you haven't lost all common applications of OEM and warranty (Dell in my case).

    You always connect to the app store Windows of China and are able to install apps * except * those made specifically by the OEM. In my case, there are only a few and I can't install Renren for Dell for example, but there is also another version not OEM in the app store.

    This limitation is explicitly mentioned in the notes here, and I confirm.


    OEM applications that I have installed upgrading are still there and working, then you might want to install everything before the upgrade.

  • Finger print reader does not work after upgrade to Windows 8 Pro - DM4 2055BR

    I updated my previous Windows 7 to Windows 8 Pro Edition and the Finger Print Reader no longer works. Validity software driver is already installed more simple pass, but when I run the Easy Pass it pops up the message "the drive is not connected, connect the drive.

    I noticed one lot of other posts related to the same issue, but I don't know if the model of my laptop does not support the new version of the operating system.

    I appreciate if someone could help me with this problem.


    Welcome to the HP Forum!

    When start you / see: Easy going on?

    You may be running HP SimplePass Version or some other SimplePass 8.x?


    You can run HP SimplePass Version 6.x later on your computer.  You may also be able to get SimplePass version 8.x if you want to stay with this version to work.  It's a personal choice, really - either version should be able to work on Windows 8 Pro.

    Note that the version 8.x SimplePass seems to dislike everyone, but the Internet Explorer browser. This is a personal observation and NOT what can known by other users.  If you use IE, then the point is moot.

    You can probably keep your existing driver of the fingerprint (Validity Sensor in the Device Manager) as long you run the version compatible with Windows 8, illustrated to the webpage of your computer driver:

    HP Pavilion dm4-2055br Entertainment Notebook PC Drivers

    See below for a method that you can use to upgrade HP SimplePass:

    Simple Instructions for upgrade HP SimplePass

    The bits on SimplePass version 8.x are towards the bottom of the file.

    Click on the star of congratulations !

    It's a nice way of saying 'Thank you' for help.

    Although I strive to reflect best practices of HP, I do not work for HP.

  • Want to 24-n075na: upgrade to Windows 10 Pro on Envy 24-n075na All-- One PC in

    I tried to upgrade to Windows Pro 10 on the Envy 24 - n075na all-in-One PC of Windows 10 Home. He can't be upgraded.  It seems to go through the process of upgrading shutsdown and restarts and then displays a message that says: it could not be upgraded.

    Any ideas.

    Thank you

    I thought about it. It was mcaffee blocking the upgrade. Remove and the update worked fine!

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  • Error code 19 registry on any DVD player.

    I get the following message when I install a DVD drive on my laptop CQ60 Compaq Vista home edition 32 bit running. Windows cannot start this hardware device because its information of configuration (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19

  • Corel Paint Shop Pro x 5 and Windows 8

    I just Windows 8 and Corel Paint Shop Pro x 5... every time I take a picture and save it, it never shows a thumbnail of the image, I just took.  Instead, it shows how to make a camera - Corel Paint Shop Pro x 5 to show me the real in the thumbnails i