Upgrade XP to Vista Ultimate changed EVERYTHING?

When my father came to our family computer, he said that the BONE was "Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005", then after a guy at a local PC Repair place deleted a virus I have my father (who knows nothing of the virus), it says that the OS was "Windows XP Professional". Yesterday, my buddy Paul sisters gave us the disks to upgrade to Windows Vista Ultimate.

I watch the drivers now that it is installed and WTF! :
1 display adapter listed changed to Standard VGA Graphics Adapter Nvidia GTS 450 (graphics card)? Who's who
2. most of the devices now is different. I didn't REMOVE THE GRAPHICS CARD, SO WHAT this evolution?
And my performance lowers too.
1 display adapter listed changed to Standard VGA Graphics Adapter Nvidia GTS 450 (graphics card)? Who's who

You must install the drivers for the hardware.

Download drivers

Visit the manufacturer's Web site and select your model (this is usually done in the Support section). You should be able to download drivers for your model if they have drivers for your version of Windows. Download the driver and then follow the instructions to install.

For your video card:

NVidia drivers:

You can also use the analysis tool automatic nVidia:


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  • Upgrade to Windows Vista Ultimate Edition of Windows 7 Professional?

    Original title: Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade

    I have a HP laptop that originally shipped with Windows Vista Edition Home Premium I did a clean install of Vista Ultimate with. I wonder if I've been upgrading to Windows 7 I can go with Windows 7 Professional? What is Ultimate? I am not wanting to use Windows 7 Home Premium, but I guess if I have no choice, then it is what it is.

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    I look after 150 Windows 7 client computers.  I can inspires you much insight that there is virtually no reason for a user of typical computer use anything more expensive than the publishing house.  Virtually all the differences are useful for system administrators and advanced users.

    That being said, you may have a lot of trouble FINDING any edition of Windows 7 other than professional, due to rules of Microsoft.  However, my advice to my clients is to buy the House if you can find and save your money.

    You first need to know if your Vista machine can support 64-bit.  It is possible, if you want to install.  Then add memory at least 4 gigabytes.

    Also, before everything that you can do that, strongly recommend that you evaluate the status of your hard drive.  Portable hard drives are usually the first thing to fail in a laptop.  You must determine if you need to replace the hard drive first.  In fact, it's what I would do.  You can test the EQUIPMENT of your drive by running a software tester training from the manufacturer of your hard drive.  If you pass along the model number of your player (Device Manager shows it), I'll answer with a link to this software.

    Other tips: do not use the UPGRADE option.  All operating system installations must be clean, or so-called Custom in the installation process.

  • I reinstalled Vista Ultimate, changing from 32 bit to 64 bit. Now Control Panel/System Info says I have Vista Home Premium. One of my apps says that I need help Ultimate.Please

    I have a HP computer with Q6700 Quad core, ram bg 8.


    1. where did you buy windows vista ultimate64 bits?

    2 did you do any change to Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit for Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit? You perform a new installation.

    I suggest you follow the link and check.

    How to determine whether a computer is running a 32-bit version or the 64 bit version of the Windows operating system


    I would also ask you to contact the vendor where you purchased Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit to help,.

  • Impossible to upgrade to windows vista ultimate from vista home Basic using the upgrade disc

    I bought a disc "to upgrade use only" Windows Vista Ultimate at my University and tried to upgrade my current version of Windows (Vista Home Basic).

    At the stage where I had to select the 'Upgrade' or 'Custom' installation option, I noticed that the interface was telling me, 'Upgrade Disabled"with a message that has been along the line"this version of windows is already installed and cannot be upgraded."
    I know that the upgrade disc was probably intended for the upgrade from an earlier version of Windows like XP, but I assumed that because Microsoft also sells discs "Anytime Upgrade" to do exactly what I'm trying to accomplish this I would have had no problem.
    For any help or suggestion that contact would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you in advance.

    It's all about Service Pack.
    We don't know what you have.

    If Service Packs came pre-installed on the operating system, there is no way to uninstall them.
    You will need to swap the disk to upgrade to a later version that includes the missing Service Pack.

    In this case, your upgrade disk has NO Service Pack installed with it.

    Take it back to the University, if you cannot uninstall SP1 operating system.

    See you soon... Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Cannot install a version upgrade of Windows Vista after changing the hard drive.

    Original title: my computer gives me a warning... saying backup.

    My hard drive is bad.  I can feel it.

    Keep the system lock up and rebooting message says cable and BAD status.

    I took the hard drive... put in a new one... and now it says I can't install vista.

    I have the version upgrade.

    I put XP on this drive and upgrade again.  Y at - it something I can do.

    I want to just reinstall windows vista on a new drive.  How can I accomplish this.

    The bad hard drive still works and is accessible it is not stable and keeps locking up.

    The full version of XP that I have is out of licenses.  Help Help

    Hi Rob,

    You must install first Windows XP and upgrade to Windows Vista.

    If you have a genuine copy of Windows XP, after you install Windows XP you can contact support for Microsoft's Activation to activate the copy of Windows XP.

    For more information, you can consult the following articles:

    Upgrade Windows XP to Windows Vista

    How to activate Windows XP

  • Satellite U200-181 - his plays not after the Vista Ultimate upgrade

    I have restore Win XP disk recovery and upgrade to Windows Vista Ultimate. After you have reinstalled audio drivers (which is installed correctly), I have no sound in my system. All volumes maximum and not silent. It seems that his program (by pressing the sound keys jogdial). But all the volumes on the right level and not mute.

    Hey Buddy,

    I have an idea that might help you:

    Go to www.realtek.com download drivers, uninstall the drivers from the Toshiba website and install the drivers that you´ve downloaded on the realtek site.
    No matter if it s or not, give a short answer. Would be grateful. :)

    Welcome them

  • What can I reinstall/upgrade Vista Ultimate OEM 32 bit Vista Ultimate 64-bit using the upgrade CD that I bought?

    Please help me with the steps I must follow to upgrade/reinstall my Vista Ultimate OEM 32 bit Vista Ultimate 64-bit.  I bought the upgrade CD, but I keep reading that I can't upgrade, I have to re - install.  How do, or have I just wasted my money?

    Thank you


    The two DVD come in the box of Vista Ultimate.  The same upgrade key works for both.  The procedure is to let the 32-bit version on the hard drive for the verification of license and a custom installation will work.  The hardware hash will be the same and the product key is the same for the activation servers to happen anyway as a repair installation.

  • I am more able to use Windows Anytime Upgrade from Vista Basic to Vista Ultimate then how am I supposed to do this, you could provide any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    I have an upgrade copy of Vista Ultimate that I try to install on my computer and it simply refuses to install it.  I do not know how to temporarily disable my Virus protection and do not know if this is causing a problem. Do you have any suggestions?  I'll get to your answer.  Thank you

    You must uninstall your antivirus software before you attempt to upgrade to Windows Vista Ultimate Edition.

  • Using Vista Ultimate upgrad DVD on the new machine

    I upgraded my computer which had OEM Vista Home of Windows Vista Ultimate Edition by buying an upgrade DVD, now 'only' computer died and I want to improve my new computer that has Vista Home OEM Vista Ultimate using the same Upgrade DVD. The final result uses the DVD to upgrade on a single computer, because the first died. How can I transfer the liscense to this software Vista Ultimate Upgrade to my new computer?

    Perform the upgrade to Windows Vista Ultimate as you normally and if you are unable to activate over the internet, then select the alternative "activate by phone".

  • 32 to 64-bit Vista Ultimate upgrade "inplace"?

    My daughter now has a red material with the 32 Bit Version of Vista Ultimate 64 bit capable system running on it.

    Is it possible to do a "inplace" Upgrade Version of Vista Ultimate 32 Bit for the 64-bit Version?

    No, you will need to do a fresh install.  See here http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-vista/32-bit-and-64-bit-Windows-frequently-asked-questions

  • The upgrade of the (32-bit) (64-bit) hardware with Vista Ultimate!

    I have Vista Ultimate (32 bit) installed on a (32 bit) CPU/motherboard.

    I want to buy and install a (64-bit) CPU/motherboard.

    Should I buy a new Full Version of Vista Ultimate (64 bit)?


    I can purchade a new upgrade Version of Vista Ultimate (64 bit)?


    There are other alternatives available?

    Best regards

    Mike Lynch

    About Mike but 'no cigar '!

    While searching for an answer, I found a link to Microsoft and the Agent told me that:

    "For $9.95", as an alternative to buying a new Full Version of Vista Ultimate (64-bit), I can order a replacement of media (64-Bit to 32 - Bit).

    Now that's what I call a reasonable Marketing / Sales position.


    I like it.

    Best regards

    Mike Lynch

  • stepupgrade windows vista business Japanese version for windows vista Ultimate edition

    Recently, I bought a laptop in the Japan. The operating system is Windows Vista Business Japanese Version. I'm not familiar with the Japanese language and because of that I wanted to change it to English. I had discovered to find the way to put in place, but I found there was no way else to solve except buy a new Windows Vista with English Version or mine upgrade to Windows Vista ultimate. And I want to ask a question:
    1. is there anything else beside what I mentioned above?
    2. If I decided to buy a Step-Upgrade Vista Ultimate DVD Business, should I buy with the same language version with my Vista business, Japanese Version? Or is it fine with Step-setting level Vista Business to ultimate DVD English version anyway?
    3. Please show me how to change the display language after upgrade my Vista to Vista Ultimate!
    3. in the future, if there is a problem that I have to reinstall the OS, this DVD of Step - update allows again?

    Thank you for your attention.
    I'm sorry, my English is not good enough, I hope that you will understand my questions.

    Best account.

    Change language:

    1. to change your Vista professional Japanese language to English, you can buy a Japanese Vista Ultimate Upgrade disk/license.

    Then download the English language through Windows Update as an option Pack.

    Vista Ultimate upgrade must be done in the original language Vista came.

    2. your other Option is to buy a FULL Vista Business English version and do a clean install.

    3. If you want to reinstall, you need the original installation of business > Ultimate upgrade > re-download the optional updates in Windows English Language Pack...

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Qosmio X 300 - cannot save a fingerprint on Vista Ultimate

    Hello I recently purchase a Qosmio X 300 and upgrade to Windows Vista Ultimate Edition
    I downloaded all the drivers, but I have problem with fingerprint sensor.

    This is the popup message when I am trying to save a finger.

    Error: could not open the sensor

    Pqx32e Qosmio X 300


    I'm not very well why this error message is displayed, but I recommend to reinstall the Fingerprint Software that you can find on the European driver Toshiba m page.

    PS: What * X 300 - xxx * do you have exactly?

    I ask because NOT all X 300 would support the fingerprint and NOT ALL X 300 are equipped with a fingerprint sensor.

  • Satellite A200-13O: Vista Ultimate to basic installation help

    I need assistance to the full installation of Windows Vista Edition in my A200-13O.
    My current operating system is Windows Vista Basic and I want to upgrade to Windows Vista Ultimate.
    Based on the download section of driver I need the following drivers must be installed.

    1 Windows Vista RTM
    2 native Intel ICH7M Chipset utility
    3 945GM Intel display driver
    3 nVIDIA Display Driver G72MV-A3/NB7P-GS
    Realtek Audio driver ALC861D 4
    5 Realtek 8101E 10/100 / Driver LAN Gigabit 8111
    6 Synaptics Touch Pad Driver (with LuxPad)
    7 ALPS Touch Pad Driver
    8 card reader TI Multiple digital media
    9 TOSHIBA software modem
    10 Golan Intel Wireless LAN Driver
    11 Kedron Intel Wireless LAN Driver
    12 Atheros Wireless LAN Driver
    Camera Chicony 13 software
    14 Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba
    15 Bluetooth monitor
    16 TOSHIBA Value Added Package
    17 TOSHIBA Flash Cards Support utility
    TOSHIBA 18 hardware configuration utility
    19 TOSHIBA supervisor password
    20 TOSHIBA SD Memory utilities
    21 TOSHIBA ConfigFree
    22 TOSHIBA Assist
    TOSHIBA Speech System 23
    24 TOSHIBA Extended tiles for Mobility Center Windows V1.01
    TOSHIBA Fingerprint Utility V5.6.0.3221 25

    I have already downloaded most of them, but I can't find some like [2] utility Intel ICH7M Chipset, driver of Kedron Intel wireless LAN [11], [23] TOSHIBA Speech System. Also some drivers are not installed properly.

    Can you please help me.

    Chipset driver you can get on the Intel Web site
    But I think that the pilot could also be in the display driver because it s the same chip.

    The WLAN driver I found on the Toshiba site so download and install it.

    The speech system could be integrated into the audio driver.
    But download and install all the drivers and the system will work.

  • Need to update Windows Vista Ultimate Edition of Windows Vista Service Pack 2

    Original title: I SPILLED chocolate milk ON MY WINDOWS VISTA COMPUTER!

    Yesterday, I spilled milk on my Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit computer!

    It has no service pack and I need to upgrade to Windows Vista Ultimate SP2!

    My dad installed Java and it was better and dry

    but thre are a few programs on my vista computer

    The Manufaucter computer is Dell

    And Dell Inspiron 531!

    I still have no service pack, but I looked at Windows Update and installed Windows Ultimate Extras

    See U in Windows,


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