Upgrading RAM in Satellite A100-702


I want to buy little RAM for my laptop Satellite A100-702. I think I can use the "Kingston 1 GB SO-DIMM DDR2 PC2-5300 ', they exist with 2 GB more. So my question is: can I put 2 x 2 GB RAM in my laptop so I have 4 GB in the end? Thanks for your replies!

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Yes you can. According to the specification of laptop it can handle with 4 GB of RAM.

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  • Question of upgrading RAM for Satellite A100-165


    II have a Satellite A100-165 (PSAA9E-00V00HFR)
    He accepts a 2 GB SO-DIMM?

    Your laptop can handle with 4 GB of RAM, and what you need is DDR2 533/667 MHz RAM module.
    Rams compatible homepage of Kingston. You will find the exact reference.

    Please do not use some cheap products.

  • Satellite A100-702 - another description?

    I want to buy some more RAM for my Satellite A100-702, but I can't find this phone anywhere on the toshiba site. There may be a different description? Please help me, I'm really out of clues here...
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    Why you take a look at the Toshiba operating manual which must be preinstalled on your laptop.
    There you should find details about compatible modules.

    By the way:
    You should be able to use the DDR2 667 MHz (PC2-5300) 200-PIN SODIMM modules.
    I would recommend Kingston modules. The quality is not bad

    See you soon

  • Question on the increase after upgrading RAM on Satellite M70-159

    Very interesting...
    A 128 MB video memory (Sam. D? 70-159). increased the RAM to 2 GB. The volume of retained began to appear as 256 Mb. He worked a HyperMemory? ¢.

    If I increase the RAM 4 GB, there will be a video memory 512?


    This is normal, as the retained will be put how much RAM you have in your system. But if I were you, I would stay on 2 GB because when the upgrade to 4 GB you will only have around 3 GB memory available because the stored will increase to 768 MB or something around. This is not a bug, because the chipset does automatically and unfortunately not possible to manually edit it s.

    But don t ask me why this is so. I have the same problem with my Satellite A100 and I Don t really need as much memory graphics.

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  • Upgrade CPU on Satellite A100-521

    Hi all, looks like a good forum here! I'm looking for more information about upgrading the processor on my Satellite A100-521.

    The current main specifications are:
    Intel Celeron M 360 (1.4 Ghz, 400 Mhz FSB)
    2 GB RAM PC2-4300
    60GB OCZ SSD 2 Vortex
    Windows 7 (works well, but without Aero)

    So it's the CPU that's the weak link, verified by the Windows performance index.

    I did some research and it seems that the chipset is AMD Radeon Xpress 200 m http://www.amd.com/u...s-200m-amd.aspx which is apparently compatible with some Pentium and Core 2 CPU: http://en.wikipedia...s_200_for_Intel

    Any ideas what I could update? Didn't need to be very fast, just a little faster with the processes of daily...

    Thank you!


    Upgrading CPU is generally very delicate due to the compatibility of the BIOS.
    Although the chipset would be able to handle new CPU, BIOS can cause problems.
    But no one is able to say that if cell would stable after these updates if you want to be 100% sure, I recommend choosing a CPU that has already been used in the A100 series
    Otherwise, it would be possible that new CPU would not be addressed by BIOS correctly.

  • Upgrade CPU on Satellite A100 (PSAAA9)

    I currently have a Satellite A100 with a Centrino Duo T2400 (1.83 GHz) CPU inside her. I was thinking of upgrading the processor in the system and I was wondering how the options available to me?

    I think go to a Core2Duo processor as well as upgrade the RAM to 2 GB (Vista Ultimate is a little slow when running many applications therefore wanting to upgrade the two CPU & RAM).

    The upgrade of the processor is not a problem for me (and I'm not worried about voiding the warranty that the price of notebooks came down significantly that buying a replacement would be less of a hassle to return the machine to the Toshiba).

    Thanks in advance

    PS. Vista works perfectly well on the A100 with full Aero tirned on with the mobility X 1400 module provided.


    at first, I must say, I Don t understand these people who are trying to change the basic elements of a laptop. It s not your desktop! ;)
    Why you´re so buy this machine? Why you don t buy a machine with a Core2Duo processor? Perhaps you then Don t have to risk voiding your warranty. So, it s isn't my problem, but I just wanted to say.

    On the technical side (now we´re come to my thing :)) upgrading your machine will be impossible in this way you would expect.)
    The centrino duo is a cpu so so familiar with chipset you´re plug, then you know that the intel 945 GM chipset, which is integrated in this series of machines, is just specified to handle pure mobile cpu´s mobile.

    And what you think is the core 2 duo? It s not a mobile CPU and it s not possible to manage a core2duo with this chipset. Maybe a CoreDuo...
    Just a quick reminder: centrino duo has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the Core2Duo architecture!

    Have you even thought about the heat dissipation? How a cooling system that has been designed with a centrino duo would handle a Core2Duo with absolutely different heat?

    I recommend to upgrade your RAM and do not install is not useless software that breaks the performance of your machine, so won´t you need to cancel your warranty...

    I wish you a good weekend and good luck in the upgrade of your machine

  • Upgrade memory of Satellite A100

    Hi all
    I have a satellite A100-583, which currently has 1 GB of ram and want to know which is the bigger it can be upgraded to and it is worth it, also need to be replaced with 533ddr2 or can it be replaced by 667 and who is a better upgrade?
    Can you also tell me what is SODIMM and if that makes a difference?


    the machine can be upgraded to a maximum of 4 GB of main memory, and if it s worthy can per person answer, but only by yourself.

    Do you really need it? I think would be best that go you to 2 GB from you´re not a graphic designer who has larger images (which can be a few gigabytes high :)).

    As a normal vista/XP user, you need only 2 GB. You even won´t not recognize the jump of 1 GB, 2 GB of RAM or more.

    Regarding the modules FSB frequency: it doesn´t matter how often you use, you really won´t winning performance when you use the 667 mhz modules, if just to get a nice pair of 2x2gb with 533 Mhz sticks and just enjoy the 'speed '.

    Here´s a little explanation for S0-DIMM:


    have fun ;)

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  • Upgrading RAM on Satellite P30 141


    Is it possible to upgrade memory on a pro Satellite p30?

    I am currently having 512 MB of RAM and would like more (maybe another 512 or 2 x 1 GB)

    can be upgraded RAM on this satellite?
    Anyone know how to find out?

    Thank you

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    Satellite Pro 141 is not known to me and I guess that the number is not entirely correct what laptop do you have exactly?

  • Issue of the upgrade to Vista - Satellite A100 (PSAA9)

    Well, I think to upgrade to windows vista from my laptop (Toshiba Satellite A100 (PSAA9)). I was researching (little) on the drivers and hardware compatibility with vista, and it seems that if I update now, I can't find major problems. Is this true?
    I ask because when I was looking for drivers for vista, I found many (and some of those that exist, I can't download them!) But even without a driver, vista will recognize and install drivers 'default' for the material of my laptop? Can someone answer this with some?
    My major concern is connectivity: lan and wireless! I'll be able to install the hardware drivers to operate these two things?

    Thank you very much to all those who somehow tries to help with these issues!
    Good bye.


    I upgraded my and installed all the drivers from the card reader SD me just used for XP drivers and they worked very well. There are a lot of vista drivers now available for this model, although I am having trouble with the value added package to allow me to use the function keys and access keys.

    Apart from that, I had no other problems!

    Good luck... Let me know if value-added package that works for you, seems to be working for some but not for others.

    See you soon


  • Upgrading RAM on Satellite L670D-106

    Hello world

    I want to ask about upgrading RAM for laptops,

    I have the Toshiba Satellite L670D-106 want a change from 4 GB to 8 GB. In fact, I have 2 x 2 GB 1066 MHZ Ram inside. What Type of RAM can itake max? 1066 or 1300 or 1600 DDR 3?

    THX for your answers

    Toshiba offers modules to 4 GB compatible and tested for your machine and there PA3677U-1M4G part number. Check the specs of this module and pick up info that one you can use.

    Please note: a lot of people are trying to use some modules cheap and later report here on this forum about the issues so I highly recommend you to obtain 100% compatible RAM.

    See also the page of Kingston. Kingston offers quality and compatible modules for Toshiba laptops.

  • Upgrading RAM on Satellite L755

    Hello world

    I want to ask about upgrading RAM for laptops,

    I have the Toshiba Satellite L755 I want to change my 6 GB to 8 GB but I can't find as much RAM in a red circle in the picture but another number in yellow circle is same numbers.

    My question is it ok to change it, because I can't get RAM even with the exact numbers in red or yellow circle?

    Can you please send the complete model number (Satellite-L755-xxx) so I can check the exact laptop specification, just to see the details on the upgrade of RAM.

  • Maximum capacity of RAM for Satellite A100 PSAANH-04Y03F?


    I finally decided to update my A100 ram which I bought in 2007.
    The problem is that I don't how what is the maximum capacity.

    I suspect that it is 2 GB, but I'm curious to know if it will take 4GB.
    The reason why I have not found information me is because I have no idea what model is my A100.

    It says ' Satellite A100 SYSTEM UNIT MODEL No. * PSAANH-04Y03F * ' on the bottom of the laptop.
    Google search that gives me 0 search results :/

    Help would be greatly appreciated!

    This chipset was built in Notepad?
    The max RAM depends on the chipset.
    You can use a tool like * Everest Home Edition * to check the chipset.
    Then you could search properties chipset.

  • Upgrading RAM on Satellite L555-10R


    I have a satellite L555-10R, Win 7 64 bit, main Board TOSHIBA KTWAA Intel GM45/GM47 chipset, 1.9 BIOS, CPU Intel COre 2 duo P7450;

    I want to upgrade ram 2x2gb (SAMSUNG) to 2 x 4 GB (CORSAIR). Only the ram that I put in the location #1 is recognized as a result system starts and detects 6 GB of RAM. When I put the RAM 2nd Slot #2, the PC does not start. It seems that it does not detects hard (the LED on the front of the PC don't not ligth during startup). I can't go into the BIOS (even if I press the F2 key), black screen, all I can do is power off.

    I'd appreciate your help, if you have an idea.
    Thank you



    First some general information on your machine:
    Your laptop can be upgraded to the top 8 GB and max upgrade, you can use both modules of memory of 4 GB.
    Compatible 4 for GB DDR3 - 1066 MHz apart number PA3677U-1M4G. Module of memory with this part number is tested and 100% compatible with your device.

    If you check this forum you will find number of threads as your one, where people try to level of RAM using Rams Corsair and spoke of the same problems. Obviously the reason for non-working machine is compatibility issue with these RAM modules.

    The 'value' Modules of RAM use many markets good chips using several banks/channels, which can cause problems of compatibility with some chipsets/CPUS.

    I highly recommend to use high quality and 100% compatible modules of RAM from Toshiba or Kingston.

  • Question about RAM for Satellite A100

    No standard memory pa3412u - 2M 51 (512 MB 533 MHz) with PA3411U-2M1G (1 GB 533 MHz) will work properly?

    My laptop is satellite A100-847


    Both modules must support the same specifications! But you can mix sizes of 512 MB and 1 GB module
    DDR2 533 MHz PC2-4200 modules are compatible with the Satellite A100.

  • Upgrading RAM on Satellite L650 - 10H

    I have PSK1JE L650 - 10 H 00400GH2 with 4 GB 1066
    I want to update 8 GB 1333
    This module it supported?
    dose the laptop has 2 springers to upgrade ram or more?

    and one more thing, it is I can't find any data on this module in this site
    When I try to auto detect the module of your software in my laptop it does not find


    You can update the RAM up to 8 GB, but as much as I know bus Frontal (FSB) is limited to 1066 Mhz

    Even if you want to use the 1333 Mhz modules, the FSB would be clock speed to the 1066 Mhz is not worth to use 1333 Mhz as this seed would not be used.

Maybe you are looking for