Upgrading to Windows XP problems audio dv4 1125nr

I have a computer hp laptop dv4 1125nr delivered pre-installed with Windows Vista, I downgraded to Windows XP Pro, I have everything well... except for the audio driver.

I know allot of those that have come down to XP have this problem and allocate people have understood how to get the audio working... Well I can't understand it! Ive looked all over in the HP Forums trying to figure out, I tried to use Devcon... nothing works

I have install the MS UAA for SP3... because I have SP3... and after I installed... it says that it detected a new hardware... as it should be, right?

and I realize that I have all of a sudden I have audio... and in a post on the forums of hp, it says to go to Device Manager and update driver UAA High Definition Audio Bus or something like that... Well the only thing that there is no "IDT High Definition Audio CODEC"... everything works fine... until I restart... then he says that there is no audio device... but if I go to control panel and go to add or remove programs... IDT Audio is here.

Ive tried to use Devcon to fix this usse... but I just can't understand... nothings working...

If someone can show me how to get my audio working step by step... that would be great!

Once again, my lapop is a hp dv4 1125nr with Windows XP Pro Sp3

Did you update to the latest version of the BIOS ? Some have reported that solved audio problem.

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    on my acer travel mate 6292 which I just upgraded to windows 8 pro recently got a problem with teredo tunneling adapter.

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    Hi Samuel,.

    We appreciate your efforts to solve this problem. We will put all our efforts in order to solve the problem.

    Teredo is a tunneling protocol designed to grant IPv6 connectivity to nodes that are located behind IPv6 NAT (network address translation) not compatible devices. It defines a way of encapsulating IPv6 packets in IPv4 UDP (User Datagram Protocol) datagrams can be routed through NAT devices, on the IPv4 internet.

    I wish to inform you that Acer has not released Windows 8 compatible drivers for Acer 6292 travel companion.

    I suggest you try to install the drivers for the card wireless in compatibility mode and check if it works. Check out the following link to download and install drivers in compatibility mode.

    Make the programs more compatible with this version of Windows


    The link below to download the drivers for the wireless card: http://us.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/drivers

    A Code 10 error is generated in the Device Manager in one of the following situations:

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    2. one of the pilots who needs the unit does not start.

    3 device Manager has sufficient information to recognize the error that spread upwards by the device driver.

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    1. update the drivers for this device

    2 launch a service of automated troubleshooting

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    Please answer us on the State of the question to help you further.

  • PAVILION SLEEKBOOK 15: since the upgrade to windows 10 PROBLEMS

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    Since the upgrade to windows 10, the touch screen is not accurate. HDMI will not work and is missing the driver, my charging does'nt of battery itself and was going well a week ago.  Also the light for does'nt mute his work more.  I noticed that he stops himself from time to time... someone can help me!

    Hello mf Qwerty... I can tell you how to get your computer fixed. .contact microsoft which were very good and I am now back to win 8.1 and still have old programs, music, and photos.

    I was impressed by their useful service?... Go to their help page.  ... www.microsoftsupport/Help... could be the address.

  • upgrade to windows 10 problem

    Today, I tried to upgrade my pc windows 7 to windows 10 but when I click on upgrade now, he says if please wait and then closes itself. He said that my pc is ready for the update but usually do, could you please help.


    Retry the upgrade manually:

    Option 1:

    Download the media creation tool

    Click with the right button on the MediaCreationTool.exe file and then click on run as administrator.

    Note: How to check if you are downloaded or installed the update Windows 10 November

    How to create an ISO or USB drive.

    Select upgrade this PC now and then click Next

    Option 2:

    Task of pre-required

    When you make significant changes to your computer for example updated operating system, you must always back up. See the links to resources on the backup by clicking the link for each version of Windows you are using: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1



    • Turn off (preferably uninstall) your Antivirus utility before you perform the upgrade.
    • Reboot several times, and then try again.
    • Disable the general USB peripherals (for example - smart card reader).
    • If you are using a SCSI drive, make sure you have the drivers available for your storage on a thumdrive device and it is connected. During the installation of Windows 10, click on the advanced custom Option and use the command load driver to load the driver for the SCSI drive. If this does not work and the installer still fails, consider switching to an IDE based hard drive.
    • Perform a clean boot, restart, and then try again.
    • If you upgrade to the. ISO file, disconnect from the Internet during the installation, if you are connected in LAN (Ethernet) or wireless, disable both, then try to install.
    • If you are updated through Windows Update, when download reaches 100% disconnect from the LAN (Ethernet) Internet or Wi - Fi, then proceed with the installation.
    • If this does not work, try using the. ISO file to upgrade if possible.
    • If you are connected to a domain, go to a local account.
    • If you have an external equipment, attached to the machine, unplug them (example, game controllers, USB sticks, external hard drive, printers, peripherals not essential).
  • Be upgraded manually Windows 10 problem


    I tried manually updating my Windows 7 to Windows 10. After you run the .exe file, and then it displays message on the dialog box indicating: "something happened"?

    Can you help explain why is this happened and how to fix it? Or has anyone have the same problem when you try to update manually (from Windows 7 to Windows 10?

    Your quick help is very appreciated.

    Cheers, Andy.

    Problem solved. Need to change the region setting and do the downloading. The rest is pretty easy. Cheers, Andy.

  • Upgrading to windows 7 problem

    I have a new HP Pavilion pc p7-1512 windows 8. 8.1 no or professional. I'll still be able to downgrade to windows 7?  I read where HP has blocked it if I use windows 8 Professional. I went into the BIOS, active inherited and tried to change the order of boot on CD/DVD, but it still load windows 8 every time. So... is it possible to make this downgrading on this machine?  Any help would be appreciated. Windows 8 is useless to me and I'm scared, I lost $500

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    You must also disable the secure startup parameter.  There are two BIOS settings that need to be changed in order to install and run W7...


  • Re-installing CS3 on computer upgraded to Windows 10 - problem with serial number

    I rebooted just CS3 after installing Windows 10 on my laptop. When I enter the serial number, I get a message that says that the number is not valid.

    Error: "serial number is not valid for this product". Adobe Creative Suite

  • Have problems with the Audio after upgrade to Windows 10

    I got a free upgrade for Windows 10 option on my laptop Acer Aspire SW5-011. Everything seemed to work fine, except that I don't bother checking the audio before deleting the files Windows 8... Even if the computer thinks that the Audio drivers work very well that they are not. I have tried everything that I could find online to see if I could get any sound, but nothing has worked. I updated the drivers, kidnapped rebooted and updated the drivers, I tried to find the other acceptable drivers and other follow-up steps. "When I go to reading tab in the sound and click speakers, and then I go to the Advanced tab, the default format said, ' 16 bit, 48000 hrtz ' is grey, I can't click on it and when I try to test it says:"Cannot play testtone" It's as if something prevents me from accessing or it acts like I'm not pregnant? The speaker driver is called "Intel SSD Audio Device. The audio worked fine before downloading. Is it possible to fix my Audio, or to have access to it yet?

    Good so I had to update my post because I had to give the good news! However, that is how I am and I almost try everything and tinkering with different things. My audio works now. I went back the download Acer drivers and manual for my camera and I checked under 32-bit Windows 8, which was windows available. I installed my ID which has been deleted before when I had restarted or any number of things, I tried, and then I went in Drivers and installed the Master Installer. I made sure that I extracted all the files before proceeding with the installation. After it restarted my laptop I heard the Windows startup sound and I knew that it worked because I had no sound at all before. Not sure why it worked, but it did! I felt there was some sort of missing file or a compatibility issue, I'm just happy that the program helped master installation. http://us.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/drivers/5687;-; SW5-011 #_ga = 1.21697787.1131678756.1448199856

  • HP Pavilion notebook pc p001tx: unable to find audio beats after upgradation from windows 10

    I have updated my windows OS 8.1 for windows 10 previously audio beats laptop after upgrading pc speakers it's been showing realtek high definition audio. I completely lost my beats audio experience. Please guide me how to fix this problem

    Have you looked in the control panel?

    With my current HP Omen 15 loan product specifications, this is where he now resides after the upgrade to Windows 10.

    Help us help you by displaying the following information.

    1. the full name of the model. or product number. the laptop - see web document this HP if you do not know how to locate the product number or model number.

    Try the following audio driver Realtek 10 Windows. It can return the function Beats to your laptop.


  • No audio after upgrading to windows 7. SoundBlaster card is installed

    After the upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit), I found that my speakers (which are integrated into my HP w2207 monitor) are not recognized.  In the notification area, I have the speaker with a Red Cross in it, and he said: "no Audio output device is installed".

    I have a HP Pavilion D4890Y with Sound Blaster Audigy X - FI 24 - Bit Xtreme Sound card.  I tried looking in the Device Manager and found "Multimedia Audio Controller" under the other heading, stipulating that no driver could not be found.

    I tried following some of the tips online and downloaded the latest Realtek High Definition Audio drivers, but the download seems to work fine, and I don't notice any difference.  When I reboot as prompted, I still have the same error.

    I then tried to force the Audio device to use a driver Realtek, but protests from Windows (saying that is not sure that it is compatible with my device and I find myself with "Realtek High Definition Audio" under "Audio, video and game controllers", but it has a yellow exclamation point.  If I click Properties, the device status says "this device cannot start (Code 10)". If I try to update the driver, I get the message that it can not find the driver software.   If I uninstall the driver, I'm back to the original problem (multimedia audio controller under original devices, with no known driver).

    I also tried to download various files on the Creative site, but we don't know which to use, and 4 or 5 different ones that I tried (including their recommended for Windows 7 beta version), when each of them opens, it is said he doesn't get supported devices.

    Suggestions?  Thank you!

    Since someone responded to my post on the Creative site with the right answer.  If anyone has the same problem, here is the correct link:


  • Still not the problem of 72% during last month 32-bit Vista upgrade to Windows 7 for the month last 32 bit

    Didn't find any solution for the problem... upgrade vista to W7 ATU ATU stops at 72% and only put back the image of Vista may get the computer working again.
    What I have done:
    1. update of the old programs to W7 compatible.
    2. install the latest drivers SATA (compatible W7)
    3. install the latest audio drivers (compatible W7)
    3. uninstalled my antivirus software
    4 uninstalled RealCNC premium
    5 left the command line sfc/scannow to check and repair corrupt files
    6 disabled all Iltimate options
    7 updated my BIOS (Gigabyte - to a (compatible W7)
    8. no installed PowerDVD 8
    9 uninstalled Radiotracker
    10 uninstalled Acronis Home 11
    11 ran the configuration with all disconnected USB devices
    12 removed two chips of RAM (from 4 to 2 GB of RAM)
    13 Ran MSCONFIG hidden in all Microsoft services services and all the other disabled
    14. off in MSCONFIG also all startup items

    Between each element of cummulating, I ran the installation of W7. Even after the last of them, I always get the 72% jump.
    The blue screen says the same thing every time:
    Stop: 0 x 00000019

    Instead of update, I tried a clean install and held without any problem. But because of so many applications installed with many specific configurations, I need the upgrade option.

    My system:
    A Core2Duo, Gigabyte motherboard, 4 GB of RAM, two hard drives, about 200 senior applications and lower installed. The system is connected to a UPS APC"Smart-UPS 1500.

    Any ideas that can help me get the upgrade?

    Windows Update has nothing to do with the upgrade of Windows. Please post future questions about the upgrade in this forum: http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7install/threads

    0 X 00000019: BAD_POOL_HEADER
    A pool header problem is a problem with the allocation of memory for Windows. Device driver problems are probably the most common, but it can have various causes, including defective or other writing problems disc and problems with some routers... [Source: http://aumha.org/a/stop.htm]

    See also: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-gb/library/ms793223.aspx ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

  • dv4-1428dx with win7 upgrade of Vista. No audio spkr internal.

    dv4-1428dx with win7 upgrade of Vista. No audio spkr internal.

    Headset is OK.

    Speaker icon in the system tray shows red 'x' (without link) to less than the headphones is plugged.

    Device Manager displays only two ' high definition Audio or devices ", nothing else.


    Try to install the driver Vista support for your laptop and driver page and see if that solves the problem.


  • Problem of button wifi HP Envy TouchSmart 15 j001TX on the upgrade to Windows 8.1

    Finally, here is the Solution for the ProblemsI facing point 8.1 of Windows in my HP Envy 15 J001TX (D9H44PA) TS

    1 PROBLEM Wifi button (led)

    -Cause - Bluetooth Incompatible Ralink driver (SP64082 Driver Wifi works fine)

    -How to solve the problem =

    Reset you first FORMATER THE System Partition (normally 100-500 MB size) when clean installing windows 8.1 (I don't know how to do after the upgrade via Windows store cause I never have I clean installed from the image ISO of Win 8.1)

    Then after installing Windows install Wifi button Driver Compitable with your system and of course to win 8.1 (SP63752 http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareDownloadIndex?softwareitem=ob-123643-1&cc=in&dlc=en&lc=en...  in my case)

    Here you can see the effective operation of the Wifi Button (F12 key) after restarting your PC

    Now if you install your old Wifi and Bluetooth Drivers you will ruin everything!

    THEN please INSTALL new WIfi driver Ralink (SP64082 that are currently compatible for win 8 but works very well and were available on the site, only last week here is the link http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareDownloadIndex?softwareitem=ob-125308-1&cc=in&dlc=en&lc=en... )

    The driver Bluetooth Ralink (well SP64156 I do not know if it will work or not cause he doesn't get just installed on my machine gave error file not found and I never retried there are waiting for the Win 8.1 driver compatiblehttp://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareDownloadIndex?softwareitem=ob-125314-1&cc=in&dlc=en&lc=en...)

    THEN the underlying problem seems to be Bluetooth driver and above the steps is how it will be fixed!

    In my view, FORMATTING of THE PARTITION SYSTEM is only average stuck reset who have dirtied the old Bluetooth driver!

    2. the NO work of BEATS AUDIO, other software and technology Intel Rapid Storage Technology bit

    The main cause is the INCOMPATIBLES INTEL GRAPHICS drivers...

    If you have installed the drivers Win 8 offered by HP on Win 8.1 What is causing many software malfunction!

    Then please download the latest drivers from Intel graphics for your laptop https://downloadcenter.intel.com/default.aspx (in my case 4600 Graphics Intel for windows 8.1 64-bit has been downloaded) it works perfectly!

    You must also install the updated Audio drivers (SP63555, http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareDownloadIndex?softwareitem=ob-124012-1&cc=in&dlc=en&lc=en... )

    Yes that's it everything works fine!  (I suggest that you do not install the Bluetooth driver until HP provides new compatible with win 8.1 setting the LED issue until then I suggest simply do not install and use bluetooth caue you must format the system partition whenever you need to reset the frame and for this we need to clean installation of Win 8.1)

    questions please answer!  tHNX

  • Audio / Microphone on Laptop Inspiron 15 computer laptop does not not after upgrade to Windows 10

    I have an Inspiron 15 bought mid 2013 with Windows 8 and little used. I just upgraded to Windows 10 and the upgrade was quick and easy.

    Since the update the microphone at full volume can barely be heard (my contacts on Skype hear me at all).

    I tried to install the latest driver of Realtech and also for this device, the Microsoft driver, but makes no difference; I'll be back now the driver original waiting to get some tips.

    It seems that it is a common problem with Windows 10 because there are many similar problems, broadcast on the Microsoft support forums.

    Someone at - it a solution please?   Waiting ;-)


    You are not alone because apparently many of us have this problem. Short term solution is to change the driver from Realtek to the generic Microsoft HD Audio Device in Device Manager. The long-term solution will take Dell Realtek + Microsoft to acknowledge the problem and fix the drivers.

Maybe you are looking for