Upper lines showing File, Edit etc, went

Was to "restore to 2 days earlier" to get rid of the add-on music, but found this top line showing "file, editing, tools, etc. also disappeared. What I've done wrong? How to make a comeback? Also the arrow «Back» Currently only shows "Firefox - Mozilla Firefox" (top line) and bars on the next line display site shown on the screen. Center of the page displays "google search." Help?


Hello John.

He called for the menu bar.

Press ALT or F10 from your keyboard to make the Menu bar temporarily visible. If you want it to be visible at all times, go in view > toolbars > Menu bar, or right click on the Navigation bar (for example, the Reload button), and then select menu bar.

If this does not help, right-click the navigation toolbar, select Customize... and click on restore by default. If it does not immediately appear, try pressing ALT or F10. You can enter in view > toolbars > Menu bar to make it visible at all times, or with the right button of the Navigation toolbar and select menu bar.

If none of this helps, you may have a problem with some Add on Firefox which is an obstacle to the normal behavior of your Firefox. Try to disable all add-ons (just to see) to see if Firefox goes back to normal.

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