URL address box does not display the current page.

With the 4.0.1 update, the URL address box does not display the current page.

All that shows is the text: «Go to web site»

To now see the url of the current page, you need to make a right click the empty space is the address box and press the button "esc".

Is there a way to display the url of the current page?

This problem may be caused by an extension that is not working properly.

Start Firefox in Firefox to solve the issues in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions of the origin of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox (Tools) > Add-ons > appearance/themes).

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    Is it possible to display the dynamic value in the ToolTip?

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    this.assist.toolTip.value = this.rawValue; for a text field on 'ownership' MouseEnter

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    I found the solution. I wrote the script ("this.assist.toolTip.value = this.rawValue ;") on 'property MouseEnter' but the need to write the script to the "Output" of the field event. ")

    Thank you.

  • After installation or upgrade to Firefox 31, starting Firefox does not display the home page, personalize displays a blank page and the radio button does not work

    I am the admin of Windows for a University Department and install PC with Firefox all the time. This problem does not occur with every PC I would maintain, only a selection bit (model different laptops with Windows and update 1 8.1.) Until today, it has happened with the new user (with admin rights) accounts that I place on laptops for our staff. Today, this happened with the account administrator while setting up a new laptop. In all cases so far, I have install Windows from a registered image that was created by using sysprep.

    I tried many suggestions to reset Firefox, removing the profile of Firefox users, removing the Windows profile users, uninstalling/reinstalling Firefox, uninstall/reinstall of Firefox and the latest Java, but nothing helped. After uninstalling, I run an application to delete the caches and temporary files and even remove manually the keys to register HKLM\SOFTWARE\Mozilla and HKCU\SOFTWARE\Mozilla. I restart and make sure that the installation folder is deleted after uninstalling.

    Results are the same: after installing Firefox 31, the initial settings for migration, IE or Chrome pop up and after having clicked on the button finish, Firefox starts but does not display the home page of the new user, only a blank page. By clicking on the Options (3 bars) button does nothing. Right click in the appropriate box, the shortcut menu appears, so I can choose to customize, but which opens another tab with subject: Customize the URL and the page is blank. In the right click context menu, I can activate the menu bar and get options from that.

    My last attempt helped a little. I uninstalled Firefox 31, cleaned, removed the profile user Firefox, rebooted and then installed Firefox 30. Initial start-up runs and tells me that I'm not up-to-date and the works of button Options. But I can't always customize.

    Then I upgraded to Firefox 31, but then it's back to no start page, no options button and no customization. I can go down to 30 and get customize practically works again.

    Addon only is for McAfee Scriptscan to Firefox 15.1.0, just after installation is disabled.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

    You can try a different theme of Windows?

    Have you tried to start the computer using Windows safe?

    Start the computer in Mode safe mode with network support Windows (on the startup screen, press F8) as a test.

  • type in the navigation bar does not display the web page

    Type the URL in the navigation bar does not appear the page. But when you click on the same URL in bookmarks, page displays OK.

    Hi sidonius,.

    I'll try from Firefox Firefox to solve the issues in Safe Mode. If you do not have the issue so that all your modules, extensions, and themes are disabled, you can try adding them in one by one until you find the culprit. You should look at the guide to troubleshooting Extensions and themes and article troubleshooting issues with plugins like Flash or Java to solve common Firefox problems as well.

    Hope this helps!

  • Wireless is connected but internet explore does not display the Web page and redirects me here.

    My laptop has been connect wireless to my own private network and public networks such as McDonald's, Panerra, etc... Now, I get a message that says internet explore cannot display the Web page, but my computer says it is connected to the internet and my wireless connection is excellent.  I also tried to connect with Mozilla firefox with the same results.  The error from the Explorer head here to get answers, please help.


    This line, Autoconfiguration IP address...:

    This means that the card can not be set with a valid IP address, and Windows assign a null default IP.

    Maybe this can help.

    My wireless is not working - http://www.ezlan.net/wireless.html

    Basic wireless configuration - http://www.ezlan.net/Wireless_Config.html

    Wireless Security - http://www.ezlan.net/Wireless_Security.html

    Jack-MVP Windows Networking. WWW.EZLAN.NET

  • Browser does not display the web page

    Hey everybody,

    I have a problem with a web page that does not display right. What was my client has a new web page that is updated once a week. How I update it changes the content on Dreamweaver and copy the codes and sticking them on the interface of server and re-register the. Thus, in the course of riding the old news page.

    See all right on my computer. The only thing is I need to refresh my browser so that the right-hand page is displayed. Once he made, while it stays like that.
    The thing is my client still sees the old news page, even though I replaced with new codes.

    I did it for him for more than 3 months, and this has never taken place before.

    I don't understand why it is like that. If this is happening to him, wouldn't that happen to other people's computer as well. If this is the case, then it is bad news, cause nobody would always want to refresh their browser for the news page just show.

    Could someone explain to me why this is happening? And how it would affect other users? Or is it still possible.

    Thanks in advance, everyone.

    This looks like a cache problem. When you view the page, this page is loaded in your (or your clients) the browser cache memory. This is done so that when you return to this page it will load faster (because it is already loaded into memory).

    This will happen only if a person has visited the page recently. There is a limit on the amount of information that your browser will store in the cache. The more you surf, it is likely that the page will be replaced in the memory cache with some other information.

    You (and your client) can, depending on what browser you are using, set your preferences so that all web pages will be completely recharged each time you visit. In IE 6 for Win: Tools > Internet Options > settings > select "every visit to the page". You can also set your cache to the minimum amount of available space. Note: This works really well in IE 6 to WIN. I use firefox for the review of the changes because I found that IE 6 is completely reliable to view later.

    Most of the other browsers will let you hold the SHIFT key and click "refresh" to throw the page cache and view later. AFAIK this is the operating mode standard for proofing of new pages.

    If there is a coding technique to force a browser to use only the latest information, I don't know what it is.

    Good luck.

  • my task manager does not display the current process. It's just a white square

    When starting the Task Manager it does not show all processes accept the one / s that are used at the present time, such as "Firefox". There is no process background shown and instead of a list of process as there used to be, now, it's all there, it's a white box, displaying the above mentioned one or two processes that are open right now.

    Press on and hold down the ALT key, and then double-click an opening of the border of the Task Manager window.

    You are currently in minimum mode of the footprint.

  • A link to the HTML Page for the ASP Page does not display the ASP Page?


    I can browse to the page default.asp and link, but in a browser error Page CAN not be display.  Why would it be?

    see you soon,


    > I don't see how.

    You post a url on the site, or send you the code of the page.

    > The connection window shows a path to the "dafaul.asp Page" as... /... /.. /.. / default.asp

    Is this the right path? This means that your window is nested at 4 levels under the default.asp page. Is this correct?

    > In a browser after I click on

    > Link to the navigation bar I get error Page

    How do you test it? It's on a website online? Preview mode? Test server? We need more details.

  • IE - 8 does not display the Web Page of hyperlinks with MS Office Publisher 2003

    I've created two different sites using MS-Office Publisher 2003, and they have published on the web.  They are: www.tsquarterhorses-indiana.com and www.thomassacres.com when read using the IE 7 browser fine.  All pages work and embedded hyperlinks are displayed.  I have a client who has recently upgraded to IE - 8.  When they started to get reports that the site did not work they called me.  I went on every site and checked with my IE 8 browser.  Of course, Web sites were there, but the hyperlinks and the meter did not work.  I did some research and found that IE - 8 is not compatible with Web sites created for older web browsers.  I read that you need turn on compatibility view.  I did and was able to bring the counter but not hyperlinks.  Should what program I use to create Web sites that will work 100%.

    Locate the Office Forums

    Thank you for visiting the website of Microsoft Windows Vista Community. The question you have posted is related to Office and would be better suited to the office community. Please visit the link below to find a community that will provide the support you want.


    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Why 42 Firefox does not display the source page

    When I choose to view the Source of the Page I get a message 'document has expired. It happened not in previous versions.

    Ah! view_source. Tab set to true. I put it to false, and the world returns to normal!

  • cumputer only opens at the bottom of the taskbar and does not display the entire page!

    Hello, Iam need an ansawer! I can not open computer from the start menu or short cut, it opens off screen to the right? When I click on menu of background it is right of the screen to the bottom of the taskbar. When I click on the sound in mini and will not develop. Thank you inadvance.

    How can I move a window off the screen in Windows 7?
  • My canon mg2200 printer does not display the odd page numbers

    When I try to print this printer prints in this order 2,4,6, another problem when I try to print individual pages from a textbook, I hit the numbers and another page will print.

    Help, please.

    Hi Angelitos,

    Welcome to the Microsoft community.

    I would like to know some information about this printer problem so that we can help you further.

    1. You get the error message when printing?
    2. Did you changes to the computer/printer settings prior to this problem?

    I suggest you follow the link and the instructions mentioned in the link.

    Solve printer problems


    I hope this helps. If you need help with Windows, let us know and will be happy to help you.

  • Navigation toolbar does not display the URL

    When I go to a website, the section of the navigation toolbar that displays the URL of the page is no longer indicates the URL http://www as he always did in the past. The size of the part has been reduced. Has expanded the area where you type URL for search engine. I have no problem with the navigation, history, bookmarks, tabs bar, etc. Only problem is that the URL does not display the page. Even this page has no URL displayed in the navigation bar. It has the logo for mozilla and when I put the cursor on it, it says it all "Web site does not provide identity information." The same shows for each site than go. Yes, I can to bookmark the page without any problem and can use bookmarks to return to the page. But no URL appears in fact as he always did in the past. Oh, I have an IMac and use a keyboard of razor.


    You should be able to resize the address bar, if the search bar is to the right by simply sliding the space between the address bar and the search bar.

    If that does not solve your problems, it is possible that you have a problem with some Add on Firefox which is an obstacle to the normal behavior of your Firefox. Have you tried to disable all add-ons (just to see) to see if Firefox goes back to normal?

    Whenever you have a problem with Firefox, whatever it is, you must make sure that it is not caused by one (or more) of your installed modules, whether an extension, a theme or a plugin. To do this easily and cleanly, start Firefox in safe mode (remember to select disable all add-ons when you start safe mode). If the problem goes away, you know that it's an add-on. Disable them all in normal mode and allow them one by one until you find the source of the problem. See this article for more information on troubleshooting extensions and themes and this one for plugins.

    If you need help with one of your modules, you will need to contact the author.

    If the problem does not disappear when all add-ons are disabled, tell me please, then we can work from there. Please be afraid not to follow my instructions to the line, as everything can be easily undone.

  • Save dialog box under does not display the list of files

    Terminal Server R2 of 2012.  Dialog box "Save as" for a user does not display the list of files.  The address bar shows the way, there is a form for the file name box, and the user can save the file successfully.  But the space that would show the files in the selected directory is empty.  There is no form for the list of files box, it's just the grey box dialog box space - that is to say, it is not that it looks like an empty folder, there is simply no display form box.

    The 'Open' dialog box appears normal, showing the list of files in the selected folder.

    I had the user close the session on the Terminal Server and access it from another PC, even if I was not expecting to make a difference, and it didn't.  I have also connected on myself and has not experienced the same problem.  So it seems to be user-specific.

    What a setting, the user has selected by mistake, or a mistake any?

    Thanks for any help.


    Post your question in the TechNet Server Forums, as your question kindly is beyond the scope of these Forums.


    See you soon.

  • When I open a link in a new window does not display the web address.

    When I open a link in a new window does not display the web address. What have I done wrong? It used to work and it works if I open the link in a new tab, the problem is that I hate to use tabs prefer a new window every time... Help!

    Start Firefox in Firefox to solve the issues in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox (Tools) > Add-ons > appearance/themes).

Maybe you are looking for