URL parameter problem


I'm new to the development of blackberry applications. I try to access a Web service, I can access using the http connection. When passing a parameter in the URL includes only one word then it works fine and answers correctly, but when I pass the same variable with a different value that contains several words separated by space, then it generates an error. I tried to pass the same URL in the browser, but the browser gives me good performance.

I believe strongly that there is a problem when the parameter is sent. Please help me

Thanks in advance


If you only want to add parameters using percent encoding:


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  • Workspace URL parameter problem!

    I have a URL like this:

    http://localhost: 8080 / Workspace? startEndpoint = HelpDeskProcess.InitiationForm

    The process name is HelpDeskProcess and the endpoint name is initForm

    But when I type this URL in the browser it opens the workspace but it shows an error "'endpoint Invalid Id". "

    Any suggestions?


    Sorry, I meant check the TaskManager endpoint point :-) Endpoint Management

    I don't check with IE8. However, IE 6 works for me. Can you try to lower the security settings of the browser or may be trying to add this : http://server: port in your list of trusted sites and see if that makes a diff. I know that IE8 has a lot of increased security constraints.

  • Invalid URL parameter

    Hi all

    I'm developing an application using HttpConnection which should integrete with BES.

    Normally our application works through GPRS in airtel & Vodafone Mobile Connect Service to Vodafone.

    But now I want to integrete with BES. So, I followed the steps in the link below


    For example our URL is like this: http://hostort/app; deviceside = false

    Here, I get the error ' invalid URL parameter' in the device.

    Thank you


    I agree with the previous posters - it is unlikely that he is BES device.  Given that you have properly connected with deviceside = true, a later connection with deviceside = false on a BES device, would have a split-pipe problem.

  • Get the URL parameter in the Java code

    Hi all

    I have a strange problem. I have a JSF page with two controls:

    <? XML version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF - 8"? >
    <! DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional / / IN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd" >
    < f: view xmlns:f = "http://java.sun.com/jsf/core" xmlns:af = "http://xmlns.oracle.com/adf/faces/rich" >
    < af:document title = "view12.jsf" id = "d1" > "
    < af:messages id = "m1" / >
    < af:form id = "f1" >

    < af:inputText label = "Label 1" id = "it98" value = "#{param.test}" editable = "always" / > "
    < af:commandButton actionListener = "#{bindings.przekierowanie.execute}" = "przekierowanie" text "
    Disabled = "#{!}" Bindings.przekierowanie.Enabled}"id ="cb1"/ >
    < / af:form >
    < / af:document >
    < / f: view >

    And I want to boot the InputText with URL parameter (param name is test - value = "#{param.test}" "). In the JSF page, all right. But after clicking on the button I want to read the value of InputText in Java Code, so I have URL:

    and my Java code that runs when clicking the button:

    public String przekierowanie() {}
    Map < String, String > map = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance () .getExternalContext () .getRequestParameterMap ();
    String tttValue = map.get('zoom') ("test");
    System.Err.println ("test:" + tttValue);
    Returns a null value.

    but it does not work... Whenever I get nothing when I click on the button. Could you tell me why and how to get the value of InputTex in my java function?

    Store the parameter to a parameter of sight and access this setting from Java using EL code.
    Here is the main part (without java code):

  • Dealing with a URL parameter to be used for a default value

    I have a page of results of detail (the CONTACTS Table Recordset), identified by the CONTACTID

    In the same page, I also have another dynamic relational table, showing all the associated notes that contact record (recordset CONTACTNOTES identified using CONTACTS. CONTACTID = CONTACTNOTES. NOTESCONTACTID)

    It works fine and I can update CONTACTS without any problem.

    My problem is to insert a new record CONTACTNOTES (of a simple URL link) also associated with the same record.

    The primary field (NOTEID) is an AutoNumber but I need to carry out CONTACTS. CONTACTID variable to use as the default value for the CONTACTNOTES url. NOTESCONTACTID.

    I think something like that...

    in the dynamic table on the initial results page, using (/ insertnote.php?) CONTACTID = <? PHP echo $row_recordlookup ["NOTESCONTACTID"];? >) as the link, setting the URL parameter.

    The page insertnote has a recordset insert form, related to the CONTACTNOTES table.

    Now, I don't know how to add this URL parameter as the default field value. Is it as simple as putting the $HTTP_GET_VARS ["CONTACTID"] in the field of the Init val in the property inspector?

    Sorry - worked on...

    On the new page of note insertion, I first created a Recordset, duplicate on the initial results page.

    When you create the form, it was easy then to insert {CONTACTS. CONTACTID} as a default value.

  • by the way the date in url parameter criteria


    I want to filter a recordset before a certain date.
    Create the Recordset, if I use a value of execution of 27 November 06 # all records for this date are returned.
    However, when I try to spend the same information through the URL parameter it does not work.

    Is there a problem with this info by the way like this?

    Thank you, Mark.

    Not to be absoloutely fine. The problem is most likely to do with your SQL

    A test are not all records. At the top of your page, try
    output from the SQL statement finished on the page to see what it looks like
    as. The problem is, you may need to add the symbols # manually. Expected
    look like

    "SELECT * FROM TableName WHERE DateField = #" & URLParameter & "#".



  • Value of the URL parameter with: do not display correctly on the page


    I'm working on a page with an interactive report. One report column is a hyperlink to another page (Page deletion). This link goes to an id and a title page delete such as its poster a confirmation message to the end user before to actually delete it. If the title contains a ': ' the text after the ":" is not displayed on the page (visible in the URL on top)

    Is it because that the ': ' separates parameters in a URL to the APEX and, therefore, the text after the ': ' is considered to be the following URL parameter?
    How can we solve this problem?

    Kind regards
    Priya Jetley

    A solution should be not only not to work with the parameters in the URL.

    Simply a process to pass values from one page to another as is:

    P2_ID: = P1_ID;
    P2_TITLE: = P1_TITLE;
    END IF;

    In this case, your problem is solved, and it is safer because the user does not see what id is passed and can not manually put the id in the URL...

  • Help! : TypeError: Error #2007: url parameter must be non-null. in CS 5.5


    Im doing some google ads on Flash CC but noted that google does not a flash drive which is above FP 10.1 so I saved to my Flash 5.5 and the encountered error tis swf files

    TypeError: Error #2007: url parameter must be non-null.

    Global / flash.net::navigateToURL()

    to MethodInfo - 1)

    I work in AS 3 CS 5.5 Mac and export to swf files in FP 9. I'm new on this point and im wondering if anyone can help me?

    Here is my code:

    Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 10.59.23.png

    Thanks in advance!

    You shouldn't nest a function inside an event listener, let it stand on its own.  In addition, you should try to leave the variable stand alone to assign so that there is a better chance, she is ready when it is called. (these imports are not necessary if coded in the timeline)

    var url: String = root.loaderInfo, parameters.clickTAG as String

    clicktag.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, processCT);

    function processCT(event:MouseEvent):void {}

    navigateToURL (new URLRequest (url), "_blank");


  • TypeError: Error #2007: url parameter must be non-null - HELP!

    Hey everybody. I (as well as everyone who posts a question here) am quite new to AS3. If I'm going crazy trying to figure out what is the cause of this error. I have a "jukebox" player that loads songs accordingly when the button is clicked. BUT it's my mistake:

    TypeError: Error #2007: url parameter must be non-null.

    to flash.media::Sound/_load()

    to flash.media::Sound/load()

    at lesson09_V2_S5_fla::MainTimeline/frame1()

    And here is my code:

    Import fl.events.SliderEvent;

    create instances of the three sound related classes that will be used for this project

    var snd:Sound;

    var channel: SoundChannel;

    var trans:SoundTransform;

    create variables to store the values for the power of the song and its volume and pan settings.

    var currSong:String;

    var currVol:Number is. 5;

    var currPan:Number = 0;

    Table of all songs in the current playlist.

    var songList:Array = new Array ("nothing on You.mp3","Grenade.mp3","Ride.mp3","Pretty Girl Rock.mp3","Tick Tock.mp3", "Dynamite.mp3");

    don't need to see the volume and pan controls until a song

    panSlide.visible = false;

    volSlide.visible = false;

    Headphones for the buttons of the song on stage

    song1.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, chooseSong);

    Song2.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, chooseSong);

    song3.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, chooseSong);

    song4.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, chooseSong);

    song5.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, chooseSong);

    song6.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, chooseSong);

    headphones for the volume sliders and pan

    panSlide.addEventListener (SliderEvent.CHANGE, panChange);

    volSlide.addEventListener (SliderEvent.CHANGE, volumeChange);

    sets the text of all the buttons of the song field to display the names of the songs in the songList array

    for (var i = 0; i < songList.length; i ++) {}

    var str:String = [i] songList have thong;

    Str = str.replace(".mp3","");

    var clip = this ["song" + (i + 1)] .title;

    clip. Text = str;


    statement to define a song based on the song button was clicked switch.

    function chooseSong(e:MouseEvent):void {}

    Switch (e.currentTarget.name) {}

    case "song1:

    currSong = '... /MP3s/ ' + songList [0] as String;


    case "song2":

    currSong = '... /MP3s/ ' + songList [1] as String;


    case "song3":

    currSong = '... /MP3s/ ' + songList [2] as String;


    case "song4":

    currSong = '... /MP3s/ ' + songList [3] as String;


    case "song5":

    currSong = '... /MP3s/ ' + songList [4] as String;


    case "song6":

    currSong = '... /MP3s/ ' + songList [5] as String;




    If (snd! = null) {}

    Channel.Stop ();


    SND = new Sound();

    SND. Load (new URLRequest (currSong));

    snd.addEventListener (IOErrorEvent.IO_ERROR, onError);

    function onError(e:IOErrorEvent):void {}

    Do nothing


    Channel = new SoundChannel;

    TRANS = new SoundTransform (currVol, currPan);

    Channel = snd.play ();

    channel.soundTransform = trans;

    panSlide.visible = true;

    volSlide.visible = true;

    currVolume and pan values are used here for display in the text beside the sliders fields

    volLabel.text = "Current Volume" + int(currVol * 100);

    panLabel.text = "Current Pan" + int(currPan * 100);

    listen to the arrival of ID3 tags

    snd.addEventListener (Event.ID3, id3Handler);

    triggered when the id3 tags are available

    sets the info text field to display the information of the current song from id3 tags.

    function id3Handler(event:Event):void {}

    var id3:ID3Info = snd.id3;

    If (id3.songName! = null) {}

    songTitle.text = id3.songName + "\n";

    info. Text = "" Artist: \n"+id3.artist+"\n \n ";"

    info.appendText ("Album: \n" + id3.album);

    info.appendText ("\n\n" + "available at: \n" + "passionrecords \n.com");



    var format: TextFormat = new TextFormat();

    format.font = "Arial Black";

    format. Color = 0xFFFF00;

    format. Size = 14;

    format.url = " " http://www.passionrecords.com/ ";

    info.defaultTextFormat = format;

    uses the value of volume slider to control the volume

    function volumeChange(e:SliderEvent):void {}

    currVol = e.target.value;

    volLabel.text = "current Volume:"+ int(currVol*100); "

    TRANS.volume = currVol;

    channel.soundTransform = trans;


    uses pan value of the slider to control pan

    function panChange(e:SliderEvent):void {}

    currPan = e.target.value;

    panLabel.text = "Current Pan" + int(currPan*100);

    TRANS. Pan = e.target.value;

    channel.soundTransform = trans;


    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

    This looks to another case of code not be placed where it should be.

    If this code is not in a function, then it executes immediately when the program starts.  At this point, snd is not defined, no said.  You do not create the instance until the line... snd = new Sound();   that, I believe, you have now moved inside a function.

    You might have to go through all the code to see what parts you always floating around this need of houses inside functions.

  • How to enter the germination of the URL parameter?

    How to enter the germination of the URL parameter?

    I found a thread:


    But the link is down :/


    I would like to pass a variable from a page to another

    Any help would be much appreciated


    Hi, Seb-

    I have moved the discussion from archive to the Board Animate.  Then you should be able to click the link now.

    Hope that helps!


  • Filter 2 URL parameter UNION joined table columns

    _Hi chaps,

    I have a code, which I can't seem to work, think I'm missing something somewhere.

    I want to access the two tables and filter them by column "FK_projid", which is located in a URL parameter "id".

    $colname_rsJobs = "-1";
    If (isset($_GET['id'])) {}
    $colname_rsJobs = $_GET ['id'];
    @mysql_select_db ($database_conndb2, $conndb2);
    $query_rsJobs = sprintf (")
    tbl_jobs. FK_projid,
    tbl_jobs. JobID,
    tbl_jobs. JobName,
    tbl_jobs. FK_langid,
    INNER JOIN tbl_jobs
    ON tbl_projects.projid = tbl_jobs. FK_projid
    INNER JOIN tbl_languaget
    ON tbl_languaget.langtid = tbl_jobs. FK_langid
    tbl_jobxml. FK_projid,
    tbl_jobxml. JobID,
    tbl_jobxml. JobName,
    tbl_jobxml. FK_langid,
    INNER JOIN tbl_jobxml
    ON tbl_projects.projid = tbl_jobxml. FK_projid
    INNER JOIN tbl_languaget
    ON tbl_languaget.langtid = tbl_jobxml. FK_langid
    ("WHERE FK_projid = %s", GetSQLValueString ($colname_rsJobs, "int"));

    $rsJobs = mysql_query ($query_rsJobs, $conndb2) or die (mysql_error ());
    $row_rsJobs = mysql_fetch_assoc ($rsJobs);
    $totalRows_rsJobs = mysql_num_rows ($rsJobs);

    I get the error:
    You have an error in your SQL syntax; consult the manual for your version of the MySQL server for the right syntax to use near 'WHERE FK_projid = 3525' on line 32

    3525 is correct, but I do not know what prevents the code to work... ideas?

    I did have the chance to look at, but you have your select statements wrapped in parens. Try to remove those. Also, you have applied only where clause the the second statement of the Union. Is that what you want?

  • Several items with the PHP URL parameter

    Hi, I am a novice PHP, using dreamweaver only do any programming. I have a page showing 10 products, and within each product, I have a checkbox dynamic named "checkbox" which is linked to the product id. When the user selects multiple checkboxes, I want to display the results on the results page by using a URL parameter. I can get the page to send the url like this:

    CheckBox.php? CheckBox = 100000 & Case = 100100 & box = 100200 & box = 100300 & box = 1010 23Submit = Submit

    I can't figure out how to get more than one display item. I searched and read countless forum entries, but nothing I can work with.

    Here is the form on the home page;
    < do action = "checkbox.php" method = "get" name = "checkbox" > "
    < input type = "checkbox" name = "checkbox" value = "<?" PHP echo $row_rs_products ["Item"];? ">" / >

    On the checkbox.php page, the recordset is:

    SQL: SELECT *.
    WHERE Item = 'products '.
    ORDER BY point CSA

    name of column-$1 _GET ['checkbox']

    Any help is appreciated.
    Thank you

    huntlok1 wrote:
    > I get the page to send the url like this:
    > checkbox.php? checkbox = 100000 & = 100100 checkbox checkbox = 100200 & checkbox = 100300 & che
    > ckbox = 101023Submit = Submit
    > I can't figure out how to get more than one display item.

    It's like saying: I'll have a beer. No, I'm getting red wine. No, I'll
    have a cherry brandy. Uh, no, make it a flaming lamborghini.

    Each variable must have a different name. Otherwise, the last one being always

    Since you're using PHP, change the name of your boxes something
    like products []. The empty pair of brackets turn products into
    a table. In your page, you must then activate the table in
    something that your recordset can use.

    > On the checkbox.php page, the recordset is:
    > SQL: SELECT *.
    > From products
    > WHERE Item = 'products '.
    > ORDER BY point CSA

    $products = implode (',', $_GET ['products']);

    SELECT *.
    WHERE point IN ($products)
    ORDER BY point CSA

    Adobe Community Expert David Powers
    Author, "Foundation PHP for Dreamweaver 8" (friends of ED)
    Author, "PHP Solutions" (friends of ED)

  • Problem URL parameter passing

    Below #name # displays the correct information of the pool table.

    For example, if the Pearl is connected with users.userID = 5, then #name # poster mek, tiff that is correct.

    But in the a href, display_graphic2.cfm? userID = 5 for the mek and tiff.  And I need to match the user ID that is in the table users so clicking on mek would connect to: display_graphic2.cfm? userID = 4 and tiff link: display_graphic2.cfm? userID = 3

    How can I do this?

    collect data from the table

    gatherID name

    3 pearls
    5 mek
    5 tiff
    Sammy 6

    data from the users table

    userID name

    3 tiff
    5 beads
    6 vi
    4 meka

    <!--- find users based on match with loggin in user --->
    <cfquery name="matches" datasource="gifts">      SELECT gather.name, gather.gatherID, users.userID      FROM gather INNER JOIN users      ON gather.gatherID=users.userID      WHERE gather.gatherID=<cfqueryparam cfsqltype="cf_sql_integer" value="#session.userID#"> </cfquery> <!--- display logged in users matches and pass matched user userID in URL ---> See: <cfoutput query="matches">
              <a href="display_graphic2.cfm?userID=#userID#">#name#</a>,      </cfoutput>

    Not sure what the question is.  In these data with this SQL statement.

    user name and gatherID will always be the same, because it is an INTERNAL JOIN on

    gatherID = username, so these ID 3 and 4 will never exist in the application,

    only 5.  Looks like you need to join the name, not ID:

    You'd get userID '3' for 'tiff' and userID '4' for 'mek' (assuming that)

    that "meka" is a typo in the users table).

  • URL Navigation problem GO

    I started using a URL to GO for the first time. I raised my issues in this forum as well and some articles online.

    So I wanted to pass the filters of a report to another via a URL.

    So in the report the brand column must be transmitted to the other report.

    If in the column of the brand formula, I replaced it with this

    ' <-a href = "http://mgd-1560b7b78e:9704/analytics/saw.dll?Go & Path = / users/admin/sales summaries/Central region of sales of $/ central region districts Sales Summary & Action = Browse & P0 = 1 & P1 = eq & P2 = Products.Brand" > ' <-/a > ' (I had the '-' only here to view)

    and in the format of column, I changed to HTML. I see no problem with my syntax that there aren't any errors

    I have not until here no error, but the brand column is empty.

    I expected to see values of the brand with a link on this interaction so that when you click on it, it will take me to the other report mentioned in the path, passing the value of the brand clicked

    Please guide me if I am missing something here

    Thank you

    Published by: Prash11 on May 10, 2010 13:52

    I agree with BIPuser. You didn't get a GoURL format. P0 - the number of parameters, and then must follow the triplets: P1 - P2 - operator ., P3 - the value and so on. If your link – '<--a href="http://mgd-1560b7b78e:9704/analytics/saw.dll?Go&Path=/users/administrator/Sales Summaries/Central Region Sales by dollars/Central Region Districts Sales Summary&Action=Navigate&P0=1&P1=eq&P2=Products.Brand">'<-->'-incorrect. You did not show a parameter P3.
    BIPuser wrote a correct link but with some errors:
    (1) P0 should be 1
    (2) I guess all spaces in a link must be replaced with % 20, or the link must be a quote unquote - '(or 22%)
    So the correct link, I guess that
    '<--a href="http://mgd-1560b7b78e:9704/analytics/saw.dll?Go&Path=/users/administrator/Sales%20Summaries/Central%20Region%20Sales%20by%20dollars/Central%20Region%20Districts%20Sales%20Summary&Action=Navigate&P0=1&P1=eq&P2=Products.Brand&P3='||Products.Brand||'">'|| Products.Brand |' <-->'

    I hope this helps.

  • How to analyze by using URL parameter in the oracle application server?

    Hi all

    I have a problem.

    I've done the configuration in [app_server] \formsweb.cfg

    archive_jini = f90all_jinit.jar, new_Version.jar
    Width = 750
    height = 700
    separateFrame = true
    splashScreen = no
    lookAndFeel = oracle
    colorScheme = Red
    form = ABC01.fmx
    envFile = ABC.env

    the form ABC01.fmx have a 2, JobID and RUNID parameter

    and I call the form like this config = ABC? JobID = J001 & RUNID = 77

    but I can't launch the form because there are 2 parameters.

    If I remove the parameter, the form can run.

    is it possible to analyze the parameter in the URL?

    Thank you very much for your sharing.

    Kind regards

    Please try: 


Maybe you are looking for