URL Source folder

Anyone know what is the source file for URLS that appear in the project URL file in RoboHelp?

Thank you!

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They are in the CPD file which is an Access database with a different extension. It is a database Access 97 to play with her in a future release may cause problems. Your risk.

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  • Source folder in WEC does not pick up the file

    Hi experts,

    I have WEC of installation environment. In this capture file source is configured. When I put the file in the source folder it will not process the file correctly. In the diagnostic log, it gives below error.

    [2015-10 - 09T 12: 23:54.559 + 05:30] [capture_server1] [NOTIFICATION] [] [oracle.odc.importprocessor.ImportJobSchedulerSessionBean] [tid: [ASSETS].] [ExecuteThread: '0' for the queue: "(self-adjusting) weblogic.kernel.Default"] [username: < anonymous >] [ecid: 712604363a44b5cb:66099704:1504b4ea1db :-8000-0000000000000230,0] [APP: capture] processing file E:\ImagingShare\WEC_input

    [2015-10 - 09T 12: 23:54.559 + 05:30] [capture_server1] [NOTIFICATION] [] [oracle.odc.importprocessor.ImportJobSchedulerSessionBean] [tid: [ASSETS].] [ExecuteThread: '0' for the queue: "(self-adjusting) weblogic.kernel.Default"] [username: < anonymous >] [ecid: 712604363a44b5cb:66099704:1504b4ea1db :-8000-0000000000000230,0] [APP: capture] citing NewFolder event

    [2015-10 - 09T 12: 23:54.621 + 05:30] [capture_server1] [ERROR] [] [oracle.odc.importprocessor.ImportJobSchedulerSessionBean] [tid: [ASSETS].] [ExecuteThread: '0' for the queue: "(self-adjusting) weblogic.kernel.Default"] [username: < anonymous >] [ecid: 712604363a44b5cb:66099704:1504b4ea1db :-8000-0000000000000230,0] [APP: capture] []

    • oracle.odc.exception.CaptureException

    at oracle.odc.importmanager.ImportManagerSessionBean.createDocument(ImportManagerSessionBean.java:354)

    at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0 (Native Method)

    at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(NativeMethodAccessorImpl.java:39)

    at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.java:25)

    at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Method.java:597)

    at com.bea.core.repackaged.springframework.aop.support.AopUtils.invokeJoinpointUsingReflection(AopUtils.java:310)



    Any idea what goes wrong?

    Kind regards

    Vikrant Korde

    Thank you guys for your contributions.

    The reason why I was not able to access the folder has been due to the issue of access.

    I installed the software with user1 and later in time User1 got disabled so I used user2 to start the Weblogic. It made it difficult to access the folder that the installation was done by user1. I uninstalled components and redo the entire system by user2, and then he started to work very well.

    A lesson learned in Windows computer user who has installed the component is still in use and account should never expire.

    Kind regards

    Vikrant Korde.

  • TMS directory system endpoints source folder


    I came across a rather baffling problem with a few cases of TMS and I can't for the life in me know as to why this is happening.

    I get the following.

    in the option for creating source directory Cisco TMS, I create a new directory and link with the MSDS files and select the folder where all the end points, this creates the entries in the phone book for me as I expect with one exception, I will detail below.

    H.323 = [email protected] / * /

    H.323 = [email protected] / * /< this="" is="" where="" the="" issue="">

    IP = IP address

    I find that on some systems (this doesn't happen to all systems) in the second entry of H.323, the H.323 entry where I expect to see the directory (also known as E.164 number) number I see a URI where a field has been added at the end of the number, I'll give you a few examples below.

    DN = 1234

    set field = @video.net

    random field = @newdomain.com

    IP =

    I expect to see the following.

    H323 = [email protected] / * /

    H323 = 1234


    but I don't actually see

    H323 = [email protected] / * /

    H323 [email protected] / * /


    I have purged the TMS systems and added, I searched through the xconfig for the NouveauDomaine which is invalid and I can't find anything anywhere other than on the list of areas configured SIP VCS parameters in the second area, endpoints have disabled by default SIP and in both cases I expect to see that under a SIP entry not an H.323 entry

    This is the origin of the problem of when a user tries to call via the Directory site remote also responds to busy VCS is unable to find the appropriate directory number because the location request contains the domain as well as the DN.

    I worked around this by adding a transform to the VCS who sees the patter of specific numbering and the bands of the area, so the calls work, but I still need to understand as to what is causing this behavior.

    If I had to create the directory entries by importing information from the record of the VCS seem to be correct, its only when I try to import the entries of the endpoint via the system folder in TMS (or more exactly to import the information stored in the file on the endpoint system) I see the problem.

    a very popular Adviser.

    See you soon



    Picked up that the case with David and it seemed that at least on the systems the international denomination on the mxp MXP has been configured. The area of intellectual property also has a configured domain uri that has caused the other symptoms. We where able to erase the questions but still yet to see if the client is actually affected by the same configuration "mistakes".

    / Magnus

    Sent by Cisco Support technique iPhone App

  • disable the moving source folder

    When you use watchfolders in the SOUL, it automatically move the source files in a directory 'source '. I don't want that as it screws to the top of my file structure. Is it possible to disable it?

    Kind regards


    Not really. SOUL moves the source file so that it would be not re-encoded whenever SOUL restarts.

    It is a hacky solution if you really need this feature - after you have added your spyware file, set it read-only and change the output to go to a different folder that has read permissions + writing. Of course, this means that you must change the folder permissions whenever you want to add media items to it.

  • Write data to the Source folder

    I'm trying to change part of a script that I use for work he entered into the source of a file folder, run on rather than to a specific folder (in this case, the office).  Can someone help me understand how to change and/or by adding the code below?

    create the reference to the csv file

    var file = new file (Folder.desktop + "/ Data.csv");

    Open the csv file in Add mode

    leader. Open ("e", "TEXT", "?");

    jump to the operating system in use on the line set

    ($.os.search(/windows/i)! = -1 ? file.lineFeed = 'windows': file.lineFeed = "macintosh";

    at the end of the file

    leader. Seek (0.2)

    write all the information required for the csv file

    Name of the document, Date1, database2, donnees3, etc.

    file.writeln (decodeURI (activeDocument.Name) + ","Data1","Data2","data3"," + data4. ") ToString()', '+ Data5.toString ());

    Close the csv file

    leader. Close();

    Now, I'm assuming that the part to change here is Folder.Desktop.  And I think I will need to change this option to be Folder.getFolderName.  getFolderName is a variable used in other code that checks the source directory of the current file.  This code of source directory, it's what I do not know how.  The script itself would have to do the check whenever it is running as I want him to be able to work with included subfolder of batch runs, make a new file in the subfolder when working with these files.  Anyone has any ideas, how to proceed?  Any help is very appreciated!


    Edit: I forgot to mention; It would be nice if it can also store the name of the folder in which the source file is in a variable, so it can be written to the file as .csv.  This is not as important as the code mentioned above, but it would be helpful none-the-less, if possible.

    No problem, I was able to solve it on my own all the time.  I thought it would be much harder than it actually was. but has been able to do by simply changing

    var foldLoc = new File ("C:\\Temp\\");

    var file = new file (foldLoc + "/ Data.csv");


    var foldLoc = app.activeDocument.path;

    var file = new file (foldLoc + "/ Data.csv");

    and now, it records the data and the .csv file in the same folder as the currently open project.  Thanks for trying to help; It is much appreciated.


  • Get an error window, the source folder does not contain any supported camera raw files

    Use the DNG successfully for some time now thanks to the Adobe forums after that I got my new 7 d. Always with the help of CS2 and is finally managed to convert the 7 d to the DNG format.

    Just be shot in raw of marriage because he needed a little more space than the 18 MP biggy.

    Now, DNG gives me an error message that the files source on my CF cards contain no support RAW files.  That is what it is? Any thoughts on why DNG cannot read RAW files smaller the 7 d?

    Big question here because it is a marriage to work on and I can not even begin to say how to slow DOWN, it will have to use EOS Digital Photo Professional from ADobe Bridge/ACR. I can just go die.

    A little help if someone knows why worth a glance.

    Are you sure you are using the latest (version 5.6) Adobe DNG Converter?

    You can download it here:





    As far as I know, the DNG Converter supports 7 d mRAW and sRAW files to DNG conversion. If you are sure you use 5.6 and your raw files do not work, can you post them somewhere so that I can download and St them?

    Another thing, you can try it for some raw files copy manually the CF card into a folder on your desktop, and then ask the DNG Converter to convert these local copies to the DNG format. If conversion mRAWs on your office's work, but their conversion on your card does not work, then it is possible that you have selected just the right folder on your card in the DNG Converter, or there may be another problem, just read the files on your card.

    Thank you

    David Franzen

    Quality engineer

    Adobe Systems, Inc..

  • Images of customer in LR5.7 don't link to source folder

    Hi all

    I was led here in my desperation on two groups of images of the customer.

    I reorganized the structure of folders on the hard drive and remapped all my images in LR client to new folder locations.  Everything went smooth bar two recent projects of customer - a modified, I just started to edit.

    Here's the question, taking pictures for the customer "LSCC":

    1. the structure of files on my external hard drive:

    As you can see, the NEF files and XMP are where they are supposed to be on the external hard drive e

    2. in LR5.7 However, the images are in the root folder of "customers 2016" and there is no dedicated subfolder "LSCC" in "2016 customers": "."

    The images all have the exclamation point, showing that LR is not the missing images.

    3. when I try and re - import the subfolder "LSCC" (and, therefore, the original files) in customers 2016, images in the import window are grayed out:

    So I cannot, for the re - import - when I point to any image, a window opens informing me that «this seems to already be a duplicate of another photo in the catalog»

    I'm having exactly the same problems with the customer "20160507 Neesa Enagagement" file - it is even more disturbing because it is a party angagement who I am in the middle of editing.

    I need to create "LSCC" and subfolders "20160507 Dutronc commitment" under "Customers 2016" in LR, see the images appropriate to each and keep the changes I already did.

    As LR doesn't let me create two subfolders client under 'Customers 2016', I can't highlight and drag the images where I want them to be.

    I am way out of my depth here and would be immensely grateful for all help timely.

    Is it possible to do what I need and keep the changes already made?

    Or should I start both from scratch (and lose changes to more than 400 images)?

    Please let me know if you need more info from me.

    Thank you, DD

    As mentioned, please find the missing first images in Adobe Lightroom - find folders and files moved or missing

    So that you can organize the folder structure.

    ~ Assani

  • When you download an add-on I want to know where is the location of the source folder/file

    because my computer is defeated in C

    See also:

    See also:

  • IMPORT: imported pictures number does not match the source folder

    So I moved recently all my photos on a new portable hard drive.  On this, there is 3706 files (RAW, JPG and TIFF).  I have imported just them and import shows 3204, basically a difference of 500 photos.  Have you tried checking and unchecking suspected duplicates and a number of other things.  Everyone knows about this problem?  Suggestions?  Thank you!

    Could that be JPG files are not to be seen and or no distinct way to RAW image files. There is an option in LR preferences to treat JPGs as separate files. Check this option and see if you get now all images in the import dialog.

  • Insert images with URLS as a source [Bilder einfügen als URL what mir]

    Hallo zusammen,

    IM current Dreamweaver CC (2015) habe ich ein problem beim Einfügen von Bildern, deren what URL ist eine. Wenn ich den Dateinamen im einfügen-Fenster Einträge und auf OK klicke, dann wird das Fenster as some Sekunden scheinbar inaktiv und danach hat er die mir Grafik eingefugt, Die als der Ursprungsdatei im Bilderordner meiner Site Standard copy local.


    What: http://www.domain.de/images/Bild.jpg

    ER adds ins ein Dokument: /images/bild[1].jpg

    Sharps bin ich auch fruheren Versionen von nicht gewohnt Dreamweaver behavior, da hat er mir die URL-sources ubernommen sauber.

    There're eine Einstellung diesen Sachverhalt as special?

    Gruss Markus

    I ran a quick test in 2015 CC Dreamweaver. It seems that this occurs if you have specified a default image folder in your site definition:

    When you type the URL of an image in the Select Image Source dialog box, Dreamweaver automatically downloads the file and copy it in the folder default images.

    If you do not have a folder of images by default, Dreamweaver will ask you if you want to copy the image to your local site. If you click on no, Dreamweaver copies the file in a folder cache on your computer and links to that.

    This behavior seems to apply only to the Select Image Source dialog box. You can use a URL to set the src of an image attribute in the quick property inspector:

    You can also use the field of the CBC in the main property inspector.

    It seems that the best way to insert an image located on a remote server is to insert a placeholder local first image. Then use the quick property inspector or the Chief Inspector to change the src to the URL. Is not ideal, but that market.

  • Thunderbird is eating my emails if I try to move them to another folder in the Inbox. Help!

    Whenever I try to drag and drop an e-mail to another box below the Inbox, it disappears and I can't get it back. It started a year ago, but only happened from time to time. Today, it has been every email that I tried to move! Help! I can't have an e-mail program that does this.

    Copy the messages instead of move and verify that the copy was successful. Then just delete them in the source folder.
    If it is an IMAP account, the problem may be with your e-mail provider's server.

  • Course VI Path returns the location of the original source file, exe does not.

    LV-2010 running.

    I have a VI that opens a PDF style manual when the user clicks a button.  My development project is configured with a project folder main and 3 subfolders called Source, Application and install.  Of course, the source code is in the Source folder.  I also have a copy of the manual for the Application with the application.

    When operating, the VI uses object traced the current VI as starting point for where is the manual.  Current path of the VI includes the Source folder in the path that it generates.  This is not a problem when you run the source code, like the VI is running in this folder.  Problem is that the Source folder is also included in the path generated running on the target computer running the exe.  There is no Source folder on the target computer, so I am at a loss to explain why this is happening.  It's probably a parameter in the constructor of my application, but I can't.  Never had this problem before.  Can anyone help?  Thank you.

    Start reading here.

  • recover files from USM2T. UNC (old XP files and settings transfer tool) folder in windows 7

    Breath my old XP and put in place a new W7 Pro 64 b. stupid did me not carefully the manual before I went away to transfer all files and settings XP, the wizard files and Settings Transfer (FAST) "old."

    Now I'm stuck which dominates the stream _ with my nice, clean, but oh so empty, installation of Windows 7 Prof 64 b.

    Problem is that the wizard of Windows Easy Transfer (WET) native in W7, it will come out looking for a *.mig file - and guess what! There is no file in the USM2T source folder. UNC. Just a bunch of GOOD *. DAT files.

    Can someone give me a name on a good therapist or better yet, to guide me?

    Whatelse... ?  I found a GUI which is a wrapper for the MS-DOS command "fastconv" - but it's a bit unstable and it takes time awful lotta.

    Thanks in advance,


    Hi wolfbeach ,

    Welcome to the Microsoft Answers community.

    I suggest you try the procedure described in step 2 of the link below.


    Hope this information is useful.

    Let me know if it worked.

    Thank you, and in what concerns:

    Umesh P - Microsoft Support

    Visit our http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/answersfeedback/threads/ Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • How to date and time stamp picture my photo printed folder

    How can I sign up date and time on my impressions from my picture folder?

    How can I sign up date and time on my impressions from my picture folder?

    The following instructions will prepare photos
    with the EXIF Date/time stamp then you can print

    FastStone Image Viewer freeware can add
    EXIF Date/time in the face of your photos in a batch.

    (FWIW... it's always a good idea to create a system)
    Restore point before installing software or updates)

    FastStone Image Viewer
    (Windows XP / Vista / 7)

    I suggest that you create a new folder and add
    copies of your photos for experimental purposes.
    If you are unhappy with the result your originals
    will be intact.

    After FastStone is downloaded and installed...
    Open the program and go...

    Tools / open the Batch Conversion / tab Batch convert...

    Check the box... Use of advanced options...

    Advanced Options button / tab text.
    Check the box... Add text...

    (You will need to experiment with the position and the police
    size and color to get the desired result.)
    (the text size will need to be adjusted according to the)
    the size of the photos)

    Open the window drop... "Insert a Variable."
    choose... EXIF Date Time / Date and time...
    (in the white field you should see ($H1)
    Left click... Ok

    On the Batch tab convert... in the left field...
    Left click the square button "select the Source folder.
    Find and select the photos you want to

    Left, click on the Add button to move the files to
    the right field.

    Choose an output Format...

    Choose an output folder...

    Click on the button convert...

    It's much easier to do than to explain then
    give it a try before say you "Good Grief... it's too
    a lot of work.

  • Cannot transfer files to an external hard drive to a second and the error is "error copying file or folder. "Impossible to copy ' file/folder name.

    Original title: cannot transfer files to one external hard drive to another

    An error message is displayed: "error copying file or folder." Impossible to copy "file/folder name. "The destination folder is the same as the source folder.

    Peter Tiedemann

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for posting your question in the Microsoft Community.

    From your problem description, I understand that you are unable to transfer files from an external drive on another drive. Please let me know if this isn't the problem that you are experiencing.

    Before troubleshooting, I have little information on the issue.

    1. Do you receive any error or display message?
    2. Did you recent hardware or modifications to the software on the computer before this problem?

    Try the methods and then check after each method:

    Method 1: Transfer files from a drive to the location on the desktop or a temporary folder and then try to transfer them to the destination disk.

    Note: make sure the free space on the disk in the destination drive.

    Method 2: Run the Fixit:


    Method 3: Disconnect your player safely, and restart the computer. And then try to transfer the files.

    If the problem persists, post your reply with results and questions above. We are happy to help you further in the advanced troubleshooting steps!

    It will be useful.

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    Finde leider keine possibility, meine Daten als MusikXML zu exportieren. Unter-> 'Care'-> 'Exportieren' there're subparagraph keinen, dass zu exportieren kann xm evil. Wie kann ich das einrichten, dass das ist possible? Habe logic ProX in der Version

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