USB 2.0 Bluetooth DEVICE NOT RECOGNIZED - Equium A100-147

Hi all!!!

I have posted b4 about my problems of BT, but still no further forward.

I have a 2.0 usb toggle universl BT, my last worked well until it broke.

Since I had xp pro installed, but my USB does not recognize my rocking do not even have a pop up? any ideas.

When I plug it 3 fast Dong

Unplug and made 2 Dong

I tried to install the drivers usb, but nothing.

do my head now... Please someone help me resolve this issue!

As far I know Equium A100-147 doesn t support the internal BT module and so if it was not equipped with the BT Toshiba stack.

If you use an external 3rd party module BT, then you should check if there are drivers designed specially for this external BT dongle.

Also, check if the BT dongle would be recognized in the Device Manager.
If there is no dongle BT listed in the list of devices, then remove all controllers and hubs of UBS in the list and restart the device.
After rebooting again Win XP should initialize the USB ports again and then you try to plug the dongle BT again.

Good luck

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