USB port is powered but not working

Hey guys,.

One of my usb ports decided to stop working properly, I am still able to use devices that ONLY require a power supply, one example being my external fan that works very well in this port.

However, I'm unable to use my mouse or any storage device in the port.

The lights (as appropriate) on the devices will be turn on as normal but will not do much than that.

I did not major changes since the last time that the port has been used successfully, it has just stopped working.

I rebooted several times and the problem persists.

All the other usb ports of normal work, no problem.

Data sheet:

Pavilion DV6-7029TX

Running 64-bit Windows 8 Pro

All up to date with windows updates

If any other information is needed please let me know.

I'd appreciate any help someone can provide to help me get to the bottom of this.

See you soon.


-Brendan - Hello,

I think we should ALL drivers. The Chipset drivers are the drivers for your motherboard and other drivers for individual embedded devices. I think we should do your Chipset Drivers first, and then the pilots on your side. Like building a House we ensure that the Foundation is solid before adding home on top. What I would like to is to download and install ALL the drivers from the HP Pavilion dv6-7029tx Entertainment Notebook PC Drivers page. Make sure that you download and install the drivers for the Chipset first, after that is not matter which order you install the drivers.

Please re-post with the results on one of the threads that you have on the go. Thanks for posting on the HP Forums. Have a great day!

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  • The USB ports and keyboard randomly not working no-error 43

    Hi all

    I tried intermittently in recent days to resolve a really annoying error 43. I was able to glean
    of the various forums that problems similar to mine are most often took place and various folk remedies
    appear to be available, but none of them have worked for me.

    Here's what happens: apparently at random, my usb ports and a keyboard stop working. It's especially annoying
    because I have a usb mouse, when this error occurs, I'm so completely powerless to do anything.
    I got around it sometimes by plugging my mouse into a different usb port (my computer a lot). That's how
    I found that I was getting code 43 error, "this device has been stopped because he reported the problems." (do not remember
    the exact wording).

    This started happening a few days ago, I've never had any problems like this before. I also tried other usb devices
    in the port - nothing works when the error occurs. Curiously, the error sometimes stops just as randomly
    as it begins. Sometimes some ports work and others - sometimes, I can't use my keyboard, but not my mouse and
    Vice versa.

    Here are the remedies I've tried:
    1. Uninstall and then reinstall the drivers for the USB controllers, mouse and keyboard
    2. performance of FixIt for hardware and drivers
    3 let the computer unplugged for a while, then returning to it (it helps temporarily, but the error still recurs)

    Sometimes, I heard that you may need to update your BIOS. I already have the latest version of.
    If someone needs more information, let me know.

    Alright! That's all. I hope someone can help me, that would be a really stupid handicap for my computer to have otherwise.

    Update the latest drivers windows 7 compatible chipset and motherboard manufacturer's Web site.

    Update drivers: recommended links

    If the problem continues, I fear that you may need to replace the USB hub.

  • 3 USB ports on 4 does not work on Satellite A660-12th

    Hi, I have a problem with my laptop french: 3 or 4 of my usb ports does not work.

    My laptop is a:
    Satellite A660-12th
    Reference: PSAW3E-02700GFR

    I almost tried everything:
    -reinstall all drivers
    -Uninstalling the root USB controller and restart the computer
    -Finally to format my laptop and clean reinstall.

    -3 ports still does not work and I do not know how to solve them.

    I bought an of 2 TB external HARD drive and its driver is installed but not recognized by the last working USB port. I really need to fix the other 3. Could you help me?

    Wait a moment have you tested all 3 USB ports only for external 2 TB HDD?
    How USB ports do not work if you connect a USB mouse or a USB flash memory stick?

    Page plug Toshiba says that this laptop supports 3 2.0 USB ports: 1 left, 2 right
    The one on the left is a port eSATA/USB 2.0 supporting sleep and fresh.

  • Installed Windows & 32 Bit drivers and USB ports don't DO NOT WORK.

    I bugh a laptop HP Pavillion 14 TS who came to preinstall Windows 8.1 64-bit I hate so wiped the drives and installed Windows 7 32 bit and now I have a big problem.  None of my network drivers work and 2 uSB ports where I plug in my mouse and other devices of SB to do more work.

    I did a back up of the established SW leader who has all the HP dvers for my laptop but will not install the network and video of divers. And when I try to install the drives, I get the error message saying that they are not compatible with this version of Windows.

    I loked on the HP site under my model of laptop that s as above, but HP don't do my notebook drivers for Windows 7 32. And I looked on both the Realteck site for network wireless Realteck and Ethernet Realteck drivers but none of them work or install on my OS. Intel video drivers do not work either. So I'm really stuck one I can not return to 8.1 Windows as if that 32-bit Windows 7 works on my laptop but most of my drivers is not compatible with the operating system and I don't want not to install 64-bit Windows, I like 32-bit.

    Drivers that do not work on Windows 7 32-bit are:

    Realteck RTL8188EE 802 - 11 b/gn witeless lan

    Die Ethernet Realteck and

    Intel High definition graphics driver

    That don't work at all under Windows 7 32 bit because they are the only 64-bit drivers.

    So can you please post me a link network bth and drvers of graphics from Intel that works with my laptop. I tried many different drivers Realteck and raphics for Windows 7, but none of them DOES not work on my system. And none of my USB ports are no longer works. So, how can I fix this?


    Should be no problem to get W7 32 bit to work on this model.

    Just use all the drivers and software from the HP Probook 450 G0 on your model, except the Audio, BIOS and firmware files.

    Your model uses only the Intel HD graphics driver.

    The first pilot, you need to install the Intel chipset installation utility and reboot.

    Audio: Accept the agreement.  Download and install the driver first on the list.

    If for some reason, this model Intel HD graphics driver does not work, use this one...

  • My USB ports and MIC do not work. I hope that this is not the motherboard. Someone knows how to fix this?

    Initially, it was a port that would not work. Before the USB ports out I did pay my phone with the USB cable. Before that my microphone stopped working. Deactivation and activation of the ports as well as uninstall then re install the USB readers and I tried a system restore. I also tried to take the battery for an hour or two and restart the PC. None of this has worked. Today, I heard some hope of my computer... I heard the sound of him recognize a dongle that is plugged. This sound is produced after starting my PC. I have not heard in a while and still haven't when I unplug and plug back in to the dongles. My computer (a laptop) like also to restart auto sometimes when I close the lid and open it, the screen does not light and it will be off and try to restart itself but the screen never lights up and he'll stop and try several times to start. In this case I have to hold the power button down to turn off completely and take the battery out and put it back in, then turn it on. I feel that it's a hardware problem but I'm not that great with computers and I don't want to give up yet on this computer. It cost me a pretty penny and I am a broke student.

    If anyone had the same types of problems and has a solution I'm willing to try anything.
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Mike,.

    You can consult the following wire link and check if it helps.

    Tips for solving problems of USB devices

    It seems that you have to re - enable ports in the BIOS (Basic input/output system) settings.

    NOTE: Change (CMOS) BIOS/complementary metal oxide semiconductor settings can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the configuration of the BIOS/CMOS settings can be solved. Changes to settings are at your own risk. Be sure to observe the manufacturer's instructions or contact the manufacturer for the same thing.

    You can consult the following thread link and check.

    USB ports, CD/DVD player, and Mike just does not work

  • Dell Vostro 3550 USB PORT don't DO NOT WORK

    Hi all

    I recently bought the Dell Vostro 3550 (2 days back) and I just realized that only one of the 3 usb ports work.

    1 USB PORT at the BACK (USB 3) does not

    1 LAW of USB PORT (USB 3) does not

    1 works of LEFT USB (USB 2)


    Why not the other. I even updated the BIOS. HELP PLEASE


    I recommend you to try the following steps to check the USB ports. First of all I recommend uninstalling and reinstalling concentrators root USB from Device Manager. Please follow the steps below to reinstall the USB root hubs:

    • Click Start, in start search type Device Manager and press ENTER.
    • Expand Bus USB controllers.
    • Right-click every device under the Bus USB controllers node and then click on uninstall to remove them one at a time.
    • Restart the computer and check.

    If the USB ports still do not work, please click the link below and download the USB 3.0 host controller.

    I hope this helps. Just reply to other questions.

  • USB Port Dell monitor does not work

    Hai All,

    I use the monitor LCD Dell dell optiplex 330 CPU. If I am Connect USB keyboard or mouse to control the USB it does not with us. It has a setting to activate the USB Monitor?

    Hi Dinesh.P,

    Can I know the model number of monitor?

    Check if the upstream USB cable is connected to the monitor. For more information, see the image below:

    Waiting for your answer!

  • My MOMENTUM PS/2 port touchpad touchpad does not work correctly.

    I'm using acer aspire laptop v3. My MOMENTUM PS/2 port touchpad touchpad does not work correctly. It stops working sometimes and automatically return to the action after a while. When he stops working, pointer can be moved but just click, left click, scroll etc. do not work... Help, please...

    Hi Anoop,

    This problem may occur because of incompatible or corrupted touchpad drivers. I suggest you to uninstall and reinstall the drivers and see if it helps.

    To uninstall the device drivers, follow these steps:

    a. drag the mouse down to the left and right click on the Start icon.

    b. Select Device Manager.

    c. right-click on the device driver, and then click Uninstall.

    Check out the link to install the drivers:

    It will be useful. If you have additional questions on the computer, please ask your question about Windows and we will be happy to help you.

  • USB ports suddenly freeze and stops working for 10 sec after power off or powered speakers

    Original title: Usb Ports stop working for 10secs after power off or powered speakers!


    I have no why, but my usb ports suddenly hangs for 10secs when my speakers turned on or off the power in case of operation of pc... And I have a usb mouse usb wireless keyboard and... with this problem that I can not work properly... and some times my mouse work in early upward and then I should use my keyboard to restart the pc... Then it works very well! Help me please. !

    Hi Thierry,.

    This issue does not appear with Windows that even after you perform a clean installation. So for me, it looks like a material damage. I would recommenmd get you in touch with the manufacturer of your computer and to do the repair.

    Do not hesitate to contact if you have problems with Windows in the future.

  • Satellite P850 - 12Z USB 3.0 Ports right side do not work USB 3.0 speed

    Hi all

    I bought a portable Satellite P850-12Z with * 4 * USB 3.0 ports. Two ports on the left side and two ports on the right side with sleep functions and fresh.

    If I connect an external drive Verbatim USB 3.0 ports on the left side, everything works fine. Transfer rate is about 70-90 MB/s, but if I connect the * same drive * USB ports on the right side I see the pop up message "this device can perform faster if you connect it to a Super Speed USB 3.0 port" and the transfer rate is about 20-30 MB/s. These ports operate as USB 2.0 ports.

    I repeat that all the available ports on the laptop are USB 3.0.

    Anyone know what is happening with ports USB 3.0 on the right side?

    I don't have another USB 3.0 drive to do more tests.

    Thank you


    > I repeat that all the available ports on the laptop are USB 3.0.
    You are absolutely right.
    I ve checked specification s notebook, and all ports are USB 3.0 ports.

    It is not easy to say what the problem is here.
    What you can do is to contact the nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for explanations.
    They know what the problem is here.

    Maybe a few update driver or BIOS update offered in the future will solve this problem. In my opinion, you should continue to use the ports on the left side for data transfer.

  • USB ports give power, but does not


    I have this model

    HP Pavilion dv6 - 6155ee Entertainment Notebook

    Today, I found that when you plug the mouse into one of the USB ports on the right side... it does not work, but the mouse gives light.

    I tried on the USB Ports on the left side... It works well...

    What is the problem now?

    Good. You can try to reinstall Windows, but I would only if the usb port works under Linux. Otherwise, you are looking to replace this daughter card as Komdiv has helpfully laid out for you.

  • Pavilion 500-081ea: FRONT USB 3 PORTS don't DO NOT WORK.

    I recently had an ASROCK H61M-DG3/USB3 motherboard mounted in my not so old (18 months) HP Pavilion PC 500 - 081ea & even if original HP 3 USB ports are connected to my new motherboard that do not work.  All the USB in the BIOS settings are turned on & the right USB drivers are installed in "Device Manager" without conflicts I still can't use the two front 3 USB ports.

    Hi Jeff,

    The reference to a technician came from your other messages.  In any case, the cable USB 3 header, as previously mentioned will restrict the question.   I keep this cable in my toolbox for situations like yours when I change sets and motherboards.

  • Satellite A60 - USB 2.0 TVBox does not work

    I connect a model USB TVbox PV-TV414U made by Prolink Pixelview for my Satellite A60, I install all the drivers and all the updates for this computer and when I run the program to watch TV from the computer with a BugCode_Usb_Error message blue screen crash? I try to connect the Tvbox in a PCMCIA USB 2.0 card in Satellite A60 and the TVbox works but only the sound, the image appears. I tried in an another Toshiba Satellite A60 and the problem is the same. I tried in many other computer from other brands and everything works fine. The problem is that with the Satellite A60. What is the problem with USB in Satellite A60.
    System operating _ windows XP SP


    Unfortunately, it is not easy to say why it happens. The error message sound like something wrong with the USB connection.
    You can try to disable the power on the USB ports in the properties of USB. Maybe it helps.
    You can also try to connect this TV box via the external USB powered hub.

    But in my opinion, you should communicate with the production of this card. Maybe the support guys would know why this is happening. Also check if there are updates for this card.

  • Qosmio F750 - USB 3 G modem does not work


    I recently purchased a Qosmio F750-11N and everything worked well.
    I can access any wireless internet access and all is well, except that I can't use any 3g usb modem.
    I don't have dsl in my home so I use 3g internet TMN with a usb modem external style pen.
    All my other toshiba to run the Internet very well without any problems.

    I insert the pen and the usual installer comes up, installs, PSI program and everything's fine. When I go to connect, it says usb modem unavailable. I have updated drivers and all. I have 64-bit windows 7.
    If I try to go to my network and try to activate the usb modem he says something on remote access does not. If I click on properties it says unexpected error.

    The usb modem is listed under the Manager.
    What can I do? Ask for details if necessary.

    Hi Renato

    Please don t get me wrong, but you probably know that Toshiba doesn't support third party hardware or software. All Toshiba in your case is compatible is the feature USB port and in your assignment is described clearly that the USB port is working.

    When possible try to contact your internet provider and ask for assistance. They have the best experience with own hardware and software, especially with the configuration of the software.

  • USB - MP3 and Cam do not work on my Satellite A100-507

    I have problems with USB, 10 days ago everything was ok, but now does not work! I'm trying to connect my mp3 or but it says it's problem, as there is no good driver for my mp3 or cam. I try to reinstall the driver CD (mp3, cam), but it can not find!

    I'm trying to connect my mp3 player with other computers and it works but by me not! And check my USB driver, I have reinstall that once again but even! Please if anyone can help me and sorry for my bad English!
    I notebok SATELLITE A100-507, Windows XP, buy 4 months ago!

    Thank you!


    Have you checked if this problem occurs on all the USB ports on your device?
    What you can do is to disable the allow the computer to turn ff this device to save power in the the USB hub device root. What you can find in Device Manager.

Maybe you are looking for

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